Poker Lessons

April 09, 2018:

Gambit and Rogue take a night out to go to one of Gambit's favorite poker nights, where he helps Rogue learn how to play the thief's favorite game.

A Random Bar


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Rogue is located in the back of a restaurant here, she's attending a Sunday Night Fun Night at the local place… which is really just a poker night with booze and live music. She's got her leather jacket on, some sheer gloves for letting some of the heat-out and a tanktop and jeans and boots on. A dark wine red scarf is around her neck, its a thin scarf so its wrapped about her neck once and then the drapes are laying down her chest over her skin and the hem of her low-cut tank top.

Rogue is leaned back in her chair with her cards in her hand and a couple of drinks in front of her. She's adjusting her 'Hand' and reorganizing it while the band is playing in the other room. There's quite a lot of people around.

A hand reaches over Rogues shoulder, a hand not gloved but in a black long sleeve shirt that's form fitting, with the tight cuff around the wrist. The familiar hand doesn't touch the girl's cards or her in any way, but two fingers pinch grip the tumbler and pulls it up over her shoulder. Remy takes a short sip of the drink and he smacks his lips once as the burning sensation lingers on his tongue and throat.

The man wearing a dark brown peacoat that has the sleeves bunched up around his elbows keeps his arms crossed while still pinching the glass between his fingers as he judges Rogue's technique, silently the mentor is observing his students, she'd feel his eyes all over her back and the hand she continues to fiddle with, but his voice is restrained and kept out of the room.

Rogue's white bangs are framing either side of her face, perfectly straightened and styled to act as almost a 'hood' of hair to help conceal the girl and keep her safer around others when in public like this, but her pretty face is still quite visible and her green eyes glance over to the Cajun's hand as it appear from behind her. Him sharing some of her drink or drinking one of his own, neither bothers her one bit as she's got a mission here… win ONE game.

The 20-something southern belle is quite awful at poker, you see. She doesn't understand the card values that much, or how the combinations really work or matter and tonight? Remy was trying to teach her. "So what exactly does havin' all-aces give me?" She asks, loud enough for the other players to hear. This gets a few laughs and no small amount of grunts or groans too.

Remy's empty hand can be heard by Rogue as it claps against the front of his face and the next sound is the cajun sighing so hard, he could act as a hair dryer. His hand falls from his face then to fall onto her leather covered shoulder. He leans down and his lips are near her ear and his warm breath can be felt even through her hair as he speaks. "Mon ami. A pokah table is no place for ya quips an' jokes. Ya can do dat back at dhe home, but when we 're out, keep it cool, a'ight?"

Remy leans back and his onyx and ruby eyes slowly scan the other players at the table with a soft shrug and his boyish grin to hopefully disarm them as if he's done it before or maybe he knows the other players as they all seem to relax and give the girl a bit of familiarity as they seem to loosen their visages slightly.

Rogue releases a sigh at the whisper from the Cajun and she shakes her head causing her white bangs to gently sway against her cheeks. "But my quips are what help break up the awkward silences…" She protests in a near-whine.

One of the other players, a portley fellow in his middle-aged years plucks a cigar out of his mouth that he'd been chewing on and he stares at the two of them. "I still think you're using your piece'a'ass here to cheat us, Cajun." He tells Remy showing a smirk then.

Rogue's green eyes flicker up to the man's red and shiney round face and she smirks at him. "You're just jealous." She says right back at him before the game progresses on as a few more players take their turns. Rogue tosses another $5 chip into the pile to raise it!

Remy crosses his arms as he leans back away from Rogue and eyes the man who addressed him. "Ah don' need anyt'in' t'beat your butt Hobart. Yo'r jouls twitch when ya bluffin'." Remy says with a wink towards the bigger man and adds, "If anyt'in', she's helpin' ya get some of ya cash back."

Remy turns around and walks away from the playing area just after he reaches over Rogue once more to grab her drink and takes it with him to go get the two glasses refilled. Remy walks up to the barkeep and requests some refills with a smile and an extra tip to keep the bartender happy and friendly.

Hobart goes back to chewing on his cigar while nodding his head slowly. "Yeah yeah…" He says around it. "She's definitely doing that, and a few other things too." And then he goes back to staring down his own Hand of cards.

Rogue huffs quietly and just shakes her head, she's used to 'Bar talk' afterall and she's here to win tonight. She's lost every hand up to this point and shortly after Remy steps away the cards are called and Rogue lays her hand down to face off against Hobart.

By the time Remy's gotten new drinks, he'll be hearing Rogue cheering! A loud 'Woooo!' from the southern girl who's now standing up and holding her gloved hands up into the air! Triumphant! Apparently she'd won?

Marie turns around quickly to look for Gambit but he was gone! "A'course he's not here!" She says then before sitting again and reaching for her winnings. Hobart is just grumbling, and the others at the table ain't too pleased neither, but… hey, the girl had lost every other hand, so she deserved it, right?

Remy smirks as he's leaning against the bar and he whispers to himself. "Dat's mah girl." Before the drinks are set down with the bartender grabbing Remy's attention with her heavily tattooed arms, the sleeves depicting two very different kinds of images and tattoos. "She your good luck charm or some protoge?"

"Maybe dhe firs' one."

"Be careful love, she'll get you shot or worse if she doesn't keep her co-"

"She'll be fine. Ah'd trust her wit' mah life." Remy smirks before winking at the bartender and picks up both drinks before walking back to the table. "Did ya win Hobbey?" He says with a playful mocking wink to the cigar chewing man while passing Rogue's drink towards her.

Rogue is sorting her big winnings when Remy returns, a grin on her red hued lips as she glances over at him and reaches to accept the drink, giving the man a big and prideful smile with a lean-back of her head. She's having a good night, that much is clear on the southern belle's face.

"No, your little harlot won." Hobart says then, lifting his beer up to his lips for a swig.

"Thats right." Rogue says back at the man. "And keep dropping derogatory names on me and you'll be deep throatin' that bottle before the nights out." Rogue states in sincerity as she sets her stacks of chips into an empty metal tin that used to have peanuts in it. And with that she's standing up with her chips and drink.

"You're not going to let us get our money back?" Hobart then asks, after grinning at Rogue's threat.

"I am not." Rogue announces, her southern voice flaring up in thick and dramatic accent. "I just wanted the momentary thrill'a beatin' you boys for one honest round. Now I'm gonna go cash out and go buy my handsome teacher here somethin' pretty." And she gives Gambit another little grin.

Remy's lips curl as he passes the drink while Hobart says his quip and then he starts to point a finger when Rogue says a much better threat than he would have, so the Romeo shuts his yapper and just simply points at the white and brown haired 'harlot'. Well, she speaks for herself well enough.

Remy shrugs and with a hand against the small of Rogue's back, he tries to usher her away from the table and with her back to the table he gives a shrug and a cheeky motion that says 'She's the boss' before he turns and follows his student.

"Ya got one unda ya belt now. Does dis mean ya gonna retire on a win, or are ya gonna have me teach ya how t'really kick some ass?" Gambit asks before taking a soft sip while leading Rogue back to the bar, where the woman with the tats behind it walks up and smiles at Rogue, "Don't mind Hobart, dickhead's all he is, but he's a big sweetie, bark far worse than his bite." Before she whispers, "Dentures."

After being escort to the bar, Rogue sets the tin of poker chips down and she pushes them toward the tattooed tender. She gives a glance back toward the table and then over to Remy. "I'm up for learnin' more, but really I just hav ebeen sittin' there for an hour now and I just wanted t'get up and move a little. Don't like sittin' still that long and these guys'll probably play until the place kicks'em out." Rogue looks back toward the Tender.

"I don't mind guys like that too much." Marie says, taking a sip from her drink. "Generally it just means they got a fun sense'a humor. And if they ever try anythin' they'll soon find out how easily I can snap bones, of all varieties." Rogue grins at the server. "Do I get my winnings here?" She asks, glancing toward Remy too, clearly she didn't know how this all worked!

"Yeah, you get them here." The bartender interjects with a smile as she pulls the tin closer and empties it on the bartop. "Wow. Not a bad haul for one game." She says with a put on impressed face. "Good work sister." placing the chips in color coordinated rows she bends down below the bartop and pulls out the cash to hand towards Remy and before he can grab it, she moves it quickly towards Rogue. "I would love to see you snap some bones. Hell if you're good enough what would you say to some cash on the side? We could always use a bouncer, or maybe even start up a ight-fay lub-cay." She says the last two words in a quite whisper.

"Ah don' know…" Remy starts.

Rogue actually laughs when the bartender does that money-thing to tease Remy with it. "Yeah, they just kept throwin' chips down to get me to lean over and do it too." Rogue looks down at herself and picks at her top. "Its the boobs, they're the best tool around." She looks back up between the two of them and laughs a little more, she's had some alcohol tonight so she's being a bit more blunt than usual.

"A super secret club for awesome people?" Rogue then asks, grinning as she's stuffing her money into an inside pocket on her jacket. "I wish I could do somethin' like that, but I'm afraid I'd accidently kill some poor fool… I DO like goin' to them and watchin' though. And if its just like a once'a week kinda thing, I'd offer up some security service to it too, for sure."

Rogue glances back over at Remy, showing him a grin and an expression of 'thanks' for taking her out to do this tonight!

"You should totally come! The more girls we have, the more guys come and give us money to beat each other up. It's a win win in my book." The woman says with a casual lean back as she slips the chips away under the bar and tsks at Remy. "She's a good girl and knows it. All while being as hot as sin. The hell is she doing hanging around you?"

Remy sighs and rolls his eyes before he just gives up and takes a deep drink.

"Guess I'll just ask the drunk girl." The woman says, nodding with her chin softly towards Rogue, "What're you hanging out with this bum for?" She inquires, but is obviously teasing a bit about the bum comment.

"I'm not drunk." Rogue says then after she's sorted her jacket against her upper body then and leans against the bar to look between the girl behind it and the man beside her. She grins at the question and then puts her eyes back onto the tattooed bartender. "I got anger issues." She tells the woman who's curious about her. "I get pretty upset, pretty easily… Its been a rough year for me and I've just had a hard time dealin' with it."

Rogue looks back over at Remy then and talks about him while staring at him. "He has a way'a makin' me smile, sometimes he can infuriate me, but he… I don't know, he's one'a the few people who seems t'care if I'm happy or sad."

And with that said, Rogue looks back to the Tender. "Those are the kinda people you're supposed t'keep around ya, right? The ones ya keep close." And with that said, the Belle raises her glass up for another sip of the beverage within.

"Sister, you speak the truth." The woman bartender says. Stepping away from the two she slaps the bar with both hands before saying, "I'll be right back." And she walks away with a towel stuffed into the side of her pants that she dries her hands off on while walking to the other side of the bar.

"Glad t'hear ya say it." The cajun says as he lifts his drink to his lips and takes a small sip. "Nice bein' wanted, ain' it?"

Rogue watches the Tender step away and glances at the towel, part of wonders how often those gets washed… but hey, thats just a random thought popping into her head! With her dark eyebrows raised, Marie's attention goes back to Remy when he speaks and she grins at him while he sips his drink. She's leaning there on the bar with her elbows on the edge and her forearms together. "Nice lady, huh?" Rogue says with a little grin before she nods once at him. "Don't let it inflate that head'a yours. You still shot me with a nerf dart in my face and my boob, then you dialed up the Danger Room's difficulty on me before ya snuck out, probably doin' that little sinister giggle of yours too, no doubt!" Rogue sips her own drink then, her lips pausing to mutter against the glass' rim. "Though this night has been a fair'a enough apology, for some'a that. I guess."

"Ya guess?" The cajun says with a shocked tone before he shrugs it off and smirks, "You gotta admit it'd be hard t'shoot anythin' else o'yours unless y'was walkin' away." Remy says teasingly from behind his own glass before taking another small sip of it and winking over the rim at Rogue. "An' dhe dangah room was f'r y'own good. D'at ya can' deny, it felt good t'smash some giant killer robots. Non. Non ya can'."

"Ha. ha…" Rogue says back at the man after his big boob joke at her, or was it a big head joke? Remy? It had to be a boob joke. Had to…

With a deep inhale of wonderful bar-air between her lips, Rogue releases it in a heavy sigh and nods her head once toward him. "I'll admit that, it did feel good. But it was a bit overwhelming. I mean ya know that Danger Room already kinda freaks me out. Ya weren't here for it, but last year the damn thing malfunctioned and sent us into an alternate reality that we couldn't get outta until the smart types figured out the problem. Had a whole buncha us stuck in some future where I was married to Magnus and we had a baby together… though the kid was all grown up and looked like a big damn nerd."

Rogue shakes her head right to left and flashes Gambit a little grin. "I told him to go clean up his room when he recognized me as his 'kinda mom'. That part was at least fun."

"How'd you have kids?!" Remy asks, seemingly THAT is the hard part for him to believe. Not the other way around. Remy lowers his drink in surprise, and yet he's still fixed on that one miniscule detail of such an outrageous story and still, that is what he fixates on. Rogue as a damn nerd kid soccer mom.

The Mississippi native shrugs her shoulders inside of her leather bomber jacket (Carol Danvers fashion still inside her head). "I guess he figured out a way t'touch me without it killin' him. I honestly never got a chance t'ask that question as I never got to see either of them up close and personal while we were there. I would'a liked t'ask my other self exactly what I saw in a creepy old lunatic like that enough to go down that kinda shit show of a life choice."

With a sigh, Rogue shakes her head and looks around the bar, toward the stage where the live music was on a slower and quieter song.

"But yeah, the Danger Room is freaky technology and I'm pretty sure its gonna be the death'a me before anything else figures out a way."

"D'at's dhe spirit." Remy says with a nudge of his shoulder against Rogue's arm. Ever the jester. Remy turns and lifts his hand towards the Bartender and calls her over. "Addy. Mah student said she needs as strong a drink as y'can pour." The cajun says with a coy grin to Rogue then he holds up his hand to Addy and blocks Rogue's view of it with his own head. "Quicklah!"

Addy rolls her eyes and walks back towards the couple and then nods with a friendly smile as she reaches behind her towards the middle shelf to grab a bottle of what Rogue was drinking and pours the girl a triple but with the better quality shit. "This will put hair on both of your chests." Then she leans forward and whispers. "Great for friction."

Rogue is looking up and betweenthe two of them then as she hears the man ordering her a stiffer drink? She laughs. "You're gonna get me totally wasted, and on a Sunday?" She grins back at Gambit. "Good thing I don't have class in the mornin, I guess." she was still on a leave of absence from her teaching job at Xavier's, considering returning for a summer course, but still undecided.

Rogue looks to the painted Tender and smiles at her. "You're a good sport." She tells the woman with the fancy hairstyle. "I need t'wear my hair like that sometime. Its fetching and sends a good vibe… Mine would probably look weird with the white though." A problem she often felt when trying to style her hair, the white streaks got her a lot of compliments but sometimes she was sick of them! Sadly dyes wash right out of her ultra-durable hair.

"Good t'in' ya don', cause Ah certainly don' care." Remy smirks before he lifts one leg to slide over a barstool and plants his rear on it as Rogue and Addy begin speaking again.

"Aww, you should do what you'll like. It's just hair, if something goes wrong cut it off. It will grow back." She says with a smile and a surprisingly deep thought process as she slides Rogue her drink from across the smooth bartop. "If it's too hard for you to drink, say something and we'll get you something weaker." Addy says with a promising smile.

Rogue grins as she accepts accepts the drink and glances to Remy and then back to Addy and shakes her head. "If I can pick up a city bus, then I should be able t'down your strongest drink." And the moment of truth comes and Rogue tips the drink back to down the contents in sip-form. Her darkly painted eyelids slide closed and she leans there against the bar for a second or two before she exhales loudly and smacks her lips. "That wasn't so ba—." Rogue coughs then, two quick times while raising her free hand up to place the back of it against her lips, cringe-faced expression on her now when the aftertaste hits her!

Remy bites his bottom lip and has to turn his head away as his shoulders start to twitch up and down as he's doing a bad job stiffling his laughter. "Mon ami." Remy whispers to himself as he gathers his courage up enough to look at the woman he brought to the bar/illegal gambling hall. "Ya sure ya good hon?"

Addy is also smiling, but she's not laughing, no she's starting to turn to reach for another bottle of weaker stuff. She wants this girl to come back. She's a great laugh.

It takes a second before Rogue is nodding her head in response and waving her hand in front of her own face. "Yeah. I'm fine, I just… didn't expect that. It tastes like, I don't know… motor oil once it hit the back'a my throat." Her head is then shook right to left and she uses her left hand to toss her hair back over her shoulder on that side and then the drink is lifted up and she tosses it back, leaning her head back and downing the whole thing… her throat flexing as she takes swig after swig and then sets the glass back down and pushes it toward Addy while her face goes down to the bar where her right forearm is!

Rogue stays there like that for now, fighting through the taste! But when she's through it, she looks back up quickly, her hair flipping across her face requiring her gloved hands to pick at white strands and re-arrange them… "Ahem… not, so bad."


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