Go Fish

April 05, 2018:

She-Hulk and Spider-Man 2099 stop for some coffee.


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Fade In…

"You are now in position, Miguel. The tachyon field is immediately to your left one meter." Lyla's voice chimes pleasantly.

The black and red suited Spider-Man pauses, all movement halts and he holds out his hand directing a wristwatch back and forth.

"Shock we're still off." The muttering of S-Man heard only by her.

"Yes we are by about 13.8% less than last time." A flicker in the air and a holographic projection manifests, Marilyn Monroe in a sundress. She sweeps it back and forth and dances around him, "Do you like it?"

"Yeah yeah." Spider-Man waves his hand in the air.
"You're not even looking."

Theres a blip-blip and Mike shuffles through his suit pockets to pull out a cell phone, "Hey Jenn! On the roof." He tells the person on the other end of the line. "Yeah, I gave you a buzz when I passed by your office earlier. Come on up."

Jenn is sitting at her desk, one leg slung over the other, the splits in the pencil skirt strained against the press of musculature, shadowed in the nylon back fabric where garters are held much higher than visual.

Cell vibrates across her desks lacquered surface, her eyes almost luminescent as he flicks them from the splayed open file to the device, and flick open-close. One ring. A second ring. Persistent Spider.

But come the second try a small quirk is at the corner of her lips, the cell flicked to receive and the Bluetooth connects with a flicker of lights that align green-skinned jaw in blue dots, leading towards her ear.

File folders are snapped loosed, swept into a desk drawer kicked closed and locked with a codec system once drawer meets seal! Miguel can hear the slam of metal on metal and a *huff!* before radio silence.

"The view up here is the best." Jen states as she shrugs that long jacket over her official attire of 'attorney', the cold wind lashing her hair from her face and twisting it free of the bun at the name of her neck, loosing it.

"Please tell me you brought a warm beverage." IE… Coffee.

Lyla with a sour expression announces, "Incoming." Seconds before the Jade Giantess makes her appearances. The holographic projected AI going back in to her hidey hole = Miguel's wrist-watch.

Turning to face the towering lawyer a hand rises up and waves, "The best, you're stretching it but I like your optimism." Spider-Man 2099 replies.

"I did not. I was actually hoping you would."

"I was in the neighborhood." Not a lie. He actually was just swinging on by when he seen her place of work.

"I'm following up on a weird… uh, thing, that I noticed when I went back home." Nueva York! 80+ years in the future.

"You ever heard of the Fantastic Four?"

"The best /on this block/, better?" Jen inquires.. No, states; as she sets the finger printed and thumb-combos' briefcase down and walks towards S-Man, lifting her watch to scroll the teeny knob with the pad of green index to send commands to Bekh-A, who is in turn issuing out 'orders'!

Jen's approach pauses when he mentions The F-4, the non-plusses neutrality is a natural 'thing' to attorney's but when she attempts to put it in place it is evident in it's failure.

The smart watch is cupped in palm then while she massages her wrist and twists the band. Something snaps!

"Where… Is home, might I ask?" Considering they have been absent from this world for 2 years almost, now - his going home should not bring this back up…

Unless… Dark jade brow is slowly rising his way.

"Not here. That an acceptable answer?" Spider-Man 2099 states.

Somewhat amused as Jennifer uses that prehistoric version of his own AI. He doesn't remark there though, hes not about to get more insulting than he is normally prone to be.

"That was a nice watchband." He observes as she snaps it, possibly breaking it. He imagines shes hell on just about… everything.

"You know, never mind for now." The arachnid corrects swiftly, "Thats for another day. Just um, I'll ask you again sometime. Remind me later."
O'Mara strides over towards the lip of the building knees against the alcove there, staring over at her before he steps on to it and drops to a kneeling perch.

"The more we get to know each other the more I'll spill. Just some things are possibly 'wrong' to talk about, this being one of them for now. Timing is off… best explanation I can give to that. " He is no way about to be harmful to the timeline by just blurting things out, even just possibilities.

"Fine." Jen states dismissively as her hand raises an the smart watch is waggled like a limp minnow pinched between fingertips. Broken, lame, dead. Flush down a toilet.

Bekuh-A already received her orders though and the coffee is en-route to be delivered on a… rooftop?

No, the delivery girl pulls up in front of the high rise and stands there at the base of the building… staring UP! at where S-Man takes his perch holding the drink carrier of two steaming Lattes. Though whether or not she sees him is a different story due to the distance and her bottle-cap thick glasses.

Coffee. That is all!

"Just as acceptable as my own to answer you aside from, off the record," A breath, the exhale pluming a fog of heated breath against the cold air beside him at the alcove. "They were my friends." Were?

A glance down, a flare of nostrils. "Coffee is on time. Care to? You'd be more graceful than I.." A flutter of lashes.

"Off the record, yeah… " Spider-Man in the stylish Black and Red offers a wave down towards the bespectacled delivery girl.

"Jammit. I can smell it from up here." He may or may not be serious about that.

"Were? Nevermind, seriously we'll just follow up on that later. Subject change. New topic next one being getting us down there. Ready? "

The eyelash flutter is invitation enough for O'Mara to loop an arm around her waist, tuck in to… tuck in… tuck himself in to her and leap off, she'll haul with and they descend, a single line of webbing shot out to a lamp post to act as a draw, one that sends them in a half run, half jog down along the cement. He knows She-Hulk is sturdy enough.

"You're paying right?" He asks Jennifer before even approaching the surprised delivery girl.

Tuck… who, where?

She-Hulk just watches the moment of "struggle" before resignation to accept the fact that she was not easily swept off - in fact… Mohammed and Mountain comes into play, even if coffee is a factor.

"Best idea, ever." She states to Mig either in regards to the subject change or the give-in to sidle in against *her* instead and offer to 'sweep her off her feet' instead of attempt to 'drag her across the skyline'.

Jen has Mary by about a foot and 100 pounds! /Color is not a PC thing. I'm Green she's freckled, neither Irish. 'kay?!/

The flash of a grin is evident as she final lifts her planted stance to have them nearly fling! towards the lamp post, the light squeal of abrupt laughter seems surprised and gleeful, but she is enjoying it not being her taking a 'King Kong' descent upon the poor goggled delivery girl who would likely be more terrified at the She-Hulks approach than…


The trench-coat is sliding off blouse covered shoulders when they arrive, the landing having her stepping into a stagger out of a heel, hair mussed in the wind-whipped state, glasses pushed from off her cheek bone to the rightful perch o the bridge of her nose. "Already paid." Stated with a laugh as she plucks the cups from the much (MUCH) smaller figure's cup caddy and jolts her left hip to the side, glancing towards Miguel.

"Cash tip. Even I know better. Pocket?"

Go fish.

"Smarter than all the green people I'm used to combined. Well done." Miguel taunts as they're groundside, the delivery girl gets a nod, he takes his cup from She-Hulks grasp and with his other had shoos their courier away.

"Scram kid, we're trying to enjoy a moment."

It's not that he couldn't move She-Hulk off weight alone but she planted, shes much stronger than him in the resistance factor and he now very much knows this. Its a humbling thing and hes sipping at his coffee through the tab, mask pulled up enough to show off stubble.

"You save the day again, Jennifer. Unfortunately for me, it's the end of it. I have a dipshit to check in on and some laundry to do. Can I call you again soon? Maybe we can punch a guy together or you can show me a nice seafood joint around here where I won't catch vibriosis."

Speaking of Go Fish…

Mig takes his cup, but doesn't go for the cash tat would have been the now fleeing delivery-girl's tip…

Dead-pan stare at Mig/Spider-Man/S-Man.

SIP. Stare.


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