The Day Market, Part 2

April 13, 2018:

June and Johnny's Market adventures continue. Now with beer and cheese.

Greenwich Village

The streets of Greenwich Village, or a couple of them, have been tuned into a market, complete with artists and food vendors of all sorts.


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Ah, Market Day in New York is just the best, especially when you have amazing company.

Johnny Blaze and June Moone go from stall to stall, arm in arm, tote bags in their free hands as they look at everything from..surprisingly expensive jewelry to perfectly ripe tomatoes. Thankfully, the two of them seem to be having a great time; a surprisingly normal (given what the both of them are capable of) evening thus far. However, thanks to their mannerisms, it's likely that some people may believe that the two of them are on a date.

Regardless of whether or not it is the case, smiles are all about as Johnny finishes -riddling- June's brain with Motorcycle specs.

"…and It's top speed is a little over 250 mph. I probably went overboard with the modifications, but I think it has a kick that you would like." He smiles to her softly then. "So….tell me, what was like…your biggest archaeological achievement?" he's not expecting her to say the lost city of gold or El Dorado or whatever, but he's just interested in -learning- about -her- right now.

Meantime, they come across a stall that sells Greek food. Gyros, Saganaki…


It's amazing, really, what a few hours of normal can do for someone like June Moone. A few hours without her teammates. As much as she enjoys the company of some of them, they are never completely without the baggage or the spectre of the DEO. A few hours without anyone shooting at her, trying to kidnap her, or forcing her back into the prison of her mind. A few hours to be the woman she might have been, if not for that day nearly a decade ago, now. Human.

And so they've walked, past the crafters and hawkers, pausing now and then when something caught her eye. Usually something small, handmade, personal. A simple hammered bronze ring, an old, slightly chipped matryoshka doll. And all of the while, she had seemed content to allow Johnny to lead the conversation, most of which seemed to revolve around motorcycles and the mechanics of engines. You could say one thing about June. Once she latched on to a new topic of study, she dove into it wholeheartedly.

"Hrm." June, drawn in as she'd been by the scent of doner kebab, which, not being a fan of lamb, in her experience, always smelled better than it tasted, glanced over towards her companion, "Well, I don't know if it would really count as a biggest achievement, but I did manage to spend a few months at Phnom Kulen. It's an archaeological site in Cambodia, a city they think might have inspired Angkor Wat, you know the famous Temple that's in pretty much any ad for Cambodia you've ever seen? The thing is, Phnom Kulen is completely covered over by the jungle and they're only just now excavating it using lasers and ground-penetrating radar."

"It's a lost world, almost."

"Is there anything that makes cheese better?" A beat, as she watches one of the vendors handing a square of Saganaki over to a customer waiting in line. "Frying."


Johnny is…admittedly surprised that June seems to be as into the conversation itself as he is! Though while June has teammates and companions to talk to and such, Johnny is relatively alone. It's difficult for him to keep friends because of his inner demon…alas, he seems to want to keep this one. But this few hours was…divine. It was peaceful…no burning souls, no sending people on a one way trip to Hell, no exacting vengeance…it was perfect.

His smile does widen as she starts to speak to him about Angkor Wat and Phnom Kulen, his focus entirely on her as she told him such a tale. He ooos and ahhs and he smiles softly then. "Oh really? I'm not fully knowledgeable about Archaeology…they use lasers?" he asks then curiously, but then it makes sense that they would. Very precise. "Man…talk about an adventure. I'd love to go with you to a dig sometime." he shows interest in this, and it's honest.

"Definitely frying it….I love this stuff." and he orders a Saganaki for herself and him to share. "Have you ever had?"


June, seeming to have decided that if her companion had not in fact been interested in the Greek fare, he wouldn't have slowed, and so, she drew him on into the queue that was waiting to place their order at the stall. It was a comfortable thing, companionable. And for the time being, at least, the witch seemed perhaps unusually docile, having settled into a silent spectre in June's mind, always watching, but no longer twinging the human woman's senses.

"They do! I think we get a bad rap from television and movies. The field is much more advanced now than it was even ten, twenty years ago. There's much more careful science and much less destroying things willy nilly the way they used to do when they were first excavating places like the Valley of the Kings, or Troy. And it's more efficient. You can see where you need to dig right away, instead of hitting false leads."

"I haven't. I think I've had something similar…bread cheese. It's Finnish. It's cheese, but…" she considers, "You can eat it like you would eat bread, or fry and cube it and eat it with jam. It sort of squeaks like good mozzarella string cheese, but not as rubbery." As Johnny orders, they both step to the side to wait, June accepting the bag or forks, knife and the pieces of bread that usually accompany, leaving Johnny to get the actual saganaki.


Strangely enough…even the Rider became docile, as if keeping a close eye on the Enchantress. It was unique, having two beings who were mirrors of each other, that being Johnny and June. Both have this inner demon inside of them that when released, can not only cause great destruction, but will also pursue their own ends. They just happen to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, perhaps. Alas, Johnny smiles warmly as June speaks more about Archaeology.

"The First time I really had any kind of introduction to Archaeology was through movies, cinema. Jurassic Park, as you know." okay yeah, he was one to drop geeky stuff too, but he was very chill about it. "But yeah…I hear ya, I hear ya. I've always wanted to go to those places, but…I'm just on a engineers salary." he teases her lightly.

Alas, his attention falls back onto the Saganaki as it is carefully prepared, then lit right in front of them with a loud 'OPA!'. "Ohhh you're gonna love this then. It's very good." he smiles softly to her then as he retrieves the saganaki, coming back to June as he gestures to an nearby table for them to sit and eat at.

Ah, the perks of being near a restaurant-stable.

"Here should do. You can have the first bite. I recommend the corner pieces."


"I think that and Indiana Jones probably did it for most people. Maybe the Mummy, the Brendan Frasier one, not the Tom Cruise one, so I don't think it'd at all odd that that's the picture you have in your head about the field. And it's certainly the part that they sell, trying to get more bodies in seats. I had a professor for some art history classes I took, that used to walk into the first day of class every semester in an Indiana Jones hat cracking a whip. They don't tell you about all of the downsides until you've gone too far to back out."

Despite the criticism, June doesn't seem in the least upset by any of it. Much as anyone who loves what they do, as Johnny might well know himself. The pain and sacrifice and hard work are worth it, when you're doing something you love. "That's part of the reason why I don't go out as much as I'd like myself. It's expensive to try to get away, if you can even get a slot on a team. But a lot of that's changing. There are new ventures going on—" She pauses, turning her face slightly away to save her eyes from the brightness of the flames, before she's heading towards the table to sit.

"Working tourism is a thing now. You travel and find places to do seasonal work or manual labour in return for room and board." Once they've settled, she takes the time to spread out the paper plates, to share the bread between them along with the plastic cutlery. "Thank you." Corner acquired, she tries it first without the accompaniment of bread, "It's delicious. Just a hint of lemon, maybe?" Likely from the flambe.


Johnny smiles big and wide in that kind of recollection about the old Indiana Jones movies. "Heh…I loved those movies. Then they made Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I was a little let down, but the Last Crusade?" he makes that classic Italian 'bravo' finger kiss kind of motion like it was among the best he had ever seen. But alas, those were older days. He does seem to raise a brow at some of June's college professor experiences. "Hey I mean, I used to know a professor who would dress up like a Jedi for his social sciences class. so…professors are probably just awesome." he shrugs then with that big smile.

Either way, he does look to be only slightly saddened that he can't go exploring due to lack of money. Given, he could always just hop on that motorcycle and just -drive- there, but there's a time to go hell hunting and a time to just go there because you -felt- like it. But he nods in great agreement, smiling as she turns her head away from the flames, only to bring it back and serve the Saganaki!

Johnny watches her try it out with enthusiasm, hoping to see if she likes it. he does smile when it proves true! "I'm glad you like it…it's my favorite food in the world." He smiles then as he tries it out for himself, humming with great approval over the meal itself.

"Man, that's good."


"It's really wonderful. Thank you." June settles into a comfortable routine as they eat, trading off the saganaki, the piece of cheese slowly dwindling down as they carve off bits and pieces. Her expression is equal measure present and enjoying herself, and thoughtful, as she considers her past scholastic experiences, "I think it depends on the professor. If they really want you to be engaged in the work, and they don't take themselves too seriously, I think they could make their classes a lot of fun. Too many though are just too up themselves to even enjoy their own subjects."

One of the perks of being actually next to the restaurant selling its own food out of a stall isn't just that they can settle at the patio tables, but that it means they can access the bar. And in that spirit, "Since you got the appetizer, can I grab you something to drink? Beer or soda? I think they've got most everything, from what I can see."


Johnny smiles warmly then to June, bowing his head softly as they sit together and just eat, enjoying that kind of good meal with each other. He does listen to her words about professors, nodding a few times. "Yeah….I hear there's a bunch of serious professors who are very no nonsense, there to do the job and nothing else. So yeah…guess it just depends." a small shrug then before June offers to get him a drink!

"Oh, you don't have to do that, but thank you." he ponders a moment. "A beer sounds pretty good right now. I'll have a drink with you." he says with maybe a hint of flirtation in his voice, or maybe that's just his naturally tone of voice. Either way, drinks are welcome! "I'll be here when you get back. I'll watch our stuff."


"Except that the job shouldn't just be about sharing information. It should also be about engaging people's minds and their curiosity, don't you think? It's the difference between teaching someone to do a job and showing them how to enjoy the job." June rises from her seat, lifting the bag across and over and setting it down beside her tote bag. Only a small wallet ends up being taken out, before she steps back from the table, "I think I can manage a good beer. Unless that bar back is just for show."

The smile offer she returns, the expression seeming to have come a bit easier now that she's had some more practice. "Just a moment." And then she's off, wending her way through the tables and back into the bar proper. And it isn't that she purposefully takes advantage of the fact that she is a good looking woman, but really, if it gets you faster service, she can lean against the bar as well as anyone. And it's only a few minutes, tops, before she's heading back to the table with two bottles of Volkan beer in tow.


Johnny laughs a little bit then, nodding a few times. "Definitely. Such is the duty of an erudite." oohhh dropping the intelligent words himself now! Be warned, because that's pretty much all he's got. Either way, when June stands up and smiles to him and goes to get the beer, you -know- that Johnny takes the time to check her out.

What? She was cute, kind, friendly, exuberant…she was awesome.

He just keeps his eyes right on her even as she leans against the bar, using her feminine charms to get the beer faster, which works flawlessly.

When she returns, he smiles to her, and she can easily tell that he was likely, indeed, checking her out. That said, he offers a small bow of his head "Why hello there, lovely lady. Thank you for getting the drinks. I'll get them next time." because he plays it fair.


It's just like when you go out driving. Getting there seems to take forever, but then you get back home in a heartbeat. Not so much different for June as she makes her way back to the table. She sets his beer down before she puts down her own, settling back into her seat and replacing her wallet. "I'm told it was the best Greek beer they had. Hints of honey and lemon, he said."

If she noticed that she was getting the once over, she gives no indication. June is as she's been in the few hours since they met each other. Friendly, and personable, but with no overtones of attraction. "You're far too kind. And I'll take you up on that offer. We can switch off. I'll buy the next food we try."


She not only returns with beer…but their -best- beer. Jesus, Johnny might as well be in love. Alas, he bows his head softly in thanks as she sets his beer down first. "Thanks, June. I really appreciate it." he takes a small sip of it, mmmm-ing softly after the fact. "Wow….that's some good beer. They really weren't kidding." he chuckles a bit then. "You can really taste the sweetness to it.."

Though of course he notices that she -seemingly- isn't aware that he was checking her out, but at the offer of switching off every time they get something to it, it means that she wants to do this more often with him, which he smiles. "Gladly. I'll take that deal." he nods a few times then, and when she finally sits down, she might notice that he's just a little bit closer to her, but not imposing.


Good beer will do that. Well, in truth most alcohol will do that, bit the night is still young. As for June, she seems content to allow Johnny to finish the saganaki, instead turning her attention to the beer, "It's quite a bit sweeter than most of the American beers I've tried, but it doesn't taste as…hoppy. It's not as harsh. Of course, that's personal taste. I've been told that the whole point of beer is the hops. I've more of a strong cider sort of person, so this is much closer to that."

"So we've gotten groceries, and we've had a snack. And I've probably bagged my limit of tchotchke. Was there something that you had actually planned to be doing at the market before I hijacked you?"


True, true. Alas, Johnny is -more- than happy to finish off the Saganaki while June pays attention to her beer. Once he finishes? He makes sure their area is clean, putting the trash into a pile and he moves but a single step to toss the trash away, leaving them completely free with just their stuff and their beer. "Agreed, agreed." he smiles then, before she recalls the day.

"hmm…a plan? Oh no, I just came down to check out the market. I wasn't expecting to buy this much stuff or to even run into you." he gives her a playful nudge then. "You were the biggest surprise of the day." he looks around then. "So, hows about I drive you home? We can watch a movie or something. That is, assuming we've seen all we want to see?"


June takes her time with the beer. It's obvious that she's not really much of a drinker, as she doesn't seem to have the knack for just tossing it back. And, perhaps the bottle gives her something to do with her hands, her fingers peeling away the label in long strips. "I think the market will be going on for a few days, so I'm sure if there's anything i missed today, I can get back before before it's gone for the year."

A spot of laughter, as his nudge sends her sideways, before she rights herself, "Well, you don't go out every day just waiting to be pressed into servitude." And just at the tail end of that, there's a sharpness in her expression, as she actually hears what she said, and for a moment, realizes that that's precisely what June Moone, not the one that Johnny Blaze had met, not the normal one, but the one that actually /is//, does. She waits to be called to serve. "My place is in Gotham. It's a bit of a hike." Because it's polite to give him an out, if he needs it.


Johnny smiles warmly to her then, nodding a few times. "Agreed. I'll probably come down here a few more times this week." he shrugs then. "If anything, -just- for the Saganaki." hey, least she knows what to surprise him with should she want to. Either way, then she says her words about servitude, and Johnny tilts his head at her as if slightly confused. It seems to come out of nowhere. But! he doesn't want to press onto her about it.

Then he finds out she lives in Gotham.

"Ooof, yeah, that's a bit of a jaunt. If you want, I live here in New York. Could stay at my place for the night? Up to you. If not, I'll make the drive home for you." he smiles warmly to her.


"I try to avoid being away from home for too long. I have a few responsibilities that I need to be close to take care of, if they come up." The way she says it, it might seem much the way someone might speak of an elderly relative that they need to check in on. Something that doesn't come up all of the time, but you really don't want to miss. Thankfully, at least for June, he doesn't ask after her comment, and she doesn't find herself needing to explain, "How about we meet in the middle? I've heard there's a really nice dollar theater not that far from here that's doing a creature double feature."


Johnny nods a few times to her then as he seems to ponder, "ahhh gotcha. alrighty, plan B.." and he starts to think before June is -clearly- the one with the better ideas, and as she says them, he nods softly. "Definitely. I'd love to." and with that, he gives a last sip of his beer before it's empty, and he tosses it in the trashcan.


But alas, he ends up standing up and making sure he was carrying both her bag and his bag. "Works for me. Shall we?"


June is neither that good of a shot or that brave. So when she does finish her beer, she carries it the few steps to the trashcan, rather than risking a shower of glass and fragments. And with her hands free of the tote bag, she's only got to reclaim her personal bag, before she pushes in the chair. A glance at the place they'd just left, that final check to ensure that they hadn't left anything behind, before she comes around the chair. "We shall."

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