Don't Keep Out

April 08, 2018:

Rooftop Greenhouse - Gotham Arms


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Fade In…

Evening comes.

It sets the Gotham skyline—full of pollution—on fire. Ember red and dark orange, clouds set to a nearly unnatural pink.

In her hands, Harley Quinn carries a small white paper box as she quietly pads up the stairs to the roof of the Gotham Arms. As she creeps up the stairs with her bare feet and black jeans, she chews on her lower lips.

It's not until she's to the top of the stairs, however, past a glass door, and into the greenhouse that she calls. "Red? You in here?"

The color would be pretty if not for the reason. Still, even Ivy can appreciate the color mix as she stare from her warm greenhouse. The winter just won't leave and it's making her down. "Over here, Harl. By the ficus."

Taking a sharp inhalation through her nose, Harley stalks further into the greenhouse and tilts her head as she picks her way down the alley between greenery. "The ficus. That's… That's the vine stuff, right?"

She knows it's not, but her lips curl up on one side as she teases the other woman. Her feet crunch against the ground, giving a keen ear a pretty accurate gauge of where she is. "I got a present for ya'."

Ivy grins and will come out to help Harl find her way. It would be bad to have her wander to the wrong part of the garden after all. "I like presents. What's the occasion, Harl?" If possible, Ivy will step up to hug the blonde shrink and even give her a light kiss.

This is… better than it's been. Quinn settles into the hug as best she can with the box in tow, and returns that kiss — brief, but sincere — with her own glossed up lips. The box is from a local greenery, an elongated planter filled with succulents of all manner of texture and color. "I dunno," she says, face screwing up as she pushes the box in the other woman's direction. "I… I just thought ya' might need a pick-me-up, yanno?"

She's noticed the distance, the strangeness. It seeps into the cracks and insecurities, filling any hollows it finds with anxiety and endless fixation on it. This will fix it. Surely, this will fix it.

"You've been spending a lot more time up here."

For Harley, Ivy is willing to make an effort." She smiles at the gift and will examine all the precious offerisng in it. "I'll make sure to grow them nice and strong for us, Harl." She won't lie to Harl and admit, "This weather has given me a bit of a winter blues. Why I'm hiding in here so much." She looks to the sky and says, "It can be hard to connect to the normal person. I don't se a reason to, or the benefit. They're just… food waiting to return to the earth. And with this winter, I'm eager to grow strong again."

One eye squints shut as Harley breezes past the things that make her feel like a bag of fertilizer, but she ultimately just relinquishes the plant and then backs up to give Ivy a little extra space. "Ya' don't have to connect to everybody. But a few friends would do you some good, Red. I mean, connection, yanno? The stuff that makes hangin' 'round worthwhile."

After a pause, the blonde shrugs. "But if ya just feel better up here, I guess I understand."

Poison Ivy states, "I have my children. I have you. Maybe one other." She won't be too specific though as she starts to water and tend to the plants some. She glances over her shoulder, "Are you giving me a suicide talk?" She will turn fully to face Harl, "You don't understand, but I like that you try."

"Naw," comes the responding chirp, both hands waving dismissively in front of her. "I jes' meant…" There's a pause, and then she shoves those small hands of her into her jean pockets. "Nevermind. Forget I said anything." Rolling up briefly on the balls of her feet, the clown tries once more to smile. "But if ya change yer mind about chattin'…" Or listening to the converging realities that Quinn is not handling well on her own. "One other, huh? New friend? Should I knock on the greenhouse door when I come up?"

Ivy will step up and reach to try and keep Harley there, "No. I won't nevermind. You know I am one of the ones to not just think you're being silly and pointless." Ivy takes a slow breath, "Stay. Put down some roots and talk? I don't think my other 'friend' will ever come here. Nor will she be that kind of friend."

"Are ya' sure, honey?" When the jester says it… When she's caught before she can retreat, she tries to play it cool. Tries to afford the redhead the space and room she needs to graciously extricate herself from the exertion of listening. Instead, however, her tone bleeds desperation and overeagerness as she at least makes an effort at politeness rather than rushing into her own selfish interests.

While Poison Ivy's touch may be toxic, Quinn's thoughts are the same and she's spent a very long time poisoning herself with them.

At some level, perhaps, the blonde realizes all of this, because she continues on and does eventually take a few steps back: "I ain't tryin' to interrupt if yer not up to company."

It takes a moment for Ivy to respond to the question. Is she sure? No. But… she manage to nod once. "Stay." The one word said firm if softly. "I need you, Harl. And I want you around. So please try to stay and… I don't know." She shrugs. "Sprout some leaves?"

Harley doesn't need any coaxing after that. She's mightn't be able to sprout leaves, but the lithe thing bounds the distance back to Ivy in an effortless rush so that she can throw her arms around the other woman's waist and bury her face in the side of the redhead's neck.

"I've missed ya'. And I can't grow green, but I promise not to step on anythin'." As she's still there, clinging if she's allowed, she just closes her eyes and continues on in a rush, the floodgates released. "There's so much goin' on that I wanna tell ya' about. Maybe ya' could even come downstairs for a bit? We could get somethin' to eat, talk, curl up on the couch, and watch Little Shop of Horrors?"

Pulling back, Quinn makes a horrible face as she does a horrible impersonation of Audrey II. "FEED ME, IVY."

Ivy wraps her arms around Harl and squeezes her. As always, Ivy smells wonderful and is safe, to Harl. She holds the blonde close and strokes her hair. "I always mark the 'keep out areas with that yellow and black warning lines for you. I don't want you getting hurt, or my babies." But she put Harl first in that sentence. Least this time. "Yeah. Let's go downstairs, and watch that as we just spend some time together. My little beautiful monster." She kisses Harl on the nose and will head out.

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