Visting A Shelter

April 22, 2015:

Babs and Rowan visits Siryn's shelter to deliver clothes and toys and help out when people break in

New York


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Babs… has the best ideas. Helping to fight crime is all well and good… but doing good is more than just that. Today the redhead has suggested handing out clothes, food and some toys for the kids at a womans' shelter in Manhatten. Of course, being a woman's shelter there are kids. And kids love… well, recently, kids love dragons. Game of Thrones. How to Train your Dragon, the list goes on. So instead of a van, the supplies are going to be delivered by a red head riding a fire breathing, firey lizard that is carrying her wheelchair along with everything else. It just set down in the front lawn. Unannounced.

To be fair, the idea did sort of come from Pepper Potts and Cricket and it's certainly something that Babs can do in her normal 'street' persona. "Thank you Rowan, this is a wonderful idea, next time, we'll choose a Gotham location. But it's great that knew about here." Babs looks like she's having the time of her life… anyone would thnk she's a dragon rider or something.

Looking around, Babs hesitates as she decides what to do.

It's hard to ignore a dragon landing outside…no matter how much you want to. And now there's a whole bunch of excited kids, and worried mothers, trying to charge out the front door. "Hold ya horses!" states an Irish accented voice with quiet authority. "Or ya dragons." Terry (aka Therese aka Siryn) steps out of the door of the shelter and shakes her head. "Fookin' saints preserve us" shes sighs…thankfully she has met the dragon before. The dragon rider not so much. "Can I be helping you fine folk?" she asks as politely as she can while glaring and with arms crossed.

Rowan chuckles. Which is a deep, rumbling, resonant sound that is probably not at all reassuring to the already worried. He sets Babs down into her wheelchair and curls his tail up so it doesn't trail into the street. He's doing his best to look harmless while sporting fangs the size of steak knives and claws that have already cracked the concrete a little. "Would you like to explain that one Babs?" Around him he's setting down bags of clothes and toys and canned food.

In the back of the shelter half a dozen young men have decided that these women haven't been quite victimized enough. They hop the fence while everyone's looking out front.

Babs smiles at Siryn "Hello there, I'm Babs Gordon and this is my friend, Rowan. I think you've met? We were talking about how we could help people in need and Rowan suggested here… " she looks at Siryn and then the bags of clothes and toys "Could your shelter use these?" she gestures as she settles into her chair.

"Unless there are more dragons out there then, aye, we've met" Siryn replies before quirking a single eyebrow in Babs direction. "Are there more dragons out there? Never mind…don't want to know. Babs? Interesting name. I'm Terry." A jerk of her thumb towards the shelter. "I volunteer here and anything people are willing to donate is helpful." A pause. "Except when they donate thousands of dollars to each resident and wonder why they all go out and get drunk and…never mind…conversation for another day." She steps forward to peer in the bags. "Perfect" she nods before looking at Babs and then Rowan and realising she's gonna be the one taking them inside.

There's the sound of shattering glass scream from inside. One of the women had been in her room when the thugs broke in. Now they've… well they're not that bright but they're armed. THey don't know what to do with her yet beyond scare her. But they'r ebreaking things. Looking for valuables. Anything for a quick score. Rowan reaches forward and sweeps the people already outside behind him. Babs has her fighting sticks. He knows he can handle herself. "I'll keep them safe." He murmurs to the redhead.

Babs was just about to offer to help move the bags of stuff when the glass shatters. Looking at Rowan, she frowns "And what do you expect me to do about this…" Babs Gordon, the disabled redhead, moves her chair towards the building and the sound. No, she's not drawing her fighting sticks yet. "Which way? And I didn't get your name…" she speaks to Siryn as she moves.

It's not often that Siryn doesn't get heard but as she starts to run for the building she calls out her name again over her shoulder, "Terry!" Then she points to the right of the front door. "Ramp is there!" A woman who can ride in on a dragon is probably able to look after herself so if she wants to come along, she's more than welcome. Terry rushes through the front door, trying to track down the screams and yelling. "Where are ya, ya bastards!"

"I cant get in there like this." Rowan murmurs. "And someone needs to look after the people out here in case they come out this way or want to take hostages." Also, Rowan knows that his fighting style does tend to leave a fair bit of… collateral damage. He'd rather not put these people out of house and home if he can help it. Besides, with a dragon sitting out here, they won't come out this way. "You can handle it Babs. I know you can."

The moment Terry runs in someone shoots at her. It's a bad shot. Hits the wall about a foot from her head. There's a the sound of terrified scrambling in back as the woman the thugs accosted tries to get away.

Of course Babs can… she trains for this, but it's her cover she's worried about. "Terry, sorry" she murmurs as she heads up the ramp towards the front door. The sound of the gun going off, has the redhead paling and pausing momentarily before she shakes her head and barrels in after Terry. "Following…" she speaks loudly so Terry can hear.

Terry hits the deck as plaster sprinkles on her head from the bullet hit. "Oh you did not just do that" she mutters under her breath before scampering along the ground in the direction of…danger. She really does try not to use her powers if she can get away with it. There is too much of a history around her…and not a good one. If someone makes the connection between her powers and that person who hung around with those supervillains in California…not good. "Stay back!" she yells over to Babs now that there are guns involved. "I'll take care of it!" and then under her breath she adds, "I hope." A quick glance around before she emits a sound that is beyond human hearing. A sonar echo to see who is in the house. The numerous hallways and rooms don't help it remain as clear as it could but it should be able to tell her if there is someone unseen right round the corner.

There are six thugs in the house. Two in the back sleeping area looting things. One wrestling with a woman near the bathrooms, one in the hallway - that's the one who just took a shot at her…

And two looting the office for valuables. That'd be the office that's behind Babs as she comes in. And they come out. With a crowbar and a baseball bat in hand. "Hey! Get outta the way, missy or this is gonna get ugly."

Turning her chair, Babs looks at the two coming out of the office and sighs…. "You really, don't want to do be doing that." she speaks quietly as she reaches to the compartment where her eskrima sticks are. "I mean, really, look at me. Do I look like I'm any problem at all?"

"I'm coming out" Siryn says to the shooter in the hallway. Her voice has a seductive lilt now. The tone soothing…caressing the man's ears. "And I know ya don't want to hurt me" she continues, getting to her feet and slowly stepping out from cover. Her words burrow into his brain, enchanting and bewitching. "So why don't ya put the gun down and we'll talk about it." Slowly she steps forward…her voice hypnotising. "You don't want to hurt anyone, do ya?" Hopefully he will be in a stunned trance by the time she reaches him. If he's not deaf!

If the thug had any sense he'd realize something was wrong. Not that it'd help but he might figure just how screwed he is. He doesn't. He lets Terry walk right up to him, staring with wide eyes. He doesn't want to hurt her, right?

"Lady, I'm the guy who'll hit a guy with glasses. Hostage might be good though." For that dragon out front. The man with the crowbar makes a grab at Babs. His companion doesn't seem to think she'll be any trouble.

"Then it's a good thing I'm not a guy…" Babs pulls her eskrima sticks from the compartment even as her chair moves out of the guys way. Holding the sticks at the ready, she raises an eyebrow "Are you sure you want to do this… I mean, really sure?"

Terry feels sick to the stomach as the guy stares at her with a blank expression. She hates controlling people like this. She's had enough of being on the receiving end in her life. Terry take the gun from the man's hand. "Sit down and wait for me. Okay?" A deep breath as she steps past him, emptying out the magazine of the pistol and then ejecting the chambered round. She creeps along the hall, looking for the hostage.

Rowan crouches down as he watches. He can see Babs in a confrontation but not make out what's going on. Kids huddle under the shadow of his wings. He doesn't seem to mind. Smoke is coming out of his nostrils.

The thugs looting the back room come out with sacks full of valuables. Even from people who had nothing they took. THey stare in shock at Terry. "The hell are you doing here. Git outta the way." A knife comes up, threatening.

They're… not that smart. The man making the lunge at Babs pulls back. "Mikey, let's just go. Not like she can chase us."

"No way. This broad pissed me off. Put those sticks down." He makes anotehr grab at her, trying to yank her out of the chair.

Bringing a stick down in a sharp motion, Babs aims for one of the thugs arms Craaaack even as the second stick whistles round in an arc to connect with the idiots head. craaack "I don't think so…" the redhead manoeuvres her chair out of the way before looking at the other thug "Go now, see my friend out the front…. it will be much easier for you that way."

Terry's hand-to-hand abilities are, shall we say, lacking. That damn Deadpool promised to train her but she's come to the conclusion that was because he wanted to see her in yoga pants. "I'm sorry" she says to the pair of thugs before taking a deep breath and then letting out a scream that makes the walls shudder and the thug's eardrums bleed. The wall of sound smashing into their bodies and disintegrating their equilibrium. "Just leave!" she roars at their shattered minds.

That noise stops everything. The thugs literally drop the loot to cover their ears and are bolting out the broken window before Terry's finished screaming at them even the one that had a hostage. Babs drops the one thug trying to grab her and then outside Rowan rumbles in a very deep voice "I smell you thief!" Then he's running too. There's a long pause where the only noise is the muted, worried hubub outside. "Everything okay?"

Siryns call has Babs blinking and shaking head. No matter the sound is travelling in the opposite direction, the redhead catches some of the resonance. Still holding her stick at the ready, though, Babs looks at the other assailant. Rowans question has the redhead smiling slightly "A slight headache but my friend here" she gestures to the second thug "needs detaining. Just a moment." Babs puts her fighting sticks away and takes some ziplock ties from a compartment on her chair.

Hey! Don't judge! All Bats have them to restrain criminals.

Terry sighs as the creeps go running. That's a good thing…revealing her voice is not. She quickly moves to the woman who was being held hostage, comforting her and doing her best to convince her that everything is fine now. There is a dragon out in the front yard so how could it not be? Helping the woman up she guides her back towards the others huddled around the beast…which means she passes Babs. "You okay?" she asks the woman in the wheelchair who has just beaten two thugs into submission. "Never mind" she answers her own question with a smile.

The dragon has now layed down in the front yard and the kids seem to be recovering from the shock. He smiles as he hears Babs call out that all is well. "Knew you could handle it." He says to no one in particular. "Do we need to get, uh, champions or police?"

"I am" Babs smiles grimly at Terry "Police please Rowan" the ziplock tie is firmly in place as she speaks. "These won't be causing problems for a very long time." When she gets home, there may be a few records modified.

Making her way out of the house, Babs stops next to the Dragon putting her head against a forearm(?) "Cowards…" she murmurs, breathing deeply and slowly "How are the others, Terry?"

"Everyone is unhurt" Terry calls back, though she just means physically. The woman who was held by the thugs will be having nightmares for weeks yet. "Thanks fer yer help…both of ya" she nods to the Dragon and the rider, hoping that any yelling she may have done is forgotten. "Aye, police" she nods to Rowan before she looks confused. The giant dragon is going to use a cell phone?

He is. Not only that. He's going to claw-dial 911 and in that rumbly voice ask the nice lady on the other end to send a squad car. Rowan… doesn't think sometimes. He's not shifting out of dragon form yet…

"Police are on the way."

"Rowan, love, we should possibly leave, please" Babs says. "I'd say my pleasure, Terry but well you know… I think it best if we aren't around. Just um…. when you're talking to people, forget my name hmmmm?" Babs is already nudging Rowan to take her chair "I'll be in touch soon."

"Sure…already forgotten" Terry smiles to Babs…because that works both ways, right? "And thanks for the donations" she adds before there is the difficult task of peeling excited children off a dragon's back. Though how she's going to convince all these kids from not talking about the huge magical beast and the lady in the wheelchair who beat up the bad men…she has no idea.

Rowan puts Babs back on his back and picks up her wheelchair, though he leaves the supplies and gifts. "Enjoy them! Er, the stuff I mean, not the thugs or the police." He waves and hovers a moment to get Babs settled, then he's off!

"Nice to meet you Terry. Check your email… I'll contact you soon." and then it's up and up and away…. "Rowan love, we might need to talk soon." Oracle could have made that so much easier.

"But I didn't give you my email…" Terry begins before Babs is out of sight on the back of a dragon. She can hear sirens approach and she sighs softly before trying to herd the children back inside. "c'mon ya leprechauns, time to see what toys we have for ya."

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