The Day Market, Part 1

April 13, 2018:

June Moone and Johnny Blaze meet at the Greenwich Village pop-up market. Things are shockingly normal.

Greenwich Village

The streets of Greenwich Village, or a couple of them, have been tuned into a market, complete with artists and food vendors of all sorts.


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It's market day in the Village because…of course it is. A street fair to end all street fairs, complete with food carts, artist's stalls, and various and sundry tables and makeshift storefronts, as it were. There seems to be a endless array of things to see, and buy, and taste. The chaos of it is generally organized, however. Whole half blocks might be nothing but fruit, produce and other such items, and then you might get a run of nothing but artists and craftsman. And of course the food trucks keep a lively business and offer all manner of traditional and avante garde fare.


June Moone is, at the moment, standing as one of a half-moon of spectators watching a street artist completing caricatures of anyone willing to run the gauntlet of his pencil. It's all in good fun, of course, as the artist keeps the conversation lively, and the show engaging. Several of the people in the crowd have cardboard tubes, June included, which seem to have come from the artist's setup not far from the easel where he's working.


Johnny Blaze had arrived in Greenwich just for this sole reason! It's market daaaaay! It was a good day to simply restock on supplies, since he's usually on the road instead of a simple place…though he does own an apartment. That said? His motorcycle is -easily- the loudest thing going on at the moment. Parking his heavily modified Yamaha V-Max, Johnny starts to move throughout the marketplace, looking at the various wares that each shop has for sale.

…before coincidentally enough, he ends up viewing the same street artist that one June Moone was! What a surprise.

Given, he doesn't know who she is, but the Rider can feel Enchantress, and it warns Johnny accordingly….and it's likely that Enchantress can feel the Rider.

That said, he ends up standing right next to June, though he offers her a smile and speaks in his naturally warm, charming, and suave manner. "This guy's neat..really talented."


Enchantress, watches, she waits, she abides. Always. She never truly sleeps, even in those times when June has the freedom to inhabit the skin into which she was born. Most of the time, she's content to remain quiet, to keep her own counsel, a silent witness to the world passing around her, experienced through her mortal 'sister' of sorts. But the approach of the Rider seems to stir her from her silent reverie, the feeling of her awareness rising bringing a taste of iron to the back of June's throat, a twist of unease in her gut. There was something pinched, and wary in her eyes as she scanned the crowd, before she shakes her head, her jaw tightening. No. This was her time.

The tall blonde's arrival brings her head around, the smile she offers in return not quite so warm as his, though only out of a sort of lack of use, and not of intention. There's something uncertain about the expression, as though she did not use it enough. "Yes, he is. It's rather nice. Some people, when they do caricatures can be really cruel."


The Rider pretty much feels the exact same way about Enchantress. It's not screaming it's head off in agony or demand to turn RIGHT NOW but it's certainly tempted. Alas, Johnny can turn into the Ghost Rider whenever -he- wants, not whenever Zarathos wants. With that in mind, Johnny turns his head softly then to the beautiful June Moone and he offers her that same smile after he watches yet another person have quite the depiction of them done.

Spectacular artwork, truly.

"Yeah. Most of the time you see the usual more….exaggerated and comical kind of portrait done, whether it's a grossly dis-proportioned face or what have you, but that's for comedic use. Others can be mean about it..but his? His is accurate and to the point. A good change of pace." Since he was already chatting with her, he might as well…ya know, TALK to her.

He extends a hand in greeting. "Johnny Blaze."


Much like Johnny, June too held the power to call forth her demon, though she could not, thereafter, call her back, but just for right now, she felt not the slightest need or desire to utter the witch's name, despite the niggling she could sense in the back of her mind. Perhaps, it was because she always felt it. Knew there was not a moment when the witch was not pressing for her to allow her her freedom. But releasing her meant sending herself to her own sort of hell. So? In a word, no.

"Yes. And they don't ask you the right questions, or they only try to fit you into certain frames. He's really getting to know his subjects. Making sure he incorporates what they're interested in and what's important t them into the drawing." She shifts the tube held in the crook of her arm, freeing a hand to accept Johnny's, her grip firm, not at all the sort of limp-wristed fingers only thing that most woman seem to be capable of. "June Moone."

Johnny smiles softly to June as she shakes his hand in a better-than-average grip, a small smile for her. "A name that rhymes? Badass." Johnny compliments her before he soon releases her hand, as is generally polite. He puts his hands in his jacket pockets then. "So then, what brings you here, June? If I can ask, anyway." Yep, just making some small talk, conversating with his new acquaintance.

Plus she was cute.


In truth, he was just trying to make good conversation. Turning his body about a quarter towards her so that she has most, if not all of his attention.


"You think so? I always thought my parents had a particularly warped sense of humour. That or they enjoyed themselves just a little too much during the age of disco. Something about all of that gold lamé." And then June takes a mental step back. One could almost see her rewinding the reel of her life or perhaps of their conversation in her head. "Oh!" A bubble of laughter, as the name finally clicks into place, "My brother used to have posters of you on his walls. I'm surprised you don't downplay that."

Thank god she doesn't seem to be looking for a pen and a pad of paper, or pulling up a hem of her shirt for an autograph, "I mean, it does have a nice ring to it, but…" a lot of baggage. "I needed a change from Gotham. And this is the first day it's really felt like spring. "And there's nothing like this there. So." Here she is.


Johnny nods then a few times as the reddish-blonde haired man looks at June with those crystal blue eyes. "Heh…I mean, I can see that too, but I just thought the name was awesome. Could probably use it in a Blues song maybe?" he snaps his fingers rhythmically and starts humming a lyric-less song, clearly a joke given his smirk and smile, though it's meant to be silly, not mean. Though eventually, when she recognizes him as infamous stuntman, Johnny Blaze, he simply rubs the back of his neck with his hand, smiling to her.

"I'm surprised people remember me…" and while he wouldn't exactly complain if she was hiking up her shirt for autographs, he's -greatly- appreciative that she's not a fangirl or something. Those were the WORST. could never find an ounce of peace….thank god he's not really in that business of being famous anymore. How do people do it?

"Heh…well, it was a long time ago. Riding down a different road now, though kudos to your brother for being a fan." he says with a hint of gratitude in his voice. It felt good to be appreciated. "Yeah, I hear ya. I was born and raised in New York, so…but this is one of the better things I like about the city. You're a new arrival, yeah? I could show you around one of these days if you want."


It's probably a rare gift, that the two have managed to carry on their conversation this long, given the hustle and bustle on the street around them. But so they do, with June off at the fringe end of that crowd, with her drawing tube, her crossbody bag and her, for the time being, seemingly mostly empty tote bag. The song offered in jest actually brings a return to that laughter, as June uses her free hand to wave him off, "Alright, Johnny Cash." And then even that seems to set her off again. After all, it was Johnny and June.

"People don't often forget talent. And even when it isn't in an area that they're particularly interested in, it's still part of the cultural zeitgeist." Check yourself, June. Your nerd brain is showing.

"I've been to New York a number of times, but only for short jaunts or to do tourist things, really." As for the offer to show her around, "Well, I'm here now. How well do you know the market?"


Johnny laughs then a moment as June refers to him as Johnny Cash….for she has no idea how many times he's made a song joke and it's come up. But it's one of those things that when it comes to jokes, you could tell Johnny the same exact one and he'll still find it funny.

His sense of humor is phenomenally stupid.

Though as she drops the word 'zeitgeist', a word that Johnny hasn't heard of in -years-, he smiles warmly to her in that '….way to use vernacular' kind of way. It's a look of mild admiration. She can check herself all she wants, but to Johnny that was pretty dope.

"Heh, haven't heard that word in forever. Thanks for bringin' it back. I know the market like the back of my hand. I come here to do my major grocery shopping when it comes around." he laughs then, before he offers June his arm like a gentleman to walk her around the market. "Shall we?" and regardless of whether or not she accepts his likely flirtatious but polite offer, he'd walk her down the main road, showing her first where to get the best apples.


And of course, for June, this is the first time. So she might be forgiven for that. "Oh, you're welcome. I have a whole stable of them. I try to trot them out whenever I can." As Johnny offers his arm, she lifts a hand in a 'just a moment' gesture, and goes about the business of getting herself in order. The drawing tube goes into her tote bag, and the crossbody is pulled around to the front, rather than sitting at her hip, so that she can avoid it knocking into him as they walk.

And then yes, she does take his arm, her slim hand settling on his forearm. It isn't skin to skin, of course, as her hand's settled on the leather of his jacket, but it's close enough. Close enough for the Rider to feel the aura of the witch impinging on his. There's no true 'movement' from the witch, but its still palpable. The way you can feel someone else's body heat if they're close enough, without actually needing to touch their skin.

For June, the sensation hits her like that niggling in your stomach when you've eaten something a bit off. But, more's the pity her, she doesn't attach any particular significance to it, save the one she's used to. The witch never seemed to take kindly to June doing anything that she enjoyed.

And then they're off. First stop. Galas, possibly with a fuji thrown in. "Do you have a preference?"


Johnny grins a moment then as she's just rolling with him today! Talk about a strange twist of fate….someone who's, in theory, exactly like him: They both have this demon inside of them who can take over completely to do their 'good work' while often making the other miserable in one way or the other. Given, Enchantress is probably the definition of evil while the Ghost Rider is more on the…'chaotic neutral' scheme.

His arm is taken, allowing her hand to rest on his forearm as they walk side to side, feeling each other's auras. Johnny can hear the whispers in the dark, not so much demanding that his 'true self' be set loose, but rather it's Zarathos advising Johnny to exercise caution…something that's rarely done.

Alas, he walks with her and he seems to be enjoying himself, looking at June as she asks him as to what he would like. "Not really. If I haven't tried it before then I'd like to. Life is an adventure, after all." He'll walk with her to the shop, inspecting what they had to offer.


"I always try to weigh them against a very important question: 'How do they taste with peanut butter?'" June slips her hand free, as she begins walking along the stalls. The selections are not large, being, after all, only a street market, but they are quite good specimens.

"Some work really well, others, the flavour is completely offputting." She ends up with four galas, and two envy's. The first seem to fall into the 'with peanut butter' category, as she holds them up as an example, and the envy's not so much. And then it's off further down the stall to pears. Red, rather than the more common brown or green. "Is it rude to ask what you're doing now? I've always found it fascinating to think about how you reclaim a normal life, after you've been at the height of celebrity."

Thankfully for everyone, the Enchantress seems content to bide her time.


Laughing at the prospect of thinking in the manner of 'how things would taste with peanut butter'. It's like adding 'while skydiving' at the end of every fortune from a fortune cookie. It's magnificent. That said, he ends up with about two galas, humming softly as he inspects them before June asks him a pivotal question:

A 'where are they now' kind of question, certainly, but one that Johnny is happy to answer.

"Hm? Oh, I went into engineering. I fix up cars and bikes. It's boring to most people, but I've been a motorhead and grease monkey since day one." a big smile for her then. Thankfully for everyone, Ghost Rider seems to be content as things are as well.

What kind of pair are they?

"What about you? whattyado for a living?"


Seeing Johnny begin to make his own selections, June makes a quick detour to retrieve a tote bag for him as well, one of those inexpensive ones you can buy at most supermarkets to cart around your goods. This one is rather a nice specimen, with what looks like a seafood theme. Not quite in keeping with a fruit stall, but then, they were probably bought at some bargain warehouse. Still, seafood or not, it's rather a comical sight, as she hands it off. Big, burly biker, cutesy little tote bag.

"Oh, I don't think it's boring at all. It's good work, and useful, and probably incredibly interesting, given how many varieties of cars and bikes there are." She selects two pairs, always she picks in multiples of two, perhaps a sort of quirk, before she pauses, turning to survey the market to see if there's anything else she's like.

"I'm an archaeologist. It's not steady work, of course. Usually more of feast or famine, here for months on end then gone at a moment's notice. But I love what I do."


Johnny is one second selecting stuff, before he turns and he notices that June walked off! and here he was having a good conversation with her too…oh well, I guess he's just al- oh! she's back! with a tote bag?

With a tote bag.

Well, when you live a life that's pretty much the definition of chill, you just kinda go with it. As such, he doesn't mind at all. "Heh, thanks. If you like sometime, I'll fill your head with all kinds of gearhead knowledge that you probably don't need." he laughs a little bit, before he notices his motorcycle.

Yeah…Johnny has an idea. But he waits until he learns more about June. "An Archaeologist? Wow, I don't meet too many of those too often. In my mind, as long as you love what you do and you have a passion for it? Rock on, man." he gives her a playful little nudge before his arm is offered again.

"So…would you like to go for a ride with me later? My motorcycle is just over there." he offers her then. "Of course, we don't have to do it now, but maybe when I finish showing you about the marketplace?"


With the bag handed off, June continues her trek through the stall, moving away from the suit and off towards the heirloom tomatoes. "You know what this needs?" She holds up a particularly interestingly coloured brownish-yellow sample of a tomato, "Fresh mozzarella and some good balsamic reduction." A glance around, before she offers a mieu of disappointment. "The search continues."

Johnny's offer actually colours her intrigued, "Oh, you never know when that sort of knowledge will come in handy, especially if you're off in the hinterlands somewhere, and your truck or bike breaks down. I'd be happy to learn."

As they finish their foray in the stall, June sets her hand back on his arm. All that's left now, is to pay, and then they're off to the next adventure. "Yes, I'd love that. I haven't ridden on a real motorcycle in ages."

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