Sparks Fly

April 03, 2018:

Lorna comes home to Genosha and Marcos and her have a moment. Warning for sickeningly sweetness.


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The day was drawing to a close when Lorna finally returned to The Spire. Hammer Bay was chaos as wedding preparations were in full swing. Magneto had demanded that the city be ready to be put on display a little over three weeks ago. And as the clock ticked down, so did the schedule for building projects. Rapidly, skyscrapers had been completed. Artistry in motion as gardens sprung up overnight. Art-work, sculptures, fountains.. everything. Magneto had a touch for the dramatics and flair and it showed in his personal touches all over Hammer Bay.

There would be no stone left unpolished as he invited the world for his daughter's wedding.

And … Lorna had skipped town for most of a whole day and well into evening, missing at least one party thrown by the Acolytes, causing much grumbling. But she'd gone to Westchester per Marcos' suggestion. She had tried (badly), to check in on Scott and where she stood with the X-men. All of which could be summarized by the look on her face as she entered her rooms with a slam of the doors and her scowl. Her pack was flung to a chair, as was her leather jacket and boots.

She seethed, dragging her hands over her features, which glowed with green as her heart rate spiked in anger and irritation. Lights sparked over head, as she struggled to pull in her breathing and she released a frustrated sound. Storming along further into her rooms, past the sitting room, and toward her bed room.


Marcos was asked a great -many- things by Magneto and others for his opinion on the matters of the wedding…before Magneto went overboard anyway. As the groom, he wasn't really allowed to get a close look at anything because it was all still being built! sure, he helped make some glass, but that was about it. He ended up coming home about a half hour before Lorna would….then she enters, slams the door, and starts rampaging towards the bedroom, where marcos happened to be waiting for her.

"I take it the meeting went well?" he says in mild humor as he rises to embrace his wife-to-be. Holding her close to him if she let him. "Hey….what happened?" he asks her curiously, looking her right in those beautiful hues of her eyes.

"Did something bad happen? You look upset."


Lorna exhaled, her hands shaking as she tried to pull back her anger and effectively calm down Aurora. It was hard, but easier whenever Marcos was around. The baby seemed to be less… boost mom's powers when Lorna was around Marcos. Or maybe it was because Marcos was a balm to calming Lorna down. Either way, Lorna paced, throwing her hands out at her sides as she scowled.

"It went as well as oil and fucking fire, Marcos. I was there for all of ten minutes before Scott asked me to leave, or rather had me escorted out by Storm, Logan, and Bobby. At least Logan punched Scott, or tried to anyways.. Not that it had anything to do with me." She growled.

"He's just damn peachy, walkin' around just fine. And still an asshole. Safe to say he wants nothing to do with me, and that's just fine. Screw them. The X-men can go to hell. They want to claim that they're 'family' when all they want to do is preach at me how wrong I am." She continued to pace, back and forth, back and forth. Stocking'ed feet pounding against the carpet under foot.


Marcos nods a little bit as Lorna starts to pace right in front of him, blowing off steam. She doesn't seem as mad as last time, but he leans against the bedframe as he smiles softly to her, even as she growled and ran her hands through herr shockingly green hair. Though he nods a few times then with a sigh. "Yeah, yeah, Scott's a serious asshole. I've heard the stories. But, it seems everyone else still treats you like a person?"

He reaches out to her hands then as if to stop her from pacing around, looking her directly into her eyes. "Hey…" he attempts to truly have her look at him.

"It's always been me and you against the world… and soon.." his hand moves to her stomach, feeling the smooth skin there as if to feel Aurora. "It'll be the three of us against the world." his smile was big and warm for her.


Perhaps it was the pit-stop in Mutant Town that was why Lorna wasn't entirely as pissed off as she was before. She'd blown off steam hiking around, avoiding the responsibilities of the wedding and Genosha for a few hours. It had been exhausting, and she'd only wound herself up once more when the Acolytes had pestered her over the whys and hows and wheres.

A gusty sigh pulled from her lips as Marcos got up, capturing her hand and halting her pacing. Green eyes flickered over him as she stilled, a mullish purse of her lips following as she half leaned against his figure.

"Jean will stand by Scott, she won't come to the wedding if he’s not invited or doesn’t come. But Logan said he'll step up to be groomsman regardless." She murmured softly, her hands falling over his own against the swell of her stomach. Because now there was a decent sized swell. Loose clothes weren't hiding much these days, but that is what happened when one was five months along now. The time was trickling away.

As she calmed, it seemed Aurora did not, because there was a sudden fluttering that followed, a movement. Lorna's eyes widened as she froze, shifting her weight to stand up straighter. "Marcos.. did you.." She spoke barely above a whisper, as if it would impact whether or not the baby would move again.


Marcos always was able to calm Lorna. Whether it was his touch, whether it was the way his voice was as smooth as silk when it came to speaking to her about sensitive matters. But they were like night and day…yin and yang. and they were going to be married with this child already well on the way. Though as soon as Lorna leaned towards him, his arm wrapping around her waist as his nose nuzzled her own.

"I'd be honored to have Logan be one of my groomsmen….maybe even my best man." he smiles softly to her then. "Jamie still in on being a groomsman too?" he asks her curiously, though his train of thought completely comes to a halt as he feels the baby move inside of his lover.

"Did…" he looked at Lorna then right in the eyes as the Baby moved. His eyes almost welling up with tears of joy as he looked right at Lorna, caressing her cheek with his hand. "The baby just kicked…"


Lorna grinned as she glanced side long at Marcos, "Jamie isn't really much of the whole rigid-X-men climate. I'm sure he'll still come, if we can drag him away from Mutant Town for five minutes." She teased, "Nate is definitely coming still. And well.. that's about it groom-wise. Monet wants to wear a suit though, so, there's that. And the Cuckoos are stepping in, there's five of them, for bridesmaids." Her list of definites had grown smaller. She wasn't sure if Illyana was still coming, not anymore.

She wasn't sure of much these days. Other than Genosha had to be her focus, Genosha had to be ready for her baby girl.

Even as Marcos' eyes went wide and he reached up a hand to her cheek. She grinned, and out right laughed.

"Yeah no shit she did, I felt it." She reached up to capture his hand and drag it back down to her stomach. "The doctors said it's normal for me to feel her moving now. That she can see light or something. I think.. though, she might sense more with her powers. I can't explain. I mean, I can see.. but not see the world through the magnetic spectrum. She might pick it up that way too.."


Marcos does seem to smile as she mentions that Nate and Jamie should still be coming, and Lorna will have her bridesmaids one way or another god damnit! Either way, both of them will be happy in terms of representation on both sides, assuming Magneto will just want to walk Lorna to the altar instead of also being a groom. Marcos can see him doing that for some reason…

Though their chief focus, besides Genosha, was Aurora. Marcos finished the baby room about a week ago, with everything to the perfection that the perfectionist mechanic had intended. With a big smile on his face, he looks at her as Lorna laughs, and he laughed too. His hand feeling her stomach for Aurora.

"Maybe she can….maybe she's reacting to my light." he looks at her then, leaning forward to kiss Lorna square on her perfect lips. "I love you with all my heart, you know that? The both of you."


Lorna shrugged lightly, "We could snag some Acolytes if we absolutely need warm bodies to fill in. I'm sure they'd jump at the chance to be part of the wedding beyond security. Or whatever it is they're doing." She muttered, sighing softly as she leaned against Marcos, a yawn escaping her faintly, and a wince. As Aurora seemed contented to move rapidly around, either at the sound of Marcos' voice, or simply his presence. Lorna returned the kiss, but broke it off with another surprised sound as energy crackled at her fingertips, like a static shock between them.

A spark followed as she leaned back, and she glanced down at her stomach. "If this is you trying to get attention, you need to stop it missy." She huffed, green eyes flickering a look back to Marcos with an arch of her brow.


Marcos laughs a little bit as he looks at her, nodding a few times. "As long as that bastard Cortes isn't among their number, I'm good." he smiles warmly to her, though at that kiss? and the accompanying spark between them, he laughs a little bit, looking at Aurora in her mother's belly.

"Young lady, you better behave." Then he sees the perfect opportunity. "I guess when we kiss, we make sparks fly." He winks at Lorna. (OH COME ON, it was PERFECT timing!)

He smiles warmly to her then as he holds her hand, rubbing Lorna's belly as if to try and get Aurora to calm herself. "She must want out." he teases.


Lorna grinned, though as Marcos commented on Cortez, she rolled her eyes. "He's not welcome, obviously. If I see him, I will kill him." She drawled, likely why she hadn't seen him. She was already unstable power wise, adding someone like Cortez was not likely a good idea. Still, as he joked about them kissing Lorna shot him a look.

"What, were rainbows not enough?" She shot back, her voice dry.

Still, as he pressed his hands against her belly, she laughed again. Though it was impossible to say that his touch didn't do something. More static-y like sparks trailed around his hands, and Lorna snorted. "Look at that, she's already ignoring us. Perfect. So long as she stays right where she is for the foreseeable future, I'll deal with static."


Marcos chuckles a little bit to her, nodding in agreement. "Agreed…you won't be alone in that effort. It will be instant." He holds her hand, seeing the sparks literally flying as the static rolled along their hands in little shocks. He does smile though as he feels Lorna's stomach, humming happily. "The rainbows were cool, and so is static. Way I see it, we're gonna have an awesome kid." he laughs a little bit more aloud once again, he hmms softly as sparks still trailed.

"Agreed. Can't wait for the teenage years….." he sighs, the -best- time of year for a parent and their kid said ABSOLUTELY no one ever.

"Well…it's been a long day. How about we lie down and watch movies?" and after Marcos's suggestion? They sat down and binge watched Star Wars. because why not?

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