The Wedding. The End.

April 07, 2018:

It is the day of the victory celebration. Genosha is united. Magneto has won. Lorna Dane and Marcus Diaz are marrying… and some people doesn't believe in happy endings. The Wedding is crashed the worst way.

Magda Square. Hammer Bay. Genosha


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Fade In…

It is a sunny autumn day in Genosha (and the weather is guaranteed to be sunny, by government decree) and downtown Hammer Bay has not looked this good in years. Three days of celebrations for the victory and the peace. But the first day is perhaps the most important one, as the daughter of Magneto is getting married.

No, Magneto is not the king. And he has promised free elections in a couple months. But there is no doubt he is de-facto the king, and so Lorna Dana is the royal princess. Symbols are important and Genosha was colonized by the British. 20 years ago they were part of the Commonwealth.

The morning has been solemn, which speeches about sacrifice and the fallen, and the unveiling of statues of martyrs and heroes. But now the population is gathering around Magda Square, in front of the Spire, where the wedding ceremony is going to take place. Although the space reserved for the guests (over a thousand of them) has been walled off and Acolytes and Magistrates keep watch, there are celebrations going all over the city.

Rationing for most foodstuffs has been lifted already for a week. Every mutate and mutant has a place to live, with running water and power all the day. So do a few thousands of humans that were members of the Resistance. Refugees… yes, those still exist, but not in Hammer Bay. Most humans are no longer accepted in downtown Hammer Bay.

Not many among the mutates miss them.

Magneto is not wearing his armor for once, instead he wears what looks like a dress uniform. Black and with a red sash. This is also the first time most Genoshans see him without the armor and the Corinthian helmet. Another powerful sign they are at peace at last.

All day Lorna had been modestly dressed in more formal attire, given speeches, been present for each and every memorial ceremony and dedication. She walked with the mutates and spoke to them. Held a child at the hospital as they were interviewed by some international media. She knew the point of the day, and knew her role in it and took it very seriously. She didn't freeze up at the first speech of the day, nor did she bat an eye at the fast paced movement from one point to another.

But by afternoon, she was tired. Her feet hurt.. but more over she looked as if she were in the middle of very nearly having a panic attack before she was meant to walk out into Magda square. (Where was her mother's name represented?)

The music was playing as guests filed out into the floral air. Roses had been grown and decorated all over the place for her wedding, not that she had requested it. Rather someone had found out she liked them and suddenly there were everywhere. Lorna was beginning to learn that people took everything she said to heart.

The wedding gown she wore was loose fitting, a combination of what Darcy had helped her pick out and what the Cuckoos had 'edited'. Despite the pomp of the day, her dress was simple. It lacked frills, lace, or glitz. It was a plain white fabric, loose fitting and gauzy to fight the heat of Genosha's sun. It was styled in an almost Roman or Greek Chiton fashion.

Pinned at the shoulders by steel clasps, with a decorative rope of metal around her bust line. The neckline dipped, but not half as much as the low back, which dropped into a long train behind her. Her veils were where most of the frills were, and by that.. it was more Genoshan grown roses. A coronet of the snugged tightly in green locks and she grimaced as she reached up to adjust them again, for the twenty-second time.

Oddly enough the only jewelery besides her engagement band (of magnetic metals) was a black choker with a cameo pendant.

Not the most fancy of wedding ensembles for a 'Princess'.

It was the day.

It was -THE- day.

It took about four delays, but it's finally happening! The marriage of Marcos Diaz and Lorna Dane. Throughout the morning Marcos was pacing the floor and getting hyped for the day, then he went out to start helping to build more homes, receiving a good deal of the early congrats and so forth. That said, by the time he was finished with his activities, he cane down to the venue…and Ho. Lee. Shit.

He saw the masses that are going to be present for all of this, and so Marcos was nervous…so nervous he actually wrote his vows down, for he was scared that he'd be so nervous that he would forget them. Though….now it was time to get ready.

He was with the grooms and best man, making sure his tuxedo was perfect and ready to go. It was definitely up to Genoshan standard. Blame Magneto. The suit jacket was long, about to his knees with a sash around the middle. He fixed it about 30 times juuuust to get it right. He made sure his hair was okay, that he wore -his- necklace, and some other small jewelry items like a silve watch.

After straightening out his tie, he turned his head to the gents around him. "Okay…how do I look?"

It was the -big- day after all!

Nate promised to Lorna he would be at her wedding, but in truth he seems to lack the cheer due to the occasion. Probably because he still can't get over the fact Magneto had won. He can't consider it a victory for mutants, quite the opposite. He is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Also, he was told to wear a tux. It all piles up to foul his mood.

Since he can't go punch Magneto he is hanging out in a corner with the others non-fans of Magneto present. In the corner with the free bar, that is.

Some might say that inviting the demon queen of a hell dimension to a wedding would be in poor taste, if not actually inimical to the idea of living happily ever after. But somehow Illyana got an invite anyway. While she might have been suspiciously absent for a lot of the pre-wedding bridesmaid duties, she's here for the main event itself.

She's not even wearing black.

Instead, Illyana's attired in a floor-length sky blue dress that's light enough to be appropriate for the climate, and she doesn't seem remotely uncomfortable in it.

She is, of course, keeping a surreptitious eye on Lorna, and when the Princess messes with her veil Illyana steps smoothly into her eyeline, smirks, and raises first one of her hands in front of herself and then gives it a mock slap with her other. Stop messing with your outfit, Lorna.

For her part, Monet always likes to make sure people pay attention to her. Yes, it is definitely Lorna's day so she's compromised. She's wearing her own tuxedo, cut to accentuate curves a bit and loose at the ankles for movement. The color of the tux is sky blue, much like the dresses of the bridesmaids. She, after all, wouldn't want her in a dress to draw too much attention.

Even now, she is standing near to Lorna and Illyana, prepared to do her part in being a bridesmaid for Lorna. Ya know, just one dressed in a tux. What a compromise!

The Cuckoos are in matching gowns with perfectly coifed blonde hair in ringlets that falls in waves across their shoulders like someone wove it from sunshine. Each has a flower tucked just above their right ear that helps to bring out the vivid azure blue of their eyes and an expression that fuses joy and wonder. In short, in a normal gathering these five girls would be the focus of attention. Unlike Monet, they didn't even step a toe out of line to accomplish it. Coming in quintuplicate does have that effect, however.

Logan been expected to attend Lorna's and Marcos’ wedding as a groomsman was all very sudden. One minute he was picking a fight with Bruce Banner, then Scott, and before he knew it Scott was out, and he was in. Not that Logan minded, he had grown fond of Lorna since his time in this universe. It was just the fact that he was not very fond of weddings. But who could blame Logan for that? Most of Logan's wives and long time partners had met with a grizzly and violent end.

Still here he was dressed up in a tux. The heat of Genosha didn't bother him too much, even in a tux. He was rather good adapting to different climates, even if he was better with colder temperatures.

Logan looked at the crowd of smiling faces, as he stood next to Nate. He didn't like it. Not because he gets nervous in front of a crowd mind you. No, Logan didn't like the huge crowd, because even he would find it difficult to see, or smell, any potential threat in the crowd. He did not like it one bit. Nevertheless, to all those who would look at him (and why would they?) he looked calm, and happy.

A few minutes are given for all the guests plus the news reporters to enter the weeding area. Then the ushers move among the crowd, guiding the people to the seating areas. Even those that are working on emptying the bar.

It is then the time for Marcos and the priest (who looks suspiciously like Jamie Madrox) to the front. They are followed by Magneto, but Magneto takes a seat by the front row.

Then comes the time for the Bridesmaids and Groomsman walk down aisle. Which means some ushers go to hunt them down discreetly. Like herding cats.

Lois was here in an official capacity. Why not? She was at the halfway point in between where she first started, to London, on her way back to the states. Covering a wedding? It's quite possibly the best story she's landed this year. But if she was attending as a reporter for the Daily Planet, she had to follow the rule of thumb of a guest and be dressed to the nines (but never, ever to outshine the bride. EVER.)

For a simple modest pearlish pink colored dress she wore, her hair tucked into a curly ponytail. Flat black shoes upon her feet so that the soles don't hurt the 'soul'. Clutch hung cross body about her, and a rather small foldable paper and pen tucked beneath her arm. A thick black strap hung about her neck, which remains attached to one of those expensive, real-time looking cameras for pictures. Sure she cues and clues up. Snapping here and there. Making sure she doesn't block the view of the bride and groom from the guests.

Ignore her. Lois is just doing what she loves.

Lorna glanced at her bridemaids, specifically Illyana as the woman made a gesture for her to stop fidgeting with the veils. "What? They're itchy." She muttered, and picked up the boquet of roses wrapped in white once more. It was hot, and the crowds outside made everything so much worse. Sea-side, tropical weddings (fall of said tropical island or not), it was still too damn hot in the room where Lorna and the bridesmaids waited for their turns to walk out and down the aisle.

The wedding was being broadcasted all over, and that knowledge would stress anyone.

"Go get ready to walk, I'm fine." She murmured to all her bridesmaids. It seemed a bit silly how much easier it was to track down willing bridesmaids rather than groomsmen.

It was time!

Oh man oh man it was time. Okay Marcos, you got this. Those thoughts ran through his head on an endless loop, he was nervous…terrified even, but eventually, he just took the deepest breath and when he was going to walk out with the Priest and Magneto, he actually bowed softly to the latter, showing respect to the father of the bride, before he made his walk. No doubt camera's flashed at him as this was the biggest event in Genosha since that whole rebellion jazz.

Wait a second..that priest looks a helluva lot like- No, nah, can't be.

He takes his position at the altar, hands clasped in front of him with his back turned to the walkway, taking a deep breath before he angles himself just slightly so he could see who was coming down. He smiles as he sees Nate and Logan walk up and move to his side, with Logan being the best man (sorry Nate).

A few deep breaths from Marcos now.

"You'll live." Illyana the Implacable tells Lorna, undeterred by either sulky muttering or the small fact that it's Lorna's big day. The bride does get a blink-and-you'll miss it grin from the only blonde bridesmaid that doesn't match, though. "Besides, I'm helping. You'll never hear the end of it if it's askew in the photos." Illyana makes it sound like she's doing Lorna a favour, but she can't keep the teasing edge out of her voice.

If it were anyone else, people might think she'd finally been caught up in the wedding excitement.

Illyana sketches a deeply ironic curtsey when Lorna dismisses them, and isn't able to resist a last, "If you mess with it again, I'll know." Before she goes to take her place for the ceremony.

In truth Nate had been told the steps of the ceremony. He just thought he could avoid them. But no, Magneto's secret police/the ushers are on him. "You are the best man, seriously?" He asks rhetorically to Logan. Oh well, at least the ladies look great. Contrarily to the grumpy groomsmen. Nate has this long-suffering look. Terrible poker face.

But when he turns to glare to Magneto, the older man is gone.

Because he is going to be the one to walk Lorna down the aisle. Damn him.

"Illyana's right, you know," one of the Cuckoos murmurs as she passes on Lorna's left.

"Everything needs to be perfect," a second adds as she moves up on the right.

"You're the one who said that," the other three chime in in unison. Then they flash Illyana a positively incandescent smile as they settle into their places.

"Okay, last check, ladies. What else needs to be done?" Presumably that's Sophie, given she's more or less the Cuckoos' leader by default. "I can direct the staff so there isn't a disruption."

And here she was all about trying to make sure that she wasn't the center of attention and they go and make her maid of honor. Now as she walks out, she doesn't even mind doing so with her tuxedo on. She waits for the bride's maids to walk down to their places and then she steps out and walks alone down to the altar as per her proper place. She settles into her spot and takes a sharp breath before letting it out slowly.

She glances across to Marcos, then Logan, and finally Nate before looking back the way she came. Her eyes going that way as she waits for the ring bearer and flower girl to come down. Of course, the star of the show, so to speak, will be last as she simply stands and waits.

The first of the wedding party is out. Lois was in the proper space and not behind what looks to be a glittery fairy wing. She didn't have to duck beneath a really tall mutant with incredibly long legs, toes and fingers, nor she didn't have to walk through a flaming pit to get there. There wasn't an obsessive amount of pictures taken. Only one or two, which could possibly be filler to ship to the bride if she manages to sleuth an address from the masses.

Logan shrugs, "What can I say, older mutant with the huge metal claws still beats younger mutant who is 70s punk rock star wannabe." He grins, "Besides, Marcos wanted to borrow my motorcycle." He then turns his attention to women coming down the aisle, they did look beautiful. "Anyway, keep alert, we don't want anything ruining the wedding."

"I am from the 90s, old wolf," grumbles Nate. Also half drunk. But it would be suicidal to attack this wedding. There are hundreds of powerful mutants around. Most of the X-Men are in attendance. Still, he gives another glance to the crew, scanning for hostile thoughts or emotions. Not getting much, the natives are genuinely happy, even those like Philip, Jenny or Mar that should know better than trusting Magneto.

Like he used to. Neveragain.

Lorna waved off her bridesmaids with a faint trace of a smile on her lips, her gaze shifting to the doors as she waited for her turn to walk down the carpeted section where the rest of the wedding party had gone to. Then in a blink of the eye, her father was there, offering her his arm. The magnetic fields buzzed as she took it, a reverberation from her toes to her head. It was as if a circuit had been closed in some strange way, and the air crackled a faint trace of it. Aurora it seemed was an unhappy baby and done with the wedding already.

Still, the smile fixed on Lorna's features as she adjusted her grip on her flower boquet and the music changed to the wedding march. She wasn't entirely sure where it was coming from, some techno mutants had been up the Spire and around with various things..

She stepped out into the aisle, walking beside Magneto, rose petals tumbled from some place up above and the crowd rose like a sea around them.

As the bride joins the groom, the priest starts speaking. Talking in generalities about the importance of marriage, diplomatically avoiding spiny issues like what brand of Christianity is this exactly and mentioning examples of past humans, or remembrances to absent parents.

Experts in formal weddings might notice several important steps are skipped.

But in truth both Lorna and Marcos come from destroyed families. Not much the priest or the wedding organizers can do about it.

And it comes the time for the bride and the groom to recite the wedding vows.

The Wedding March.

The most famous march that transcends cultures across the board. Different variations of it are quite possibly being played during this singular moment in time; quite possibly in Ethiopia. A bride and groom married in their cultural home with a mix of German to American to here and now. A couple at home with a glass of wine revisiting their tri-monthly tradition of a viewing of a Midsummer Nights Dream. Music from the past to cement something beautiful which carries to the here and now.

Lois -TRIED- to capture it, for as soon as father and daughter joined hands her camera went wonky. A quick snap of a picture, and a quick look at the screen has her twisting the camera with a frown. "The hell.." She mutters to herself, attempting to take another picture and.. same result. This time, it was Lois stepping into the isle to try to take a picture of the father of the bride and the bride herself's backside but still.. picture wonky. "..muther.. -CENSORED-.."

Kids are present.

Illyana mostly manages to keep a bridesmaid-appropriate expression on her face as the ceremony begins. Marcos, of course, got a knowing and amused look. The deep breaths weren't hiding his terror from Illyana, and she can't be expected to be encouraging for Lorna and Marcos.

The other object of her attention is the priest, but that's more of a professional appraisal. She wonders if he knows just what's arrived so close to him, and if he does, she has to silently commend him for his poker face.

However, when the Wedding March plays, even Illyana can't remain distracted. There's even a faint smile on her face, but that might just be because Lorna's veils are still at the proper angle. That's going to be her story if anyone notices, anyway.

Marcos had heard that sound of the walk of the bride, and Marcos turns slightly to see Lorna approach. She didn't need to show up wearing the most extravagant dress in the world…no, she looked perfect and angelic by herself. He can feel his heart stop, the way his heart is literally no longer beating because he was so nervous. Alas, he ends up taking a huge breath, smiling the warmest smile to Lorna as she made her walk.

Of course, they look at each other and he lifts the veil to see her face, warm smile and all for her, before it's time to say the vows! He reaches out to hold Lorna's hands, giving them a squeeze before he went first…

"Lorna Sally Dane. You…were the biggest surprise of my life. When I met you, I had no idea that we would be here now..until about the next five minutes that we spoke to each other. You dragged me out of the pit I was in in my life, and I helped drag you out of yours…you brought the light back into me, a passion for life that I hadn't really experienced before. Never truly. and we've been tied at the hip ever since. We've been around the world, we've saved mutants the world over. You're the only woman for me, the only one I would ever choose or love, and I'm the luckiest man in the world because I have you. There's no one on this planet, reality, or plane of existance that I trust more than you. I love you Lorna. I promise to care for you when you fall ill or become injured, and I promise to pick you up when you fall. I will always be at your side, in sickness and in health. Never to part from you until death forces us away."

aaand he didn't even choke on his vows! There ya go, Marcos.

There was a smile awaiting Marcos as she arrived at the altar and her father slipped back to his seat. It remained as Marcos lifted the veil and revealed her carefully make-up'ed features. Wreathed in roses and silk, the petals continued to fall in a sweep of color from above them. Music softened, cameras once more flashed from all over, yet the green haired bride didn't for once, seem even remotely nervous. A rainbow of light exploded around the couple as Marcos took her hands. Aurora borelais that glowed and twisted around them. Perhaps a bit more than strictly necessary, but Lorna's powers were already heightened. Plus it made a good show…

"Marcos, you are the only man that has put up with my rages. With my ups and downs. I told you, you needed a new girlfriend, and well, clearly you took that advice. I never once imagined that it would lead me here, in Genosha…" Her gaze swept out to the audience and back.

"You lift me up when I am down, and cheer me when nothing else can. You're the day to my night. The sun to my moon. You've been there for me through everything. And I swear that I shall be there for you in equal measure. I love you, Marcos Diaz." It had been written previously and she hadn't even needed her notes.. of course, she had rewritten it several times and needed the various bridesmaids to review it.. but it was there. Lorna wasn't big on affection and it was difficult to put emotions to words.

If her delivery was a bit cool, or a bit too stony, well.. it was rehearsed. She could be forgiven. Right?

Looking at the incoming Lorna, she hmms softly at the sight. Lorna did hold herself well and things looked pretty good. Of course, Monet could clearly see the reaction to Magneto. She could see how some looked at him. Some loved the man and some hated him. Honestly, he was polarizing and frankly. She wasn't sure what might happen.

Of course, then the ceremony begins and she does her part. Ya know, taking the bouquet, holding on to the ring that Lorna would place on Marcos finger, that sorta stuff. Honestly, for thr most part, just stand there. Either way, she was watching this happen and totally doing her best to keep up her aloof face rather than making any sort of 'Aww' face.

"OK, fine then. 90s punk rock star, but I think you missed my point." Logan replied. He watched as the wedding proceeding procession occurred before him. He listened intently to the both Marcos' and Lorna's speeches. He was moved. "So, did I miss out on the bachelor weekend or what?"

Even though most of his attention was focused on the wedding. There was a part of him that would not rest. Logan had seen the most important parts of the lives mutants take disastrous turn at the last possible minute, far too may times. It had personally happened to him too several times. Kidnappings. Murders. And much more. So as the wedding to started to wrap up, he mentally prepared himself, just in case.

"OK, fine then. 90s punk rock star, but I think you missed my point." Logan replied. He watched as the wedding proceeding procession occurred before him. He listened intently to the both Marcos' and Lorna's speeches. He was moved. "So, did I miss out on the bachelor weekend or what?"

Even though most of his attention was focused on the wedding. There was a part of him that would not rest. Logan had seen the most important parts of the lives mutants take disastrous turn at the last possible minute, far too may times. It had personally happened to him too several times. Kidnappings. Murders. And much more. So as the wedding to started to wrap up, he mentally prepared himself, just in case.

It starts as silence.

The people freeze in their seats, voices still, gazes unfocused.

Those without psychic defenses or trained wills fall into trance almost instantly. Psions can offer a token resistance, but even for those it is too late. It is an insidious sub-empathic strike that hits the whole city, centered in Magda's Square. The world's most skilled illusionist backed by the most powerful telepath, and the devices of the greatest geneticist.

As even the X-Men becomes lost Magneto staggers to his feet, lightning crackling from his body. "Ferris, Ferris!" He cries. Calling for his helmet.

But even Magneto falls. First to his knees. Then to the floor. Unconscious.

The robot Ferris comes flying down from the top of the Spire, at nearly supersonic speed, bringing its master's helmet. But a dozen yards from reaching Magneto a hypersonic sniper bullet hits its head, nearly decapitating him. The machine crashes on the waiting crowd, killing or injuries a dozen mutates. They die sleeping, and smiling.

Because the House of Magnus is *so* good for mutants.

And in Genosha, in the real Genosha, only a dozen mutants remain awake. They are led by a tall native American in high-tech metal armor, the high-power sniper rifle in his hands still smoking. "Grab the bride and the other targets. We have about a minute before Superman or Flash or some other alien freak gets here."

The Marauders are in Genosha.

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