In the Air Tonight

April 06, 2018:

In which an elf meets a goddess and a human is blessed in his presence.



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Fade In…

Whose idea was it to WALK?! There was a show in Central Park tonight and the AADA campus was abuzz with excitement. A lot of people were catching the bus and heading to see it. Paige's friends said, "Its not far! Lets just walk! It'll be a nice night for walk!" That of course was before her friends had to cancel! So here she was. Walking by herself to Central Park. Its a rather long walk. Currently she's in Brooklyn. Not a necessarily good part of Brooklyn either.

As the young woman walks in the darkness, She quietly prays, "Gods please don't let harm come my way. Please keep me safe." She whispers as she goes. Her steps are heavy and she's really freaked out by this.

Little does she know, Danger is in the air. Already the wheels have been set in motion. Events which could have been avoided are since past leaving only the aftermath to transpire.

Into this is an elf. In the darkenss of night, Darkedge moves, slipping from shadow to shadow. Occassionally he drifted from his well-known paths, continuing to explore the human realm, searching for magic, for fae, for relics. The human girl walking, murmuring to herself draws his gaze but nothing else. She is unknown, and not his concern. Turning his gaze from her, the elf takes a moment to sense out, searching this new to him area for magic.

A young man, not more then 30, happens to have stolen something. A rather strange artifact. He's running from someone or something. Several magical blasts go flying at the man as he hides in a dumpster. A pair of hooded figures race past, still looking for him Each wielding wands. A few moments pass and the man with the artifact climbs out of the garbage laughing to himself. He got exactly what he wanted.

Paige continues walking along and praying. Thats when she is nearly knocked over by the hooded figures. Then… she sees what they were after. The man climbing out of the dumpster. A strange amulet around his neck. He glances at the girl and a strange smirk crosses his lips. "Oh look. Time to to see if my hard work paid off." The amulet begins glowing and his eyes begin turning red.

"Please don't do anything to me! I didn't see anything! I don't know whats going on. GODS PLEASE HELP ME!!!" Paige cries out as she backs away and tries to escape.

The pull of magic, those blasts and the artficat, draw the elf's mind, eyes, and attention - a moth to a flame. It is the artifact that draws his attention. He'll deal with the active spell casters later.

Darkedge steps backwards into the shadow he is in, disappearing for a heartbeat before rematerializing out of the man's shadow. In the darkness, he studies the situation, tasting and sensing the magic of the amulet. That.. isn't something a human should have, he ponders to himself, and so, hearing hte girl's distress the elf magicks one of his diamond blades into his hand from hiw forearm, stepping forward to close the distance between him and this human. In the elf's eyes, the man will turn over the amulet, or the elf will part him with his head… and then take it.

The man smirks and shakes his head. Raising a hand toward the girl Earthen magic forms and is released towards the girl. Time slows down to a near stop. Suddenly the air is filled with a much more powerful magic. The very essence of the wind itself. Time picks up again but… The girl is gone! In her place is what looks like a corpse. the mans magic hits the corpse and it is quickly turned to stone.

The man stops and closes his eyes. Turning around his cold red gaze falls on the assassin. "I have no business with you, whoever you are. Leave me or else." He snaps at the elf. There is something else going on. Something that Darkedge would likely be able to sense. That strange magic from earlier is building in the air.

Not really understanding this magic, all Darkedge knows is that the magic grew and now a living girl, an innocent, is a corpse turned to stone. Having the man turn those blood red eyes on him has the elf frowning darkly. The threat quirks a fine silver brow and Darkedge tilts his head not unlike a fox.

And then the elf moves.

It's a quick thing, a step through the man's shadow, right into him, where the elf can run the man through with that gemstone blade. This as he reaches for the amulet.

The elf has no words for this human. He needs none.

The man feels the blade tear through him. Then… he's gone. The man vanishes. Amulet included. The world seems to shift as the area takes on a much more green and flat out lovely appearance.

Standing in front of the Elf, A woman appears. A robed woman with dark hair and piercing eyes. "Greetings, Elf." She steps to the side to show a rather stunned Paige! The young Auburn haired girl just looks around completely terrified at this point.

The robed woman speaks up. "I am Anu, goddess of the wind, nature and other things." She smiles to the Elf. "Thank you, Darkedge. Your actions to aid this young woman are not overlooked." She smirks and looks over at the young woman. "Paige… A fitting name. Servant. You have shown yourself to be a servant of mine as well as my family. It is not your time to pass on. As such, I am going to bless you with a gift."

Four-fingered hand closes on nothing, and the elf's frown darkens. That is, until his metallic silver eyes widen slightly as the sight about him shifts. He steps back half a step, looking for a shadow, body tense and ready to fight or flee. Seeing the human alive and well is a surprise, but the elf doesn't show it. His gaze is drawn to the fact that this… very powerfully magical creature called him by name. Not his True Name, but a name none the less. Still cautious, the elf sketches a slight bow and waits in silence.

Paige Wallace blinks a few times. "Where am I? I… I don't wanna know I'm confused! WHat just happened?! AM I DEAD?!" She is getting slightly over dramatic

Anu smirks and looks at the girl. "The man with the amulet. He was about to kill you. I pulled you from danger and now, Paige… I am going to grant you a special blessing. At times, It is easy to forget about the gods and goddesses who have gone before you. Still, while you journeyed in danger your first instinct was to pray to us. As such from here on I will impart my power onto you. Your very existance will show the world that we exist."

She turns to look at Darkedge and smiles. "As for the man you ran through, His life was not yours to take. His actions were against several others including Paige. Therefore, it is up to hear to deal with him."

One of Darkedge's eyes close on the hint of a wince as the human girl goes dramatic, speaking loudly. The diamond blade retreats back to its place along his forearm. It's right and just and fair for the human to have her veneggence upon the man who sought to kill her, and so the elf nods - almost a bow - and turns as if to go. No offer is made to try to comfront the human, nor speak to the goddess. She has asked nothing of him, it is therefore not his place to speak to her.

The girl just looks down at the ground. Then… She notices that Darkedge is walking away. "Umm… Mister?" She moves over towards the elf. "Thank you. I sorta could use you help." She asks as she stands.

The goddess smiles, "I will return you to your previous location. You will learn in time to control your new abilities, Paige. Be safe and be well…" With that both are right back in Brooklyn.

Stopped, Darkedge turns to look at Paige. His eyes slip from her briefly to note that location shifting once more, but then he is loking back at the human. His metallic eyes match his molten silver hair, and a silver brow quirks in mute question: What do you want?

He is clearly not human. Too lithe and grace, four-fingered hands and long tappered ears, the pointed tips of which peek out from the cascade of his hair.

Paige Wallace takes a deep breath as she looks at the Elf. "I umm… I guess the first question is what just happened! This is crazy. One moment I'm walking to a show at Central Park and the next Some guy is throwing weird junk at me, I'm pulled clear out of anything normal and then… everything goes green. Then a crazy woman claiming to be the goddess I happen to worship tells me she's going to bless me?! None of this makes sense. So umm… Am I tripping on bad mushroom pizza or something?"

She sighs and shakes her head. Wind blows through the area as she breathes in and exhales heavily. "Also… You're an Elf?! I've studied the Fae a lot and I believed they existed but you're the first I've ever actually met. I've heard some are really naughty. Others are really good!"

The sheer number of questions flung at him, and spoken aloud is a shock and he hand to bring up a hand to try to stem the tide of words so he can try to reply.

"I see no pizza upon which you can trip, nor what it would have to do with what just transpired. As for what happened? You were attacked. The Goddess spared you and has, it seems, blessed you with gifts. I am not the one to say what these could be." Darkedge pauses here, swallowing harshly for a moment, as if needing to clear his throat. His voice is soft, hardly above a murmur, and deeper in pitch than his frame suggests it should be. His voice is also gravely, as if he had not spoken in weeks before this moment and his throat is tight and raspy from disuse.

"Yes. I am an elf. Yes. Some can be unpleasant; others not," he finishes up, wiaitng now in open study of this human.

Paige Wallace nods slowly, "Ummm, okay. I guess. Everything is really messed up. I never met a goddess before. I guess its just easier to say that I believe in a goddess when I can't see them. I just had a situation where I can't deny that she exists and I am more full of doubt then ever." She exhales hard and another gust of wind goes through the area.

"So umm are you with one of the courts? I know there is the seelie and unseelie Is that stuff true or is it just a bunch of crazy stuff? I'm sorry. You've probably got a lot more important stuff to do then answer questions from an inquisitive human girl." If she can even be called that at this time.

Of her doubt, the elf will not comment. He just stands there, letting her ramble at him.

"It is true. And I am of the High Court," he replies, turning to face the human fully and offering a respectful enough bow.

"I am Darkedge, Blade of the Queen, Morgana LeFay," he introduces himself. Seelie, unseelie, he doesn't care. His Queen rules Avalon absolutely; all courts are hers.
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Paige Wallace nods slowly. "Oh cool. Wait Morgana LeFay actually exists too?! That is amazing!" She smiles. "So I guess you go around putting boots to asses? Like some kind of super hero?" She asks nervously. "Sorry if I'm just going on and on. Tonight is just a little overwhelming. Also I feel kinda funny. I'm pretty sure there is no one I can ask for advice on this one. " Her body takes on an almost cloudy appearance for the moment.

Darkedge watches, mind noticing when then winds blew and when they didn't. At a guess, the Goddess gave her some of her own ability to command the air about them. And the human has no idea.

"No. I am no hero. I am The Queen's Blade, her enforcer, her assassin. And you must control yourself, lest your powers get out of hand," he retorts, lips pressing fainting.

Paige Wallace blinks a few times. "Wait. Powers? I don't have any powers. I'm just a normal girl. Anu saved me from dying. I think that is what kept me from dying. So… I guess that makes sense, That is a blessing right? Not dying?"

She is still rather cloudy looking. Darkedge could quite possibly put his hand straight through her and she probably wouldn't feel it at the moment. "Ummm So you're an Assassin. You weren't trying to hunt me down and kill ME were you? I mean… I'm pretty sure that I didn't hurt anyone or cause trouble for Queen Morgana."

"You are a fog, child. Calm, center, ground yourself," the elf says, brows pullling together slightly in what might be concern. Of course, it could just as easily be him tryingto focus his gaze upon her.

"You were not my target, human. Be at peace," he says.

Paige Wallace does a double take and looks down over her self. A quick shriek is given as a result. Her body quickly solidifies. "Okay… So maybe I do have powers. What did she do to me?! This is too weird. I mean… I feel like I'm barely keeping myself together!"

The young girl is starting to panic. She's never experienced anything like this. Everything that didn't exist is suddenly in front of her. "Oh umm… Good. I think. I think I need to go do something. I need to…" With that… she begins moving…. running away. She doesn't know what to do or how she's supposed to handle these strange abilities. She just needs to think things out.

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