April 12, 2018:

Lorna gets Alex drunk. Cue other X-men and chaos


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It was a day after the return to the mansion, and everyone was more or less still reeling from events.

Lorna, for her part, had needed to rest in the medbay overnight with the aid of pain killers and a few other meds to help her on the way to recovery. The incubator, where little baby Aurora remained, was down there as well… where one could assume Marcos must be. As the green haired mutant sat hunched over a bowl of left over soup she'd found in the fridge.

She was wearing sweats, grey and oversized. Her hair a tangled mess of curls.

An almost focused, determined look was on her features as she ate.. but she kept to herself.


Looking every bit as burned out and beat down as he's feeling, Alex … Actually might look better than when he's trying to clean up and look presentable. The scarring seems to fit in a bit better when his hair's allowed to stand wild and his five o'clock shadow ( haphazard and patchy on the burned side ) gets to about third day five o'clock.

A brief root around in the fridge for a snack. Hm. Don't want to eat that. Too lazy to cook that. Not sure what that is…

Meh. Nothing catches his eye, and he closes the fridge with the bold choice of Nothing. He snaps off a tired salute to Lorna, then slumps into a seat across from her and offers a, "Yep."


Lorna lifts those green eyes, and arching a brow as Alex goes to the fridge. She watched him over the rim of her bowl, chin propped up with a hand. A faint twist of a smile pulled at the corners of her lips as she watched him plop down opposite of her without anything in hand to eat. "What, are you eating air now?" She drawled, her voice flat of most inflection.

"Or are you here to say 'I told you so' about that whole getting married bit?" She leaned forward, her gaze never leaving his features, burned and scarred as they are.

"You must be overjoyed it crashed and burned so very badly.."


Rather than going for indigence or anything remotely confrontational, Alex just smiles and gives a huffed almost-laugh before a slow shake of his head, "Nah, don't think I'm up for gloating or being any sort of joyed. Over or under. I'm too easy a counterpunch target."

Though Lorna would have to aim pretty far below the belt to try for the 'At Least My New Person is Still Alive' counterpunch.

Instead, Alex goes for just answering the innocuous bit: "Think I'm just more restless than hungry, anyway. Bad time to bump against school fridge beer rules."


The smile of her features warmed as Alex spoke, an answer to his own. She settled back, poking the bowl with the spoon in a 'meh' sort of way. "What, you're a teacher. Pretty sure you're allowed to drink. Right?" She mused and tilted her head. "Honestly, I could have a drink now. Or half a dozen."

A glance around the room and then those green eyes of her's landed on Alex once more. "Get drunk with me."


His eyebrow quirking upward for a moment as he considers, Alex offers a conditional that he probably doesn't really intend to enforce as a display of weak resistance to the idea: "Ok. But you have to cut me off if I start whining about anything."

He pauses a beat, then amends, "Well. First glare at me pointedly. Then a good firm slap. THEN cut me off if I don't get the hint."


Lorna smirked, and laughed lightly as she rolled her eyes. "No promises, considering my own chances at being whiny and depressive? Not a chance. Though I might still eye roll and slap you… just for fun." She teased, and crossed her legs as she pushed the bowl of soup aside.

"So, what shall we drink? What have you got up in that staff lounge? I mean… we should go up there if we plan to get drunk.." She murmured. It was likely a bad idea in all kinds of ways for Lorna to get roaring drunk just then, but then again. Alex had dated her, he knew what was he was getting into.


Monet arrives from Xavier's Institute.


Giving a single firm nod, Alex offers, "Got to be something stashed away. If Logan or Rogue hasn't already swiped it." With that, he pushes his chair away from the table and gets to his feet with a borderline Old Man Grunt. It's been a hell of a year so far.

It's surprising he hasn't developed more of a reputation for fearlessness, being a man willing to sprint into a failing nuclear reactor AND stride into a drinking session with Polaris.


Lorna followed, getting up from her chair with only a faint wince and rub at her middle. Still, she came around the table, and made to hook her arm through with Alex with a grin. "Well. This should be fun. I imagine Logan won't be too upset if I help drain whatever he has left in his stash. That is if he's not aleady hit it up.. like you said." She winked up at the blonde.

Her head leaning slightly against his arm as they made their way up the stairs toward the staff area.


+MEET: Scott Summers has arrived via +meet.


Later, in the faculty lounge…

Lorna was on the floor, several bottle and shot glasses were out before her, empty on the coffee table. She wore sweatpants, her hair a messy tangle of green, and a black choker around her neck. Her nails were still painted from what would've been her wedding. It was only a few hours since she'd gotten up from the medbay after the escape from Sinister's. The incubator with Aurora remained there, along with.. one could assume, Marcos.

Alex was mostly passed out on the couch behind her. A few mumbles escaping him every now and then. Otherwise, the room was empty.


The escalation of violence in regards to Brotherhood, Trask and the Friends of Humanity support umbrella lately in the designated 'hub of America' and it's Tri-Cities has kept Scotts focus away from Genosha, thats a beast for later.

Scott is unsure how it came to be that there are extra bodies filling the medlabs, no briefing has occurred. Protocol appears to be out the window on this one and eventually he'll get to the bottom of that.

It's the carriage of voices that has him walking towards the source, hes read what he can of entries and medical reportings but beyond that, there is little to nothing. His foot falls are their usual long stride, militant almost. A hooded sweater, running pants and tennis shoes. Easy attire, all in blacks to white stripes with ever present red shades.


Walking into the lounge, Monet looks upset and stares into the room with a growl before she walks over and states, "I heard you have booze…and I might just already be injured enough to feel it." She had done her part in the escape but was beat to heck for the first time in a long time. She headed for Lorna and looks back as she thought she saw Scott in passing but wasn't deeply concerned with it as she stops before Lorna and looks down at her, "Come on…pass some up." She holds out a hand, "Now…when are we going to go back?"


Lorna hugged the bottle of.. vodak? Or was it rum? She wasn't sure. Didn't particularly care. The world was wobbly, as green eyes lifted to fall on Monet. She shook her head. "Nope. No. Not going back. Stayin'.. here.. right here.." She mumbled, head tilting back to peer up at the other woman.

"Alex is here. I stay here." She added, and listed forward to pour a splash of amber fluid into a shot glass for Monet and slide it very, very, carefully toward the other woman. How she'd even ended up at the mansion wasn't entirely clear to her. Likely it was Nate at fault. Apparently he didn't think returning a battered Lorna, incubator encased baby and Marcos to Genosha. If she'd thought on it, she'd likely have come up with something of an answer. But for the moment, she wasn't too worried about it.


"Hello." Scott ventures casually, his usual emotionally detached delivery there. He is present just in time to see the alcohol being offered over, "Considering the circumstances we'll ignore the whole being a minor thing. For the moment."

He doesn't ask what went down, not yet, just gives Alex passed out form a regarding look then opens a cabinet to pull out a bottled water for himself, uncapping it to drink slowly.


A look back at Scott as she takes the alcohol and stares at him, "Yeah?" She takes the shot and downs it before saying, "So glad I have your permission to do a thing." She nods her head as she then looks down at the shot and then shakes her head, "This sucks…" She looks at Scott, "I'll fly the guy into the sun if I get my hands on him again…"


Lorna frowned up, her nose wrinkling as she swayed and leaned back against the couch where Alex was definitely passed out drunk. "I'm not a minor." She mumbled defensively, and then blinked as Monet spoke and a slow realization seemed to dawn on her. She swayed again, and glanced to Scott as he grabbed a bottled water.

Still, she didn't say much else, glancing back behind her and considered Alex's burned features for a long moment. "Does.. anyone.. have a marker?"


"Never said anything about permission." Scott replies, the change of attitude from Monet he had welcomed to the school to now is a new thing, he wonders where that came about. A thoughtful noise escapes him and he takes another drink of his water. Maybe it's just a mood of the moment or he hadn't gotten to know the young woman enough.

"Countertop by the window. Whole cup of them."

It's an awkward situation for Scott to be standing here and trying to be considerate when 'business' can be in order, its not how he is, the mans one to keep busy. Yet hes very much in the dark right now.


Looking up at Scott, Monet frowns before just shaking her head and looking over at Lorna. She shakes her head and growls before she simply crushes the shot glass in her hand and drops what is left of it into a trash can. She doesn't even get cut. She just looks over at Scott again before saying, "Are you not aware of what is going on? Her wedding, some jackass named Sinister crashing it? That same ass thinking he can do this and get away with it…" She then growls softly, "Her baby being taken from her…"


Lorna was up and stumbling, her gaze distracted and distant as she reached for a marker and swayed her way back to the couch. She sat down beside Alex's unconcious figure, and carefully started to doodle little hearts over his cheeks and forehead. Drawing the shaky little lines with the marker as Scott had indicated where they were.

Her expression remained fixed, not even reacting with a flinch of even mildly pained look as Monet spoke about what happened.

But her voice was distant as she responded in a slurring tone. "S'alright.. She's downstairs.." She mumbled.


Monet mind reading him or is he just being that easy to read right now, even when he is doing his damndest to be the slightest amount considerate?
A tight smile from Scott is awarded to Monet, "I'm aware to some extent, enough of what I am reading off medical reports and what little information has been handed to us. The rest, we'll approach when everyone has had some recovery time, allowed the shock of this to ebb out of systems. Alcohol likely not the best aid in this but, whatever it takes."
Scott practices as much social grace as he can right now. "Don't forget a unicorn." He encourages Lorna.


+MEET: Eclipse has arrived via +meet.


Lorna glanced side long at Scott as he suggested drawing a unicorn on Alex's passed out figure. She frowned faintly, leaning back in a drunken slouch as she considered where and how to add a unicorn to Alex's face.. Which was now peppered with wiggly drawn hearts in various sizes all over. At least it wasn't something inappropriate?

Still, she sat on the couch, bottles of various states of being half drunk on the coffee table in the sweats she'd been given while in the medbay. Her hair still a mess sicne she'd left Marcos down there alone a few hours ago. A choker still on her neck, and still missing any sign of her engagement ring or anything further.

Another glance was spared to Scott and she frowned. "I need another drink.." She slurred, and her hands twitched unhappily it seemed, the marker falling from her grip and she winced.


"Plenty in there." Scott remarks and then decides its that point he needs to give people some free time and space. The serious stuff can be tackled later on after hes gotten caught up, "Make sure to take a picture before he wakes up." With that he gone.


Marcos had remained looking at Aurora then, watching her after Lorna decided to spit her hateful words at him, acting like she never cared, before going immediately upstairs to apparently get drunk. He knows it's the result of trauma. Either way, he eventually emerges from downstairs with his hands in his pockets. What he sees? Is…..about expected, really.

He knew Lorna was going to be as drunk as a skunk. He hands Lorna a bottle without saying a single word to her, his eyes falling on Alex's unconscious body but doesn't seem to show a hint of amusement at it. His eyes then move to Monet, before he just moves to grab himself a drink, uncorking it and chugging it for about four seconds. After a small gasp, he returns to the group, pulling up a chair.


Lorna barely glanced at Scott's mention that there was plenty there to drink. Rather, she'd slid back down to the carpet and closed her eyes as she sat there, leaning back against the couch where Alex was passed out. She only opened her eyes again as her attention fell on Marcos, and she scowled, crossing her arms as she looked away from him just as fast as she had looked his way. She shifted, and climbed back onto the couch and curled up next to Alex.

Apparently still angry, hurt and upset; or drunk. Really drunk. Maybe both, judging in the way she tugged at a throw blanket that was folded over the back of the couch and let it plop over her face.


Marcos doesn't make any further look at Lorna, knowing full well she's just trying to be hurtful for him. "Lorna, you can stab me all you want. It's the last thing on my mind right now." he says to her in that soft, pained voice. He hadn't said a truly -hurtful- thing to her at all. Maybe that's what she was trying to get out of him. Either way, he sips on his Whiskey, angled in such a way that she's forced to stare at his side if she was to ever look at him. But it's clear Marcos was in thought….and when he was -that- silent?

Was a -very- dangerous thing indeed.


Lorna didn't seem to budge from beneath the blanket, but neither did she move the blanket off her face. She sighed with a gust at Marcos' words, shifting onto her side to place her back against Marcos' line of sight. Even as he called her out on purposefully trying to hurt him. She remained that way, even as he grew silent and sipped at the the whiskey.

The room grew uncomfortably silent and the few people left were either drunk or well on their way to becoming so.

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