Wakey Wakey - Cutscene - Owen's HoM End

April 07, 2018:

The Owen Mercer of this world "wakes up" from the dream life of House of M, his memory of the other world in tact. There is much revelation not just about who he was there, but who he is period. His mother. His family. And what could be.

Gotham Arms

Owen's spartan studio apartment in the Gotham Arms


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Danielle Moonstar, Harley Quinn, Bart Allen, Red Robin, Taskmaster, Amanda Waller


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

How do you wake up when you are already awake?

It's a disoreintating feeling to say the least when Owen standing in the middle of his sparse Gotham Arms apartment suddenly comes to. It's similar in feeling to having a telepath show you something, an unlocking of a door in your mind that suddenly bursts forth with information. Images, sounds, feelings … memories? The sensation is at first too much for Owen to even process and he assumes it is some sort of telepathic attack. Struggling to get his bearings and desperate to find out what is happening Owen lurches to the window and out onto the fire escape. He wants to get out of the apartment as if it's the source of the attack, or maybe it's just a desire for fresh air. Maybe it's more of a primative flight response.

Regardless of what compels him, he can't even light a cigarette out on the fire escape before his mind has almost caught up to understand what is happening. These images are in fact memories, but memories of a different life. A different world. Memories of Owen Mercer, Agent of SHIELD, sober responsible adult.

"What the /fuck/?!?!" Owen yells into the Gotham night air as his mind catches up to remember.

There is of course all the differences to process. The fact that in that world he was a highly regarded SHIELD agent tasked with protecting the royal family. He was raised by loving parents, that he knew, but somehow in the future? He was in love with Danielle Moonstar… Oh goodness. That's /different/.

But even more concerning are the parts that aren't unique to that world. He has known for a few years now that his father was George "Digger" Harkness, but never knew the identity of his mother. Until now.

As if afraid that these new found memories and the information about his life that they bring will vanish as quickly as they came he pulls out his phone and starts a voice note to get his thoughts down.

"My name is Owen Mercer. I was born in the thirtieth century. I'm the only son of Digger Harkness and Meloni Thawne." Shit. That's the woman he saw in the vision at Zoom's. Thawne?! Focus Mercer. "But not her only son. I have a half-brother.." Saying it outloud in this world sends his head spinning. "Bart. Mini fucking Flash is my half brother…"

It's at that moment in this awakening that the dichotomy of his two lives really hits home. Leaning over the railing Owen empties his stomach and drops his cigarette down to the thankfully empty alley below. It is not in anyway a reflection on Bart or the revelation that they're related that causes the sudden bout of nausea. Owen's always had a weak stomach, regardless of world. Guess it's nice that some things don't change? Kind of.

Composing himself he picks up the phone again and stares at it. Colliding thoughts fight for attention as he tries to make sense of what does he do now?

"I need to find Dani-" The sentiment comes so naturally that it takes him a second to realize how hilarious and weird it is in this world. He breaks out in a loud almost unhinged laugh.

"Harley. I should.." Right, maybe talk to your actual girlfriend. Except .. "I should tell her the truth." Oh boy that's a different tactic for this Owen. Especially considering the truth is that he's been spying on her for Amanda Waller for nearly 6 months now. And after finding out about her and Taskmaster's past he went and did something stupid out of … jealousy? Revenge?

He sighs. "No. I fucked around on her because I'm an asshole." The ease with which he's able to admit that out loud almost startles him. And then it's like he's opened some tap of self-awareness that apparently you can just turn on. "I'm back on heroin, slipping back into hood shit and double crossing my team." And then his face darkens as a different memory comes back. A recent one from this life.

It's much less easy to admit this part, there is no clear loud voice declaring the truth this time. No, now Owen lights another cigarette and grumbles to himself. "God damn Roy Rogers …" by which of course he means Red Robin ".. I can do better."

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