Breaking Fragile Things

April 16, 2018:

Lorna awakens in the medbay and says some pretty terrible things to Marcos

X-mansion, Medbay


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It was hours after the escape from Sinister's labs, and the group that returned to the mansion was a mix of enraged, bruised, traumatized and emotional wrecks. Each person had been found in different stages of awareness after the broken dream of the House of Magnus had shattered. Some, like Nate or Alex awoke in a rage. Others, like Lorna.. had to been woken. It had been a tough battle to get out and none had escaped unscathed. The world had changed, even if only in a dream.. and life went on.

The green haired mutant, for her part, was in the medical bay. While she'd fought her way out as best she could.. she'd hardly been fully healed when she'd been yanked out her containment unit. Sinister had removed her baby and placed Aurora in an incubator. The little developing baby had been rescued and taken along. Though for the entirity of the trip, Lorna had been disconnected, avoiding touching or even mentioning her sudden lack of pregnancy.


That was….a harrowing experience.

Marcos had become enraged when he found out not only that Lorna was harmed, but his child was put into a freaking incubator as if it were less than human. Alas, after escaping and destroying hte ever living hell out of that facility, he is with Lorna, right next to her. Actually, he had positioned himself in a manner that she was laid against him, her head's pillow being his chest and his legs on either side of her. His arms were wrapped around his wife. Yes, wife.

His eyes fell on Aurora then, looking at her with that smile on his face. "She has your eyes. and your ears." he smiles warmly to Lorna then, just -attempting- to make things seem just normal for once…AURORA WAS BORN.


Lorna had been.. difficult, sleep had happened, but only with the aid of drug aided pain-killers. She awoke again, with a coolness that was oddly out of place, it would seem that her temper had been… tempered. She sat up, lips twisting as she looked at Marcos and then to the incubator where the baby remained not too far away. Machines beeped and lights flickered in the medbay, but the green haired mutant barely cast them a glance.

Rather, she made to pull away from Marcos to get up and swing her legs over the table.

"I don't care." She wore only a loose fitting sweats. Everything else had been taken. Even the engagement ring Marcos had given her. The wedding dress had been no where to be seen. The flower crown, destroyed and left behind on Genosha. The only thing that remained was the choker she'd worn a scant day or so ago.


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Marcos watched as she suddenly looked at him….only for her to completely move away from him, Aurora still in that incubation pod as he just watched then. Yes, Marcos was a wreck….but he tried to fix something that couldn't be fixed. The baby couldn't just….-go back- in her mothers womb. he simply leaned forward then, resting his face in his hands as he just looked at their little girl.

Why the hell did life hate them so much? What did they do…what can anyone do to deserve this?

Alas, Marcos then falls silent as Lorna snaps at him, his head lowered as he ran a hand through his raven hair. He was stressed out and broken about this too.


The green haired mutant staggered as she stood, a mixture of pain killers and only being half up to fighting form was not a good mix to have when it came to storming off. Her breath escaped her in soft breaths, her hand settling on her lower abdomen. For all appearances she looked fine, but the internal scans had shown extensive damage still in the process of being healed.

Sinister had not been kind. Nothing had been damaged to the point where she couldn't, hypothetically had another child.. but it was going to take time to heal without advanced tech or mutants to bolster it.

A sharp inhale and slow exhale followed as her gaze dropped to a struggling Marcos.

"Maybe it's better this way."


Marcos was just stone silent now, he had tried to turn this into an upbeat…no worries kind of thing, where everyone lived and should be happy but…Aurora…was in a god damned pod. Like she was a science experiment. He sighs deeply, before he shakes his head. "The hell it is." he replies to her, his skin started to burn from his rage. But it eventually simmers down.

He just takes a breath, his eyes never leaving their child for even a single moment. "…what did we do? Who did we piss off?" he says then as he watches his child, likely tears threatening to show up on his face as he just shakes his head.


A shrug, and the green haired mutant turned slowly on her heel, her expression mild and unmoved. Despite the heat wafting up from Marcos' figure. "She's still alive, and she's here. Or would you prefer that she was dead… or missing?" She drawled, her lips twisting into a smile as she pressed her flattened hands against the bed. Her gaze never once leaving Marcos.

"As far as who and what? Sinister, obviously. He thought your genes ruined mine. Aurora is a throwback in mutant evolution." Her gaze lingered on the tears that sprung to he man's eyes before her. Her voice calm and cool, as if she were reading what the weather was outside and not being excessively cruel.


Marcos's eyes eventually look up to Lorna. He knows that she knows that he's heartbroken over this. Otherwise she likely would have been rampaging right now with the sting of her words. He appears grateful to her for that, but he shakes his head. "No…No I'm happy that our baby girl is still with us..that she' know, still here and we were able to get her back." his hands grip the bed -hard- then.

"….but what sick bastard went for our child for the sake of some gene pool?" he asks her then "When I see him again….I'm going to burn him alive." Now it was -marcos's- turn to dance at the edge of the knife.


The green haired mutant looked utterly umoved by Marcos' anger, by his display of fire and heat and hatred. She stood there, watching him. "Because he sees science first. It's hardly personal, Marcos. He doesn't see you, or the baby as people. You're experiments." Her voice was light and almost disdainful in the face of his rage.

"Besides, you knew someone would come for her eventually. How could they not with that public display in Genosha? Hmm? It could have been some humans, or any of Magneto's enemies that wanted all of us dead."


Marcos looks then to Lorna as she just stands there, not even making a move to comfort him (maybe because she knew he was literally way too hot to touch?). Alas, he takes a deep breath. "pisses me off." he says then, looking towards the baby once more, before his eyes fall back onto Lorna, the heat on his body dying out completely as he shakes his head. "I know….I know."

"I just…thought maybe, you know, they'd just go after us. Leave the baby out of it. Clearly I was wrong."


Lorna arched a brow upwards, tilting her head to the side as she crossed her arms and stopped leaning against the hospital bed. "Yep. You were wrong, and it cost the wedding, and very nearly your daughter." She shrugged and finally cast a dismissive glance toward the incubator. Her lips twisted into a vague sembalance of a sneer almost before her attention returned to Marcos.

"All because of your naive thoughts on war. Because this is a war, Marcos. One born out of hatred and anger, and malicious intent. You only dealt with drug cartels and scared dealers."


As Lorna quickly turned this conversation from 'don't worry, we'll get through it' to 'this is war and we need to fight for survival' Marcos has -never- stood up so fast in his -life-. "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME AWARE!" he raises his voice at her probably…for the first time since they've actually been together. He says then before he turns his back to her, rubbing his face as he paces like a caged lion. "You don't think I know that? You don't think that just for -once- in both of our lives that I don't know that? That yeah, probably the world wants us dead. But clearly unlike you, I want to live in peace not have one group be superior to the other." he says then.

"and what have you dealt with? Giant robots? a father who's likely just playing you for his own ends? you know just about as much about war as I do. So I'd greatly appreciate it if you just didn't." and he stares right at her then before he moves up to that incubation pod, kneeling in front of it as he rested his head against the pod.

"What we need to do now is think. This wasn't just some random human scientist who thought 'oh, let's screw with the mutants for shits and giggles'. He was a mutant. We have enemies on all sides." he says then, albeit much calmer. He doesn't even apologize after. Marcos was a wreck.


The blow up and shouting, the way Marcos stood, had Lorna pausing, watching in silence for a beat as he moved. And then Lorna laughed in the face of his rage and anger, and a slow clap following as he knelt before the incubator. "Oh bravo darling, bravo. Been saving that one up for a while haven't you? I can feel the heat coming off you. I know a good deal more.. I was the one of us that was member of the X-men. I was the one that fought for years before I even met you." She smiled wide, her voice mocking in tone.

"But please.. do continue. I love it."


Marcos doesn't waste another breath on her. Looking at his child as Lorna speaks in a manner that isn't….quite herself. Maybe this event changed her? But even then…she doesn't sound like Lorna. While his brain works? He doesn't even bother a response from her. Though he does drop a bomb. "You were also the one who quit….or did you get kicked out? I can't remember." he says with a sharpness in his voice. alas, his eyes are on his kid.

"Regardless…my focus is on Aurora. Anything else is null and void….until I get my chance at Sinister." he stays crouched then, not paying Lorna any attention.


Lorna's brows rose as she watched Marcos keep his back on her, his words drawing a curve of a smirk from her again. "Oh you know very well, Marcos. Sure.. keep pretending that that's all you care about…" She peeled away from the bed, moving slowly, as her gaze swung back at Marcos as she approached the door and leaned against the frame.

"You can keep the kid. Raise her, whatever. I don't care. I've actually got things to do with my life rather than sit here watching a machine for however long she's in there. Have fun."

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