Crash Space

April 02, 2018:

After wandering around Mutant Town, procrastinating, Lorna runs into Remy Lebeau, and he offers her crash space.


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Fade In…

Lorna had slipped from the kindly 'escort' of Logan and Storm. And Bobby's following. Since leaving Westchester. She'd hardly been there for less than an hour before she'd been summarily 'asked' to leave. She wasn't ready to go back to Genosha, to wedding plans and talks about the Council. It weighed on her, more than she wanted to let anyone know.

So here she was. Mutant Town. Where the Brotherhood held the strings and her siblings caused untold amounts of chaos and aid. It was hard to level accusations at them when she'd lived in Mutant Town for a few months. She'd seen first hand how hard it was for mutants there. And every day, it threatened to get worse. News of registrations laws, and the new collars Trask was creating.. it was becoming harder and harder for Lorna to remember why she'd ever believed in Xavier's Dream and the X-men.

The young woman walked alone, green hair ruffling in a magnetic breeze around her. She wore a leather jacket, and pair of steel toed boots. Chains and other cheap nickel and steel jewelery covered her hands and neck. Though she wore loose fitting shirt and pants, it was clear she was pregnant. By her looks, she was just some punk chick walking around alone. Yet no one touched her or dared make a move to.

She knew the Brotherhood members there, and they knew her. Magneto's daughter. And half sister of the twins. She'd been there before, and as a result, was given her space.


Remy LeBeau has been sent out to do some work in Mutant town. Not by the X-men, but by the School itself. The man took his car and rode down the long trip into the city and has parked in a parking garage, his finger in the key ring of his keys and spins it around his finger before diving it into his pocket.

The thief's unusual eyes dart around as he makes his way onto the sidewalk. Seemingly not worried about the brotherhood presence around this area, because most of them know that if he was here to cause damage, he'd be causing damage, not walking down the sidewalk casually. He does wear his trade mark duster with the wind whipping at his back so the long flaps are pressed tightly against his calves and his hair follows suit in the breeze. He keeps his hands in the pockets of his cargo pants after he curls the collar of his coat up to fight the wind.

Remy's eyes dance across Lorna and he squints softly as if he was trying to recognize the woman, but it's not coming to him immediately, but he never had the greatest memory anyways.


Lorna seemed lost in her own world for the most part, green eyes angled to sweep over the crumbling sidewalk and buildings around her. Briefly, every so often, she'd step and glide over a crack in the pavement or a particularly nasty looking spill of trash. But otherwise seemed content to keep to herself. She didn't seem intent on any direction, and several times she stopped and started in a random direction.

A homeless kid begged her for some money, and she held up her hands with a shrug. "Sorry kid, I got nothin' on me." She offered a sympathetic look, and sighed. The trip to Genosha wasn't going to be a fun or enjoyable flight. She could call on Nate to get her home faster, or even some of the Acolytes.. But she lingered. Aimlessly lingered.

It was chilly, as evening approached and she twisted around to head back the way she came, only to come up short as her gaze fell upon a some what familar face. She'd seen him once, at a race track, per Jean's orders to go invite him to the X-men. She hadn't been particularly good at selling it. Mostly because even then her heart hadn't fully been in it, though for different reasons.

She shoved her hands into her coat pockets, lofting a green eyebrow upwards. "What was it, Mister Lebeau, I think?" She drawled.


With a crumbled bill leaving his hand and falling into the begger's lap, Remy makes a motion for the kid to make himself scarce before he looks up and gives Lorna a polite but slow nod. "Ya be thinkin' correct." The cajun says with a half cocked smile on his lips that slowly fades as he looks around at the dingy delapidated state of the area and he cants his head to one side. "What's it t'ya?" Remy inquires with that cocky attitude, but with a pleasant enough tenor meaning he's going to stay, at least for a time.

"We met befo'e… Ah'm sorry Ah gots a horrid mem'ry an' could use a bit 'o 'elp 'memberin'. Ah'd 'preciate it t'no end." Remy says.


Lorna's lips twitched as she shrugged, "Not much, just passing conversation of someone with avoiding responsibilities." She muttered, and reached up a hand to drag through deep green locks. She sighed, shifting her weight upon her feet that scuffed the cement of the sidewalk. A glance was spared toward the kid that took the bill and fled. Her gaze swinging back and she smiled weakly.

"Lorna Dane, Polaris.. I can't remember which I introduced myself as before. It was a race track. You were gambling…?" She offered arching a brow upwards as she drew even with him. It was a relaxed, casual manner, and she even dragged her gaze away from him briefly to eye a pair of mutants across the street that glance their way before moving onwards. Mutant Town had its idiosyncrasies.


Remy's red and onyx eyes dart to look across the street at the same time, but quickly looks back at Lorna. "Seems t'ring a bell, but still, Ah have a bad mem'ry." Remy shrugs and takes the homeless absence as his chance to lean against the graffitied brick with his arms crossing. "Y'tried t'get me t'join t'e X-men, right!" Remy says his finger wagging a couple of times will softly pointing at the verdant mutant.

"What're you doin' in d'is part o' town wit' a baby on t'e way? Seems like ya could be restin' back at the mansion o' something much saf'r, non?" The cajun inquires, not aware of him crossing any emotional boundaries or lines he shouldn't. But that's Remy either way.


Lorna snorted and rolled her eyes as he leaned back agaisnt the grime-covered brick. She shook her head as he slowly remembered their short run in. "Yeah, that was me." She muttered, and shoved her hands back into the pockets of her black leather coat. She shrugged and made to lean back against the wall beside him.

His comment about her condition, had a laugh escaping her. "I left the X-men. Not a member anymore. Apparently, stealing medical supplies to save injured and dying refugees makes me a criminal. I'm not welcome there anymore." She murmured softly, her lips twisting into a grimace. If he didn't have any lines, she didn't particularly feel like with-holding the information.

She sighed. "I'm just stopping by before I head back… home, I guess. Just.. killing time, avoiding life."


Remy keeps his arms crossed, and his expression isn't flat, he reacts to Lorna's story as if she was the hero in this. "Well, stealin' in general makes ya a crinimal." Remy says with a shrug. "But ya did it fo' t'e right reasons, so ya got no beef from me. At leas' no judgemen's." Remy says with a frown. That doesn't sound like the X-men he knows, but she doesn't need to know that.

"Did ya hurt anyone t'get t'e supplies o' was it a clean get?" Remy asks, and maybe he starts devising a plan to sell his abilities, cause some good karma could be just what the doctor ordered in this cajun's fortune. "Why ya avoidin' life, cause it looks like ya signed up for a whole lotta it." Remy says with a wink and a motion to her 'condition'.


Lorna snorted, "I didn't do the actual stealing, just passed the intel along. The Brotherhood the actual part. They didn't kill anyone, or hurt anyone. Just got the medical supplies and brought them to Genosha. There's a UN embargo, we can't get supplies from out of the country there legally." She murmured, glancing side long at Remy.

"So," she laughed and shook her head, "I'm not sorry for it. It saved lives. I don't regret it. And if it cost me the X-men.. so be it. I tried to mend things today.. and well, that didn't happen." She muttered and grimaced. Her hands dropped to her stomach, the gentle swell there in. She bit back another sigh, and she shifted against the brick.

"I'm getting married in a few days. And I'm kinda in over my head. I didn't exactly plan for anything to go this way. She was a surprise. And she's already causing me no end of trouble."


"Ah wouldn' be sorry eit'er." Remy says, his eyes softly sparkling as he smiles down to her belly and back up to Lorna's green eyes. "If'n ya not ready, ya not ready, ya need t'live yo'r life. Ya might not always be certain abou' everyt'in' but ya need t'be certain abou' who ya wanna spend ya life wit'." Gambit says as he pushes himself off the wall. "I got a quiet flat aroun' 'ere. If ya need t' avoid life fo' a while longah wit'out anyone knowin', ya welcome t'it. Ah owe ya one fo' 'elpin' me." Remy says with a smirk as he starts to take a step past Lorna and down the sidewalk. She's welcome to join but he knows she's an adult and his offer is a risky one as she barely knows the cajun.


Lorna's lips twitch, "I love the man I'm marrying, just that whole marriage part… Raising a family. That's his dream. It was never mine. To bring a kid into this world, a mutant kid? She's already got the deck stacked against her. Even more so with her family.." She drawled, and at his offer, pushed off the wall, her hands falling back to her sides with an amused air.

"Helping you? How do you figure that?" She trailed along after him, amusement coloring her expression. Clearly, the lack of knowledge on the man didn't bother her that much. She was powerful in her own right, and very few mutants had the type of power that could match her in a battle of powers.

It wasn't just her family's reputation that got people to leave her alone in Mutant Town. And it was true. She was avoiding going back to Genosha, avoiding the haunts of people she knew. It was a head spinning world, and she wanted, or rather needed a chance to just breathe. Her boots crunched on the sidewalk after him.


"Ya showed me t'X-men. While t'ey might'a burned ya, an' Ah'm sorry 'bou' t'at, t'ey have 'elped me greatly." Remy says, his own hands falling into his pant pockets as he walks, his sneakers much quieter on the sidewalk than Lorna's heavy boots, but that's what he needs from his current footware.

"An' ya don' have t'tell me that yo're in love. Ah t'ink ya have t'tell yo'r face an' 'eart." Remy says, his wink meaning that it was supposed to be a bit of teasing tinged with the hint of truth. "But ya can have all t'e space ya need at my flat, Ah know we all need t'get away from time t'time." Remy smiles friendly.


Lorna tilted her head as she trailed along, her hands once more shoved into her pockets as she walked along side Remy. "Glad to hear that they're helping. I don't hate them. They.. were.. have been my family for years. We just.. like all, families, don't always see eye to eye on things." She pursed her lips, falling silent as they walked along for some time. She seemed to become absorbed by her thoughts, her hands curling and uncurling inside her pockets before she let them drop back to her sides to hang loosely. "They help people, it's important.. I just don't always have the patience to do things by their book."

She rare did. Growing up Lorna had her very strong views on right and wrong, and acted on them. Perhaps it was one of the defining traits she shared with her father.

"Are you only offering because you're staying up at the mansion now?" She teased, glancing around at the neighborhood in general.


"Nonsense, Ah certainly have my own ulterior motives fo' invitin' a beautiful woman int' my secret loft." The cajun winks and then smiles bigger than he has before. "Ah'm kiddin', maybe Ah'm a bit more giving t'an Ah t'ought." The man says with a smirk and he continues to walk towards his apartment before he stops and points at a doorway and motions that it is the doorway to get them into the stairwell leading up towards the apartment. "We're here."


Lorna snickered softly under her breath, arching a brow upwards, amusement high in her expression as Remy joked and smiled. It was the most laughter she'd had in what felt like months, even though it had only been since the other day. Odd, how dark emotions could weigh one down so heavily. Still, she followed along, pausing at teh stoop as he gestured to the stairwell upwards that led to the apartment.

"I dunno, inviting strange pregnant women into your apartment, sounds dangerous. You don't really know who I am after all." She drawled easily. "After all, I could be someone horrible." She considered, for a moment, her brows furrowed as she turned her gaze upwards to the stairs.

"Can I borrow your phone? I don't actually a cell phone on me. They don't last." She exhaled a breath, "Also, if you're embarassed by the apartment, don't be. I've lived in a war zone for the past five-six months."


"Ah tend t'not be afraid o' most women in my apartment." Gambit says with another wink and even a playful eyebrow waggle. He starts to move up the staircase, slipping past Lorna and the doorway and yet as he passes, the phone comes out of his pocket and is held out before the green haired woman, "O' course." The thief says as he waits for her to take it before he moves upwards again.


Lorna grinned, "That could get you into a lot of trouble some day, Mister Lebeau." She shot back, pausing on the stairs to take the offered phone as he held it out to her. She laughed, considering the phone as she took it. At least with being in a good mood, she wasn't likely to have the baby fry all the electronics around her. It was dangerous for everyone around her when she was in a bad mood. Especially when she was off Genosha, away from any mutants that could shut her down if she lost control.

It was lucky that she'd managed to bite her tongue and stay as 'calm' as she had earlier at the mansion.

"Thanks. I just gotta check in and let people know that I'm alive and taking my time getting back…" Talk about the troubles of living with one's dad. Magneto had already ripped her a new one when she'd stayed behind at the X-mansion before without calling. Now, with the Acolyte body-guards and the wedding happening in less than week.. She knew that her lack of presence on Genosha would cause a stir.

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