Dragon Punching

April 08, 2018:

Fine, there are no dragons punched in this log. But there is much talk about the punching of dragons and some thug punching. And then Owen and Danny discuss Danny's need for a mask and some gear and Owen floats the idea of a job with Rand.

Greenwich Village - NYC

The village in lower Manhattan.


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Mentions: Emery Papsworth, Luke Cage


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Danny Rand has been spending more time than he'd like lately in board rooms. Turns out that being the CEO of a multinational corporation is a full time job. Who'dve thought?

So he's made a point to step away from that role, if only for a few hours. He's in jeans for what feels like the first time in weeks. Lately he's gone from dress pants to sweat pants.

And because some people are just cursed, he finds trouble almost immediately. He came upon a couple of thugs stealing a shipment of booze to a bodega.

One thug is on the ground, out cold and prone next to a smashed bottle of vodka. The ninja CEO is currently engaging three men at once - and actually doing pretty damned well. He moves quickly and precisely, blocking pipes and brass knuckles and returning devastating blows.


In the midst of Owen's life falling apart, he's had the knowledge of a completely separate life being torn away from him dropped into his head. To say that this had left Owen adrift would be an understatement. Almost without meaning to Owen finds himself on the streets of Manhattan. Dressed for the still annoyingly chilly April weather in NYC in his motorcycle jacket and blue beanie hat.

Working his way through his second pack of cigarettes that day, he decides it's time for another drink. But not like a polite drink at a bar, no no, more like a 40 oz bottle of malt liquor from the bodega. It's around here somewhere. Oh there it is by those three punks trying to murder that curly headed dude that is surprising not a stain on the pavement.

Slowly Owen's brain catches up to what is happening and realizes it means one thing. "I get to punch something!" And with that realization fresh in his mind and slow smile starting to creep across his previously blank shell shocked face, he makes his way into the fray.

Spinning the man with the brass knuckles towards him with his left hand, only to land a heavy hay maker with his right hand on the man's jaw.

"I don't know who the hell any of you are but I really appreciate your punchable faces."


Danny executes a wall walk and uses the momentum to slam downward to punch one of the thugs. He hits with enough force that the dude spins a little before he bounces his face off the ground, knocking a few teeth loose in the process. Another guy charges at him wielding a lead pipe and gets a foot in the solar plexus for his trouble which sends him staggering back and wheezing for air.

Danny turns, aware that there's another. He does so in time to watch Mr. Brass Knuckles' head snap back. He winces, blinks, then looks to the owner of that haymaker. "Oh, hey! What's up, man?" he says cheerfully, just as Mr. Lead Pipe charges at him again. He grabs the man's wrist and slams a knee up at just the right spot to make his hand open.


Looking to take a crack at the next guy, Owen blinks and tilts his head as the guy dressed in normal everyday attire runs up a wall and smashes the thug down. Owen's confusion only deepens when Danny recognizes him and though it takes Owen a few seconds longer than it should he realizes who it is.


The confusion is all that stops Owen from launching the knife in his hand at the man with the metal pipe. Which is probably for the best, considering he wasn't really expecting the movements of Danny and could have hit him instead. The pipe doesn't even hit the ground though. In a blur it's snatched and then used unceremoniously to whack the guys head hard enough to knock him out.

"So your gym workouts in the basement seem to be paying off."

Owen's well aware that a couple kung fu classes and a basement gym did not produce the moves he just saw, but it's kind of funny to act like it did.


"Huh? Oh, uh, well…" Danny is momentarily distracted by the guy who is now short a few teeth running off down the road while holding his bleeding mouth. "I was…y'know, just…out for a walk?" Even he knows that's a really bad excuse. The first guy he knocked out is starting to moan and come to. There's a wail of sirens off in the distance. "Um. Maaybe we should talk somewhere else?" Else the headlines are gonna be real interesting tomorrow morning.


Hearing the sirens coming Owen is already twitchy enough. With his record he prefers to avoid any and all law enforcement, even when he's not particularly in the wrong.

"Yea. I have a feeling Emery would blame me somehow if you get questioned by the po-po."

Is Emery the butler or the guardian? Kind of both let's be honest. Owen makes a running leap and is up on a dumpster and then swinging his way up onto the fire escape. He's no urban ninja, but a couple cheats of speed and years of running from the cops can do wonders. He makes his way up to the roof and checks to make sure Rand makes it up in time as well, though of course he need not have worried. Rand is nowhere to be seen below now…


"I promise I didn't come out looking for trouble," says Danny from just behind Owen. He's rubbing his hands together to get a little bit of soot from whatever he climbed up on off. Hard to say how he managed to beat Owen. He doesn't look winded either from the fight or the climb. "I just went for a walk and these guys were robbing the bodgea."


"Wha?" Owen turns confused to find Danny behind him. But.. he's not a speedster? Is he? Oh goodness is Owen related to him too? … No. No there was no Rand in the other world. Other world really needs a better name. Stupid Place. … Fantasy Land? Whatever. He'll tell Tony all about it and they can have a name off. Focus Mercer.

"Ha! Well yer not gonna get a lecture from me about starting or ending fights Rand. Though I'm gonna guess that's not exactly yer first. You were kicking the shit outta four guys." It's not a question or an accusation, just a statement of fact and insinuation that most people would be on the pavement or in the morgue after trying to tangle with that crew. Especially those among the very small group of semi-derpy billionaire CEOs who live in giant mansions.

"You do that often? Go for a walk and stop a robery?"


And for all that, Danny seems relatively unscathed. If any of the thugs landed a punch, there's no sign of it. He creeps over to the edge of the building and peers down at the police cruiser that's pulled up. "More often than I'd like," he says with a lopsided grin. "I'm not surprised that you're a fighter. I mean, most've Luke's friends are."


"Yea. In case Luke or Emery didn't mention it. I was .." He trails off for a bit and then corrects himself. "I'm Captain Boomerang. Used to be a not so good guy. I'm … working on that part." And he is! He's making decisions. He's changing direction. He's … going to fail a whole lot cause it's Owen but still there is a direction at least.

"And neither of them mentioned you might want a mask to cover that Forbes magazine cover boy face of yours?" The light taunting is in good fun. And Owen likes Danny, not only because he lets him crash at his mansion unannounced but more importantly because both Emery and Luke like him and that means a lot in Owen's book.


Danny may have a glowy fist and be supremely talented martial artist, but his real superpower is that people have a darned hard time hating him. It's the earnestness, probably.

"Captain…?" he headtilts. "Oh. Is that like, a real title, or is it one of those superhero nicknames?" As for the mask? He pinks a little. "Ah uh, yeah. I was wearing a baklava," balaclava, "…but then it got too warm." He mimes covering up his face.


The smile that creeps across Owen's face as Danny seems to struggle with the concept of what a Captain Boomerang is spreads slowly into a grin. He lights a cigarette and offers the pack to Danny. He nods his head a little and says "Yea. It's my super identity. The hero part … eh." He gives a shrug and lets that ambiguity hang.

"But yea.. I have a mask prototype. It's decent at electronic surveillance, but I'm still tweakin' it. Oh!" Here Owen realizes that Danny doesn't know anything about his secret life. And Owen is extremely forthcoming, particularly to the hero set. They rarely use this type of thing against you. And the villains tend to just find out before you tell them anyway. "I build shit. Tech stuff, usually for me but lately…" Ever since Stark let him have a space to work he's been branching out a bit to do more for more people. "I could get something working for you. If you want? It'd probably have to cover the hair though… it's kind of hard to miss."


Danny isn't really that slow. It's more that his face is so open that you can see him puzzling things out and can very nearly hear the gears clicking into place. He also gets this really pensive look that can easily be interpreted as him not really understanding. He gives Owen a lot of said looks as he lays things out. He waves away the offer of a cigarette. "I just um, smoke the herbal kind." 'Herbal.'

"Well, um, I'm the Immortal Iron Fist." As long as they're sharing. "I plunged my fist into the molten heart of the dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying." He can almost hear everyone who knows screaming at him to shut up. But hey, Owen shared first!

He looks more enthusiastic at the talk of tech. "Hey! Yeah. That'd be great. I mean, I had something for wintertime but it's too hot now. And yeah, I keep forgetting that people know who I am." Because of course he does.


It's not specific to Danny to have a strange reaction to the name Captain Boomerang. It's a very specific kind of doofy. And more and more Owen has been embracing the moniker, Captain and all.

As Danny reciprocates though Owen's face goes through a wide array of emotions from confusion to intrigue to surprise.

"You punched a fuckin' dragon in it's heart?! How do you not just tell everyone that? Like, " Here Owen slips into a Danny impression that is surprisingly quite good considering how little time they've spent together "Shut up Linda. I punched a dragon in it's molten heart. Have you? I didn't think so." Owen breaks character to laugh and then add, "But that's probably because you're a good dude, and I'm terrible person."

Done laughing, Owen turns back to slightly more serious matters. "Yea. I'm working on stuff at Stark labs now. Stark… just let's me tool around on shit. I have a black version I've been field testing…" Field testing, ie breaking into places and doing various criminal activities while trying to not be caught by Bat types in Gotham. "Any color preference?"


"No, his heart was in an urn. But I did fight him." Danny takes a deep breath and exhales it in a defeatest way. He's just accepted that it's really hard to explain to anyone how he got his powers. He slow blinks. "Do I uh, do I really sound like that?" Except it's hard to imagine him telling anyone to shut up.

"I uh, I like green and yellow? And…" He unzips his hoodie. It might give Owen pause, until it becomes clear that he's revealing the black tattoo of a dragon on his chest. It looks freshly inked, even though it isn't. "I guess uh, this could be my symbol thing?"


"Yea, I wouldn't specify about the urn. Punching a dragon in the heart is way cooler. Just leave that bit out. Who's gonna fact check yer dragon punching? " Owen isn't great at sticking to facts anyway, they just get in the way usually.

"Yellow and green. Subtle." He starts thinking of how he would even approach that. Granted his 'uniform' is usually blue and black and his unofficial uniform for sneaking around is all black so he doesn't usually think about such things. "I-.." And then Danny is unzipping his hoodie. This just took a very weird turn. Oh, it's a tattoo. That's a little less odd. Still weird.

"Sure. I mean a fist would be a little too on the nose. And this way you can constantly remind people that you punched a dragon in the heart." yes, Owen is willfully ignoring those pesky facts.


Danny tugs his shirt back down and tucks it in, then zips up his hoodie with a shiver. That was dumb, yeah. And kind of weird. But they were in full-on share mode. He looks a little…embarrassed that Owen is impressed by dragon heart punching. He's been told by pretty much everyone since he came back that he shouldn't go around telling people stuff like that. But goddamnit, he punched a dragon. Owen gets it! "I've been told I should share less."


[Piotr Rasputin returns to OOC Land.]


Owen is used to far more weird interactions with people. Seriously, most villains have no sense of privacy, modesty or personal space. It gets way weirder than that.

"Yea? That.. is probably good advice. But fuck good advice. I wouldn't shut up about it. I'd be like yelling out 'Ninty-nine Dragon Punch' when I hit people in the face or something." Fine, maybe Owen just has a love of kind of cheesy kung fu flicks. But he also supports punching mythical animals as a rule. Harpies. Dragons. Unicorns. Abraham Lincoln.

"You got any actual gear though? I mean a mask is a good start. You bullet proof? Or should we think about that in case you go up against more than some brass knuckles and a pipe?"


"No, not bulletproof," saysd Danny with a bit of a doofy grin (does he have any other kind?) "I'm pretty tough, though. And I can heal. But I can still get shot." He rubs a spot on his arm unconsciously where a bullet grazed him. "It's been a hard lesson to learn being back here. Thugs have guns." And that's no damned fun! Can't get a good fight in with a guy with a gun. He also shakes his head when it comes to the question of gear. "I thought it would be suspicious if anything other than training gear came up on my credit card." Because he's got someone managing that. Because ridiculously rich.


"Good." It comes out a little too fast. But really Owen would be a little annoyed if he were a super rich, dragon punching, bullet proof hero. He ammends that to say, "I mean, I can help. Some body armor or something to help. Super light though, so you can still run up walls or shoryuken or whatever." Yes, a lot of Owen's marial arts knowledge comes from Street Fighter as well.

Owen looks a little confused about the part where thugs /here/ have guns. That is a universal truth, in both universes that Owen is familiar with anyway. But then Danny brings up the part about not wanting to buy things. He half frowns, cigarette between his lips, thinking about that.

"So hire me. Call me your personal trainer or something." Yes, your heavy drinking, chain smoking personal trainer who is fit but not exactly a mountain of muscle. "And I'll build your stuff and invoice you for workout gear." Because Owen knows a thing or two about faking paperwork and misusing funds, it's just usually without the CEO's knowledge.

Also of note, Owen has no problem telling Danny to hire him instead of asking like a normal person might.


Danny Rand has sort of become the CEO who surrounds him with a few people he trusts and then just signing anything they put in front of him. That's a dangerous move, really, but the alternative is him trying to figure out what the hell is happening, and that would be a serious challenge.

He nods slowly and considers that. "That could work." Other creative accounting is already at work elsewhere to help fund a few Defenders-related initiatives, not to mention purchasing the former site of Luke's bar. Ironic that he's been so busy lately cracking down on creative accounting in other areas of his company. Then, seriously, he adds, "We'll have to tell Emery though."


The proposition for a job would solve one of Owen's more immediate problems. Namely that he has decided to blow up his main income stream now that he is all trying to "do the right thing", whatever that means. So if he can luck his way into a new one, at least something until Luke can hopefully re-open? Maybe?

"Nice. And yea.. I gotta have a conversation with Emery too. I need his help on a different project." Project. That sound much better than helping Owen kick his resurgent heroin addiction. But Emery already offered and Owen is ready to give it a shot.

"Actually the reminds me. I was on my way somewhere. Emery has my contact details. If you want me to go through him to get hired, that works too." Is a butler the same as a personal assistant? How does being rich work?


"Emery would know how to set things up," says Danny. Which isn't so much a preference as 'just how things work.' For whatever reason, the Irishman has ended up his quasi-protector, which is interesting for a guy who can quite literally punch through walls. It kind of means his position is less well-defined than it might otherwise be.

"We should talk though. About a suit. I mean, I'm used to fighting in loose robes. I don't want to be, you know…" he mimes bulk. "Like Daredevil. He has a lot of armor. But his style of fighting is more boxer-like, so he's actually meant to take hits strategically. My thing is I try to avoid that." Which said by someone else would sound like a criticism. From him, it just sounds like a semi-awkward statement of fact.


Stepping back towards the edge of the roof Owen nods. Yes, he should call Emery. Especially so that it's clear this isn't a scam. Not that Emery would assume that, buuuut, it wouldn't be the worst assumption.

"Sure. Yea.. I haven't seen his. But light for the most part, just a little more bullet resistant than robes. Or hoodies."

See? This? This is better. This already feels like he's making a move towards something more positive. But he needs to get to that NA meeting. He might be making steps but there's plenty of work ahead.

"I'll be in touch Rand. And who knows maybe you can teach me the best way to punch a dragon some time." Why does everyone else get to punch dragons? Luke, Danny … okay fine maybe not everyone. With that thought Owen does a small wave and hops off to a different route, to make his way down away from the cops still on the scene.

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