All Too Typical

April 02, 2018:

Chaos in the mansion, a typical day really. Threats. Yelling. Geekery.

X-mansion, entryway


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Lorna hadn't particularly considered what travel time to the US from Genosha would be without a handy portal. And after having travelled it, decided that she loathed it. One ocean flight and another to Westchester proper was not something Lorna particularly wanted to repeat. But, Marcos had poked and prodded and told her that ending her ties to the X-men as she had wasn't a good idea. Much less that it would rankle her to no end if she didn't check in on what had happened to Scott, and by extension, Alex, since she'd sent the younger Summers over.

Plus she had last minute wedding things to attend to. She had days left until the wedding. And Magneto had been work getting Hammer Bay show worthy. In a way, it was a very strange show of.. approval? Care? Affection? Desire to impress the world at large? Likely all of the above in regards to her father. Though she'd joked to Marcos that it was very much a sign of his Jewish father traits coming out.

The green haired mutant entered the X-mansion, letting herself and lingering in the entryway awkwardly. She'd said she was done, this wasn't home anymore, and she meant that. Which meant standing around like a guest until some kid tracked down Scott or he noted on the security. Either one really.

Lorna stood, her hands shoved into the pockets of her leather jacket and shifted on her booted feet. She was now visibly pregnant, and gone were the skinny jeans.


Having wasted little time getting back into the 'Always Training' schedule, a clearly red-faced and winded Alex emerges from the depths of the Mansion. His current top resembles a version of his containment body suit, though it looks like the arms have been removed. Also adding to the sartorial atrocity are his trusty Vorokhastani Track Pants.

Whether for fiddling with Danger Room settings too much or just trying to do too much too early, Alex has earned himself a decent black eye. On the unscarred side of his face, naturally. Lorna's hard to miss, in terms of uncommon hair colors: "And she's back. Can't stay away, Lor? I feel the pain."


Scott's ever busy while in the mansion (or really anywhere), it's not his place to settle rest or end up idle. He is very much the type who sets himself to 'live by example'. Lorna's presence is entirely unexpected and has the man walking quietly down the stairwell, looking the green haired woman over.

"Lorna. Alex." Scott's voice carrying on down to the main area lobby they're both standing in. Alex gets less of a look than Lorna. Scott himself dressed casual, a black sweater, slacks and dress shoes.


Lorna twisted around at Alex's presence, moving to whap him on the arm with a faint half scowl on her lips. "I was worried about you, idiot." She muttered mulishly. Her nose wrinkled as she glanced at his manner of dress and black eye in return.

"Seriously, I pick you up and fly you all over and you're an emotional wreck and I don't hear back? What the hell, Alex." She half growled, her green eyes narrowing faintly. Though whether or not she was seriously annoyed it was hard to tell. Especially as Scott approached and she clammed up.

Her arms crossed, and she seemed to work over her emotions for a second time. Her gaze flickering over the elder Summers, checking for signs of healing injuries or the alike. Her lips pursed into a thin line as she considered exactly what to say, her jaw clenching and unclenching as she shifted her weight on her heels.

Finally, she heaved a sigh and looked away, shoving her hands into her pockets again. "Marcos told me to come back and check on you.." She muttered.


"You seem pretty busy…" Alex notes. A simple consideration in his mind, after all. No sense becoming an even greater burden over little nothings like post-traumatic nightmares or weird anxiety attacks, right? Just shut up and go back to work and it'll all smooth itself out, muses the younger Summers.

He rubs his arm whap site, scrunching his face in mock pain before jerking his chin in Scott's direction. He just goes with, "Hey." Then after a beat adds, "Think I set the Danger Room a little too… vigorous."


Scott doesn't interject more than he has, just waltzing down the steps while they exchange in their personal manner. His hand on the bannister coming to a stop with him at the end of it. Quietly and patiently he's just standing there, when he gets the 'hey' of acknowledgement from Alex his brows rise up above the lens of his glasses, "You'll adapt." He replies about the Danger Room.

Scott's arms then fold across his chest, still a stair up from the main floor he's taller than his usually 6'3".

"Marcos insisted you check on me? I figured you would be more curious about your status with 'us'."


Smirking faintly, Alex quips, "Good luck with that. I'm not even sure of my status with us half the time." Granted, a good portion of that is Alex's own fault. Though he's seems mostly Stoic and Dedicated since his recent supervillain-fighting exploits. He's probably kidding.


Lorna sent Alex a side long glance, looking utterly unimpressed with his claims of her being 'pretty busy', sure she was. She had a wedding to get ready for (it still wasn't ready she swore), a baby to plan for (she had a few months yet), and a country to help build.. By any other definition she was busy. Yet, she leaned so heavily on that need to check in on him right then, she waved it off with a shrug.

"You're the one that—" She broke off, swallowing back what Alex had told her. He'd made her promise not to tell Scott before he was ready. A look was sent toward Alex and then back to Scott.

She shifted her weight on her feet again, and averted her eyes. "Marcos insisted that I didn't just leave the X-men how I did too, but I don't really think that's salvageable at this point in time. I'm done, just you're ready to turn me in and walk away, I'm sure. This was a waste of time."


Dr. Banner tends to blend in fairly well into most locations. However, probably not this one, as to most of them, he's an unknown adult, which sticks out. In a school of younger kids, that's probably the main remarkable part. No apparent mutation either. But he entirely fits the bill, visually, of a new teacher. He has a tablet in hand, and wandered out from the general vicinity of the cafeteria, eating a muffin. Nothing interesting overall: just in slacks, button up that could use a little ironing, glasses, brand new obnoxiously white sneakers. He pauses at the group, he's not in his own world enough to walk into anybody, but there's some mild social awkwardness. He does waggle a few fingers from muffin-hand at Scott, though, quietly friendly, and non-intrusive.


"One that?" Scott doesn't press very hard though.

"That's something to discuss." He replies about it being capable of salvage or not. "You're done?"

"We haven't' turned you in yet. As easily as we could."

Hearing Bruce walking before actually seeing him Scott lifts up his hand, "Doctor Banner, I hope you're doing well. Meet my brother Alex and Lorna Dane a guest of ours." Unsure how much conversation has carried.


Lorna huffed a breath, her scowl deepening as she flexed her hands, and had to swallow back the instant anger that flickered to life there. She was stressed by the situation as it was, and .. well, mutant baby plus erratic powers made things difficult for her to pull in her temper. She closed her eyes, counting backwards as she glanced back to Scott.

"It doesn't matter," She muttered, and as Scott continued a green eyebrow lifted upwards. Her anger slamming back down hard. "Not yet, no. But don't bother lying, you'd rather have me in some pit, locked away." She snapped. And the lights over head flickered with her temper.

Further argument broke off though as Doctor Banner, as Scott introduced him, gained Lorna's attention. The green haired woman crossed her arms, lips pursed tightly into a thin line. She wore a leather jacket, and steel toed boots, and was covered in cheap jewelry of nickel and steel alloys. And she was clearly pregnant.


Alex helpfully shrugs his shoulders in reference to the One That, offering to Scott, "I… well, doesn't matter. No secrets to keep or anything, just didn't want you to worry while laid up in the hospital. But I think I gave you the basic run-down."

Now, Alex has traditionally played up the Dumb Jock stereotype that his former appearance made easy. However, he's still an Academia Nerd deeper down, and he instantly breaks character: "Wait. Doctor Banner? Bruce Banner? Where? Why?" He looks to Banner, and manages as bright a grin as his scarred features will allow. "Doctor Banner! Hey, I've read… Oh, at least six… Seven? Er, a bunch of your papers, over the years."

Lorna's budding temper, for the moment at least, seems to escape his notice. Or it's possible he's just used to it.


"Lorna. Don't start. What I said stands and I'd prefer you not start calling me a liar right out the gates." Scott says calmly, "You're a guest. You can leave anytime."

There's a curious look at Alex, "Ahh right. I am fairly certain you caught me up." A glance up at the ceiling, the lights and Scott's jaw tightens, a jump of muscle underneath the shaven expanse. He's rather done overextending.

He would like to heckle his brother or even Bruce over the quick fire off of 'nerd-fandom' but his mood hit a wall.


Bruce Banner has a sense of volatile situations. He also doesn't hide things very well, he's a terrible liar. So while he quietly accepts the greetings, he has a rather alarmed way that he keeps track of Lorna. If she's going to explode he doesn't want to be standing next to her for it.

But Alex? That is a massive distraction, and with a brief cough, Dr. Banner moves full attention to him. "Hello… Alex Summers, then? I'm curious which ones you liked - don't worry, I'm not putting you on the spot," Banner ads, and then pauses, transferring the muffin to set it gently on the edge of the tablet. That frees a hand to offer a handshake with a relaxed, reserved additional smile. Bruce puts no power into handshakes: they're sort of casually absent.

"Hello, er. I didn't mean to intrude," Bruce says quickly, with a keen sense of a tense social situation. This is mostly to Lorna, because she just stared at him by way of introduction. Bruce starts to back off, but his smile remains awkwardly.


"Well, my main focus was Geophysics, but your stuff popped up a few times during some more general reading." Alex gives Bruce's passive hand a fairly extroverted shake, still crookedly grinning, "It's been a while since I've even caught up on anything new. Either too busy teaching high school basic physics or…"

Gesturing absently at his face, figuring it explains plenty about the differences in his life between then and now, "Or blowing myself up." He casts a sidelong glance at Lorna and then Scott. This … -probably- won't get excessively dramatic, but it might be time to pipe up the magic caution words, "Hey… we're not having a fridge incident, are we?"

Internally, Alex has wanted to use that for quite some time.


Lorna practically growled, glaring at Scott, the situation at hand was decidedly not what Marcos had meant when he'd suggested Lorna go and try to mend things. Of course, he had likely meant to be there to try to soothe over Lorna's more destructive and anger prone bouts of temper. Being pregnant was not helping her hot headed actions in the least.

Her jaw clenched and she exhaled harshly through her nose, "You said 'yet', that implies an awful lot Scott." She muttered, and turned her attention away from him as Alex dragged her focus away with mention of the 'fridge' incident. That earned him another smack on the shoulder.

"Well excuse me, mister-super-nova. But it takes two of us for that." She shot back, green eyes slipping over to Banner and she flushed faintly.

"Sorry." She sighed, heaving a breath.


"What is going on, why are you… hey Lorna, you are back?" For a telepath Nate can be somewhat… obvious. Yes, Lorna seems to be back, but a glance between Scott and her makes Nate sigh. And they say he is the hotheaded one. "I am glad to see you, lady," he concludes.

Someone is trying to steal his unofficial position of the X-Men or what?

Alex' bruised face is given a curious glance, but he smiles at his not-uncle too. Looks like he is another mutant that returns to stay. Bruce Banner? No one he knows, but the man is too old to be a student, so Nate waits for introductions.


"There was no implication in it. You're standing here, before us, you've been around us and yet we haven't done a damned thing in regards to you." Scott clears his throat, his lips curling back a little not in anything but irritation, he feels like he wants to smile but its likely coming off as something else.

"You're not intruding at all Doctor, just some unresolved issues."
"Don't worry Alex, I am sure things will be fine." A look from behind his glasses at Lorna, meeting her gaze whether she can see it or not. It's one of those /we'll talk later/ things.

"Doctor Banner is the newest member of our faculty, in the greater idea of expanding the school and our other efforts, he's here to lend us aid. "

Nate's sudden arrival seemingly out of nowhere gets a cant of his head, "Meet our newest teacher, Nate." Introductions can be handled on from there. Scott' exhales as his arms over his chest in their lay still rise and fall.


"I'll be covering biology while Dr. McCoy is unavailable, for now," Bruce Banner clarifies for Alex. 'Cheerful' is too strong a word, Bruce is sort of just pleasant and reserved. "Blowing up. I can empathize," says the unscarred Banner in a completely deadpan tone, as if it was but wasn't funny, at the same time. There's no explanation following, just quiet dismay.

Fridge incident? Yes, let's make the nervous Banner more nervous. The general calm he's holding is breached by some anxiety that arrives in his eyes. He asks with his gaze, no words. 'Mister-super-nova' also gets some mild alarm. Banner's probably appearing to react much like a non-mutant, to those that don't know him: a bit skittish with all the dangerous powers. He nods at Lorna's apology agreeably, immediate forced smile. "Hello," is aimed to Nate, from the somewhat overwhelmed scientist.


Lorna glanced toward Nate briefly, "I'm not back, Marcos got on my case about.. shi-things.." She exhaled an irritated breath, and stepped back, shaking out her hands before dragging them over her features. Her gaze swung back to meet Scott's briefly and she looked away with a tightening of her jaw. "It was a mistake. I shouldn't have bothered." She muttered tightly.

Another sigh escaped her as her attention shifted toward Banner as he clarified his position in the school. Her irritation seemed to evaporate to concern, noting his general demeanor and she deflated considerably more. "The 'fridge incident' is from when I was a teenager, and Alex and I destroyed a fridge. Honestly, my powers… anger issues.. aren't that bad. Usually..Just, sort of worse.. recently." She continued to look somewhat shame-faced before Bruce at least. Having a stranger see her lack utterly control or manners was the hint of jarring to derail her.


Storm has no idea to a 'Fridge Incident', but that has no relevance to te rest she has had to read into and up-to when she returned to the X-Men. Greeted by Scott and Rogue alone at the hour that would have been decent… In Africa.

The front door opens, as if it would */fling/*! but is caught by a tan-knuckled grip to keep it from causing yet another dent in the stone of the back wall behind the knob…

Fingers unwind from the antique metal to let it float away with every booted step of thick-soled boots that carry Storm into the foyer and the melodramatics that has made the aura of Xavier's a…
With every step of leather strapped appendages, there is a calm… or a demand of it if heeded or sensed.


Lowering his voice, Alex gives a shake of his head and gives Doctor Banner a light pat on the shoulder. It's meant to be casual and reassuring, as much as a guy with fairly horrifying burn scars talking about explosions can be, "Don't worry. I haven't even felt -close- to blowing up in… Well, since the last time, but that was extreme duress type circumstances. Months, seriously."
Heee? Perfectly reassuring. It's been months.

Settling into his role as Explaining Guy for Bruce, he adds, "And the fridge thing… That was YEARS ago. I don't think Lorna and I are anywhere near trying to kill one another, now." Helping. Alex is helping.


"Doctor Banner," Nate offers the scientist his hand. "Nate Grey I am… well, hang out because I have relatives here." He looks at the other man curious, sensing his distress. Something more serious than it looks must be going on. Or maybe this Banner is jumpy.

Or maybe Nate is getting too used to tense conversations between mutants able to blow up buildings.

Of course he doesn't need to be an empath to figure out Lorna and Scott are not getting along. Their body language is clear enough.

'Fridge Incident' gets filed in his memory for future research, however. Because.

"I am glad to see you anyway," he offers Lorna. "I am still checking Carrion Cover often enough, though. So if you need to get back… let me know."

And then Ororo shows up, and Nate moves to greet the white-haired woman. "Ororo, heard you were back. Where did you go?"


Bruce very much appreciates Alex's support. And gives a very private share, in a small voice just for Alex's ear, due to proximity, "Mine was— two weeks ago," Bruce says, with a thickness of shame and regret that weighs a few tons. And probably makes it extremely clear that Bruce is admitting that he's 'powered' in some manner, which is already hard for him to say. Closet mutant, no doubt.

But greeting Nate Gray he can handle! Handshake and awkward smile, no problem. The anxiety is getting hidden away better, as Bruce adapts and chills himself out. He takes the moment to eat more of the muffin, with a manner of someone that's partially hiding behind it. He can work with this, just needs a little time to adjust.


An active post-Easter morning for the X-Men, Scott goes quiet watching everyone, Storm gets a warm smile and the lift of one hand in a wave before his fingers refined his bicep, seated there. At least nothings exploded so far.

"Glad you're all getting to meet Banner. He'll be a familiar face around here from here on." The extra special warning that comes with the man yet to be spoken about but then there is a War Council thats needed to be had very soon, that particular number will be mentioned also.


Lorna grimaces at Alex's waving away of the fridge incident. "I'm pretty sure, I'm not apt to kill you right now Alex. Though if you don't call me next time to update me, I might." Her voice forced to be lighter than she felt. She instead, seemed more intent on back pedaling, physically away from some of the others. Her hand pushing her hair back behind an ear. Only pausing as Nate mentioned giving her a ride back, to which, she nodded.

"That makes one person. And that would be preferable. Thanks." She muttered, glancing toward the door as … Storm entered. Stormily.


Giving an understanding wince, Alex simply nods to Banner's admission. Without much self-awareness, he folds his arms across his chest, looking like a shorter, blonder Scott.

"Up 'til recently I had to wear this contraption to regulate energy levels, kind of like this.." Gesturing vaguely at his chest, which looks to sport some sort of round LED indicator, "But it was a big obnoxious metal thing, kept me from… I don't know, stubbing my toe and accidentally nuking the mansion." If it's an exaggeration, it's certainly a casual one.

Frowning thoughtfully to himself, Havok adds, "Suppose I was a pretty terrible roommate." He offers a thumbs-up at Lorna's agreement that she is probably not going to kill him. Right now.


"I had to comfort my people," No: Not - Handle My Country.

But Storm Lets those pale eyes lift from Nate to those behind the greeting form. The turbulence calming as she lingers upon this… 'Banner'… and then Scott…

A compassionate slide towards Lorna and her 'expectant state', her next few steps placing her between the woman and… any of those gathered within Xavier's. No…she is no enemy here, Alumni!… But she is a "Mother", of so much more.

"No words of Passing into the Ether within these walls," A lowering of a hand laden in foreign metal rings, just center-focused on Lorna! "The Risk… is too high." A look to the green haired woman, then Scott, Nate, but settles on Banner with a lift of pale brow.

Alex, however.. "How was the trip to the Antarctic? I do not like the cold…" But can make it happen!

Storm is asking for a calm, a truce on these grounds and among these 'people', if they accept, that is!


Logan had been thinking about the meeting that he had recently with fellow mutants. After the Stepford Cuckoos described the nightmares to the rest of the group, they had decided that the arrival of the Phoenix Force was probably imminent. This greatly concerned Logan as he had far too many experiences in the past with the Phoenix for his liking. And he'd be damned if they didn't take necessary action. So Logan decided he needed to speak with Scott.

This leads Logan to walking in on the small gathering of people at the mansion. He firstly spots Scott, and then looks around at the rest of the group. He notices Lorna and Nate, both of whom could back up his story to Scott. If he hadn't already heard the news. Then he sees Alex, who Logan hasn't seen since the incident. The other two he doesn't remember meeting before, at least in this universe. Of course, he knows Ororo Munroe, how could he ever forget her? The other guy, well he couldn't remember him. He looked familiar, smelt even more familiar. Yet couldn't quite place him.

Logan shrugs his shoulders, if the other guy was important he was sure he would remember. He decides to head over to Scott, approaches from behind, and places a hand on Scott's shoulder, "Hey, Scott! We need to talk."


A device that keeps Alex from exploding? "Do you still need it in some situations, if I'm not prying?" Bruce inquires. "If so… I'm happy to look into adjusting the design to be more manageable and compact," Bruce offers quietly to Alex. A low key, friendly manner, nothing more.

Storm's stare and request for peace hardly gets any argument from the somewhat anxious scientist. More a surprised smile, really. He doesn't shove an introduction of himself at her: she seems more— regal than his own pay grade.

The larger number of people is keeping Banner's stress level way up, but, so far so good. And a PROJECT, possibly, with Alex. And Projects are always a good thing to really focus on. Bruce finished his muffin, and balls up the little bit of trash from it to slip into a pocket, returning attention to his tablet, but just to flip to different menus and check on something. It's obviously some wonky STARK tech.


"Alex, stop scaring the new teacher," comments Nate, poking the older man, on the shoulder. How much does Banner know about what is going on in the school, anyway? Probably most of it if he is a teacher, but still…

"In the last three years the school has barely blown up," and giant evil bears do not count as mutants, anyway.

Ororo look is responded with a brief smile, since -this- time he is totally innocent of any strife going. There is a first time for everything.


The hand on the shoulder gets a tilt from Scott and he's rising his wrist up to knock it aside, he is surprised but it doesn't show from the almost robotic like response.
"Logan. We've never been on handsy terms, probably in any reality." A firm tone there but he's trying to be polite, he's aware things may be different where Logan is from, he's trying his best to be understanding there.
"On a scale of importance… where would you rate this?"

Scott looks at the others present who are largely engaged in dialogue then averts attention enough to Logan so that they can speak lower, "We can take a walk or you can speak here, just keep it down."

It is not that he wants to explain why he's finding himself 'staying' in this room, but with Lorna, Nate and Banner all in one spot… it's usually a good idea. Though, Storm present can help with the calm, Alex tends to have a good distractive quality about him too and technically, he has to give Nate some credit for being of fairer mind lately.


Lorna blinked, once more thrown off by someone's casual presence and calm towards her. As Storm approached, coughed lightly, it took the green haired woman an embarrassingly long period of time to figure out exactly what she meant. Her head tilting to the side, eyebrows furrowed as she stance shifted once more. She seemed to miss Logan's entrance and aside to Scott.

"Uhm.. okay.. sure.." She hesitated, glancing at the chaos of figures around and back.


"Well Slim, you're not wrong." Logan quickly released his grip, "Though this is important. Extremely, important. Like end of the world, fire and brimstone important." He spares a glance at the familiar yet unknown man, there was something at back of his mind. He shakes his head. "Nate and Lorn, both know. Quite frankly everyone else here deserves to know."


Bruce's mention of helping with containment units gets Alex's attention back, "Yeah? No, that'd be great. Uh, Doctor McCoy had been working on some updates, but…" He upnods in Logan's direction. Speaking of… "I've got a much better feel for it all, lately. Had a bit of an incident. So, yeah, I look like a chunk of jerky somebody left out in the sun for a few weeks, but on the bright side I can tell when I need to burn off a bit of energy."

Fair trade, really. "But, no rush. Don't mean to drag you into side projects when you're still getting settled in."

Narrowing his eyes curiously at Ororo, Havok ventures, "The Antarctic? No, I was over in… well, the original trip was supposed to be Caribbean. Just ended up a bit sidetracked."


"That's not exactly for you to decide. Some of these people here are not X-Men." Lorna and Banner for instance. Scott exhales and his brows rise up to knit together, "Go ahead and speak low if you insist its this serious." The tall X'er looks over his shoulder at the others then steps a little to the side of the bannister. The rest at least appear largely absorbed enough he can focus on what Logan is about to drop him.

"Spill, we're already up to our ears in threats of the Apocalypse. What's more to the number right?"


"Sounds like it's more important than a side project. I usually am running multiple projects at once. I'd like to see the design for the object you already have. Sounds like good casual reading," Banner jokes in his deadpan way to Alex.

Banner is more concerned about mutants exploding next to him about the end of the world, by reaction to overhearing Logan describing impending Doom. He sort of looks up from his device with a resigned expression, watching Logan. This may as well happen. He does add a rub of his eyes with his fingers, pushing up under his glasses, though. How did teaching biology turn into end of the world, so fast?


Nate gives Logan a brief glance and loses his good mood. He needs to talk to Jean at length, but somehow he keeps missing chances. As apocalyptic threats that particular one ranks pretty high. Deathly high, given how Nate's last meeting with the space firebird went.

Suddenly the almost-family meeting does not seem such a happy time. "I think I need more coffee," he comments. "Time to raid the kitchen, I guess. See you soon, folks." He offers the returning Storm what he hopes is a friendly welcoming smile, "Ororo," and heads out.


They say 'Fridge', maybe they man 'Fringe'? Alex's look her way has Ororo offering him a light smile that only flatlines with the schn of Nate's sweep to Scott's reassurance.

"As I have been busy saving another people from the same, I am ignorant of this strife. Illuminate me as to why I should accept what I see…"
"… as unacceptable." But even as she states such, Storm is tuning an antique, claw-foot'd chair about-face to them all and perching within.

Legs crossed.

Knuckles risen.

Chin placed.

Storm is concerned…

About everything…
and nothing.


Lorna is left standing there awkwardly as Ororo takes a chair from the end of the entryway and plops down. She blinked, as Nate left for the safety of the kitchen. She looked about ready to follow, but as attention shifted toward Scott and Logan, beyond Alex and Banner's conversation, she frowned. A rough inhale and exhale followed as she crossed her arms and looked away.

So much for that ride home, that meant sticking around now.

Which was increasingly becoming rather uncomfortable for the green haired woman. A huff from a breath, and she shook her head, making for the door without a so much as a 'bye'.


"Yeah, well Lorna turned up to the meeting, that I had hoped you'd turned up to." Logan figured that Scott also meant the new guy. He looked over in his direction again. "Well look… how much do you know about the Phoenix Force? I know there's been encounters in this universe."

Suddenly, something clicks in Logan's mind. "Hey, wait a minute. What's he doing here?" He points at the new guy who he suddenly remembers as been Bruce Banner. Without waiting for a response, Logan storms over. "Hey! Banner!"


What's he doing there? Er? Bruce Banner pulls his hand away from his face and looks at Logan, confused, but not alarmed yet. "…Yes?" Banner asks, scanning the others quickly, particularly Scott, for a hint about what this could be about.


"Enough." Scott says, the entire situation surrounding Jean and the X-Men in the past with the Phoenix Force transpired, it's residual ties still hooked in to those associated.
"If you're… " Scott pauses to look at who is being pointed out, a stare at Logan's back is apparently the next step in these things as the grizzled snikty vet is already storming off after the Doctor.
"He works here now." Scott says loudly, "A problem with that or are you two drinking buddies?"

He is aware of Lorna's discomfort, much of it self imposed and Scott really unable to fathom a reason to approach her right now. Not at least in front of everyone where she can bite at him and he has to respond in some tempered fail.


"Come," Storm states as she rises to Lorna, and yet shades the woman in stature.

"You are not alone." The ring laden fingers curl the Green woman's way.

Let Storm take that Friction, despite the consequence…!

"Let's get you home, Polar—" Should it finish?

No matter, despite closures, Storm is there, offering the relevance of the intermediary!


Standing near Banner and chatting about science projects for a few minutes seems to have Alex picking sides. "Hey, hey… Logan, don't." He takes a partial step forward, but doesn't go so far as placing himself in front of the new teacher. Suppose their recent shared trials didn't result in any sort of unquestioning camaraderie on Alex's part.


"Yes, I do have a problem with that." He turns and glares at the taller X-Man, ignoring Alex at the same time. "Drink buddies? Huh! Hardly." He looks back at Banner and assumes that Banner would be a lightweight. Though the man known as Bruce Banner wasn't Logan's cause for concern. Banner's alter ego, on the hand was. "I know you are in the past, but I never knew you was this clueless, Summers. Don't you have any idea who this guy is? Do you have any idea how much you are putting us all at risk by hiring him?"


Storm's rise and gesture have Lorna slowing her steps, a mullish sort of look struggled for dominance over her discomfiture. It settled for awkward. A sigh pulled from Lorna's lips and the green haired mutant halted before she could so much as swing the door open. A roll of her eyes followed Ororo's offer to take her home.

"Home's Genosha these days, and didn't you just say you came back from that side of the world?" She drawled, not unfriendly, just.. tired.

And then Logan's words draw a snapping green eyed gaze toward the stairs and Scott, her brows shooting upwards in surprise. She had no idea who or what Banner was to draw such a reaction, considering Logan hadn't even been that way in regards to her parentage.. well.. it begged attention.


'Who this guy is?' Bruce holds a breath. Somehow Logan knows. Oh. Guilt erupts. Bruce's face turns into a stressed out flush of red. Oh, good. Because stressful situations always go really well. He ends up staring at his shoes. And then sort of crumples inside. "Would you hang onto this for me for a little bit?" Bruce asks, with a thick sadness, shutting off and handing off the tablet toward Alex. And slowly removing his glasses. Okay. Breathing. Prepare for it, but don't give in. It will LOOK like Bruce is readying to fight or have his ass kicked. Which is probably ridiculous looking on the anxious, mild scientist.


Scott Summers says, "I know exactly who he is." Scott says firmly, "Just like I know who you are and have been."

As Alex steps up and accepts Bruce's belonging Scott takes that final step down so he is on level with everyone else, "She offered you a ride, I suggest you take it." All he says towards Lorna, if things are to escalate they really do not need Polaris and her 'changeling' child in the mix of the chaos.

"Logan, whatever issues you may have with Doctor Banner, you can bring them up to Jean or the Professor, he is a teacher here now and welcome. His issues are ours. Understand?"
"If you don't like it, you and I can have our own private chat. It's been a while since you've been put in time out."

"Doctor Banner, you and Alex sound like you have a lot in common. Maybe he can help you set up your lab?""


Logan stares dead into Scott's eyes, "Oh, I'm more than happy to have "a little chat" with you, Summers. And honestly, I would more than happy to hand your ass to you in front of everyone. Though, it would upset our guest." He turns back around sizing up Bruce. "You see this son of a bitch, back in my world, killed my family." Logan walks right up to Bruce, standing almost toe to toe. "You want to know how he did it? He broke their bodies, him and the rest of his gang. How you ask? Quite simple, this bastard is the none other than the jolly green giant, the Hulk himself?" Logan watches as Bruce takes off his glasses. "Oh, you're gearing up for a fight are you?" Logan pops his claws. Snikt! "Oh, it's so on! But I should warn you, I killed you in the end."


Lorna was already uncomfortably emotional these days, Marcos had had to deal with her crying over baby clothes more than once for instance. Or her shouting at Acolytes for not sparring with her (Magneto had his orders after all). And today had been no exception. Anger was easier and more readily available, but Scott's words brought a mixture of violent tears to her eyes and anger to her features.

About to swear a storm at him, even though she'd been about to accept the offer regardless… it was all broken off entirely as Logan went onwards to explain who was standing uncomfortably in the entryway and who that was.. to him. And she gaped. A blink, and then another and Lorna turned green eyes upon Banner briefly, before the tell tale snikt of Logan's claws followed.

Oh shit. She froze.


As he walks into the room, Bobby is singing, "Let it go" from the Disney Movie, "Frozen". He blinks when his eyes fall on the group of people but seems to walk in just when Logan reveals the big news. "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" Bobby runs over to Bruce and begins to bounce slightly back and forth on the balls of his ankles, "YOU are the Hulk?" He seems to not even acknowledge everyone else because he knows them when he looks Bruce over and cocks his head to the side as he tries to stand between Logan and Bruce, "Somehow…I expected you to be bigger."

"Ooooo…can you like control the big guy? Is it true you once broke New York City? Ooooo are you like a student or a teacher now?" Bobby just slams the man with questions with little or no regard to what is going on. Typical Bobby.


Bruce attempts to take the verbal assault, and does fairly well, though he looks down and away when Logan really gets up into his face. Trying to not react, and just take it without engaging. Until the claim about how he 'broke' the family members. There's confusion there, and Bruce returns his eyes to Logan. "I have a /gang/?" Because clearly THAT is the weirdest part of the whole thing. That Bruce would possibly have friends, that part is the crazy part.

"No, I don't want to fight here and endanger this place. But I didn't bring enough extra glasses," Bruce rambles a little bit. And then the emotions start to stick, and a heated glare flashes out of Banner. "Maybe I /should/ die. But this isn't a good place to find out." The green pulse is coming in now, though, crawling in Banner's neck through the veins and across the temples. Bobby is ignored for the moment. But is probably getting the answer to the control question, which looks like a 'no'.


"The younger Logan had a hard time at that. You're even a mark further off. Mind yourself, Logan and stand down. You know this isn't the same man."
Scott is rarely relieved to see Bobby show up but right now this might be a moment he is, if he can perhaps put a freeze on things here if they should up in tempo.
"Don't worry Doctor Banner. You won't be fighting anyone, I told you, you're safe here."

"Right, Logan?" Scott insists, his fingers rise up and he adjusts his own glasses, a red flare shining from behind them. He is mindful of Lorna still present, Alex, Storm… He is also fully prepared to send the Wolverine through a wall to prove his point or make the call and have Iceman flash freeze him.

"I think it's time we all dispersed for now and had some sidebars."


Lorna swallowed hard as she glanced between Scott, Logan, Banner and Bobby's ..being Bobby. She cleared her throat, "Bobby, hey, why don't you give the guy some space?" She called, her voice carefully calm. Or as calm as she could make it. She didn't really know much about the Hulk, much less what it might take to stop it. But she'd heard rumors. That was about it.

Her hands settled at her sides, green eyes flickering toward Scott as he called for them to disperse. Whatever issues they had, when it mattered it seemed, she was ready to listen at least. That much was still ingrained.

"Bobby, hey? We should catch up… kitchen sound good?"


As the flash of green comes into Bobby's view, he takes a step back from Bruce. He blinks looking back over at Scott and then between Logan and Bruce like he was watching a tennis match. He sighs and says, "Hulk…Dude. I make the best frozen root beer floats. Wanna come? I have sooooooooooooo many questions." Bobby looks back at Logan and frowns, "Come on Logan. Put those away before you stab someone. We are all friends here." Bobby takes another step back now with a slight look of concern on his face.


"Are you forgetting, Summers, that I killed you too? Of course, that was before… that was before Maureen. I didn't know it was you admittedly, but still…" He refuses to take his eyes of Banner, he doesn't the man. He wants the monster. "You see Scott, he can't control it. He is turning right now in front of everyone. Then you'll see. Then you will /all/ see, just how dangerous he is."


Bruce fights inwardly. "I am //no/t/." There's a sudden expression of heavy guilt and pain, a half glance at Bobby's really kind offer - and Bruce disengages, he spins away and goes outside. There's a crunch of metal and glass in his hand as he clenches down accidentally on his glasses, and exits. The stomp sort of becomes a less graceful flee down the stairs. Which, more than anything, is a hint that Bruce is still driving, not any green monster: Hulk doesn't back down.


Scott isn't sure what Logan means by forgetting as its nothing hes ever experienced. Not this Scott at least. "I'm sorry Doctor Banner, I'll catch up with you."

"Bobby is right. Put them away, you are forgetting yourself here."

"From where I stand, he's controlling himself just fine. You're the one who is not."

"Now, take a walk, you and Storm can see Lorna off." Yeah, he heard Lorna mention heading off with Iceman, as far as he's concerned, her welcomes up for the day.


Lorna watched, not making a move to stop or interfere with Banner's departure, though her gaze swung back to Bobby, and his Bobby-ness… Any grumbling was halted though as Scott moved onto sending her packing. Her brows furrowed and just like that her anger and irritation returned. Her lips peeled back, and she seemed ready to argue again..

But paused as Logan had yet to retract those claws of his. Her gaze lingered on him, and she glanced side long to Scott, and swallowed her irritation.

"C'mon Logan, we can talk about you taking Scott's place in my wedding. Marcos needs another groomsman." She called softly.


"I think that is an awesome idea. Why don't you come 'chill' with us. I will make us the frozen drinks. I am sure we have beer in the teacher's fridge. I will even make sure it's nice and cold for you." Bobby flashes Logan a smirk before he looks in Banner's direction, "What is he teaching?" He looks at Scott with a narrow look, "Not Math?"


Logan watches as Bruce leaves. He turns back around to Scott, "Don't you start, Summers. You pompous, arrogant ass." He turns his head towards, "Just one moment, Lorn." Logan focuses his attention back on Scott. He sheathed his claws. Squares up to him. And throws an adamantium filled fist at Scott's jaw. Then he turns back to Lorna and Ororo, "Shall we?" He says as he offers his arms. Perfectly, demonstrating that despite his angry side, he can still be a gentleman.


Scott's torso moves just as that fist comes in, head turning to the side just in time to NOT be hit but there is a 'crunch' as the shades fly off and hit the ground, scattering across it to leave Summers standing there without his shades on. His head craned to the side with eyes closed, lips curled into a twist and features contorted with a rage of their own.

Scott can hear Logan walking off, can even estimate exactly where he might be from here but he doesn't open his eyes and look as badly as he wants to.

"Cute." He manages, not even sure he said it out loud with as pissed off as he is right now instead just awaiting a second attempt or more aggression.

"Next time you try to cheap shot me you better keep your claws out, Logan."


Lorna blinked in a stunned way as Logan continued the conversation, only to midway retract his claws and punch Scott’s glasses off. She gaped, physically jumping slightly, even as her green eyed gaze swung toward Bobby, perhaps in apology, briefly as Logan stepped back down the stairs towards her to offer an arm. She took it, even if her attention lingered on a pissed off Scott.

Her fingers twitched, and his glasses floated back toward him, bumping them up against his head. Perhaps a concession, or an apology in some small way. She cared still, that much was obvious and hard to stop. Angry, and convinced she was right, but family was family. Even if she didn't so much as scold or chide Logan for doing the very thing she wanted to do.

"C'mon Logan, we … should talk."


As he rolls his eyes, Bobby mutters something about dick swinging before he moves to Scott's glasses and bends down to pick them up but as they float to Scott he nods slowly. He walks over to the Scott, Bobby calls out to Lorna, "I will be there in a second. Just need to talk to Scott for a sec."


Unsure who is handing him his glasses but figuring on it being Bobby as they're bumped in to him he slides them broken on to his face, fingers fumbling over them to make sure the lenses are not too broken only to find one still safe, he squints that eye to look at Bobby, then past him to those departing.
"Well, it must be a monday. Make sure that Logan stays with Lorna if you're catching up to them, its best he stays gone for a while."

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