Red Suit

April 14, 2018:

Misfit meets Sylph. It went mostly okay. Only one Wyvren.

Warehouse on the Docks - NYC

Warehouse on the Docks in NYC with shipping containers.


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New York Docks. Second really only to the Gotham Docks in shady business and illicit good smuggling. Not really a close second either come to think of it.

Still New York docks is where this particular shipment and thief is smuggling his cargo through. Probably has a buyer somewhere in the city as well.

This particular cargo is a set of magical torcs, stolen from a homo-magi in Ireland and connected with the fey.

It is easily enough to ping on those senstive to such things radar as soon as it is offloaded onto the docks and away from the vast expanse of ocean water.

Misfit is on another one of her forays away from Gotham seeking more interesting adventure and her Bat Sense.. no.. not right.. Trouble Sense… mmm Misfit sense? Anyhow something draws her towards the docks, though she has no idea of her own connection to Faerie.. Gem World.. of Magic really.

This means Misfit finds herself perched on a shipping container watching a couple of guys cracking open a shipping container which is supposed to contain Tea from London, while a third gentleman in a red suit watches stoicly.


Its the second time this week that Paige has been here. She's still learning, still growing in her abilities. On top of this, she is supposed to find this person who tried to kill her. His life is hers. Thats what she was told. For now though, she is at the docks. She has since taken off the pebble necklace allowing her wings to be exposed to the world or perceived by it rather. Her wings had never left. They were always there, just hidden with a magic glamour spell. One that will cause most people to never really notice them.

Quietly the young winged woman is standing at the edge of a pier. Slowly air whips around. Her heart races a little as the wind picks up. Everything feels so good right now. A waterspout forms and skips across the water, never proving to be a real threat but still an impressive display. Slowly the young woman seems to vanish. She's still there of course. Just, like the wind.


Misfit isn't aware of Paige or any other guests yet to this dockside rave.

Okay maybe it isn't much of a rave. I mean how is three people up to no good and one vigilante maybe in over her head a Rave?

Anyhow. Misfit bounces, disappearing from her shipping container with a flash of Pink and Purple smoke >Pinkurple!>

Moments later the young red head crime fighter who looks a bit like a bat girl reject appears in a similar flash of smoke and puts a boot to the head of one of the would be thieves. "DARK Vengeeeeance!" okay she needs to have a better battle cry really people. Still the thug in question bounces off the shipping container with a loud BANG and is staggered if not stunned, perhaps woozy even.

The man's partner and overseer both just stare at Misfit and her posing stance for a long moment.. Definitely not just the draw of magic now. Also the draw of noise. The Draw of Violence. The draw of ridiculousness.


"What the hell?" The winged girl turns around and idly flutters her wings, not really noticing that she's lifting off the ground. She quickly moves towards the noise. "What am I doing? " She asks as she moves towards the violence. Its against every bone in her body. She still doesn't realize that she's not touching the ground as she goes. Her wings are lifting her well enough.

As she gets close, the young Sylph catches sight of the rather woozy pain in the neck guy. With a quick motion she gestures and air lifts underneath him, rising him into the air. "What in the name of the gods are you doing here?!" She asks the now hoisted man.


Misfit is caught off guard by Paige's appearance and the hoisting of the man she just kicked in the head. "Uh…. he is getting in kicked in the head." she vanishes and reappears behind the man in the red suit "working for this guy" pointing at the suited guy with a gloved hand. "I think they are stealing."

With that Misfit vanishes again and appears in by the other thug and kick sweeps his legs out from under him, even while he was trying to pull out a gun. "Are you hawkgirl?"


Paige shrugs and sets the guy down so he can go unconscious without fear of being dropped. "Thats beside the point." She laughs a little and moves towards the man in the red suit.

"Alright buddy, Step away from the stuff that isn't yours and get out of here. Thats the easy way. Unless you wanna do this the other way?" The Sylph catches sight of the more proficient fight, taking out the middle man. Her attention locks onto the man in red and her body goes a little blurry.


The man in the red suit sighs and shakes his head watching Misfit kick his second thug in the head. She keeps vanishing and reappearing at head height from the guys blind spot and kicking him. "Help thay is proficient and can stand up to capees is so very hard to find."

With that sigh and dismissal of his minions the Man in Red plucks a charm off his bracelet and tosses it on the ground in front of Paige. Will it explode!?

The answer is no it will not explode. It does something worse though and starts to expand with a swirl of smoke that smells like brimstone, swiftly growing into something that looks like a small Wyvren. "Get rid of them." intones the Man in Red.


Paige blinks a few times as suddenly she is looking at… "A dragon?!" She shudders a little. "Gods, Fae, Why not dragons!" She looks at the Wyvern an gets ready. "Okay lizard, lets see what you've got!" She flutters her wings and lifts up off the ground. This time she knows what she is doing and its got her slightly freaked out.

She begins moving the air a bit in the room, helping to guide her flight and to hopefully keep the wyvern from easily flying after her. After all, the last thing she really wants is to be the first recorded injury from dragon attack in this millenium.


The Wyvren works its head and neck side to side and pops several joints as it limbers up after its .. captivity… slumber.. hard to say. Then it spreads its wings and leaps up into the air now after you. It seems hell bent on catching you and it has very sharp looking talons and fangs.

Meanwhile Misfit appears behind the Man in Red with another bounce/teleport. "So. Did you have a plan to deal with both of us?" pause "Also damn that is a cool bracelet." she goes to try to suckerpunch him and there is a WOOOF noise as a magic shield flares and Misgit goes off skidding along until she hits another shipping container …. and then vanishes…. teleporting to appear on top of the container they were robbing. all said she seems to be of decent health despite that impact. "So that is a yes.. you did have a plan."


The Sylph moves quick, trying to avoid the inbound attack. This is her first time. She's not experienced a fight before and this is a freakin dragon?! "Okay Paige. If you don't do something this thing is going to tear right through you. You have abilities. Get creative!" She whips around and her body goes blurry. The Wyvern comes ripping right through her! Her body poofs like a cloud being disrupted by an aircraft. She rapidly reforms and glares at the rather confused dragon. "My Turn."

With a fast motion, she raises her hands. Wind turns into a rather rough updraft right under the wyvern. She's hoping to send that dragon straight up and into the rafters and hopefully slam it against the roof!


Well that is surprisingly effective. The Wyvren was pretty off balance having flown right through the target, expecting to capture it in its talons and then land and start gnashing and ripping. This whole insubstantial busisness throws offf it's game fiercely.

The dragon like creature certainly was also not expecting to gave a heavy up current of wind slam into it from below without warning. While it is a natural flier there is nothing natural about this wind. It finds itself flailing and flapping trying to get out of the column of air that slams it to the ceiling and pins it there.

Meanwhile on the Red suit bad guy front. Misfit watches him very closely as she palms something from her belt then throws two Bat Flash Bang pellets at his head and teleports appearing to his right to throw two more.

Good thing to because the Red Suit Guy makes a gesture and the two in front of him vanish, but the two from his right side bang off his shield and erupt in a blinding flash with concusion. Sending him reeling.


Sylph snickers. "Gotcha." With a quick hand gesture, she changes the wind direction from an updraft to a down draft. Not just down though. She directs it towards the man in red! Thats right! Not only is the man now a little off his game because of flash bangs but, he now has a wyvern coming towards him.

"Bat…. Person! MOVE!" She gestures to the inbound dragon creature. Slowly she flutters down to the ground and touching down. Her heart is racing. Her mind reeling. This is beyond exciting to her. She starts moving to get ready to fight the man in red, in case he manages to avoid catching his pet the hard way.


To be fair Misfit moves and doesn't move. She tosses another handful of pellets which explode at the Man in Red's feet… causing a small oil slick of ultra slippery liquid. Then she vanishes teleporting over by the shipping container they were trying to break into.

There is a mighty crash of Wyvren meeting Man in Red. The Man's shield goes WOOOFMFF but the Wyvren is very heavy. Really that just means he isn't crushed to death by his own helper but he is certainly knocked flat, breathless, and blissfully unconcious.

With that the Wyvren vanishes and Misfit notes "My name is Misfit not Bat Person… Hawk girl."


Paige facepalms, "I'm Sylph, Not Hawk Girl! Though wacking things with a mace could be fun! Doubt I could even lift it though!" She looks over at the unconscious man in red and the wyvern. "Any idea of how to send a dragon back to where its supposed to be? I'd hate to kill it. Its kinda cute after all." She snickers playfully. She may sound a little like an air head…

She takes a moment and breathes deep. A smile crosses her lips. "Oh my gods did you see that! I've never done this before! This is totally awesome! I totally beat up a dragon and returned it to sender! It was so cool! PLUS I WAS FLYING! I can fly! Thats so amazing! Is this what its always like to do this stuff? Being a Hero! Its so amazing!" She gushes hardcore.


It is seriously not often that Misfit finds someone who is a bigger geek about this, or at least more excited and gushing than she is about crime fighting. "Totes awesome. I guess welcome to the club Slyph. My names Misfit." she vanishes and reappears having bounced over to the guy in the suit. She carefully pokes to see if his shield is done then gets to work. She strips his bracelet first, empties his pockets of everything other than his wallet and keys. "Stupid magic users." irony alert. Then se starts to ziptie him up, gag him, and scribble a note on a post-it. >Magic User Handle with Care<.

"I can't stay for the cops… bats don't really do cops. It was nice to meet you though… uh…" she fishes around and then offers you a card with a cute little Misfit symbol on it and a phone number. "Call me we can totes compare notes on being heroes or something!"


"No no, Sylph like a window sill with an FFF at the end! Like an air spirit!" She giggles a little. "I dunno if I'm ready to be found out either. I think I am going to fly off into the sunset… If it were actually sunset I guess. Its still super cool to be able to fly!" With that she flutters her rather cute butterfly wings and lifts up into the air. a slight gesture and suddenly she if off much faster then a butterfly can fly. Perks of being able to manipulate the air. " I will totally call you!"

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