A Lost Tribe Besieged (pt.1)

April 07, 2018:

(Original date March 20 something) The Lost Tribe of the Bana call for help and receive it in the form of Wonder Woman and the Justice League. (ST: Hal Jordan)

Quraci Desert - Gateways of Bana-Mighdall


NPCs: Circe, Damsa, Umbral Dynamics, Doom Maidens, the Bana-Migdall

Mentions: Aquaman


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Long ago a tribe of Amazons separated from the women that now call Paradise Island home, these warrior women differ from their sisters in that through their travels they found protection under new deities, the Egyptian Goddesses Bast, Ishtar, Isis, Neith and Mammitu.

There travels brought them from Greece to the Middle east where eventually they erected a hidden city, this great city consists of mosques, temple and gardens in it's native tongue it is translated as 'the Temple of Women' or Bana-Mighdall.

For countless years the Bana remained safe from the patriarch's world until they were required to begin kidnapping men from surrounding villages, this eventually lead to their reveal, they fought, earned a name and eventually became recognized as mercenaries in the desert, safe beyond a whirling desert storm wall that only they could cross through. Fearsome, dangerous, mysterious and beautiful the Bana and their deadliest of fighters the Shim'Tar have remained largely undisturbed by most of the Quraci people and their leaders, until this day.

The Justice League has gathered less than a mile from the lands of the Bana, standing upon the rocky outcroppings that loom above sand dunes, sun blasted and seering at these bright hours. Travel accomplished by means of teleportation. The woman, Aquaman had discovered her first stands present.

She is tall, near the same height as Diana, ruddy bronze skin, hair that is black and blonde died in dreads and wearing a combination armor of leathers and fabrics, loose and light to reflect the heat, tattoos mark her form and across her shoulders is a great scimitar, a rifle and small buckler. A warrior clearly. She is to be their guide, recovered now from her wounds she looks worn, anxious and dark eyes stare at the green glowing man who floats not far away from her, his black and emerald uniform as always unchanging, form fitted to his Quarterback's frame with a serious expression worn in kind.

The Green Lantern. Here to gather with his companions.

Diana Prince steps up beside where Hal is and she looks over toward his masked face. "I have gathered no worthwhile information on why they are being attacked, or if it is truly Valkyries who are attacking them." She tells the Green Lantern, her sky-blue hood waving gently against her head as she's wrapped in a cloth covering overtop of her armor and gear. "I should be able to get us past their perimeter, it should treat me the same as it would any others within their society. And I wish that I could say that if I take the lead on us approaching them, that that would help make them not attack us on sight… but it likely will not matter."

Diana paces forward on the rocky surface and looks out across the horizon. She then glances back to see how the others who've come with them are, ready to proceed or not.

Doctor Strange has come at Hal’s request But pulled from his research on Atum-Re’s whereabouts the sorcerer looks concerned and distracted. Did he miss some memo or report? He probably did, which is really something that rarely happens.

The desert is not a good place for tailored suits, so he dresses somewhat more casual today. Khakis, boots and a short-sleeved shirt. The duster is totally unnecessary, but since it is the Cloak of Levitation in disguise, it is what keeps him cool under the desert sun, too. Maybe the Cloak could get him through the magical sandstorm too, but he hopes he doesn’t need to attempt it. Divine magic is OP, anyway.

For her part, Vivienne is dressed in a pair of loose fitting slacks, a loose fitting shirt that covers but also allows her to breath, and a pair of heeled boots. Simply falling off her shoulders is a simple cloak in a sand color, with a hood that is not currently up. The one thing that truly stands out about her, especially given the boots, is how tall she is. The 6'2" woman doesn't really carry herself tall, however. She simply walks with a soft step, and as she looks around, "My, what an interesting way of travelling." She chuckles softly to herself. She then turns her gaze to their guide.

She glances briefly at Hal and offers him a nod and a smile but then looks over at Diana. She considers and then gestures to the guide, "Should our guide not help us there?" She then looks questioningly at the woman who is to guide them in. She glances briefly at the good Doctor before looking forward, her hand subconsciously adjusting the ring on her hand.

And another divine presence makes his arrival: Thor. Considering how loud and blatant he usually is, there's some effort here to minimize the noise. In that he didn't land right ON them, he put the crater in the sand about a quarter mile away, more muffled, and then made his way over in several relaxed bounds. Even so? THUD. Dust clouds.

Thor is dressed for the heat, meaning he isn't wearing very much. A simple leather armored chestpiece, a bronzen half-shoulder arm guard on one side and shoulder, as well as a layered strap weapon harness make up his upper body's garb. Shirt? Nah. He has a half-mantle cloak, belt, belt, leather training pants, boots. Except that he's extremely Nordic with his pale features and long blonde hair, he's dressed reasonably similar to their guide: mostly by accident. He holsters the hammer on approach, winging a bright smile to the others present.

Jordan is as out of place as anyone can be in this. His presence is here due to Diana's as the entire outcry for aid falls upon her and the Amazons of the Desert he'd never heard of. The woman, the Bana huntress named Damsa has refused to speak to anyone except for the Atlanteans and Wonder Woman. The accent she bares is strange, a mixture of several dialects that have mutated in to their own, much like the Michif out of North America or the Arabic-Italian Maltese to which it lies closest to.

That far away stare is given to each of the Justice League present then she ignores them, Damsa once more speaking just to Diana, at least the female companions among them are getting polite nods or half smiles, "Getting through the sandstorm is not our concern. I bring you here for help in this… " A point off towards the far side, where the darkness of the swirling sand and air lightsup, darkens then brightens again.

"They have pierced the storm several time, some magic they use allows them. They are outsiders, not Quraci men or women and with them they bring your people." Thor gets that scimitar pointed at him, "Asgardians. Winged war women that fight almost as well as us." Prideful she may be underrating their skills.

Hal shrugs his shoulders, "So lets go have a chat with them, yeah? Tell them to stop knocking on your front door."

"Tell your friend it is not so easy, if that was the case they would have left already." Damsa speaks directly to Diana, she has already decided she hates Hal Jordan and he is beneath notice.

"I am right here. I can hear you just fine."

Diana's eyes look back to Doctor Strange, she was glad he was here because his powerset was diverse and… she felt him to be an ever reliable companion. At Vivienne, she then looks. "The Bana Mighdall are not a trusting people, it will take convincing that we're here to help them rather than assist those who are already attacking."

Thor gets a simple single nod from Diana, she was glad to see him as well. "You have no insight as to why the Valkyrie may be striking against these people?" She asks the God of Thunder, forgoing any other greeting for now apparently.

Diana glances between Hal and then Damsa. "He is here to help, I assure you." Is all she has to say on that little dispute. A nod is given to Damsa. "Let us proceed then, find the root of this problem."

Strange might have been able to get something on a desert tribe of Amazons by checking the Ancient One records or casting some divinations, but he had no time. Knowing is half the battle and all that. They are going in the dark, he sighs. “Lead on, Princess Diana,” he offers the Amazon. “And welcome, Odinson. If they are indeed Valkiries they will no doubt respect you. Although why would Asgardians attack this place? I suppose we will know soon.”

At this point he feels he is monologing. It is a bad sorcerous habit he is trying to overcome.

Her irish accent rings out softly as Vivienne listens and then looks to Strange a moment, "Hold tight a moment." She idly reaches down and undoes the laces of her boots. She then carefully steps out of them, her bare feet planting into the sand and she takes a deep breath. Those who are sensitive to it can almost feel a magic flowing from her, but it is the magic of nature. A natural flow of power as she closes her eyes, "The desert is alive and has much to say."

Her mind flows out from her, connecting with the very sand beneath their feet. The flora and fauna that survives, nay thrives, in these harsh conditions calling to her in their own way. She opens her eyes slowing and frowns, "Men and women both, machines…" She lets out a soft growl, a growl that damn near sounds like the growl of a wolf, "They bring fear to this place. The animals…the creatures of the desert have scattered from both these people and the strange magic wielded there." She then looks over at the others a moment before saying, "We should proceed with extreme caution."

"If they /are/ Valkyrie, and they do /not/ respect me, they will find they will have a very big problem," Thor asserts firmly to Strange, the smile vanishing from his face as quickly: a clear change in the thunder god's emotional weather.

To Diana, Thor replies, "If it is them, I will have insight, yes." Thor will reserve judgement on whose side he is on in the conflict, until learning a bit more about who is involved. "But I will be able to tell if they are Valkyrie, yes." Yes, Thor is very confident he can recognize a group of his people, certainly far better than anyone else.

Thor's attention moves finally to Vivienne, curious about her report, attentive and respectful.

Damsa doesn't comment further about Diana's companions instead motioning once with her blade then leaping off that cliffside of rock to slide down the sand, taking off in a slow jog towards the far side of the windy storm. "Then lets go. I hope you are all as strong as they say."

Hal Jordan offers a helpless shrug to the others and flys high, soars up and after the Bana.

Valkyries? Perhaps. Once near enough to see what it is Vivienne has sensed they will bare witness to a clustered unit of men in black armor, they look like Storm Troopers out of Star Wars situated around large vehicles, tanks and APCs. Perhaps about thirty in all and at their forefront, are women, varying sizes and colored hair, several of them sporting archaic armor and medieval weaponry, their winged decorations and stylistic choice very much that of an Asgardian, several of them could even match an Asgardian woman in size. Though, Thor will recognize none of them as any he has met in his life time or may remember. One of them even has a giant winged horse, yet the beast is not alive in in an organic way, it is synethic, a massive cyborg 'pony' with metallic wings and glowing eyes.

Diana's eyes watch Vivienne's actions and when she speaks her words of warning she gets a soft nod of her head toward them. She looks to Thor then and softly shakes her head. "If you have no word of this, then I find that highly… suspicious as to who these attackers actually are."

Diana is swift to move to pursue their Guide on this outing, giving a glance up to Hal as he soars up much higher than she. When the Princess sees the forces of Black Armored Men facing the Women in a more archaic style of Armor she descends downward, boldly moving to land between the two opposing groups.

With a sharp landing, Diana's armored boots touch down onto the Earth, she makes her presence more than a little obvious as she sweeps her eyes from the Men to the Women.

"If they claim to be true Valkyrie, they are acting in complete duplicity: these are no Asgardians," Thor intones quietly in a low growl to his companions. "I will stay mute and allow them to hang themselves, if they do so foolishly decide to make false claims," Thor adds, disgruntled: but he was not actually told that they ARE pretending to be Valkyrie. So he'll behave and not challenge them immediately. He doesn't hide his opinion of the situation, with bulky, bare arms crossed: still outside of the whole of it. Thor actually does stand partially aside, aware that he needs to probably not be immediately associated with either party. Just in case some weird negotiations or diplomacy need to occur.

((OOC: And now Thor will be a grumpy prince over to the side and listen until I get back :D ))

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, if those are Valkyries I am an ice-gnome," comments Strange upon seeing the 'Storm Troopers' and modern weapons. And those women have nothing of supernatural in them.

"Whoever they are they do have some advanced weaponry," he adds. "But they are no match for the Justice League. No army on Earth would be. On your command, Diana." The Doctor is already summoning mytical energies, tendrils of dull orange light swirling from his wrists. The duster shifts, becoming a red and gold cloak of arcane design.

Arriving with the help of some druidic magic, or so it seems, Vivienne moves quickly over the desert sand. She keeps her boots over her shoulder and draws up the strength of the Earth into herself and rushes after them. Upon getting near, she stares at the group and shakes her head. She frowns deeply as Wonder Woman dives right in and looks to the others, "I hope she takes care…I do believe that group may be all working together towards a common goal." She then looks over at Thor briefly, frowning at his response.

Then she blinks and turns her gaze to Strange, "Hoary…what?" She then shakes her head, "I do not what ye just said but I agree. They are no Valkyries." She ods her head, "But…someone here is using magic." She nods her head, "The Earth can feel the unnatural pull."

The arrival of the League is enough to cause the assembled force to reposition, facing them now and not the wind wall behind them, a wall that is incapable of being seen through but there are shadows beyond it, a massive force of the Bana-Mighdall that have gathered there wait.

The armored soldiers in all black are wearing no logos, no emblems, nothing to mark them as anything more than 'Stormtroopers' the Valkyrie turn to face Thor, Diana, Vivienne, Strange and Hal with smiles, shields and lances clapping as if mocking them.

"Halt and declare yourselves." The lead one says, a towering woman standing near seven feet with shoulders as broad as Thor himself, a lance in one hand with a strange adornment upon it, technology inspired digital lines reaching up it ot the tip. Her winged helmet tips up so she can gaze down upon them with an open sneer.

Moments after Diana lands in the dusty sands she's got her hands coming up, one facing either 'army' and her palms are up to indicate she's not here to be a threat, not yet at least. Diana looks from one group to the next and when she's asked to identify herself she looks to the one who spoke those words.

"I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter to Queen Hippolyta and I am here to investigate reports of the Bana Mighdall being aggressively acted upon by an outside force." She pauses for just a brief moment as she looks about. "I mean to create no further actions that will result in violence here today… I merely wish to end whatever it is that is going on here, peacefully, justly and without any further aggressions, from either sides involved in this."

Doctor Strange stands behind Diana and Thor, studying the army besieging Bana Mighdall with a sorcerous eye. He is looking evidence of supernatural presences. Magical artifacts or sorceries. Somehow this odd group managed to find the hidden Amazon city and he doesn’t think they did it just using technology. Or did they? “Lantern, anything unusual from your ring?” He asks quietly. “I am scanning for magic, but maybe we are dealing with aliens.”

"You are decidedly not any more an ice-gnome than they are Asgardian Valkyrie," Thor informs Strange in a straightforward tone, direct as always. Thor started to walk forward to announce himself at the demand of the army, like he normally would. Oh. Right. Diana's show. Right. Thor observes Diana's peaceful, diplomatic start, though, and lets her do her leadership thing. Een so, he's quite ready, and simply watches, quiet and willing, for now, to observe with Strange.

A look at the situation and Vivienne frowns. She looks over at Diana first before looking over at Dr. Strange. She looks down a moment before saying, "I somehow doubt that this lot came searchin' for peace or understanding." She keeps her voice low as she looks up and states quietly, "Be prepared for whatever these men and women seek." She licks her lips softly and then looks back at Thor for his reaction briefly before turning to Strange, "I know I sensed magical power from this area." She nods her head, "The Earth doesn't lie." She shakes her head and then frowns.

"Nothing." Hal replies to Strange. The Green Lantern hovering just up and off to the side with his team, all heroic cut out pose with the other Leaguers as they form a wall before the 'invading force'

"We are the Maidens of Doom, we've heard of you Justice League and are unimpressed." The large woman in the front says, "Move aside weaklings. We have a job to complete."

The redhead beside the big woman elbows her and snickers, pointing out Thor, "Whats that one supposed to be? A barbarian of some sort?" This woman, the redhead is dressed very much like a Valkyrie, though in each hand is an axe, hand axes.

Damsa glares, her knuckles tightening on her scimitar, she whispers to the League around her, "Do not take them lightly. They are strong, they have beaten many of us and pushed us repeatdly beyond the barrier… "

There is one woman among them, the one that is leaning against the mechanical horse, her chin lifted up pale white hair thats almost snow like and violet eyes, her lips painted a bright green, feathery plumes rising off her shoulders of armor. That, is the one magic can be felt from. Strong magic and she is currently tapping long painted nails on that robo-horse.

"Proceed with the siege." A black clad man behind the Doom Maidens says loudly, his voice booming over the conversation as those tanks begin to pivot, turrets rotating as gunners inside prime weaponry. Yeah, theyre not exactly looking like they want to back down.

Diana overhears the pessimistic words from Vivienne nearby and although they may actually be valid, she wouldn't want to give up without trying. Her eyes raise back up then to the others, she knows who's with her here for this and is ready if a fight does break out.

When the large woman speaks, she can feel the arrogance coming off of her the Guide's warning of their skill is certainly absorbed but thats what Diana has trained her entire life for, to counter others honed skills with her own.

"I am very sorry to disappoint you." The Princess responds when they speak ill of the League. And then its all boiling over as fighting seems to be an inevitability. Quickly Diana lunges into the air and she draws her sword and shield from her back, she spins around to look at her companions. "We are not here to kill, only defend and disarm.!" She reminds them all as she prepars for whats to come.

Thor steps forward, and raises his voice. Thor absolutely can boom, when he chooses.

"Leader of the 'Maidens of Doom'! 'Leader' who so disappointingly has failed to introduce herself. Even if one expects to crush the weak, it is with honor that you proclaim the name by whose hand they will be slain!" Thor belts out loudly across the field. He has disdain for her, thick in his challenging tone. "I am Thor Odinson, prince of Asgard, god of Thunder. I challenge you to personal combat." Thor declares, with an expression of pleasure and intensity. A duel would please him greatly. So would the fight in general. He's in a good place either way. "Either way, that is the name of that whom will defeat you!" Thor smiles, brazen, ready.

And if Thor can redirect this to a duel? It could save lives.

Strange focuses on the woman on the mechanical horse, trying to see through illusions or glamour. “I think I have identified their magic-user. Do we have to? Ah…” Thor is calling for a duel. It would be a good idea -if- they were Asgardians. Which they are not. Still he pauses, but the second the Maidens move to attack, he unreleased a barrage of dispelling and stunning spells on the horsewoman.

Unsure of what she is going to do here, Vivienne is given a reprieve in a way when Thor shouts out his challenge. She looks over at him and then shrugs her shoulders slightly as she prepares for a fight but also is prepared to just let the big guy do his thing. After all, no reason to get her hands dirty if she can let a big brute like Thor do just that.

"Them pointing big ass guns our way doesn't lie either." Jordan grunts at Vivienne.

"I'll cover the tanks." The Lantern volunteers himself.

"You're not here to kill?" The woman in the lead scoffs at Diana, "Then you make the minority here. As Thor announces himself in all of his boistorous glory the women/ those Valkyries all exchange glances, theres some quiet dialogue then they nod, "We have been looking forward to finding a /God/ to toy with." A brunette announces, "Who better than you, Princeling." She teases, a jagged scar running up her face makes her smile look rough, wraped and shows more teeth than it should.

The colorful woman with the violet eyes meets Stranges gaze from him to Vivienne she peers, they will hear her voice projected, not quite telepathy but a 'mystic send' "Are you both prepared? I do hope so. I am growing bored of what this world has to offer already."

"FIRE!" A loud yell from the troop commander…

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