Out of the shadows and into the fire

April 23, 2015:

J'onn and Reed meet to discuss Martian and Human relations

Baxter Building

Home HQ of the Four


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J'onn simply appears in the Baxter Building's lobby, floating towards the security or secretary's station. "Greetings. I am J'onn J'onzz, and I am here to see Doctor Richards." the large Martian man states, "I believe I am expected." Being that a seven-foot tall green alien is probably not the weirdest thing that's ever walked into the Baxter Building. He stands quiet. "If you will inform him that I am on my way, I will see myself to his location."


"Right away, sir," says the young woman behind the counter. "I'll let him know you're on your way."

By the time that J'onn arrives, Reed is seated at a long white table, wearing a black button up shirt and charcoal pants. "Greetings, Mr. J'onnz. I appreciate your willingness to meet with me. Can I get you anything?"

J'onn moves through the corridors almost as if he knew the building like the back of his hand. It helps he can see through the walls. Still, he arrives to whatever office that Reed is in, looking at the table before he turns his red-eyed gaze to Reed. "No. I require nothing. Thank you, though, for your hospitality." The Martian offers as he takes a seat not far from Reed- no need to shout down a long table. "I hope you are well, Doctor Richards." J'onn offers pleasantries.

"As well as can be given this business with the President. I had the opportunity to meet the man on several occasions. Some of his policies I liked; some I did not. Yet I always felt strongly that he was a good man trying to bring his value of morality to government. He will be sorely missed."

Reed peers at J'onn, "So, you have stated that you are from Mars. I wanted to ask you several questions, if you would not mind. I understand that some answers you may not want me to privy to. And that I am okay with. I am obscenely curious about you and your people. How you lived. How you died. And all other manners of being."

"Yes. It is a chaotic time when one's leader is suddenly and unexpectedly murdered." J'onn agrees, with a nod. "I am sorry for your loss." He continues, before nodding again. "I will answer what questions I can, Doctor Richards. As you've said, some I may not be able to answer. Still, it is important for someone to know who I am, and who my people were."

"Very well," Reed begins before he looks at his notes. "I would like to ask you about the biology of your species. Without oxygen upon Mars, I'm curious as to how your race lived. Do you have a cardiovascular system similar to ours, or is it something else entirely? Is that system what allows you your mighty powers or are they based in something else? Finally, would you say that you are of normal height and weight for your species?"

"My species disappeared from this solar system several thousand years ago. We had technology that kept the planet of Mars in a condition that is livable- however, we do so mostly for visitors to our planet." J'onn begins. "The Martian people, through genetic engineering, were able to change our cells to something we call a bio-polymer. Coupled with mental control it allows total molecular control of our bodies. This molecular control allowed my people to change shape, and form. To grow, or shrink. To stretch our limbs much as you do. It allowed us to create a situation of self-sustenance and we only ate for the enjoyment it brought. We need no atmosphere to survive, can survive in the vacuum of space and with proper training are able to change our cells to allow invisibility. Those who trained with these systems were able to affect change in density in either direction- greater or lesser density allowing us to phase through solid objects, or become super dense. Once, we had a cardiovascular system not unlike that of human beings, but once we stopped evolving through natural means we took it upon ourselves to evolve technologically."

J'onn takes a moment, pausing, "There is no universal weight or height for our people. We wore two faces- one in private, our.. birth form, if you will. And one in public- you look upon my public face."

Richards nods, "That is absolutely fascinating. What are your powers, if you don't mind me asking. I can, of course, keep this on or off the record depending upon your wishes. Myself and my family, we have always chosen to be upfront about our powers, but we recognize that not everyone enjoys the same sort of scrutiny."

"I would appreciate this information being kept more informal. I possess total molecular control of my body, as I've stated. It allows me to change shape, turn invisible, change my density and size. This molecular control also allows me to regenerate my form by incorporating nearby matter. As a Martian, I possess nine senses, the most developed of which is my sight. I am able to see most of the electromagnetic spectrum which allows me to see through walls, or even human bodies. I am able to see miles, where as most humans can not. I can see microscopic things as easily as you see this table. I am also able to create a concussive beam of force from my eyes that strikes with enough power to destroy a heavily armored vehicle. I am able to expel my breath at hurricane force. I possess great strength, can fly, and am nearly invulnerable. My mind is highly trained, and I a what you would call a Psychic. I am able to read minds, connect minds, travel in the Astral Plane through astral projection. I can communicate without words, and both upload and download information from thinking minds. I can produce a psychic blast, rewrite or remove memories, and remove knowledge from one's mind." J'onn states, looking to Reed. "I realize that could be a frightening thing to imagine, Doctor Reed. But I hope you can see that I do not wish to harm anyone on this planet, only to protect it."

"Honestly, in a world with Superman, we're pretty used to unbelievable powers. And your powers do sound pretty amazing." He pauses briefly, before continuing, "The next topic I would like to discuss is the history of your people. Certainly with such an advanced technology, the cataloguing of your people must have been vast. Would there be any possible way we could open up such vestiges of knowledge to use for benefit on our planet?"

"No. I'm afraid that isn't possible, Doctor Reed." J'onn replies. "The future of Earth must belong to the people of Earth itself. I am the last remaining Martian, Doctor Reed. My people are thousands of years dead. Perhaps one day, you will be able to find the history of my people- in due time. Mars can still support life, if one knows how to bring her back. Once humans are able to colonize Mars, perhaps our technology will be rediscovered."

Reed looks at the martian for a long, skeptical time. That sort of response flies in the face of everything he believes in. To hold on to knowledge for no other reason than one man or Martian sees fit. It seems ridiculous to him, and if J'onn is reading his thoughts, he'll definitely be able to catch the drift of Reed's mind.

"Very well," he says. He can't force the Martian to do much of anything. "Let's talk about you specifically. How long have you been here? How have you kept yourself busy?"

"I have been on this planet since the mid fifties." J'onn replies, "I have spent those years quietly assisting humanity from the shadows. Only recently has the world become ready for persons like myself- like you. Those with powers beyond the average." J'onn states simply, "I maintain several human identities to interact, and learn, from people on this planet."

"Helping us from the shadows seems to fly in the face of your early comments about letting Earth fend for itself. Interesting," Reed says. "What made you come out from the shadows?" he adds.

"I was saved by a human being, Doctor Reed. I owe it to every human to defend them. For one human being saved me from madness, Doctor Reed." J'onn replies simply, "People are ready down for super heroes to combat the super villains that too are borne of this brave new world. "Anyways, fending for ones self- finding one's own way- doesn't mean you walk the path alone. Would you have me be like a god to humanity, Doctor Richards? I am not god. I am just a man- I had a family, I had children, I had a wife. What happened to my people must not happen again. Must not happen to humanity. I can not allow it, Doctor Richards- any more than you can allow Science to be a danger to this world."

"To be honest, Mr. J'onnz, I'm just looking for cure for cancer. Or hunger. Because if you believe that you owe all of humanity, wouldn't that mean that you owed all of us? The beggars and the sick in addition to the meek and the attacked? You are asking if I would like you to play God, but it seems you already are in deciding those who need saving and those who are destined to live without." Reed is not known for his way with people, of course. "What did happen to your world, Mr. J'onnz? And how are you the only one who seems to have survived it?"

"Would you like me to tell you, Doctor Richards. Or would you prefer to see it?" J'onn asks simply, "Perhaps it will better explain my position than I have so far." he states, staring at the good Doctor. J'onn doesn't seem at all offended by the man's questions, or demeanor.

"Oh, I would very much like to see it, Mr. J'onnz. I would very much, indeed." Reed sits forward, entranced and utterly serious, as if to say there is nothing he would rather see in all the world.

"Very well, Doctor Richards." J'onn states, as in the span of a single moment- a thought- Reed experiences J'onn's life from birth, to the death of his people and his fall to earth. He sees it. He experiences it. Its as if it happened to him- he wasn't simply along for the ride, no… for those moments, Reed Richards was J'onn J'onzz. Hundreds of years, in a single second.

Reed's face goes slack and his jaw seems to unhinge and drop down to his chest and for a few long moments he can say nothing. His eyes lift to look at J'onn eventually before he finally responds. "I understand," he says.

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