Gaea's Plea

April 03, 2018:

Gaea ask Doctor Strange and Vivienne from their help in finding Atum.

Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek
aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the
inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


NPCs: Gaea


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Fade In…

Ozymandias leans back in one of the chairs as he combs over some old scrolls. Ozymandias lets out a frustrated sigh as he comments to himself. "You would think in all of my travels on this planet, I would have acquired more legitimate information dealing with Lilith and Krampus" Ozymandias rolls his eyes behind his mask before peering down at the scroll. "I remember encounter some devastation contributed to them, but I also have scrolls speaking of villages destroyed by them that were attack by plagues or raiding parties, some of which I was a part of.

Ozymandias peers down at another scroll, "

Wait, this one looks promising." Ozymandias starts to type on the computer. "If I cross referencing with this information, and let the program run?Ozymandias spins around in his chair and reaches for another scroll. "

For Strange the search for the Krampus and Lilith has become a secondary concern. No, the search of the missing Sun-God, Atum, known also as Amon Ra, and Sol Invictus, and the Demogorge, destroyer of the Elder Gods, is rather more critical. With the dimensional barriers weaker they have been in 3,000 years, Earth can hardly afford the absence of the mightiest of Gaea's children.

He has been peering into the Orb of Agamotto for days to little success. So he returns to the Hall once again, to speak with Diana about the Greek Gods. Surely Zeus must know Atum is missing. The Olympians have powerful seers among their members, consulting them might be a good idea.
Walking around the Hall of Justice, Vivienne has been using her abilities to contact the Earth itself in order to try to find more evidence of this odd phenomenon that they found in the desert. These people with their odd technology.

"I didn't hear you come in, Strange." Ozymandias says, "Would you like some coffee?" Ozymandias flips off his chair and lands near his coffee pot set. "This is a special brand to me. It reminds me so much of the past when I drink it. Ozymandias starts to pour the coffee out of the pot. As the brown elixir pour into the cup the liquid hangs in the mid-air, frozen in time. A quick look around the room, and you noticed that it not only the liquid, but Ozymandias. the machines, the workers, etc..All of time has frozen in place. The only beings immune to the freezing of time are Doctor Strange and Vivienne."

Greetings, Doctor Strange and Nighean of my Heart. A cloak figure appears in front of the windows at the Hall. "I apologize for my disturbance, but I have to brief." The cloak figure places a gently hand on the window tracing a small pattern a few times, "I normally don't see myself like this, but I know if anyone could help me it would be the Sorcerer Supreme. My son is missing, but I still feel that he is with me. She turns around to face Doctor Strange and pulls back her cloak revealing the beautiful Gaea
. .

"Ozymandias," greets Strange, walking to meet with the man. "Coffee would be good," he adds, "I expect a long night ahead, as…" he senses the temporal freeze coming a fraction of second before it happens. Too late for a counter-spell or even escaping, although he does try to marshal his personal energies for some kind of defense.
It wouldn't have been enough, but the effect passes over him. Only everyone else is affected.

Not everyone. Looks like Vivienne wasn't either. And before he can question it Gaea appears. "Mother Earth," he manages to whisper, and then bows his head.

"I.sensed the wrongness that also brought Lilith to the world," he offers. "But I have not been able to find the Sun Lord yet."

Vivienne hadn't quite reached the area with Strange and Ozymandias when her natural sense flared wildly. A woman like her with druidic abilities always felt Gaea around her…but not literally. She notes how everyone is still and frozen then enters into the area where Strange is and blinks at the window.

It is not often she gets to see her Great Grandmother in the sort of flesh. Vivi gasps as she walks forward slowly, too caught up in the moment, "Gaea, what do ya mean your son is missing?" She then blinks over at Strange and then back at Gaea.

"Please, you have defended me countless times. You need not bow to me." Gaea speaks to Strange, her melodious voice spreading through the Hall."I do not the power that has cause my son disappearance is the same power that has cause Lilith and others to come to my realm, but I believe that others will most certainty take advantage of his absence. She looks sympathetically, "These others that might take advantage of this situation is why I had to freeze Ma'at's servant as well. His path might become too conflicted for what is to come. It might be conflicted for other members of your league too, so that is why I come to you personally to help me find my son.

She glides over the floor of the Hall to Vivienne. "Atum disappeared during the comet and solar eclipse. He is not in his home, but he is still with me. She smiles softly at Vivienne. "I am always aware of how my children are doing, and he is lost. Someone has separated his essence and scattered him through time.

"See into my life." Gaea takes both their hands and their minds are flooded with images of beings and creatures that were though to be dead in the past, suddenly brought back to life with the essence of Atum inside of them.
"Atum is on Earth?" Strange wants to say no member of the League would hesitate to help in this situation, but what Gaea requires might go against human law and justice. He better keeps quiet.

Instead he avoids interrupting her further, because she said she would have to be brief. The visions of the revived are studied and memorized quickly, the flooding of images accepted into his well-disciplined mind and memory.
Vivi looks at Gaea with a cant of her head, "That is very abnormal…" She then looks to Strange to mirror that very sentiment.

She lets the images come and stares into the distance while her mind is flooded, allowing her inhuman mind to absorb it all.

Gaea glares and lets go of their hands, "Yes, but as you can see not in the current time. Someone has hidden his essence in separate beings throughout time to hide his presence. This is even beyond what my and my fellow Elder Gods can do, and that is why I find equally troubling as his disappearance." Gaea glides over to the window again. "Strong foes that can detect his absence will seek to exploit this, so please be careful for your sake. I will aid you in anyway that I can."

Gaea lowers her head to gently blows in her right hand,, causing several translucent red and white rose petals to flow towards Strange. The flowers invigorate and strengthen Strange as she speaks. "This is will enhance your magic allowing you to create a variety of spells to bring yourself or people to the beings holding his essence.

Once his essences are freed, I have given you a spell to keep him hidden into all of his essences are found and freed. He should be able to reassemble himself after that. The gift I give you will last until he is back in his home. It will also enhance your magic. while you are in Earth's realm to help defend against all of the new threats.

Gaea turns to Vivienne, "I expect you to aid in this task, but I know that you will rise to this challenge. Gaea winks at her. "You already hold my heart that is worth than any other gift I can offer you, M'iníon."

And what of Krampus and Lilith, would ask Strange. But no, he is absolutely sure everything is related. Circe released Krampus to distract the mystical defenders of Earth. Lilith might be a second, even more dangerous distraction.

Circe seemed the real threat, but now even the daughter of Hyperion seems to be only part of something larger, a great conspiracy.

"I'll find Atum," promises Strange. Vivian is given a considering glance. Of course since she is a druid she is close and loyal to the Mother, but the deference Gaea shows hints the Irish woman might be more than that.

A nod to Gaea and Vivienne looks to Strange briefly before taking a breath and nodding, "Of course…Grandmother." She then turns her eyes to the side a moment before saying, "I shall find Atum and rrleturn him." She then smiles soflty and looks to Strange, "We shall find him."

"Thank you, and be prepared for the path ahead. I fear that that this is only the beginning." Gaea goes to the window as she reaches out to place her hand on the glass, she disappear again.

Time starts back up again, and Ozymandias finishes pouring out the cup of coffee, and lifts his arm to hand it to Strange. He eyes widen slightly at the appearance of Vivienne and Strange together in the Hall, when before it was only Strange.. "What, I know I can't be this distracted? I mean missing Strange is one thing, but I think I would have notice someone new to the Halls walking around. What is going on?

You paged Doctor Strange with 'Since Doctor Strange has some cosmic awareness due to his high mystic prowess, he will know that Atum's disappearance wasn't cause by Circe, but some great power than those that dwell on the Earth or have dwelled on the Earth.'

"Divine portents, my friend," replies Strange to Ozymandias. "Not something the wards of the Hall would have halted, or even detected. But we have… a quest, I suppose. I need to meditate long and hard."

To review Gaea's visions and then hunt down forbidden knowledge. It might be time travel will be necessary.
You paged Doctor Strange with 'No, this person has the power to do that. This person has the power to do it. Atum is a universal being. :) Since I wrote it, I did the research it to make sure the dots connected too. :)'

A look to Ozymandias and the woman nods to him, "I am Dr Vivienne Tulloch." She nods again, "Nice to meet you…now I too must be off." And with that the totally just a woman walks off.

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