A Lost Tribe Besieged (pt.2)

April 08, 2018:

Continuation of pt.1. The Justice League fends off the attacking forces and learns more is transpiring beyond just an attempt to get inside the Hidden City. (ST: Hal Jordan)


NPCs: Thor (spoofed briefly), Circe, Doom Maidens, Damsa



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The deserts of Qurac are harsh, expanse seas of sun blasted sand. Today is no different but out here, past a ridge of bloody red to blazing orange stones are massive dunes, stories surround this area claiming Djinn live here along with devils and gods that exist in the disguise of beautiful women, some of them with fiery hair and eyes.

Today the myths are challenged. The great wall of ever lasting windstorm around Bana Migdhall has been pierced by technology so powerful it makes magic fall to it's level. An army of black clad instectoid style armored men and women are aligned out against the forces of the Bana, Amazons of the desert, the real people who live inside the legend, warrior cousins of the Themyscirans rallied to Wonder Woman.

It is a drawn line between the two forces and landing central, poised there as if referees or a barricade is the Justice League.

At the forefront of that black army there is a mechanical winged horse and six women, Valkyries it is claimed. Asgardians? Nordic inspired Grim Reapers.

"Ah, we meet again," greets Strange, addressing the horsewoman. "I have been prepared since that dark ritual you perpetrated as the year turned," he points out calmly. "Are you prepared to face both mortal and divine justice, murderess?"

When the other Maidens of Doom attack, Strange is quite ready. He hovers a few feet over the sand and launches a powerful force blast to the sorceress. Since he has been gathering power for a minute, it is powerful enough to cause serious injury even to a demi-goddess, so to force her to shield or dodge. But it is also a feint, since he also uses quite a bit of power to open a one-way gate to the deeps of the Red Sea over the black clad soldiers behind the Maidens.

Several hundred tons of saltwater should steal some thunder from the armored warriors. And incidentally make Vivienne far more dangerous she would be in the middle of the desert.

A frown comes to Vivienne's lips as she hears the voice in her mind and more. She notes the attack and doesn't like her chances here until Doctor Strange decides to put the group of villains under water. There's a slight frown as she considers the serious damage to the ecosystem that Strange just did but she'll cross that bridge later.

Instead, for the moment, Vivienne just rushes forward and jumps into the water as it washes forward. She slips right into it and raises up a moment later on to the surface as if she were surfing along it and seems to raise up a portion of the water to her right before turning it slowly into a blade. Even as she finishes this, she attempts to slam it into any attacker that escaped the flood.

Diana is in the air when the aggressive actions begin to flood (pun intended) the otherwise barren desert. She's got her shield drawn and her sword out, her scarf is fluttering off of her shoulders in the wind and sailing out toward the edges of the fight while the woman in the red, gold and blue armor stares down at the play that Doctor Strange takes here… she understands it angle, but is certainly surprised to see it taken.

Diana lifts up higher and sweeps across the water as it starts to spread over the landscape. She moves toward where she'd last seen Hal. "We can't cause more damage to this area than these people." She tells Hal. "The Bana Mighdall will consider it an attack on them no better than these other foes." She's of course, just warning of collateral damage.

This was the first actual team mission that Alchemist was officially on. And she wasn't lacking for her own weaponry, even if most people glanced at it and found it laughable. The variety of paintball and water guns on her would make any 12 year old jealous. It often made people look at her and laugh till they got a faceful of acid or whatever else. Today she had even brought some gas canisters, because it sounded like shit was getting real.

The petite 'hero' stood at the back of the group in her battle suit. One hand rested idly with thumb tucked into her belt. The other was resting on the handle of one pistol. She knew there was likely to be a fight and she was ready to quick draw and start moving.

As Strange makes the first move she watches the water come crashing down and then back up as the water begins to floor towards them. But after a moment she just stops and says over the comms, « You're lucky my suit is waterproof… » As the water begins to rise.

The valley that has become a battlefield before the Bana-Migdahl. The armored unit with its four tanks that are firing upon the windbarrier largely ignoring the Justice League along with the assembled mess of Bana tribeswomen. They have a mission. That mission is bring down the gateway of the lost city.

The robotic horse actually lurches around it's white haired violet eyed mount, that force blast strange fired off striking its side. It rears up and lets out a loud whiny.

The sudden PLUNGE of an ocean out of nowhere crashes down upon the armored unit, cascades over the tanks and pours out throwing troopers in all directions, tossed around like toy soldiers. The wave in all directions initial a large thing that even sweeps out over those Leaguers who dare to not evade it. A watery soup thats no more than knee high seetles in it's wake across the warzone.

Damsa the Bana guide for the League lets out a loud trill that sounds very much like Xena and launches herself at the scar-faced brunette of a Valkyrie. That apparently enough of a war cry the Bana behind the Justice League takes it as a call to arms, they surge past in a massive wall of bodies to begin engaging the soldiers.

Circe revealed, having done so when she made a voice in the minds of Strange and Diana casts aside the glittery armor, pale hair to show the vibrant purple, towering busty shape she normally carries. "It is sweet that this mortal thinks to challenge me, your title alone will not be enough." She challenges Strange, a sweep of her hand and around the murky water puddles forms start to rise up, much like those Shaggy Men in Metropolis during Christmas time, dozens of Beastiamorphs are summoned. Weapons in hand they bellow out different animal roars or noises.

"What the hell is this, Narnia?" Hal Jordan remarks then hearing Diana nods to her, "Got it! Keep the damage away from the city and the scary warrior ladies stuff. I can do that." Which he begins forming up green barricades around the battleground, fence like erections of posts, chains, spikes and walls.

Thor is in the background, his lightnining swathed body causing short range electrical discharges around him, hes quite flashy until that brutish 'leader' of the Valkyries slams in to him, knocks him SOARing through the air and out of sight, like the Hulk her massively muscled thighs bunch up and she leaps skyward after him, chasing him out of the battle for a one on one duel.
This leaves behind three of the Valkyrie that are not engaged with Damsa, Thor or having revealed themselves to being an Ancient Greek enchatress.

The redheaded woman, thin, waspy with two blades spins in a wild Wing Chun flip and launches off a blade that looks like a disc, it skims through the air and lifts to soar at Diana.

A shaven haired woman with Asian features aims a bow at Vivienne, draws back and looses an arrow, this arrow turns in to a snake that grows, ignites in to flame and turns in to a screaming roaring dragon the size of a school bus only… it was an arrow?

Alice will see just one of the Valkyries left behind, her hair more feathers than anything else, downy golds, blacks and whites that flow over her shoulders, she looks up glances around and tips her head from side to side, very avian like. Even her eye appear to be those of a bird. With a peel back fo her lips she smiles, that smile turns wide as she opens her mouth and lets out a screech, waves of sound blasting forth, hammering at Alice like a jackhammer of pure concussive force.

All hell just broke loose.

In the few seconds the gateway remains open before the pressure and weight of the water displaced makes it collapse the volume of roughly an Olympic pool full of sea water crosses it.

That is 25 x 50 x 2 meters. 2,500 cubic meters of water. A little less 2,500 tons of water. Not exactly worth biblical flood, but enough to scatter a company of soldiers. Plus likely unpleasant effects it might have on electronic equipment that is not properly insulated. Or if Thor calls lightning. Oh, look, he just did it!

Strange can't spare a second glance to the rest of the battle, however, as Circe comes after him. Just as planned. "If I had a penny for each minor demi-god or demon with delusions of grandeur I have put down just in the last twenty years, I would be richer than Tony Stark," he offers to the sorceress. "You are an historical footnote, Circe. Mostly forgotten by mortals and gods."

The sorcerer climbs higher, launching a couple bolts of bewilderment to the growing Shaggy Men, which would not have any effect if they don't have minds. On the positive side they seem to be made of water, and Vivienne is around.

Most of his attention is kept to counter Circe direct attacks, though. He doesn't want to end up transformed into a pig himself.

And then Vivi blinks as she watches an arrow fired at herself. She is prepared for that easily until…it turns into a dragon?! She skates to the side along the water to try to dodge the incoming dragon. She whips her left hand up to send a wall of water to try to catch the burning dragon. She then attempts to skate around towared her attacker with her water blade to bring it slamming down toward the woman.

Meanwhile, she calls out to Strange, "I know you are busy, Dr Strange, but I may need your assitance briefly here in a moment." She nods her head as she tries to slip in close and swing at the archer a couple of times.

Diana's blue gaze observes the wealth of water pour over the soldiers and she's grateful at the Sorcerer's quick thinking, and that he shut the spout off on the water before it did get Biblical here! The Princess hovers a good 30 feet off the ground and her eyes then take in the green energy barriers that Hal summons which is also a great thing to see, the tactics the team were employing were good thus far…

She turns her gaze in time to see the whirling-disc-blade sweeping through the air toward her and her shield is raised in a defensive posture just in time to intercept the weapon! But Diana doesn't raise the shield with the intent to simply block it… no, she tilts her body and spins around while leveling the shield WITH the weapon! Sparks fly from her shield and the disc-blade as she slows it down against the surface of her shield! Wonder Woman's body twirls about, her sword-hand swiping through the air to hit the disc-blade out of the sky now and send it right BACK at the person who originally threw it at her!

Diana drops from the sky then and lands on the ocena-soaked sands of the desert. Her shield comes up and she eyes the battlefield and the charging 'beasties' … She flourishes her sword in a sweeping spiral at her side and then rushes toward them!

Alchemist is very thankful right now for the audio dampeners in her helmet. Of course that doesn't take into account the fact that the avian Amazon has concussive force behind it. That is not what she was expecting and it sends her with a *SPLASH* into the water that reaches -her- thighs. There is something to be said for being small. And now she uses it.

The watertight suit has its own life support system and so under the water she flips onto her belly. Sensors pinpoint the avian and she slides under the murky water like a fish towards the Valkyrie wannabe.

*SPLASH* Alice launches from the water with the force of her own super-soldier enhanced strength. As she does there is a sound blaring from her own suit's speakers. It's..O Fortuna blaring at car stereo blast levels. Alchemist herself says not a thing as the wave of water she sent at the woman becomes a thick and viscous super-glue like slime. In the same move as her launch she is launching a gas canister into the more…average foes. When it hits the water the gas inside begins to react with the water in the area in a NOT GOOD way. Steam begins to boil up as hydrochloric gas begins to spread across the area where it landed.

"I never needed to be remembered to have power. The contrary really." Circe is levitating now, above the water. A fingertip capped off with a long nail begins to swirl in circles, slowly at first. The water and sand underneath all of them begins to churn and move in one direction.

That archeress twists her bow in to the watery blades path blocking it. That dragon arrow turning in to a hiss of steam as the aqua wall dspells it. She is leaping out of the water in a splash to turn mid air and fire backwards, two arrows. Each of them growing the instant the fire off, just like the dragon one, these though are turning in to actual trees, the shadow of them falling over where Vivienne just skated and the woman was.

Diana has cast aside the spinning blade of the redhead, the thin almost skeletal woman sneers as Wonder Woman engages the Beastiamorphs, a wild boar man, a tiger mix and a heyna cut down instantly, exploding in to watery balloon pops. That Valkyrie though is racing at Diana's backside, leaping through the air with both daggers aimed to stab in to her back. Not a very honorable attack.

A flap, a second and the bird-Valkyrie woman still directing her sonic screeh is flying over the slime, avoiding it just narrowly. That canister thrown causes muffled screams to start exiting the mouths of the Umbral troopers, the armor they have protecting them but only for the moment, its going to melt through…

The clash of bodies and weapons in sudden thunder is a magical experience, adrenaline pounding as the front yard of Bana-Mighdall just became WWII Normandy. Chaos abounds.

"I am sure you were engaged in many important and portentous events the past centuries," replies Strange, "yet too humble and modest to claim any acknowledge for them."

« What can I do for you, Ms. Tulloch? » He speaks in Vivienne's mind. In truth he doubts he can spare too much power to help her, but here is hoping the woman has a plan.

Circe is casting, and the doctor does not like the kind of power she is invoking a bit. So he blasts her again with bolts of light and forces, trying to disrupt her spell and force her to shield. "Why here and now? I wonder. The Krampus first, now Amazons. Are you working for Lilith?"
Alchemist has been through both world war and is still here to talk about it. So this? This is something she can deal with. The loud classical music turns down, bunot by much. As she turns to follow the bird woman both pistols come up. One is trained on her and the other is trained on the archer Vivienne fights.

Like a few of the combatants here she has a few centuries under her belt. Her aim is above what any human likely could achieve, for she has been throwing and firing pistols since they were invented. In fact she helped improve the gunpowder blend for the English army back in the day. But we're getting away from the story…

Two enemies are fired on as she moves with the sudden flow of the water. In fact she is running with it so as to not let its flow disrupt her own attacks, slowly heading for the center. « I can turn this soup into cement or something else. Vivienne, can you swirl it around our foes? » The woman sound perfectly calm over the comms.

Vivienne frowns as she misses this archer and then hmms, "Seems we are not fighting even normal opponents." She then frowns deeply as two more arrows come her way. The sword of water falls away from her hand and she shakes her head, "I suppose this is what I was waiting on anyway…" She then reaches up and touches the ring on her left ring finger. She slowly slides it free and there's an almost heart beat moment. For a brief moment, for those that are attuned to such things feel Vivienne's power seem to vanish for a couple of seconds and then suddenly there's a wash of divine power.

As the trees come crashing down atop where she was, there's a brief moment of question if Vivienne was just crushed. However, all that power that seems to be raising doesn't ebb. The water splashing outward from where the trees hit…simply stops. Water across the battlefield, splashing and moving comes to a complete halt, sinking back into waters that seem to go still despite all laws that say otherwise.

In his mind, despite having perhaps seen her crushed under the trees, Dr. Strange will hear Dr. Tulloch's voice, "I will need you…to hold my ring." Then if he looks down, the ring will, despite physics, floats right by his foot.
And to Alice, «I can do that…but I will need some of the water for myself.»

In battle scenarios such as this, Diana is doing her best to observe the actions of her fellow team mates while also all the movements and flows of their foes. The beasties that were summoned to fight them are her first priority and the Amazon warrior is carving her way through them, up to the point that she realizes she's being tailed by a more deadly enemy.

When the Valkyrie takes to the sky with the intent to stab her in the back, Diana spins around and throws her sword up toward the woman with the daggers while having to also turn about and use her shield to smack away one of the lunging Beasts! Hectic, brutal, battling… certainly not her favorite thing in the world and definitely what she was hoping to avoid when coming to meet with her people's long lost 'cousins'.

That mechanical horse from before is charging directly at strange, the unicorn like horn on it's head being used like a lance. While he fires off more bolts of force and light those Beasitamorphs pull the same tactic that had been employed by other beast, leaping in the way to take them. A glistening golden shield kept up around Circe beyond the wall of her subjects.

"Work for anyone other than myself? Don't be absured, manthing." The fingertwirl ceases and the waters, murk, mud and like are spinning around everyone's feet and ankles, waist if your name is Alchemist and you're gravity challenged. It will continue to wash one direction until its all collected up in to one giant lump, she doesnt care if soldiers, Amazons, Valkyries or Justice Leagues are caught up in the massive ball, even the acidic release that Alchemist conjured up is rolled in with it, screams to follow, yet the gathering mass muffles such things. Its grotesque in a sense.

Unfortunately this with her spell in place works contrary to the plan just proposed by the Leaguers, yet around those trees that came down the swamp murk that Vivienne took control of remained, not moving as a portion of it halts, yet the majority of it now being compiled in to Circe's mudball.

Its the sudden pressure of new magics, the addition of Vivienne exerting a little more that has Circe snapping her head suddenly to the side, an abrupt almost 'neck' snapping gesture and shes looking directly at Vivienne, "You.' She hisses. " Why are you in this?"

Hal begins to pluck men and women out of the acid bath, because thats what heroes do. In the mayhem hes not sure who caused that particular mess, even when theyre being drug in to the mound theyre getting yanked out.

A display of aerial finesse and that Avian Doom Maiden lurches ducks and sweeps free of the gunfire, firing off several return 'belches' of sonic force.
The Archeress with an arrow knocked is not so fortunate. A shot hits, tears through her left arm and she cries out, falls in to the water thats being controlled to almost warred over and is drug towards the growing abomination but stops when the currents hit the Lady of the Lake's placid area. She lies there, moaning in pain at the bullet wound.

One by on Diana fells those around her, the beastiamorph meeting a shield and erupting while the redhead tries to twist out of the blades incoming throw, she fails and her body drops to the ground in a crashing splash. There is impact there and a penetration, Diana is going to need to retrieve her sword considering it is lodged in the woman's chest.

Strange acute magical perception makes him realize what Vivienne did when removing the ring, and who she really is. Now Gaea's words make clearer sense. Not just a druid, but a close relative to the elder Goddess.

« Interesting artifact » he observes, still talking mind-to-mind.

The Cloak takes him away from the charging machapegasuscorn. Or whatever that thing is. And Circe is well shielded, as expected.

And that spell is really bad, as expected. But fortunately Vivienne/Niamh just happens to be far more powerful Circe (or himself) expected. So not all is lost in that corner. And it is time to pull out the big guns on Circe.

"Not nice of you to betray your minions and put them in a ball of… mud. I think you have overstayed your welcome here, Circe," decides Strange. "And in the name of Eternal Hoggoth," he shouts, "I call upon the Hoary Host to carry this miscreant sorceress away from my presence. Begone, daughter of Hyperion!"

Winds, howling, eerie and alien, blow strong over the battlefield, and with them come the spectral Hosts of the Vishanti Hoggoth, to drag Circe away and either to Olympus or to the Aegean island that is her home.

Circe is doing just what she wanted! Well that works for the Alchemist. Setting her feet and locking herself into the sand below she braces against the flow of water. Sure he legs are trembling with the momentary strain, then the water around her begins to evaporate quickly, reducing the pull on her. It also just so happens to build a lovely wall of fog and steam around her.

Another hit from the avian Amazon sends throws her into the water again. There is an EXPLOSION of steam the moment that happens as about 100 gallons of water suddenly is converted to gas. It allows the petite woman to roll over and dig into the earth below her. "You are pissing me off!" The speakers yell before Night on Bald Mountain begins to blare.

The billowing steam rises towards the avian, filling the air, and then it changes. Where once it was simple steam now it is highly concentrated chloroform.

With more beastly things lunging at her, Diana uses only but her shield to knock them away with loud CLANG after echoing CLANG on the chaotic battlefield. She needs her sword, however and turns around to start to hoof it toward the fallen Valkyrie. As she rushes the woman's body she sees that she's still clinging to life while Wonder Woman pulls the blade by its handle easily back up and out of her, then takes to the sky with sword held pointed down beneath her!

Water turning into steam, Doctor Strange summoning magicks to banish Circe… Diana flies high up again to look down upon the madness. She surveys the battlefield and lets her eyes wander over the members of her team and their enemies… how had this all started, and why.

The logs don't move where the trees hit and Vivienne cannot be seen but she can be heard, "Circe…" Her irish brogue bellowing from the water where she fell, "You should not have involved yourself in this…" She tehn can be heard from beside Circe, "The waters…are mine." And she raises up out of the water ball that Circe made.

What comes out though is not the woman they know. Instead a long haired woman raises up, a mask, a sort of veil over her face save for her mouth. No eyeholes, nothing to see with and yet she is staring right at Circe. Her long hair flowing behind a long white flowing dress. She stares, "Listen to the sorcerer and begone…and don't muddy my waters again." She then gestures with a hand and all the water raises up out of the muck and pure water begins to form tendrils around her as she attempts to wrestle control away from Circe.

"Not nice." Circe laughs, "I'm one of this world's very first /bitches/. What would you expect?" She is rather proud of her abomination, that burbling mess of water-mud and sand thats now solidifying, hardening, growing limbs from all directions…

That is until Vivienne bursts free of it, starts to challenge for control over the magics thread through and it begins to unravel, differing colors of visible energy in coils laced through it like glowing veins.

The mist of chloroform now surrounding the bird-Valkyrie has her hacking once then the screaming attacks stop she ascends and descends in place above the sands of Qurac before she plummets.

Three valkyrie left behind are now three fallen. The Doom Maidens this side of the battling bested.

Circe looks annoyed as if shes about to carry on with a monologue in opposition of the Lady and the Sorcerer when the invocation of Hoggoth is becoming a realization, her face takes on a dour expression, "Oh you pathetic coward. Call upon your masters as you like… I will remember this and i will return!" She hardly puts up a visible physical effort as the host begins to drag her, hauling her through dimensions and reality in a wave of thundering, shadows and noises straight out of howls.

The theatrical display of magical exchange and warring casters leaves behind a razor of wind, warm from the hot deserts but chill from the souces. As Circe fades from visibility with the train of conjured delivery those Beastiamorphs and that collected Abomination begins to collapse upon itself, crumbling to sand, dirt and liquid upon the sun-scorced earth.

From inside it armored warriors also start to topple, falling down.
Disoriented for the moment the remaining combatants stumble, that mechanical horse falls to pieces without it's mistress present as well.

The Green Lantern swings a massive disembodied green fist down t smash one of the four tanks, half smashing it then tipping it on its side. Forcing the men inside crewing it to hop out.

Bana Tribeswomen likewise collecting themselves start to let out cries of triumph then descend in violent attacks upon confused dazed Umbral soldiers.
Diana's viewpoint allows her to see all of this. Even the Bana guide who brought them here appears to have the upperhand against her opponent, knocking her to her knees and stabbing throug her with that spear in hand. The brunette 'Valkyrie' downed.

"And while your masters remain hidden, yes," replies Strange. As much as he would have preferred to drag the sorceress in chains to SHIELD's jail (or maybe to face Amazon justice) he was not sure at all he could have won the spellcasting duel. Definitely not without people dying in the ball of mud.

Chances are high they will duel again soon, anyway.

For now he joins the rest of the League in subduing the remaining Doom Maidens.

Alchemist moves in with super zipties on the Avian offender. As she does her hand trails in the watery slop and through those water molecules she works her own kind of magic. The acid and chemicals she created are neutralized. The mud and silt are forced apart by reactions and the water becomes pure. Good enough to drink if it wasn't about to finish sinking into the desert sands.

The avian Valkyrie is bound hands and feet with JLA issue restraints. Then Alchemist stands and begins moving quickly to make sure each of the Doom chicks are secured. « Taking care to secure these ladies who gave us trouble. Any medical needs? » The crisp voice is calm and collected as she efficiently moves over the field.

Diana observed the banishing of Circe and she remained mostly emotionless in response to it, at least outwardly. Her eyes watched the woman's constructs crumble and fail and then she looked to the sight of the Green Lantern toppling the tank. Diana's arms raise to put her sword and shield back upon her harness behind her and then she floats down toward the ground just in time to see their Bana-guide winding down from the finale of her fight.

"This could have gone better." Diana quietly whispers, with her eyes scanning from right to left before pausing on their guide. "But it could have gone worse too." She adds before looking toward the other members of her team, where she knew they were. They hadn't sustained any injuries, as far as she could tell, so she looks back to their Guide. "We need to know what is going on here and if this is the end of it."

Not all the water need to be purified. With Circe gone, much of the water gathers up around Vivienne and she pulls it over her shoulders like a trailing cape. It moves behind her like a trained dog or perhaps a train on a dress. Her own dress, dry and white and pristine despite the area they are in. She walks barefoot toward the others, her vail keeping her upperface hidden.

She looks over at Diana and then to Strange. She considers them both before saying, "It seems that what I feared has come to pass or is at least coming to pass." SHe looks then to Alice, "It is good to see you again, Alice Walker." She nods to the woman before looking around, "It does appear that our enemies have fled or been defeated for now though."

"NO MORE KILLING!" Hal Jordan shouts, his voice amplified by the ring and a projected 'ring' in front of his face, it is acting like a mic. The irritation on his features evident as hes finishing tossing the tank aside, the perimeter wall of green fencing no longer visible, it vanished with Circe's departure as well, missiles and gun barrels project out from over his shoulders, span out wide like played wings just adding more and they're aimed not just at the Umbral Troopers but also th Amazons.

The bird-theme Valkyrie moans a noise while being ziptied but she is out.The wounded companions she has with her also incapacitated, closer inspection of the redhead reveals cybernetic augments, the bird woman a mutant and that archer a lesser powered homo-magi, apparently able to perform magical spells through wood. Various quick reads will tell this either as scans or magical scrying.

The black armored troopers are reluctant to throw down arms but those who don't are taken quickly to their knees by the Bana. Who are now gathering around the League, weapons lifted and some of them actually hissing, cursing or preparing to also attack the Green Lantern.
Damsa staggers over near Diana, to take a lean on her spear, "They belong to us." She says calmly about the Umbral and the Valkyrie, "By laws they are on our land and will see justice before our Gods. Because of them our ShimTar may die."

Alchemist wasn't killing anyone. She only shot the archer in the arm after all. And as she leans over to secure the homo-magi she inspects the wound. "You'll live," She tells her as the wound instantly stops bleeding and crusts over. The bullet itself long since disolved into liquid in her blood stream. As her hands touch each one they are sent into a deeper sleep, lovely chemicals swaying in their blood stream.

Finishing she stands and turns towards their guide with a frown. "You're injured," She says and approaches the Bana. "May I see your wounds?" Despite sometimes being sarcastic and stand offish, she is still a doctor first. Vivienne's words earn her a glance. An eye command shifts the visor of her helmet from dark to clear so her faint smile can be seen. "Was good to work with you, Doctor," She says with vague amusement in her British accent.

Diana's eyes turn toward Vivienne's and she hears the ominous words, but there's little to be replied to it… whether or not they 'hold water' is something only the coming time will tell them all. She looks then to Hal when his voice is booms across the battlefield and with a light sigh she regards Damsa using her spear to keep herself upright.

"I am not going to fight you on what you claim to be your own." The Amazon tells her, knowing full well the traditions of the Bana-Mighdall and hwo similiar they are to her own people. "I simply wish to know what all has gone down here. If you may permit my team and I at least that much, whether here or within your home… We just want to make sure that 'whatever this is' is over here, and now. We came to help, but we are strictly here… to do what is -right- by the greater good."

Thor returns the leader of the Valkyrie by means of 'air delivery' the woman landing not far off on the ridge and dune to flop and roll down it. Like the others she is gathered up and drug over, placed on knees. There Bana tribeswomen line them up, they are hesitant to allow medical aide as the Lady of the Lake and Doctor Strange see about tending them all but soon relent.

The stand down against the Green Lantern follows and he puts away all of his showy green toys to walk over near Damsa, Alice and Diana frowning.
"I hate magic." He manages once hes close enough.

"Good. You may lay claim on those you felled if you so wish, you know the laws, Princess of Themyscira." The statuesque Damsa regards Alchemist then nods, "You may inspect them but once we return inside my own healers should suffice."

"The ShimTar will require seeing you." She regards Diana, "You may bring others… " She then looks at Hal, "No males though, not unless they are your pets and behave themselves."
"I'm no ones pet, lady." Jordan huffs loudly. "I can wait out here." He adds while his arms fold over his chest and he straightens up also, almost like hes trying to appear taller than his given six foot two.

"These will be rounded up, disarmed and hauled in shortly, trials will follow."

There is a wild chorus of cheers and one of those tanks explodes then another. The Bana-Amazons setting to dismantling them.

Alchemist reaches out and lays her hands on Damsa gently. As she does she gets a sense of her wounds and also begins to change things gently. Pain relief at the aflicted sights and coagulating agents form from her very blood after only seconds. Under her touch there is no need to wait for medication to kick in. "There, that will see you inside," She says as she removes her hand, bowing her head with respect.

When in a foreign land and place with rules you do not know, go with old British nobility laws. It will generally keep you from stepping in it. "GL, bird chick is a mutant. The archer is homo-magi, so be careful. I don't know what her mystic woohoo is. The last is a cyborg, so she could have things hidden. I can fuse the cybernetics if you want?" Since they took down the 'Valkyries' it seems that the JLA might want them for questioning. Circe is no joke.

The Princess of Themyscira gives a dismayed look toward the prisoner treatment already, but she's learned that she has to pick her fights wisely… as hard as that is to do. When the terms for entering are offered, a slight nod of her head is given to Damsa while Alice is tending to her injuries and then she glances toward Hal when he suggests waiting here. "It… might be for the best, Hal." She gives him an apologetic look, and some part of her would have been fine claiming him to be a pet, to at least have him there inside with them, but yes… that would be demeaning for him. She understands! She does!

Diana glances toward her female team members and then toward their would-be Bana escorts? "The rest with me who wish to enter are welcome to come with. We do not wish to stay long, I assure you." And after that, Diana would be ready to proceed.

Had she always been there fighting, or had she arrived for the cleanup? It was hard to know for certain, yet sure enough when Diana turns to address the female members of the team? Witchdoctor is just…there. Truely, it was a shame she'd missed the chance to tangle with Circe, quite the 'Witch off' it would have been, but the blonde woman bows her head in greeting as the Princess turns to address them. "I would be happy to accompany you."

The Princess of Themyscira gives a dismayed look toward the prisoner treatment already, but she's learned that she has to pick her fights wisely… as hard as that is to do. When the terms for entering are offered, a slight nod of her head is given to Damsa while Alice is tending to her injuries and then she glances toward Hal when he suggests waiting here. "It… might be for the best, Hal." She gives him an apologetic look, and some part of her would have been fine claiming him to be a pet, to at least have him there inside with them, but yes… that would be demeaning for him. She understands! She does!

Diana glances toward her female team members and then toward their would-be Bana escorts? "The rest with me who wish to enter are welcome to come with. We do not wish to stay long, I assure you." And after that, Diana would be ready to proceed.

Had she always been there fighting, or had she arrived for the cleanup? It was hard to know for certain, yet sure enough when Diana turns to address the female members of the team? Witchdoctor is just…there. Truely, it was a shame she'd missed the chance to tangle with Circe, quite the 'Witch off' it would have been, but the blonde woman bows her head in greeting as the Princess turns to address them. "I would be happy to accompany you." (Re)

The dusky skinned black and blonde haired huntress of the Bana gives Alchemist a lingering and wary look as she applies her gift of healing. Its not a look of fear but one of promise for pain should she do something amiss, upon the relief from discomfort she nods, "My thanks to you, warrior-healer."

"You will not be allowed to stay long anyways, we are preparing for war with the Quraci, these Valkyries and now this…" A plate of what might be metal is handed over, a logo upon it. English words that read 'Umbral Dynamics'. "Our ShimTar was already cursing the gods of Olympus for these women. Yet confusion lies in seeing the Thunderer with your ranks fighting them."

"You three then." Damsa motions at Diana, Alyse and Alice. "Follow me."

Damsa flat out ignores Jordan, she finds him an insufferable typical 'American' man-pig after all.

"Thanks, Princess. You're a doll." He says quietly, that word, the final one gets a dagger-stare from Damsa.

"I am unsure how these creatures are allowd to still breath around you, Wonder Woman." A gaze sweeps Witchdoctor and Alchemist, "Any of you. Your tolerance is praise worthy… " They can tell even with her odd Greek-Egyptian based accent shes struggling in wording things politely.

Taking the lead the Bana-Huntress steps towards that towering wall of wind that disappears in to the clouds above it, darkness inside starts to peel backwards as the wind barrier breaks away, parts and starts to open up in a glowing tunnel. White and awash. Much like the forced holes the tanks gunfire was doing only those gaps were glowing reddish, impacted and from the outside. This is the Bana-Amazon's control this time.

"You will see things that are not accepted in these times, save your judgments and mind your tongues, what lies beyond is not the Man's World. It is ours and our Goddesses… " Final words from Damsa as she leads the Leaguers in to the Hidden City of the Lost Tribe of Amazons.

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