Bouncy Children and Great Insurance

April 09, 2018:

Agent Romanoff makes a house call on the X-Men to check on Bruce Banner after hearing about Logan's outburst.


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Natasha Romanoff had gone through all the proper channels to setup a meeting for this Monday afternoon with a representative from the Xavier's School. And as such, her black 2019 BMW is quietly rolling along the driveway and pulling around the perfectly manicured gravel road to come to a stop near the front of the building, the garage to the back of the car and the front doorway off to the front-left of the car.

After a second the driver door pops open and the towering 5'3" tall redheaded SHIELD Agent steps out of the vehicle, sunglasses on over her eyes and a black leather jacket over a white top beneath, a pair of black slim fit jeans and black leather boots. Natasha's right hand comes up and removes her shades, she takes a moment to let her green eyes sweep over the architecture of the old-world mansion, no real expression of whether or not she's impressed or not on her face as she starts to walk toward the front door with her hands going into the side pockets of her jacket, her booted feet quietly crunching on the driveway as she steps up onto a cobblestone pathway aside it and moves toward the front doors to reach up and press the guest ringer button.

Frequent visits with various SHIELD operatives has become a thing recently for Scott Summers, if it is not in regards to former Agent Darcy Lewis it's in relation to the Brotherhood, X-Men activities or Genosha questions. All of which Scott has been as upfront as possible about.

The X-Men's leader is leaving the garage as Natasha's own vehicle pulls up, the automated door of it closing behind him with enough noise it should draw attention across the grounds to the tall, lanky yet muscular man in the button upon striped shirt of black on black, slacks and dress shoes. A nice pair of shades situated upon his nose. It's no mystery who he is, the world itself if they pay attention to mutants, trending metahumans and the like know Scott Summers as Cyclops, the X-Man. This reveal part of why the man has had to reach out to SHIELD, DEO and local officials.

A raise of one hand towards the woman, "Hello." He offers from afar.

Scott's definitely not been visited by a SHIELD Agent like THIS one though!

When the 'Hello' sounds out, Nat's eyes avert to her left, she stares at him a moment before she pivots and steps away from the door to walk toward him. She knows who he is, he's the person she was here to meet.

The redhead starts to close the distance between them, moving down the steps once more with a casual pace. "Hello." She replies to him then, the corners of her mouth flexing as she shows a very faint little brief pleasant expression before she pauses in front of him and offers her right bare hand. "Scott Summers?" She asks him then. "I'm Agent Romanoff. I believe I scheduled a meeting with you this afternoon." Her voice is fluid and smooth, calm and pleasing to most ears.

The front door of the School opens up (because Nat had run the bell afterall) and the 14 year old pudgy mutant boy known as 'Hambone' peers outside to see who'd rung it. "What the hell…" He mutters and then shuts the door again, thinking they were getting pranked! He runs off (slowly) to go tell his friends while dropping M&Ms out of his cargo shorts pockets as he goes.

"Nice place you guys have here." Natasha says to Scott, giving another quick glance around while her autumn-hued locks of hair gently blow about her shoulders in the cool spring air.

It's not until shes closer that Scott has a better look at her, his first thought? Short.
That extended hand is taken up in his own and shaken, "Right. Nice to meet you Agent Romanoff." He says politely.
The return of his hand to his side is followed with a wave off for 'Hambone' whether the youth caught it or not. From his expression it was a not.

"It is, yeah, Professor Xavier spared no expenses in making it comfortable for it's residents." He motions towards the side yard, towards the gardens. "What can I help you with?"

Natasha glanced back at the school when the door was slammed shut again as well, but she didn't stare too long as she looks back over and up at Scott. She's definitely shorter than him, but hey her boots lift her up a bit!

When he motions toward the side-yard she's happy to go stroll and talk rather than go inside anyway, its a nice afternoon after all. "Bruce Banner." Natasha says bluntly, her hands in her leather jacket pockets now as she cuts straight to the point. "I know that he's taken on a job here recently to teach and overall we thought it would be a relaxing, and thusly beneficial, thing for him to do since it is his passion."

Nat spares a look to her left up at the taller man who up until now she'd only read reports on, though she'd seen a few pictures of him too… she could tell he was the Leader around here, he just has that air about him.

"I suppose you know why I'm here then, with regard to this…" Natasha now says, her voice dropping a pitch or two to hint at the foreboding future of their present conversation.

"Doctor Banner? Yeah, one of our most recent members of the Institute." Scott's walk over the grass is long legged and casual yet hes mindful of several spots of the patchy grass, still coming in from the cold. His shoes not exactly meant for walking off sidewalks or smooth floors.

"I am hoping its relaxing. You know full well we're not a normal school but for the most part, things don't go so out of hand as they have for us in the past, I mean, it sounds silly to say that considering what this schools been through but the day to day is pretty… standard."

"I can guess, I suppose. You're familiar with him?" Scott asks, looking past those shades at the redhead, his features though friendly are a mask. A woman with her background knows these things, this man is used to putting up all kinds of fronts.

"Back a few weeks ago, when your meeting with him in Mutant Town turned a little red and green… I'm the Agent that came in and got the alien artifact off his finger, and helped bring him back to his far more pleasant 'Doctor Banner' self." Natasha responds with a dry tone of voice toward the man as they stroll through the side gardens, she's admiring the finely cultivated landscaping, but not commenting on it.

"And yes, I know this isn't a normal school in the cliche sense. But what I need to know is that why… after two meetings with you, that I know of, both have resulted in Banner being either full on Hulk, or… now, bordering on falling into it. The first time, was due to a Red Lantern ring and now the second was because 'The Wolverine' was threatening him with drawn adamantium claws and hostile insults?"

Natasha pauses walking and she turns to face Scott and look right up at him. "Is this place really the right environment for him, Mister Summers?" Natasha asks, coming off as almost like a student's concerned mother.

"Green and Red is a mild way to put that I suppose." Scott muses, "You managed that, huh?" A curious once over is given Natasha, wondering if shes a mutant or has some hidden metagift, maybe it's just some 'other'.

"The last time I like to think was a freak accident, nothing to do with us at all, you said it yourself, alien artifact." A dead stop and he kneels down to rip up a stray weed thats tangling around a flower thats trying to bloom new, with the weather change.

"This last time there was a disruption in house." Those final two words stressed, "I am guessing you're assigned to him." Standing in front of him as Natasha is she gets to stare down at Scott briefly now, kneeling there a pause before hes upright once more, dusting his hands off together. Its dry the soil won't last or get messy.

A wry smile forms at Natasha's question. "I do. He's actually a perfect fit if you ask me. Walking 'rage bomb' or otherwise, do you realize how many students here could lose their cool at any moment and be considered a threat worthy of SHIELD attentions? For some thats just part of being a mutant. Where do you suppose hes better off? Some SHIELD holding facility?"

Natasha does stand there and watch the man lean down to fix the garden just 'that much more' than it already was. She was impressed really, it shows how much the man cares for his school here.

That school, gets another look to Natasha's right. "Understandable." Nat softly says before looking back to Scott.

At his question she shakes her head. "Personally?" She responds. "I'd set him up with a million dollar beach house on some beautiful tropical island. Give him the best lab money can buy and the fastest internet connection to be a full time Skype teacher." She shows a lopsided grin then at the man in the sunglasses.

"Maybe thats what I want though, for myself, minus the teaching part." Natasha would turn then to walk some more if he was ready to do the same. "Mister Summers, I just need to know that 'he' won't be the one who does freak out here. I just don't want it to be him who has a set back here, around all your students. So thats why I'm here, to gauge this whole… idea, and its threat level. I'm not his handler, though many in SHIELD would like me to be after the red ring incident. I'm just, his friend."

"That's a fine idea but generally we seek interaction out or it finds us, wanted or not." Scott says, they are moving again past a garden line up of shrubbery, to a set up of fountains, benches and open areas that lead in to a mazelike working of more green.

"I can't promise you it won't happen again but I can tell you we're well prepared, our intentions are only for the best and Banner can benefit from us as much as we him."

"Friendship. Thats an important thing for anyone, I'd like to think Doctor Banner has the options to make more friends here also. It'll help both of his… psyches out I imagine. There is some concern that you're knowing these things, how much of this is getting reported through on an official capacity? I work well with the DEO and SHIELD when things are passed through me and I know whats in and out. Our business has been kept ours for a reason… "

Natasha shows a little smile throughout what Scott is saying, but particularly at that last bit. "We're not spying on you, Mister Summers, I assure you. In fact, we share more in common than you probably realize. Logan, for example, has worked with SHIELD numerous times and we're told he's here now and has been for some time." What Natasha DOESN'T know is that the Logan she's thinking of has been MIA for a long time now and the 'old man' here in his place is not the SHIELD contact she knows of.

"As for how I know what happened here, Doctor Banner told me himself." She raises her right hand up and points past the gardens to the tennis courts. "He called me from right over there, in fact… all huddled up against that chain link fence." Nat's hand lowers down again and she exhales softly and shakes her head.

"This place is beautiful, it seems peaceful—at least right now, and I'm going to make sure he at least comes to give it another try."

Nat's eyes look over to Scott again then, she shows him another restrained smile. "I apologize if this whole meeting has been a chore. I probably sound like his mother, or some such."

Scott chuckles, "Oh, I expect you to. Just like you saying that I figure you're lying out your teeth. It is SHIELD's job to spy, I accept that. I hope just not through one of my own is all, I'm aiming for transparency where I can for a reason."

Scott looks over at the indicated location, the depth of their relationship has him curious, "You sound concerned and yeah, no, I can't say you sound like a mother. You sound close and genuine. It's nice to have a friendship thats worth a damn." Over the years Scott's learned those are fewer and fewer as time passes, "What do your superiors feel about this? It's enough youre taking free time out to keep tabs." If this is just a social thing and not a SHIELD tactic. Scotts not one to assume too far in the direction of 'love n' harmony' even if it's a grand design for his own people.

"Give it another try? I wasn't aware he gave up on us. We try to foster the idea of transquility here but reality exists, this is a grooming point for a lot of kids who have to experience a future for themselves, to be prepared and have a foundation of strength enough they can adapt… without lose of their powers."

At the calling her out on 'giving it another try' bit, Natasha glances away and watches some students running around off in the distance. "Perhaps I mis-spoke there." She replies, looking back at him then. "Reinforce my belief that Doctor Banner isn't going to smash a bunch of your students, and your beautiful school." She tries to summarize more clearly her feelings on the Hulk being here in his puny human form.

"I've seen a lot in my life, Mister Summers. A lot of disparaging things that would otherwise make one's stomach turn, or their desire to go in a completely different direction away from said things. I'm here to find out if this is a good thing, rather than a soon to be horrible thing… Thats all, really."

Natasha gives the man another faint smile then. "And yes, my superiors aren't very keen on this idea." Keeeeeen. "But, they trust my judgment call." Which means she must be a pretty high-up Agent. She also pointedly doesn't delve any deeper into whether or not SHIELD is spying on this place.

A look at the students and the school, Scott smiles just slightly, "Kids are surprisingly bouncy and we have amazing insurance."

"It's a thing. I can't give you a ton of reassurances other than he fits here with us, we will do our best to look out for Banner and our kids, like we always do. Our endeavors are almost always altruistic."

"Your friend is in good hands here, Agent Romanoff."

The walk past the gardens leads over a hill towards the Breakstone, further from the school. "I can show you around if you like? Any questions that you have I am sure I can answer and make you feel more at ease. Hopefully you'll get less unsettling phone calls that way."

Natasha has to grin at the comment about insurance and bouncy children. "Well that is comforting to hear." She says softly in response to it while she follows after him with her hands still inside her jacket. "And yes. I'd be happy to get the tour and hear more about how I won't be getting phone calls about my close friends inside tennis courts fearing for the safety of the clothing they're wearing from being torn asunder by their alter-ego rage-monster self bursting through them."

Apparently Natasha can dryly sarcasm! She shows a sidelong glance to Scott and affords him another little hint of a grin before she follows him toward Breakstone Lake. "It really is an idyllic location. I'll have to add this area to my retirement possibilities list." As if she's ever going to retire!

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