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April 06, 2018:

Lorna and Darcy finally catch up


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The little dinner off the main street of Westchester was homey, and served a wide array of burgers and milkshakes to the more 'upscale' menu of fish and rice. It was a clean place, with red vinyl bar seats and tucked away booths with little jukeboxes to select the songs at each table. The place was only partly full for the lunch time rush had already eaten and mostly gone. The weather was pleasant out, the sun a weak ray behind a few clouds and the alike.

In the back a young woman, who normally wore her hair green and proudly.. had gone black. Her features pinched in faint irritation as she sat stirring a spoon around in her coffee. One Lorna Dane, now at least five months pregnant, and somewhat in disguise at least. Gone were the usual punk-ish rings and metal necklaces. She rather looked almost, dare one say, normal.

The joy of living in Genosha were that there were a lot of mutates and mutants there. Some with powers such as sending messages long distances, including arranging this little meeting up. Hard to track mutant communication.


Darcy moves in. She's not hiding, but then, she looks just like any one else. Having been given a run down of whom to look for, Darcy makes her way to Lorna's table and settles down to it.

"Hey you," she says, voice soft. The knit beanie is pulled free and set on the table by her, and her over sized purse is on the bench at her hip.


Lorna smiled at the sight of Darcy, getting out from behind the booth and making to give the other woman a hug. Which was strange, but Lorna had been overly emotional in the past few weeks, to see her friend again meant the world. When she pulled away again, there was a faint dampness to her eyes, a sheen of water that might've been tears.

"Hey." She coughed, pushing her hair back as she reached into her pocket and plopped down a tiny cube. A press of the button and she sat back down with a grin. "Genoshan tech. I asked to borrow it from a friend. It cancels most anything, and kept my father from figuring out some rather delicate things. So if it's good enough for that, it'll work for us."

The normally green haired woman, reached for her cup of coffee, grimacing faintly. "I'm sorry."


The hug is returned warmly, Darcy barely managing to keep her own eyes dry. She smiles, but it's thin and strained. She settles to the booth and eyes the small cube before looking away and drawing a breath.

"I'm pretty sure I don't want to know anymore," she says before shrugging and smiling. The expression in no way reaches her eyes.

"You've got nothing to apologize for. I knew what I was getting into. It's fine. I'm the one who's sorry. i'm not gonig to be able to make the shindig, and now I don't have the capital to buy you a badass gift. So, just me wishing you well is the only thing I've got."


Lorna reached over the table to try to snag Darcy's hand and give it a gentle squeeze, even as she smiled and with her other hand clutched at the mug. "I should've done more to protect you. I didn't know that they'd slipped into Hammer Bay under the guise of meeting with Magneto. I.. going to fight Zealot and leaving you unguarded was stupid." She whispered, and hung her head.

"And don't feel too bad.. Not.. a lot of anyone is coming anymore. Scott and Jean aren't in the wedding party anymore. I don't think either will come. And I don't think.. most everyone else doesn't want me around anymore either. I'm no longer part of the X-men." She whispered, "They took out the portal too. I had to fly here." She grimaced and reached down to rub a hand against her lower neck.


Hand taken, Darcy squeezes, head shaking as Lorna tries to say it was her fault.

"It is what it is. I'm not going to let it bring me down any more," Darcy says, becuase she was an adult and put her loans on deferment while she applied at diners and other fast food places for some sort of income. It was a good thing her apartment was shitty to begin with, and her car has already been sold.

"You had to… Are you okay? Not tired?" How's Lodestone?


Lorna laughed softly, and reached for her coffee again. "I'm.. exhausted. Between the wedding preparations.. the work with rebuilding? Hammer Bay has no one left in temporary housing. We've got the hospital fully up and running. And the crops are growing, thanks to the mutates with plant based powers… I've taken turns harvesting crops where I can… We have enough to make sure that everyone has enough fresh produce to eat. We haven't gotten the UN embargo lifted yet. But.." She shrugged and her smile grew strained.

"Perhaps its for the better to make sure that Genosha can stand without the rest of the world. We're working to trade with Carrion Cove now the surplus for fish. Meat is.. difficult to produce in large enough amounts right now." She sighed and reached up to rub her temples.

"I've been forbidden from training with the Acolytes, or them with me. Or at least been told very strongly not to do so anymore. With how tired I am… I really don't have it in me to argue anymore."


Hearing that Genosha is getting its feet under them, Darcy nods. Some warmth is coming through and it is at least better than it was before. The worry remains as she watches her friend being fatigued and rubbing her temples.

"It is probably for the best," she comments, leanign forward to rest her elbows on the table.

"How are you feeling?"


Lorna sipped at her coffee, a twist of her lips following as she set it back down and sighed. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Aurora is fine. We're both fine. She exhausts me.. Constantly now. Moving around, kicking. Only thing that calms her down sometimes is Marcos. But enough about me. How are you doing? Where are you staying? What are you going to do?" She set her mug down, crossing her legs as she crossed her legs.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"


"She's going to be his princess," Darcy comments, sighing as the topic turns to her. The sigh comes just before a smile. It's brave and a very good front. Hides almost every ounce of defeat in her and makes it just seem as if this whole affair had been a stumble.

"I'm fine. I'm still in my apartment. Place if a piece of shit, but the rent's low and I dont have to pack. Which is fine, because it's mine and everyone else can go fuck themselves. I've put in applications in a few places. I'm waiting to hear back. But I saved up a few months of paychecks to float me, so as long as I don't splurge until I rebuild that, I'll be fine. And nah. I'm good. I got this. You've got a wedding and a baby and a country to take care of. You worry about those things. I'll be fine."

So believable. Darcy's got life on lock down.


Lorna's lips twitched, "Yeah, she's definitely her daddy's girl already. Marcos is over the moon. He cried when he felt her moving the first time… He's always wanted this. A family. The whole nine yards.." She sighed, looking down at her mug as she drained the coffee. It went unsaid that it was not her dream. Not what she'd spent her days wishing for. Not for a long, long time, possibly since she'd dated Alex and had her first heart ache.

"My father asked after you," Her lips twitched, "He wanted to know if I was going to go after you, or cancel the wedding. I told him.. you wouldn't want that. And to honor you the most, would be to go through with it." She grimaced and swallowed a lump that formed in the back of her throat.

She sighed, and shook her head. The wedding was going to be tomorrow (Genoshan time), and she clearly looked more than a little stressed over it. A clearing of her throat followed, "We're going to have a few ceremonies before the actual wedding. Statue dedications to the fallen. Speeches. A memorial ceremony. All the steel parts of the statue are already carved, but I'll be putting them together for the crowd.." She rolled her eyes and shook her head.


"Did he? What a sweet ol' man. He better be the best grampa ever, or I will personally go and kick him in the tuckus. You can tell him I said that too," Darcy says, fond smile on her face. She won't talk about Marcos and the baby anymore. Darcy knew a little of what the sigh into the coffee was about, and as ever the human seeks to comfort Lorna.

"That sounds like it's going to be badass. Have someone Facebook Live that shit so I can watch," she comments, smiling more fully past the blush. She was completely floored by the fact that Lorna could very easily have cancelled everything, but that Lorna knew it would bother her and took pains to keep it going despite it all was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for her.


Lorna smiled thinly, and shook her head. "I'm not going to need to live stream it. My father invited the media. The international media, the US media.. Everything. They'll all be invited into Hammer Bay to document it. So the world can see mutants being mutants without fear. So they can see the scars and how the people there have… have continued to survive and fight for their lives and freedoms." She colored, not having meant to get into speech mode. But Magneto had gone on about it. As had the Acolytes.

"You'll see it all on cable, or online I'm sure." She murmured and shrugged. "I'm hoping we can get them to see the hospital. The orphanage.." Or gathering place where the kids that lacked parents had found a home.

"I'm more nervous about having my face out everywhere.."


"Oh. Well. In that case, I'll find some wifi to watch it," Darcy says. As Lorna speeches then shys back, Darcy leans forward again to take her friend's hand.

"hey.. You're a bad ass and you're going to be amazing."


Lorna laughed softly, even as Darcy took her hand once more to comfort her. She sighed, and reached for the pot to refill her coffee. She added sugar and creamer, stirring them in with a twirl of her other hand. "I don't feel bad ass right now.." She grumbled and reached for her second cup of coffee, sipping at it with care.

"I feel like I'm running in circles, trying and failing to keep the people in my life balanced.. I feel at my wits end with them. The X-men, my fathe and the Acolytes.. Nothing I do either way seems to please either side…"


"Then go with Marcos. Soon as you can, just go away with him, be happy, live your life and fuck the rest of them," Darcy says, brows pulling together, more concerned for her friend than herself, as usual.


Lorna shook her head, "Genosha needs stability, and Genosha needs someone to help balance my father. People fear him, and hate him in equal measure too." She grimaced, settling the coffee mug on the table top and rubbing her temples.

"And with the registration laws here, the collars.." She nearly joked on the words.

"Genosha has to be ready for more mutant refugees. We have to offer them safety and a home. All of those war criminals that escaped.." She closed her eyes, her jaw tightening and squared as she swallowed hard.

"I have to stay in Genosha and be that person. Mutants deserve a homeland."


Darcy knew that was coming too, and so she nods.

"I wish I could be there," she murmurs softly, settling back. The defeat settles for a moment before she shoves it away again and smiles.

"You're a badass."


Lorna laughed bitterly as she picked up the coffee mug again and sipped at it. "I'm pregnant and not allowed to fight. What am I going to do when she's born? Leave her at home with Marcos, as I try to fight for mutant rights?" She arched a brow and shook her head. "He'd hate it, if I left to do that." And never mind that she'd be doing the same thing her father had.

And she was beginning to see why.. the resentment had started to fade, and with it had come some manner of understanding.

Part of her was actively contemplating how she could juggle the same.

"You're bad ass, Darcy, and I'm happy you're my friend. I missed you. And I'm sure there's stuff you can do here that's important."


"You're going to do what you feel is best. You're going to go and fight for the world you want for her every day and come home to her every night to tuck her in and hug her and remind yourself that she's the reason for the fight," Darcy retorts, before she smiles with a light blush.

"I've missed you too. And other than voting, I'm tapped out. Like I said before, other than morale support, I've got nothing left."


Lorna shook her head, "You're a human that's pro-cohabitation. That's more than a lot of people here are." She leaned forward, "If things go bad, if the registration laws go through and Trask has his way? Mutants are going to need humans to be allies and help them get out of the country. To get to Genosha. We need to have a plan in place for that. Or at least, start planning, if things go south." She pursed her lips and leaned back in her chair.

"I went to Auschwitz, Darcy, and I found my father's number. It started with registration. It ended there. I'm not going to be caught unprepared."


Darcy nods to this, settling into something serious again. She'll side step cohbaition conversation for the moment, but she had a strong family life growing up, so… There's that influence.

"I am voting so hard against Trask. Yes, they'll need and Underground Railroad. Don't worry," she says. The thought of going to Auschwitz gives Darcy the shudders.


Lorna smiled, "I know, but call me an ever increasingly pesimist when it comes to mutant rights in this country. With the influx of Genoshan refugees, the brass that escaped to the US and other countries.." Her shoulders rose and fell, and she reached for the coffee again.

"The Brotherhood being active again has stirred up their hatred again, and people are scared. Trask doesn't have to go with the government, the private sector can just as easily provide anti-mutant tech to law enforcement. In which case, voting is pointless.." She muttered and shook her head.

"And with the Brotherhood having hit that Trask lab up in Maine, well.. they'll get investors." She sighed, shaking her head. "The underground railroad, for mutants… yeah. That'll have to be a thing if that happens."


Lorna smiled, "I know, but call me an ever increasingly pesimist when it comes to mutant rights in this country. With the influx of Genoshan refugees, the brass that escaped to the US and other countries.." Her shoulders rose and fell, and she reached for the coffee again. A sip, and only a little bit of it remained. She was going to be wired for the flight back to Genosha. Yippee.

"People are scared. Magneto, one of the world's most wanted terrorists, rules a country of mutants. Trask will get an influx of funding from those scared people. They'll get those assholes that fled Genosha." She inhaled a deep breath, held it and then slowly exhaled it. Don't get angry talking about such things. Stay calm. Yep.

"Maybe you could start putting together a list of people that wouldn't mind hiding mutants temporarily. Find some private property, that requires a warrant if people come looking."


"I…" Darcy pauses, mind working. "…Lor.. I.. I don't have anything any more. Nothing. I don't find a job in the next month? I don't have a place live, let alone the ability to find private property. Some of my derby girls would probably let a few crash with them, but I can't guarantee anything. You know that if I could, I would move heaven and earth… I just…… I'll try." The ramble, the helplessness then frustration all dance about together, makgin Darcy frown and fidget.


Lorna grimaced, and leaned back, sighing softly. "I'm sorry. I-I…" She exhaled a breath, looking down at her once more empty mug. "I'm sorry. I didn't think." She colored and gritted her teeth, reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"It's not your fight, and here I am trying to get you involved and you're trying to recreate your life. I'm sorry." She swallowed hard, her breath escaping her in a rush. "Don't put yourself at risk anymore. Or your friends." How could she ask something so stupid when Darcy had just gotten out of jail for her last fiasco? Lorna mentally cursed herself, and it showed on her features as she deflated.


"Lor? It became my fight when some one I cared for died," Darcy reminds Lorna, turning her gaze away to try to mask the mist in her eyes. Because it hurt that she lost him twice, and ghosts of him seem to want to haunt her still. Her lips press, lips that are no longer bright red with lipstick.


Lorna got up out of her seat to plop down besides Darcy, wrapping her arm around the other woman's shoulder. "You don't have to, I mean… if you don't want to. You have a chance now to rebuild your life however you want to. And it's probably better anyways if I stop coming up with hairbrained ideas that might get you into further trouble. Hell, right now, I'm already risking your safety by being here, I'm sure." She rolled her eyes and retracted the offered comfort. She was terrible at it.

"Just.. I want you to have that chance. You deserve it."


It was rare for Lorna to show such things, and so to have her show it now was something special, to be treasured, and so Darcy leaned into the embrace.

"And I want you to have the chance to build the haven you want. You deserve that too," Darcy counters refraining from comment about risks. Everyone thinks the worst of her anyway. it's like high school again. Darcy will ride this out.


As she'd meant to retract her arm, Lorna froze rather as Darcy leaned into the embrace. A soft smile tugged at Lorna's lips and she stayed, leaning her head until it touched the brunette's briefly. She sighed again, looking down at the plastic table top before them. "The world sucks, doesn't it.." She muttered, and then stifled a yawn.

"I gotta head back, I have a few hours to fly back.. and get some sleep before tomorrow." She exhaled an amused breath, letting her arm fall away as she made to get up again with a groan and a hand pressed to her lower back. Being pregnant sucked.

Everything hurt way more than she wanted to deal with.

"Nate is still going to be a groomsman. I'll ask him if he can't telepathic patch you in or something." She forced a grin.


"That'll be bitchin'," Darcy replies, sitting back as Lorna pushes herself up. There's a worried frown for her friend as a hand is put to her lower back. But nothing is said.

"Safe trip, and get some rest, okay? Talk to you later." Not Goodbye. Because Darcy hates them.


"Thanks, the fields are actually very easy to glide with. It's less like flying and more like.. mmmm, floating very, very fast?" She joked lightly, her rubbing her eyes as she stifled yet another yawn. May the coffee kick in soon rather than later.

Green eyes flickered back to Darcy, and she tapped her nails agains the table, lingering a beat.

"Yeah, definitely. We're still looking at middle names. Aurora Darcy Diaz sounds okay, but I don't know about those initials being ADD. Mine is LSD and that's bad enough." She murmured, a parting tease as she made to go with a grin.


Darcy can't suppress the blush at the middle name offer, even as she snickers at the initials. ADD is great in her opinion. So is LSD. As Lorna leaves, Darcy gives lightly then lingers a bit, ordering the cheapest thing she can manage, and when she can linger no further, she pushes up and makes her way home… via public transportation.

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