There She Blows...

April 08, 2018:

A bad day brings help through a wind storm.

Midtown, NYC

Midtown, on the roof of a dormitory at the Academy of Dramatic Arts.


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Fade In…

"Oh my gosh! Mike Anderson wants to ask you out tonight! Are you going to say yes? You totally should go!" The words on the screen from a friend pierced through the flesh of new Elemental to her very soul. There was no way she could say yes. Not right now. Not anytime soon. Not with the changes that have already begun to spin her world in all different directions. Quietly Paige responds to her friend. Tears filling her eyes and her butterfly like wings droop, as the room begins to get rather breezy. "I am not interested in a relationship right now. My lifes messed up…" She quickly erases those words. "I have a lot going on and I don't have time for a relationship." Its as good a bullshit response as any. She turns off her phone. Climbing out her window, she uses the fire escape to make her way up to the roof.

There, she breaks down and cries. Tears streak her face as she sits against a ventilation system and brings her knees to her chest. A wind storm whips up. Its definitely more powerful then the last one. Trees are shaking hard. debris is whipping around. Its as though there is a trouble storm in the area but, no rain, thunder or lightning. Just the rushing winds. As the girl loses control of her emotions she begins looking less human and more like a cloud with a human shape and tints of color. One that fades in and out.

"And now, why would you go cry like that?" An irish accent seems to float through the wind with a soft, musical lilt. If Sylph looks up she'll see a woman in a pair of jeans and a soft blouse seeming to simply stand in the whipping wind as if it weren't even a thing. Her blouse moves a little and her hair whips about but the woman seems largely unaffected. She simply smiles as she stands there watching Paige and tilting her head, "A wee lass such as yourself, all a fluster."

The truth of it is that Vivienne had been passing by with all the others down below. Having just enjoyed a bit of tea and a delicious donut from one of those all night shops. She had felt the young elemental but also felt the girl. Her unique senses causing her to be able to parse the essence of both. A moment later, she had removed her shoes and simply walked up the side of the building after using a bit of druidic magic to adjust a few things.

Now, standing before Paige, she tilts her head softly, "I'm Dr. Vivienne Tulloch. What seems to be the problem, lass? Your heart and soul are both in tatters."
Hyperion hears the tears coming from Paige, and it actually sounds like a -voosh- cut through the air, before if either lady were to simply look up, they would see Hyperion looking at them with a worried look on his face. "Don't be alarmed." He eventually comes down to about just an inch above the ground, the softest smile on the face of Hyperion as he looks at Paige.

"Why do you cry?" Just by using his x-ray vision, he can see that she's not your average person, so what does he di? he simply plays it cool. He shows her concern, just being himself. "You can talk to us. My name is Hyperion."

Like…Greek Titan Hyperion? No?

Oh, superhero Hyperion. Nice.

Paige Wallace blinks and looks up. She doesn't get startled this time. When you cause chaos with the air, you are likely to draw some attention. She looks at Vivienne and frowns. "Its a long story." Her violet and cyan wings just seem to drape over her, not really being fazed by the wind so much.

Then there is another person who appears. Hyperion. She looks to him and then to Vivienne. "I am so sorry for this. I didn't mean to cause trouble." Carefully she pulls herself together. As she does she at least resolidifies herself, looking much more like a winged girl.

The sylph girl looks up to the two and begins, "Last night someone tries to kill me. A goddess pulled me out of the way of what would have turned me to stone. She blessed me with… With all of this!"

A look over at Hyperion and tehn Vivienne lets out a soft hmm, "I know of only one Hyperion and you look nothin' like him. Though I suppose I had heard there was someone flyin' about usin' his name." She chuckles and nods her head, "Well met, Hyperion." She then looks over at the girl and looks her over, "Aye and what a blessin' it is. You're more a part of Gaea's plan than you ever were before. Is that not somethin' to be excited about?" She hmms and tilts her head.

Hyperion smiles softly then to Vivienne. "I know the legend." he says then, with a smal bow of his head to Vivienne in greeting, before he looks back to Piage. Though the exchange between the two ladies causes a brow to rise just a little. "Okay, Gaea?" he asks then before his eyes fall back onto Paige.

"Hey…" he looks her in the eyes then. "There's no reason to apologize. You were saddened by something. It's okay to let emotions out." he advises her with that beautiful smile of his. "It's okay. We're here for you."

Paige Wallace looks at Vivienne, "I suppose you are right. Its just… I don't know how to control this yet. The goddess Anu saved me and changed me. Apparently the guy who tried to kill me… I'm supposed to deal with him but I can't even control myself yet. On top of this… I don't know how to hide this…" She gestures backward and her wings raise, "…from anyone. Its sorta messed up you know?"

She looks at Hyperion and frowns, "Gaea is the spirit of the Earth." She sighs, "And I can't let it out like this. If I do, I'm going to hurt someone. All that wind, it was my doing and it was a lot stronger today then it was yesterday."

A small chuckle and she gestures to Paige, "As the girl says. And don't dismiss legends so readily. After all, you're a flyin' man." She nods her head to Hyperion before looking over to Paige and walking closer, slowly. She peers at the girl, "And that's all part of growin', lass." She nods her head as she looks over Paige before sayin', "Growin' frustrated is no growth at all. We are here to learn and to grow and nothin' more." She chuckles and looks over to Hyperion before looking back to Paige, "And look at what has been brought to ye in but a day. Two people, more than willin' to help."
Hyperion chuckles softly then, lisfting his hands defensively. "Ah, I see. Well now I know, don't I?" he gives a kind smile to both females, before he nods a moment. "I see. It's alright. this is how-" then Vivienne manages to take it away pretty easily. yeah, it's how we grow. Either way, his eyes fall right on her, a kind smile as he nods in agreement with Vivienne.

"ask and you will receive." he nods then, before he shrugs softly. "You can talk to us. We'll help you control your gifts, if you wish."

Paige Wallace looks between Vivienne and Hyperion. She's excited at the prospects for help but where to start. "It isn't the fact that everything is so different now well partially it is." She makes a little face. "Umm… A guy wanted to ask me out tonight. I can't exactly hide my wings. I can lie about them but… the second anyone touches them the secrets out. I don't mind my abilities but it feels like I lost my old life. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I mean… I have these abilities now but, should I just hide them and go back to my old life as best I can or… should I do something more? I mean I could possibly help people now right?"

Laughing a little, she looks to Hyperion with a smile before saying, "Lass…your old life is as over as it was yesterday…the day before that…and the day before that." She pauses between each, waving her hand a little in the air with each pause, "When you wake up tomorrow, your old life will be over again. Every day is a new life and every yesterday an old one. Because this one is far more different than the day before doesn't change the fact that you are always shedding away your past to pursue your future. To do any different is to stagnate."

She then takes a breath in and lets it out, "What if I were to help ya hide them away? Perhaps give ya somethin' that'd offer a wee bit of camouflage till you can figure things out for yourself? Would that suffice? You surely can help more than before but don't give up on bein' yourself just because you went and got wings." She chuckles softly.

Hyperion looks between the two of them with a soft smile, though Paige gets a sympathetic look at her worry and pain about her life, he knows the feeling too well. he looks as if he is about to speak when Vivienne once again shows him that she's got this down! Well played.

"You should listen to her." he advises then, though he keeps back and lets the ladies discuss this amongst themselves, his ears ever hearing for any sign of threat or danger in the city.

Paige Wallace looks at Vivienne and then Hyperion and then back. "I just.. I always wanted to be an actress. I never thought I would be some kind of air elemental. I didn't ask for that or anything. It is kinda cool I guess." She takes a deep breath and the air shifts, going from being windy to calm, just as she is calming down.

The young girl takes a deep breath and looks around some more. "I would really like your help. I think if I can really learn to use my abilities, I will be able to make them invisible or at least make them Airy. Like this…" She closes her eyes and her body becomes a little cloudy. "When I'm like this… Things go through me. Like… A friend literally fell right through my body. I didn't feel a thing." She resolidifies and then vanishes from sight. "Then there is this. Its really weird. I think I am definitely a sylph…"

Looking at the girl, Vivienne reaches into her pocket and pulls up a simple pebble. She whispers something in gaelic at the pebble before she offers it over to Paige, "This is not permanent lass." She nods her head to it, "But if you keep it on ya, it should offer a bit of camouflage for the wings. I cannea do anythin' for ye powers. Just gotta learn to keep calm."

She then looks over at Hyperion with a grin, "You are a credit to this city. Bein' a type to stop even for a cryin' lass." She winks at him before she then offers a card over to Paige, "Give me a call later. We can set somethin' up and I'll help ya as I can." She then turns to start walking back to the edge of the roof.

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