Welcome t'Crazy Town, Doctor

April 10, 2018:

Bruce gets shown his 'other' lab by Ororo, Rogue and Scott.


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Scott has reached out to Bruce, a text message of meet at the elevator lead to standing in it. There was silence in the elevator not even music offered up until an disembodied voice that sounds like a British female says, "Authorized access granted to Doctor Bruce Banner."

At the final word the elevator begins to move descending, mentally one could map out the basement, its probably deep but not as deep as Bruce finds himself going, several floors in to the earth and it's stopping opening up to a grey and white washed hallway where Cyclops stands in full X-Men uniform, the only visible flesh on his person his mouth and jaw.
A quirk of a smile is given to Bruce, "Welcome to the X-Men's secret clubhouse. If you forget the password yours is 'Squints' until you personalize it."

"I'd like to show you to your real lab, not just the ones upstairs."
"I feel underdressed," Bruce says in his mild, deadpan humor, hands resting in his slacks' pockets. He's just in the same thing he wears for teaching: just a mild plum colored button up, slacks, belt, shoulder bag, glasses in his front pocket of the shirt. Hardly uniformed.

"Squints, okay," Bruce agrees. That could have been a LOT worse. He steps out of the elevator, though, looking around, but calm and taking it in stride. He's been in some weird SHIELD bunkers and Stark labs, but this is not the same as those, either. He draws up to Scott, flashing a mild smile up to the other man. "Thank you. Sure."

Rogue is walking out of the training room, the doors sealing behind her. She's holding her leather jacket down at her side and is otherwise wearing a green / yellow bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination, tall yellow boots that go up past her knees that have tall black zippers on the outside of either boot. She's whistling a soft tune as she walks down the hallway, seeing Scott and, oh… its that Doctor-guy, the one that went all Rage. Oh boy.

As Rogue approaches, she comes to a halt with her free gloved hand going down to her hip while her other holds the jacket that is swaying beside her left leg.

"Heya, boys." Rogue says with a sly grin.

The War Room is exited, the bend of her tall form at the thick-glass sliding door has retinal scanner sweeping pupil and the splay of fingertips simultaneously to grant Storm her exit. A tablet is in hand, also plugged in to clear the data she takes with her to match credentials. The same British voice echoes. "Clearance permitted, you may now exit." The door hissing open.

Thigh high boots bind upward, Nubian complexion visible from lower thighs to upper before the stretch of black shining fabric wraps over hips to form shorts that are bound to a halter top with silver loop just around navel. Just like Rogue, leaves everything, and nothing to the imagination, but despite the scant, the fall of robe-like trail behind her sweeps over the ground, held in place by silver rings at her shoulder blades and a loop around each middle finger. A train of sorts, but when in flight…

Pale brow rises slightly with the passing of Scott and Bruce, but the small smile and nod shows her approval, the glance to Rogue one that mutes any mischief, but it only shows in a quick look away from the other woman.
"You're fine." Scott assures Bruce.

"Under the ideals I've placed out I am attempting more transparency and trust than we've operated around in the past. We're not as 'clandestine' as we once were… it's no longer feasible unfortunately."
"These labs used to largely belong to Doctor Hank McCoy but with his current hiatus they're going to be expanded upon. I've already mapped out plans for you and Alex to have workshops and areas inside. A shared room instead of Beasts old one, he comes back I don't imagine he'll mind too much. If so… " A shrug of Scott's wide shoulders.

"Rogue, Storm. Doctor Banner is getting tier one access to the labs." Which is about as much authorization as a new recruit. A pause in case people have not yet bee formal introduced.
Bruce immediately looks to Rogue, of course, as she comes out of nowhere (or what was previously nowhere but is now some kind of interesting room that he looked at curiously). And Bruce turns colors. Not green, but pretty red. It's a combination of things, such as their last meeting being less than great, but also the revealing uniform she's wearing. And Dr. Banner isn't a suave type, so he clears his throat a little and smiles, with some awkwardness. "Heya," he echoes. "Er, hello."
And then there's Ororo. Another revealing uniform, on a goddess, no less. Bruce has become mostly useless for a little while, a flushing nerd. "Good afternoon," Bruce ends up with quietly, to Ororo.

Rogue looks over to Storm and a smile shows up on her red lips, she'd offer the white haired beauty a soft nod before she'd then look to Scott and just slightly shake her head left to right. "I can't ever remember if thats the top clearance, or the bottom clearance. I'll just assume its the bottom clearance though… since he's new blood."

And thats when Rogue's hand leaves her hip and she extends the yellow-gloved hand over to the Doctor. "Welcome aboard, Doc. If ya ask me t'play doctor with ya, just remember… Folks can't touch me without severe repercussions…" Yeah she's flirting, she generally always is when she's in a good mood. "Welcome t'the group though. I promise t'play nice, don't wanna see ya lose your cool, right?"

"Introductory." Storm states to remind Rogue the tier level, while said introductions are laid out between them, although she had seen Bruce briefly during dramatics that have had her… tending her plants in silence for a couple days - for focus, thought.

Rogue is watched once more with the wide *lift* of blue eyes in her -enormous- eye-roll due to the flirtations, the low sigh exhaled in a light break due to laughter. "Do not give him a stroke before he even settles, Rogue." The way she says the other woman's name is in a drawl, but failed due to her Afrikaans accent, amusingly so.

Scott and Bruce are both given a nod and once Bruce wipes away a possible nose-bleed, Storm steps forward to extend her hand as well. "Storm, it is good to meet you truly, finally. Welcome home." A cut of those blue eyes to Scott with a lingering reminder before she steps back and returns to her stance there.

The small smile draws her lips thin for composures sake.

A long stare is granted Rogue but quickly Scott gives Bruce a pat on the back as the handshake from Storm is thrown out. "You'll get used to it." Not really an apology. What man would feel bad about this sort of company?

Scott proceeds past the trio to open the lab doorway, standing there so it remains with doors ajar.

"We've spared no expenses on some of the most advanced tech we can get our hands on. I'm not sure how much you are familiar with… "A pause. "Xenotechnology… we have a collection of it here that has been retrofitted for our use. There are better people around here that can instruct you more on that but safe to say most of this here is rather intuitive in it's operation. Might be a manual somewhere too."
The flirt makes Bruce laugh softly and uncomfortably, but he accepts Rogue's gloved hand. "No problem," he assures her about the touching. It is hardly going to be an issue, she won't be touched at all! Except this handshake, maybe. However, her reference to him keeping his cool is like throwing cold water on the scientist and the nervous energy dumps away. His smile turns into a reserved mask, and he just nods a little. He's still in this calm, distant mask when he greets Ororo. Polite, measured. Some sort of despair in it. Bruce is pretty easy to read: he doesn't react positively to having his rage problem tossed in his face suddenly.

"Storm, hello. Bruce," Dr. Banner clarifies. He doesn't have a spiffy code name that he's going to use to introduce himself. "Home? Ah, mm, yes." Stumble. The man is sketchy about homes.

The lab gets full sudden attention, as Bruce is drawn onwards by Scott. "If you have manuals and document /anything/, I will rank you above the STARK labs. And that is saying something; there's a coffee maker in there that could power the city," Bruce teases quietly, but is clearly extremely distracted by the new candy store opened to him, and walks in, assessing rapidly.

Rogue glances over to Storm as she gives the southern gal the rundown on the clearance level's true power which gets a little sparkle of a grin and a light nod. A look THEN is given to Scott and she grins even larger. "I'm just playin' around. People gotta be so serious all the time…"

She shakes hands with the Doctor and then retracts her hand and takes a step back as Scott moves toward the lab. "'Sides, that was light for me. I could be waaaay worse if I wanted t'be, and ya'll know it." And when they make their way to the lab she steps toward it but doesn't enter it, she just leans her left shoulder against the door frame and puts her right gloved hand back onto her hip as said hip is flared out a bit to her right.

A glance is given around inside the lab, but Rogue didn't give too many cares toward the science stuff. "I don't think I'd feel all that comfortable drinkin' coffee from a lab." She softly adds then, her southern accented voice quiet and calm.

Storm has no knowledge of Bruce's rage, sans what Logan had accused in his uncanny fit almost a week ago. So unlike who she 'knew' before hand, so it was taken with a grain of salt and cast aside while she tempered her own ire that rose that night and still is a dull simmer - locked away within her.

Storm knows rage and its consequence, a storm to be weathered… alone. "Don't hesitate." Storm states in regards to Bruce's stumble over the word. And right there is where Storm takes on the stature she is known for continents away from here, but where similar wars rage on the borders. Within, that rage and it's catastrophe, unspoken as she has come to some semblance of 'terms' with it over the years.

That is the only serious moment she gives as her right is upon the door opposed to Rogue's left, but the 'Hollywood' gaze of Bruce's over the lab while Scott 'marches' him in with Rogue's words at his back, Storm just…


"What if it was Moonshine, instead of coffee?" Storm holds the tablet up like a shield but instead fans herself while she watches Scott and Bruce as if there is 'nothing to see here!'

"Could you not create better with what we have and possibly provide?" Though by no means is Storm downplaying their tech, as it is…. A spread like uncut diamonds to a thief. Perfect, and easily adapted to the owners eye in quality while someone else would overlook it. Hidden.

"Don't make him hunt Scott, you know where the diagrams are." A flash of teeth in that grin.
"Yeah, I know where it is Ororo… It is in here. Hank is rather tidy and organized." Scott moves over towards a rack of books, fingers walking down to find an actual written out guidebook to the entire lab, the man is ever considerate about such things. OCD some would say. A fond grin appears on the X-Man's features once more.
"Here. Read up." The heavy tome handed to Banner.

"It's why you're around, Rogue, got to strike that balance and… behave." He instructs at her further threat.

"The fastest coffee maker on the grounds." Scott encourages, "I think thats all he drank." Like Rogue though… SCIENCE is not a huge interest for Cyclops either.

"Moonshine, seriously? We have enough blind or handicapped around here." He chides with some humor, "You two… let the man get comfortable in his skin here before /it/ begins."

"I can't tell you how good it is, caffeine is sort of the opposite direction from where I like to be," Bruce says, pulling his glasses from his pocket, accepting the big item handed to him. It refers to other books and sections, and Bruce is quickly approaching all of the stacks of tomes of information on the lab, and bends to read over the spines quickly, pulling one or another to flip to the front, get the summary of what the apparatus does, and then slip the book back away again. If anybody was unsure about if he belonged in here, this behavior makes it clear he's clearly in his element. He mumbles to himself a little bit, taking the inventory, interested but focused. They lost Bruce to the toys for a little while, though he has part of his attention on them. Maybe. But then he frowns, and flips to the back of the first book… "What do you mean, 'it'?" Bruce asks distractedly. And finds what he wants.
"Also, there's digital copy of these. I'm just going to grab that, instead, for light reading later," Bruce comments. He does refer to the front of one of the books, and directs himself to the main console, getting it up and running quickly. Banner's very adaptive and a quick study.

Rogue turns toward her right to stare fully at Storm, she leans her backside against the door's metal frame and folds her leather bomber jacket over her forearms in front of her stomach, all while grinning at the dark skinned beauty in front of her. "Stormy… are you sayin' you wanna get some moonshine and go out t'the bowlin' alley with me? Then afterward we can drive out behind Old Man Stuckman's barn and use my daddy's shotgun t'blast out some old TVs that he stacks up back there?" She's grinning playfully while slowly shaking her head back and forth. "Cause thats what ya do when ya got a good jug'a moonshine. Ya make a day out of it."

Rogue glances to her left into the lab at the guys and she just grins at Scott and then over to the Doctor. "He means 'it' as in the trouble thats always followin' us. This place seems all Top Tier tech and organization wise, at first, then ya rub away a little bit'a the shine and ya see all the dirt thats tryin' to burry us all." Those… might be a bit ominous words to come from the Southern Belle, but she's kind of dramatic, right?

Storm ignores Scott's lament, and Rogues jab for the moment as she closely keeps a 'tab' on Bruce who is moving through the lab in smooth motions after moments of hesitation, bringing the dusty room back to life in flares of light via digitalization. An opposing reflection of blue in lighting to the gaze of a fit of nature that follows him like a Mona Lisa stare, his reflection the only movement.

"Nevermind, he found it." He read the tiny traces left in 'old tomes' to bring the space to life. The look going from consoles blinking rebirth to Scott, arms folding across her chest clad in the banded strip and pale lines of contrast in an X, across her torso. "Too soon, Scott…?" Statement or question in regards to his warm-up for Bruce and then there's the Moonshine commentary…

But that only grows the smile on her lips as her own amusement is there and evident now. "See… home." Stated to both Scott and Bruce - point proven.

A tilt of head to Rogue as the cleanly (newly) shaven head tilts, spilling pale mohawked hair over a bared shoulder that rises and falls. "Name a day, Rogue, we need one. Blindness and 'handicap'," Bowling-wise! (etc) "Do not scare me. How far is Stuckman's?" Already pre-planning, despite… "What kind of shotgun?" The tablet flares to life, as hand-cannons are not a true forte of Storms!
"Good luck." Scott exhales at Bruce.
"Yeah, I know he backed up everything on drives, clouds, whatever. Tech savy runs hand in hand with you guys."

A blink behind visor, "Whats too soon? No. Pot kettle. The two of you are clearly too soon, I should have had Peter down here with us."

"Anyhow, Doctor, this is all yours. Hanks got a lot of notes hes left open for others and whats not, I can shoot him requests so it can be opened but make it your own. You have access to this floor and later we can show you the Danger Room but, unlikely you'll be using it. You'll hear it accessed a lot. We train there." Excessively lately. Scott has been hammering training in to every open slot the teams been leaving.

"Any questions?"
Rogue gets a look at the ominous stuff, "Shes not wrong either, we are a target but you knew this already, maybe not to what depths or scope but… you'll be fine."
"Also Logan has zero access to the labs, he bothers you just shut the doors or call someone."
"I've had a target on my head for years," Bruce answers, in a resigned, relaxed way. There's a bare honesty there. "I'll see what order I can bring here. I like my lab space organized and predictable, so it would be that. Looks like the medical apparatus needs updates and maintenance, I have some warnings here about it, so I'll do that first," Bruce says, on the console now, pushing his glasses up a little and going through the main menus and starting to dive in deeper. He launches some maintenance protocols, and sends those windows to the side.

"Danger room? That sounds like the worst neighbor I could think of. What is that, more specifically?" Bruce asks, cautious, and just THIS side of alarmed.

Rogue just keeps her forearms folded in front of her stomach with her leather jacket draped over them and her eyes are back onto that of Storm. She grins at her. "How far is Mississippi from here?" She asks the other woman. "I may have been describin' events from my childhood more-so than events from anything I've done around here. This place is… Westchester that is… couldn't handle a girl like me if I went back t'my roots'a Full On Southerner." Rogue sighs dramatically then then, her shoulders rising and falling from the oxygen swapping. "Hell, I ain't sure -I- could handle it either."

Rogue looks back into the lab on her left and sticks her dangerous tongue out at Scott before she snaps it back in and replies to Bruce. "Danger Room is like that room in Star Trek, that lets ya turn it inta whatever you want it t'be. Place full'a killer robots? Go for it. Relaxin' beach t'rest your buns on a loungin' chair? That too. Thats my personal favorite…" Rogue glances back to Storm then. "Though that one could benefit from some moonshine itself." And she's grinning again.

"A room to practice, from Danger to… Apparently sunbathing." Storm states with a sigh of exasperated resignation, although it still has the undertone of amusement, especially at the pot-kettle from Scott who is letting a *thread* of his SIRYESSIR! go to "loosen up" and fire shots back at Rogue and Storm. "You haven't managed to be rid of us yet, Scott. Too. Late." Not too soon!

But when Storm rocks her position from the door to stand upright it is evident in her posture the light-hearted moments are moments indeed, and she is always on that Guard. "You should spectate some time and see if you care to partake in the Red settings." Stated to Bruce before she looks back to Rogue and grins in return. "Just let me know date and time. Throwing balls at pinheads and drinking gasoline sounds like a risk worth taking." Nothing said to Bruce or Scott as she nods to Rogue, but if the other woman wants guests, she is not opposed to a night of fun to detract from … Locking doors on an Unleashed Logan.

Scott's chin rises and falls in a nod at Bruce, "Right, not a problem. Do what you want with it, it is your space now."

"They're right, it's a tactical training facility, meant to challenge, test and hone mutant abilities and responsiveness. It's also environmentally adaptive, lets us experience things like zero-g or underwater without having to go… the technology surrounding it is protected, please, don't tinker with it if you get curious. Shi'ar and us have a promise to one another, the hard-light holographics used are still…. "

"I'm over explaining. I think you get it."
A tap on the door frame and he looks from Storm to Rogue, "You mean when you're not on the roof?" Its no secret that. It's just had to have warning in the past topless isn't condoned.

"Speaking of Danger Room… Lets give Bruce some time to get acclimated, we have another hour left of training today anyways."
A gloved hand rubs over Scott's left bicep, caressing down it to feel along where its still sore then he steps out of the labs, "Systems are up in ten, hustle ladies."

Rogue glosses over at the further talk on the Danger Room but when Storm talks about going out and doing some good old fashioned redneck fun she just grins all big at her. "Just have t'track us down a shotgun, and I don't know what kinds there are out there… Just that they go, bang! … bang!" And with that said she pushes off the doorframe and puts her jacket over her left shoulder as she turns away from the labs.

"Welcome t'Crazy Town, Doctor." She says to Bruce (apparently) on her way out. "I'll be in the showers." And with that said Rogue starts walking off toward the changing rooms. "Stormy don't sunbathe on the roof topless no more! I'd know about it! The Students talk!" Rogue shouts as she goes.

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