Casper the Grumpy Agent

April 12, 2018:

Agent Nakano visits Stark Industries to see if Tony has any ideas on how to fix her. Bruce and Oracle show up and give their expertise.

Stark Industries

Rising high into the skyline with the name of it's Lord and Master for all to see, the Stark Industries Tower is the most visible component of the Stark Industries complex centered in Midtown Manhattan. Manufacturing, office space, power generation and even some inventory is housed in the tower and its associated subelevels. It also contains guest housing and, at the top, the penthouse suite that is the domain of the Main Man himself, at least, when he's not at his Malibu home.


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Tony Stark is still mad.

Like. Really. Super. Flaming. Mad.

He hates spythings for a reason. It is usually a very good reason. He never has trusted Fury. And again for very good reason. And now all those reasons just make him want to punch something in the face.

So many times.

However instead of doing that he decided to channel his annnoyance into one thing at a time.

Which doesn't mean he isn't throwing things around his lab right now.

"SO! How the heck did this whole ghost thing happen. So I can figure it out how to fix it…I mean…magic? Science accident? Fall into a vat of invisible paint at the same time as a freak electric storm? Bitten by a radioactive ghost?" A pause. "Don't look at me like that, Casper. It could happen."


Rin has so many opinions about all of this, and she expressed them passionately on the ride over, but now she's got to cool off and focus on fixing her number two problem. Because she cant' punch anything until this problem is fixed, and she's beyond ready for this to be fixed. She has needs, and nearly all of them are violent.

Her eyes glass over for a second at Tony goes through his ideas. "Well. I have an implant in my arm that allows me to be mostly invisible. Apparently it wasn't invisivle enough for that fucking bitch not to hit me." Rin begins with a snarl. "I blocked a ball of magical bullshit with my arm and I suddenly felt extreamly cold. When I was able to function again, I couldn't touch anything. I'm not hungry, nor thrusty, and I sort of sleep I think. My powers still work but it's diffiult to use it. I'm trying to upload the information I've gathered so far but I'm having trouble interacting with your tech."

Rin super hates feeling like a 56K modem.


It doesn't happen much. They're a busy duo, and housecalls are not generally how Oracle does anything. But Tony's in, and she wanted a word or two, and JARVIS was not too hard to talk around into allowing her the occasional visit—and, most excitingly, a holographic presence while there.

So when the green woman appears in the air, beginning with "Tony? I wanted to give my condolences — " it's maybe not a massive surprise. Just a moderate surprise. She looks between Rin and Tony and takes a step back: "My apologies. I didn't realize I was interrupting."

At the point where Oracle pops into existance, Tony Stark has his arm though the arm of another woman. That is right Oracle, he's cheating on you with other insubstantial people. I know. The horror. She'll get over it he's sure.


"Hey! Oracle! Actually no you might be able to help!" A pause for a moment. "So my friend, Casper." Rin's name isn't really Casper. "Here she has a problem that she now is kinda ghostish oweinng to her not being able to jump out of the way of a ball of magic. Preeeeeeety sure its a dimensional shift, but gonna take some serious processing to get her back to where she should be. Consider it a challenge."

A flash of a smirk at Rin. "Oracle is Oracle and the only person to get though JARVIS' firewall in years." That mean's she's good.


Rin turns to Oracle as she appears and furrows her brows. "Really? You'll have to tell me how you did that. Phil was the only one who said I couldn't and now…" Granted, not the right time for this topic for conversation. Though as Tony introduces her as Casper, she frowns and shakes her head. "Agent Nakano, SHIELD." What she should say is it's nice to meet you, but after everything she's gone through lately, manners are low on her list.

"I figured I was dead at first, but a dimensional shift would make sense as well. I don't know what sort of magical bullshit she was pulling as I lost all my readings when I turned unreal." That's been her unofficial word for it.


"By accident, slightly. And using a vulnerability he's surely patched up as of now. The exciting part was when a giant evil head tried to follow me in." Oracle's smile is bright and broad. She raises a hand in greeting: "Oracle. A pleasure to meet you."

Oracle. That's a name Rin might actually know. An information broker, apparently. Based in Gotham, possibly. One of the good guys… maybe, but also very possibly the world's premiere hacker.

"You don't look dead," she muses. "Tony, I'm going to open a port or two, see how much bandwidth I can share here. Though I'd really think your servers were sufficient. I'd be surprised to hear they weren't." There's a smile attached to that. A grin, even. Her hands extend and a light glimmers across and through Rin. Apparently she's taking preliminary scans.


"Good news. You're defiantly not dead." Stark replies with a smirk towards Rin as he sits back. "From what I can tell, you're shifted /slightly/ out of phase with this dimension. I've had a little bit of experience with that." He adds with a shrug. "Oracle what do you think here?"

A longer pause. "JARVIS ask Bruce to see if he can come up here too would ya?"

"Of course, sir!"

There is a nod before he looks back towards Rin. "So…something to bring you back into phase…I don't think I can do anything to actually /fix/ you till we understand just who did what to you. You got a picture of who did it?" He asks with a quirked eyebrow. "Maybe we can jury-rig something up to bring you back to the right state?"


"I think I'd rather be dead. Do you know how hard it is to watch someone else use a computer for you? I've scared the interns." Rin has been spending most of her time screaming at them to do the work that she can't. It's only aedded to her frustration.

Looking toward Oracle, she tilts her head and nods. "I've heard your name in places." Rin's known pretty well in the hacking world, but not by her name, and she keeps those as seperate as she can. Though as she is scanned she holds up her hand and tries to move away from it before she realizes what it is and settles on sitting still.

"Yeah I know who it is. Cercei Lannister. Crazy mutant with an even crazier brother who can't fucking stand still. Maximoff is the last name. I plan on killing them both." This is said with dead seriousness, sicne Rin has had a lot of downtime to plann out how she's going to do it. "Whatever we can do to get started."


"Ah. The Maximoffs. If it was the sister, then we might have some trouble. She uses magic — or, let's go with "sufficiently advanced means that I don't know much about"." Oracle purses her virtual lips and gives Tony a slight nod. "Effectively, Agent Nakano, you're half in and half out of this reality. There's a few options. Long-term, we could figure out which dimension the other half of you is in and then try to pull you all the way into this one. The problem with that is… well, manifold, but the potential to cut you in half is the major downside. Short term, though… the elegant method would be creating a force field keyed to the dimensional wave frequency of your current bilocation."

Oracle glances to Tony. There's a slight quirk to the corner of her mouth. "Or I guess we could build you some power armor. Tony, do you think you could set her up a neural link? Or we could use eye movements. There's a lot of technology for paraplegics and quadriplegics that could serve us well here."


"Eye movement and power impulses would work," Stark replies as he looks back towards Rin. "You still give off some kind of field. We set the suit to listen to that instead of physical stimuli and it should be able to follow you. We just have to phase it right right so that it stays /on/ you and you doing just slip out. That might take some time but its doable. And better than getting cut in half or having your existances split over a pair of dimentions."

A glance up towards her. "Which is totally worse than it sounds."

Then back to Oracle. "I have a few light test suits we can use for this I think. Might have to resize one." A longer pause. "And…great. Just great. The goddamn wondertwins again cause shit. You know I'm going to come up with something that hurts the pair of them when I see them next." A longer pause. "Did I mention I hate speedsters?"


Rin is an intelligent woman, there is a lot she knows about a lot of things. Dimentional jargon? That goes right over her head, but figuring out that's what her problem is she's going to have to do some reading. "Yeah she looked like she was throwing a load of bullshit everywhere, I scanned it at some point, but that data is long gone by now." Her favored toys are… well they haven't survived the ordeal. Hearing that she could be split in half, her eyes go wide and she holds up her hands. "Uh no. Rin stays in one piece. I could go with a forcefield, or some sort of armor. Anything at this point. Well almost anything."

Turning back toward Tony she nods her head. "If you find something, make a duplicate. I have a lot of pent of aggression and knocking them down a peg would be the hightlight of my year."


"Meanwhile, though…" Oracle continues to walk around Rin before pausing in front of her and nodding once. "If you don't mind, I'm going to continue doing some scans. If you stand right where you are, I'll continue taking readings. With what we gather here, we should be able to get a clearer idea of exactly where you are and, for that matter, your own personal electromagnetic field. That gives the added bonus that nobody else can use your suit. Well. Unless they get just the right frequencies, and even then…"

As if someone were talking to her, she adds: "You're right. It'll need a failsafe. And a duplicate would be sensible; a prototype."


"I'm pretty sure she means a duplicate to whatever I build to turn the Maximoff's into jelly." Stark replies as he snaps his fingers to call up a holographic screen and keyboard. His fingers fly across said keys, inputting readings as he peers at the readouts and then nods.

"Here try this?" He adds as he taps the edge of the light-forged keyboard to send it her direction.

It might work?

"But yeah, we'll biometricly lock it. Though I'm not sure what anyone else would want to do with a transdimetional locking suit." A long pause. "Scratch that I can think of like a dozen thing to do with it."


When asked to invite Bruce up to their floor, JARVIS does some checks. Finally, he reports, "Sir, Dr. Banner is currently leaving for the day; he is located at the outer lobby, as he is here only on certain days. I have the memo, should you wish to review it, on his schedule adjustment. Would you like me to ask him to come back inside?"


"Yes, what he said." Because her gun, affectionaly named Diplomacy, wasn't cutting it. If she had time and unlimited resources she might be able to modify it to at least be effective, but Stark can easily do it faster. They're both coming at her at once though, Tony with an idea, and Oracle with scans, so for a moment she just sort of stares between the two of them, shaking her head.

Once the scans are done she looks at the keyboard and brigns her hand up to it. With a frown she tries to interact with it. It… sort of works. "If I focus, I can sort of use it. Though I think that might be my powers more than myself." She does at least type out a rude emoji on the screen.


"Hmm." Oracle ponders that, squinting and letting her head move faintly up and down, eyes left to right. She's not reading what's in that room; she may be examining the monitors in her own location. "…Interesting. Okay, that actually makes sense; Tony, check these settings? If we amplify the ones that actually made contact… honestly, a hard light body would be the best thing here. I mean, except for the power needs and the delicacy of most of the equipment that handles it."


"Progress," Tony mutters as he notes the keyboard. "Keep typing, Oracle if you can input the scans there we can start to focusing on the sensitivity of the thing. Close in on the right frequencies…" He smirks slightly though. "…yeah. See she's a SHIELD agent. They don't do delicate. They do redunndant. No offence by you people are hard on your equipment. So if we do hard light we need to do it minimal. And have redundant failsafe systems to make it work even after it gets shot. Because it /will/ get shot."

He knows how this goes. "No offence, Casper." A longer pause. "And I'm thinking sonic bomb. You catch them by suprise with a trigger and it won't matter how fast he can go if he's writhing on the ground bleeding out his ears."

Wanda is an entirely different can of worms but he'll think of something.

JARVIS though gets his attention. "He what who?" A longer pause. "Yeah tell him to come on back up. Babble something about transdimentional physics and the challenge of getting a control system made of light to work with a dimensionally phased being." A longer pause. "Did someone poach him while I wasn't looking?"


"Yes, I believe so," JARVIS answers of the poaching. "…Also, it appears Dr. Banner deduced he was needed from my original inquiry, and is in the elevator," JARVIS reports.

Indeed, Dr. Banner made that deduction, and it is only another minute or so before the scientist arrives on the floor, navigating his way quietly towards the laboratory area in question after a quick clue from JARVIS. He is soon in the door, mild and curious, with some tired edges to his features. But a strange problem will wipe any exhaustion of the day away relatively quickly. "…We're not opening dimensional portals right here, are we?" Dr. Banner questions in his calm, deadpan tone from the door, pulling off his shoulder bag to set it down out of the way, and approaching with an analytic, thorough eye.


"Not in this lab!" Tony quips easily with a smirk. "Oracle, Rin, this is Bruce Banner. Bruce, this is Oracle and Casper. Casper." He gestures at Rin. "Is d-shifted. So we are trying to fix her. Oracle is proposing hard light controls and I'm saying suit. You got any ideas?"

A pause.

"Yeah that was about the best sum up ever. Go me."


Rin keeps typing into the holographic keyboard, starting with emoji's and devling into "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." Since they just want readings after all, it doesn't need to be fancy right? "I'll take progress." She says dryly, trying to focus herself to keep it going. "Yeah we have to be. No one listens when we say. 'Hey, be careful angry person, this is expensive delicate equpiment.'. We need things to work, and continue to work when bullshit is thrown at us." That appears to be her word of the day today.

When Banner pops in she turns to look at him. "Hi." Is all she says as she continues to type on a holographic keyboard. She's one finger typing, but it's typing! At his praise of himself, Rin looks back to Tony and holds up her hand. "Ya wanna high five for that?"


Oracle leans back and looks quite satisfied as the data and technology meet to make a beginning of Rin's ability to interact with the physical world. She turns to look at Banner and blinks in some surprise. Clearly a hologram — humans don't generally have that shimmer — Oracle is also entirely green and rather crystalline, as if she came from the Emerald City. "Doctor Banner," she says in greeting. "I've heard of you. Excellent: if you're interested, I can share my preliminary findings with you. You're the expert here on dimensional physics, after all."


"—I'd ask what got her this way, first, because reverse engineering using the cause is going to be faster than anything else — in particular, finding where she phased to, and why." Dr. Banner suggests quietly.

"Hello, Miss Oracle —" But his attention moves to the 'patient', which is what she is, to him, anyway. "…and Miss Casper," Bruce begins, expression turning to concern.

"Tony, I know you're distracted with the resolution here, but can we pull medical checks up for me, please, to check stability, and see if anything is changing?" Bruce asks sideways to Tony, without being demanding. "Often there can be a strobe or movement if something is phased between. Are you in any pain, how's your awareness? Exhaustion, headache, anything else? Full memory, or missing areas?" Dr. Banner asks her, stealing one of the consoles.

"Please give me anything you have, Oracle; that would be wonderful," Bruce says, giving the emerald hologram a warm smile.


And then everyone gets to see that while there are better hackers, better engineers, better scientists in the world…there is no one who multitasks like Tony Stark.

Screens flips up as he activates his own keyboard. Holoscreens opening near Bruce with the readouts requested. "So who poached you?" Comes the smirking question that has nothing to do with the requested information, even though the information is exact. JARVIS /does/ run near constant scans of most people in the building after all.

"Magic got her this way, magic interacting with some kind of stealth implant and her own powers. Well…" A pause. "…Wanda's powers technicly aren't /magic/ they are more like reality manipulation on a grand scale. Its stupid really and phsics breaking and I don't like it. And either way its not a quick fix. This is just a workaround."

Then back to Rin. "No high fives I'd fall though your hand."

More information snaps into existance for those around as he activates a second keyboard, eyes flicking back and forth between the pair of them. "I'm thinking combinging these suggestions. We use a suit for the base and the strength, I can armor it up and give ya a bit of punch if you want while still leaving it flexible enough." A longer pause as the suit starts to take shape on the screen. "We use retinal controls combined with hard-light sensors tuned to her specific bioelectircs as a control system. Not as elegant as full force-field but a bit more robust in case people start shooting…"


"It's Miss Nakano, or Agent, or Rin. Stark is obviously terrible at remembering names so he makes one up." She replies dryly, obviously more focused on keyboard for a moment. When Banner needs the information she sighs, not excited to give this again. "The bithcy Maximoff twin hit my cloaking implant with her magic and since then I've been like this." She demonstrats by running her hand through a near by tablle. "I feel nothing, which is great and terrible. I don't get hungry or thirsty and I don't feel any signs of exhaustion from the lack of food. I'm a technomancer, and my powers are dismished in this form which is beyond frustrating. I feel exhaustion when I use them, much more than I wuold if I was a real boy again." Rin answers quickly and in an even tone, barely turning away from her work. "My memory is in tact, and the only time I've lost is when I've woken up and Netflix is asking me if I'm still watching. So I'm assuming I'm sleeping."

Turning to Stark she nods her head. "I know, that's why I offered." She says flatly, and just now realizes that she may have given him double the information. Turning to the screen she looks it over, seeing what they're putting together. It's far better than what she would have came up with.


"A technomancer who can walk through walls…" Oracle pauses, cocking her head and regarding Rin with a little more interest. "There are worse things to be. At least, if your powers were working in this reality. I wonder…"

She shakes her head and begins moving one hand from left to right. "Not really relevant just now. I'm sending you my readings now, Dr. Banner. You'll get a constant feed from my systems; I can take pretty good measuarements from here."


"The X-Men," Bruce answers Tony's question. And then, possibly, gives the worst thing that Tony may want to hear: "I was a bit bored." Bruce adds a liquid, mischief-laced little smile, but flicks his eyes back to the explosion of screens now available to him.

"A suit seems like a stopgap, instead of going after the problem on a more complete level," Dr. Banner sighs. "Do we have scheomatics on the cloaking implant? That could give me a lot of clues, about what her ability warped it to do," Bruce says, suddenly perking up, interested. "Cloaking mixed with — that's going to really narrow this down!" Bruce says, interrupting himself, pleased. "If we have that…. plus these readouts from you, Oracle… I think we might be able to at least get some things into phase with her. And then work backwards." Bruce works, now, and shares across what he's thinking towards Tony, moving his hand to tap through the data, and the areas where Bruce's experience with this is filling in the gaps. They did bring in the expert, and he's … experting.


"Well at least you didn't blow anything up while bored, I have a dimentional portal in the basement if you want to take it apart and tell me how it works that might keep you entertained." A pause. "Just put it back together, I don't want my loyal subjects to…you know…starve or anything."

…it is best not to think about anything in that last statement.

"Anyway, working on a suit first because A) Its what I do and B) Casper is going insane and of course I remember your name, I'm just an asshole that calls Steve Rogers the 'Star Spangled Man'. Anyway, Casper is going insane being not able to do anything, so we figure out how to get her to do things. Then we figure out how to stabalize the flux without tearing her in two. Since she is against that."

A flash of a grin towards Rin then a glance at Bruce. "But man, have at the reverse engineering. You're better at the pure theory than I am. I'm just a mechanic."

A pause. "JARVIS? Fabricate that. Give it a SHIELD paintjob and put some ghost themed decals on it!"

…because yes. Tony is a Jerk.


"I am very much against being torn in two." Rin grumps toward stark as he works on the suit. Or JARVIS works on the suit. Someone is doing something! However when she hears about the paint job she shakes her head. "Let's just paint it black, because I'm not feeling like a team player." With all the stuff SHIELD is pulling right now she's thinking of updating her resume.

"How about we skip the Pac-Man nostalgia, and maybe focus on the bigger issue?"

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