Abrupt Parlay with the Fae

April 01, 2018:

The Lilin want to speak with the Fae's representative to make sure they do not interrupt their Mother's plan. They did not count on the Justice League being there too.

//Forest Park, Queens, NewYork //

Forest Park in Queens, New York near the Carousel.


NPCs: Lilith Pilgrim Lilin

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Fade In…

Logfile from COMUX.

For most people, today is just a normal day in Forest Park, Queens, New Yprk. A cute little red-haired girl in a bright violet dress that is covered with ivory flower patterns playing with a bright golden ball. She bounces the ball towards Forest Park's world renown Carousel. When the ball reaches the carousel It hangs in mid-air, before spinning around faster in golden blur orbit around the Carousel. The action of the ball begins to illicit some gasps and screams from the riders of the Carousel. When the fast orbiting ball stops, there is not just one single ball, but fifteen golden balls. All of the balls dropped harmless to the ground and roll towards a different identical girl.

The cute little red-haired girl is not so cute anymore. Her red-haired is not more resembles the hair of a dog with mange. Her head a cluster of red strands of hair, lesion, and scabs. Her dress a faded blue that match her dark sucken eyes. She is laughing hysterical at the terrified occupants on the carousel. A portal opens up next to the original one, and out steps Pilgrim and few more Lilin, "Mother said that this will bring us a special guest. Do not go and feed on them and ruin our meeting.

The mange identical girls rapidly nods heads. "Yesss?waits and feedss

The elf normally doesn't move about during the daytime, but the sudden surge of magic lurched him out of his slumber. The moment it was clear that it was daylight outside, the darkelf pulled his full facemask on, blinding himself while protecting himself from the sun's harsh light. The hood of his enchanted leather armor is pulled forward and clipped to the forehead of his mask. He knows it will let him move and not risk the hood fally back to expose his hair and his ears to the sunlight.

Thus hidden, the elf slips from shadow to shadow toward teh source of the magic.

He arrives in the pool of the carousel's shadow, senses drinking in the flavor

Alice was here with Autumn trying to have a nice day together. There were plans to head up to Westchester the next day for a tour of the Xavier School. Today was about having fun and just spending time together. That and working on Autumn's shields when in large crowds.

Alice had been watching Autumn go around and around on the carousel, phone out, and a big old smile on her face. Then shit had to go and get weird. The orb spinning about has Alice, dressed like every other mom in the park, frowning and not screaming. Her daughter doesn't scream but she does squeek and slide from her unicorn and into one of the booths, ducking down and under a bench.

** MUM?! ** There was fear in Autumn's mind as she spoke telepathically to her mother. Alice was taking a few steps back to get a better look at what was going on. She presses an icon on her phone, sending a signal back to the JLA of a disturbance, and slides the phone into a pocket.

Alice is calm and collected as she shrugs the backpack off her shoulders. It's nice to have access to techies. Already soldier serum is running through her veins as she unzips the backpack and pulls it inside out. It turns into some sort of harness that she pulls over her chest and arms. Then the thing begins to fold out across her body into her battle suit. "Playtimes over, kiddies," Alice says as she pulls one of her pistols out and at the ready, the other hand palming a vial.

He's getting too old for this. 'Magic' is a pain in the ass.

Batman has only just arrived by Batwing, already in the local area from previous attacks. The silent stealth aircraft is put down near the park and covered by the trees nearby. A few moment later, and out of the cockpit hops Batman, his black and red suit silent as the night as he moves to slip into the theme park stealthily, going from cover to cover as keen eyes behind red VR lenses drink in the situation.

"This is Batman. What are we looking at here. I'm hearing screams and floating balls. I assume some sort of mystic occurrence by previous reports and the League Alert in the same area as previous incidents." Batman asks locally as he continues into the park, sleep gas pellets already in hand as he keeps to the shadows… ready to deal with a hostile situation quickly if things look to be going south quick.

One of the Lilin sniffs the air and Pilgrim joyous proclaims in agreement with the Lilin, "You see our mother is all knowing and all seeing. She stated the fae would come if we threaten these mortals on the feast of Inanna. The joy in Pilgrim's voice quickly departs when the Lilin sniffs the air and confide in Pilgrim again. "I do detect the presence of any other magic, but I trust your judgement. This parlay is too important to our Mother. Keep any disturbances from bothering our meeting with the Fae.

With those words, the little Lilin girls grow two feet taller as their arms extend to the point their knuckles are dragging on the ground. The ball they were carrying buries itself on top of it hear and as the girls mouth seal shut and giant mouth with gnashing teeth appear on the ball. The same hysterical laugh can be heard as they head towards the Carousel.

Two Lilin that are with Pilgrim spread out to cover Pilgrim's flank as they await for Pilgrim to speak with Darkedge.

The people are not on the Carousel are now fleeing the park in the terror, except for a few idiots that think this is the perfect time to take selfies.

That burst of telepathy has the elf's head snapping toward the child. He can feel the fear on the child's mind, but he can't tell where the child's mother would be. The magic here is dark and twisted and uncomfortable. That there is an innocent child so near to it upsets the elf.

Children are a Blessing, a Rare Treasure, to be Guarded and Protected.

Not that it was something he had felt as a child, but it was something he believed to his core and it was the force behind his actions. A heartbeat was taken to listen for the child, for his mind to lock onto her location on the carousel, so covered with cold-iron as it was. Her shadow found, the elf covered head to toe in black leather, nothing visible of his skin or his hair or his flesh, disappears into the shadow he was in. Darkedge reappears in Autumn's shadow, hands grabbing the child off the thing she was on even as he is stepping back into a deeper shadow behind him.

** Be still. Be quiet. This will be cold,** he warns the child, pushing the thoughts toward her mind without trying to hold his own mind against hers to take a response from her, or anything else. Just as she pushed out with her thoughts, so did he… and he kept his thoughts pushed out publically so that the child's mother could hear him. There wasn't time to think out that he was just trying to get the child out of the way, not while he was trying to haul Autumn from the horse and into a shadow, not while he was searching out with his Gift for another shadow dark enough to deposit them both into, not as he hears the things that are the source of this magic speaking of meeting a fae.

Beneath the mask that covers his entire face, Darkedge frowns. He didn't realize there were other fae in the area. Was it the girl-child? He coudln't sense anything more from her than her terror, and so he tries for a shadow away from the voices speaking, but finds none dark enough to hold the weight of himself AND this child. He presses a barely audible huff of air frmo his nose, feeling it catch in the mask that doesn't even have holes for his eyes. It is expressionless and featureless, this piece of enchanted leather.

"Magic shit, B-man. Creatures that should not be- WOA!" Alice responds over the comms before she is forced into a run. The last of the suit clicks into place as she does. When it does the full suite of sensors appears in her helmet. "Fifteen mangey…things and four other hostiles that I can see. Two were little girls, but now they are monste- AUTUMN!"

Alchemist is suddenly moving faster than Batman has ever seen the petite woman go for the carousel. The telepathic contact of her daughters terror mixed with the foreign, very foreign, mind of Darkedge. As she goes she sends acid-pellets at the mange-beasts. But she is heading straight for Darkedge. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" The speakers on her suit manage to not squeel with the fury in Alice's voice.

** MUM NO! ** But the bullet was already leaving the pistol, it's acid bullet heading straight for Darkedge's shoulder. The sudden mental shout had made her jerk so the bullet splattered against an antique horse just past his shoulder instead. The wood and metal being eaten away with a sickening sizzle.

Autumn grabbed onto Darkedge and her mouth went wide as did her blue eyes. "You've got pointy ears," She says as if she were telling him he had lint in his hair. Then there are mangy Liln coming and one knocks into her mother and the two go down to scrap on the ground. Alice may be small, but the woman had soldier serum and the drive of a mother bear protecting her young.

Without a word, Batman observes the goings on… and then Alice is down on the ground. Always the newbies.

Batman launches from his hiding place at a dash, the Dark Knight easily starting to close the distance… but not before he launches his forearm grapnel at the Carousel after Alice, closing the distance quickly.

Then, Batman is above Alice, and grabbing her assailant by her back. A punch to the head later, and he tosses the Lilin hard into the center of the Carousel, before he turns to regard the immediate threats around them.

Threat assessment. "More around you." Batman grates to Alice.

As the acid pellets find their mark, a cacophony of pain fills the immediate air. "She burns us sisters! Forget the food on the carousel. Her mortal bone we will wear make into a necklace to match our dress." The Lilin that is attacking Alice on the ground finds that their wish for new accessories might be harder to fulfilled as the Lilin monster is quickly put down by Batman, and thrown back into the carousel.

Pilgrim shouts to the Lilin girl by the carousel. "Leave those snacks and kill those two! Feast on these so-called heroes of the weak! The Lilin girl now numbering twelve due to the acid pellets and Batman's fist begin to encircle the heroes, laughing hysterical in unison as they sing, "Necklaces to match my dresses."

Pilgrim calls out to Darkedge, "Fae, I have a message for my mother! Lilith, Queen of Demons to take back to your Queen. This world will belong to my mother, and there is nothing anyone in this realm can do to stop it. Tell your Queen that she has no quarrel with her, and hopes your Queen will not try to enter this foolish battle to return this world to its proper ruler.

Blind, other than his training, Darkedge had no idea what sort of projectile was coming for him. He heard the mother's roar, assumed it was directed as much at him as at the creatures closing in on his location.

He can't Shadow Step without leaving the child, for there were no shadows dark enough to hold her. He wasn't about the abandon the child. The elf, back to a horse, drops his legs out from under him to sink away from the projectile. His hands, four-fingered each, clutched about Autumn's head as his own ducked down against hers. His knees drew up briefly, completely the elf-curled-aounrd-child meatshield he was trying for. A few droplets of acid skittered across the enchanted armor, hissing as it burned scars across teh black leather, turning it ash grey.

So I do, replies the elf, his mind softer, aimed just for the child as he uncurls. A hand pulls away and a blade made of pure diamond shapes itself into his curling fingers. The gemstone seems to crawl out from his sleeve. His mind was focused on trying to sort out where people were, and how best to keep the child protected.

Stay behind me, Child, he mind-whispers at the girl as Pilgrim moves in to deliver the message. From his hiding place, Darkedge rises, face turned in the direction of Pilgrim's voice.

"Your message is received, Daugher of Lilith, Queen of Demons. Morgana, Queen of the Fae, has quarrel should you threaten her childern still living upon the Human Realm. I am Darkedge, the Queen's Blade. Her protection to the faekin upon Earth is given through me. End your attacks upon this location, now, as a show of good faith to my Queen that you seek not to harm that which is hers and that I am sworn to protect. Continue to threathen that which I protect, and your message shall be delivered to My Queen… along with your head," the elf states, very clearly, very loudly, with the soft gravel in his throat indicating that he is not used to speaking aloud. The mask muffles his voice slightly as he stands, Autumn's hand held in his own, body shifting to put her behind him, diamond long knife glitter in his other hand at his side.

Child. If this goes to a fight, hide. In the darkest shadow you can find. I will collect you from there, he tells Autumn, mind locked to hers alone. He is fiercely protective of her, she can feel it, and claims her as his for he assumes she must be faekin to Speak to his mind the same way he Speaks.
[OOC] Darkedge says, "LOG EDIT: Competely - completing"
"I am not blind," Alice quips calmly as she rolls to her feet. The gun comes up and she takes shots at those encircling without mercy. The one known as Alchemist has no problem killing these monsters. More acid pellets spray out until her sensors catch something. "Hey B-man, did you know I'm an ordained minister?"

Alice makes the sign of the cross over the chamber of her pistol and mutters a prayer under her breath. "How about something to drink before your meal? I've got some water for you," She says as holy water bullets begin to shoot from the gun.

Autumn is frozen and unmoving in Darkedge's arms. The small teenager knowing the elf's true intentions and so her fear of him lessens. As he speaks she hears the scratching at the walls of her mind. "I'll be your eyes," She says in an oddly cheerful way as she opens a window into her mind to the Elf.

It is only one room in a mind that seems filled with a horrible racket. Background thoughts from all over the park seem to flood through her mind non-stop. How she manages to still function is anyones guess. But here he can see through her eyes and the Liln's, her mother and Batman, as well as Pilgrim and the rest. ** I can hide. I know where they will be. I will be fine. ** The girl's mind has taken his calm and her mothers and turned it as a shield against the terror of minds around her. And so she slinks beneath a bench and out of the way.

You paged Alice with 'You are firing acid pellets too?'
Alice pages: Nope, they are holy water now. She changed them upon hearing the word Demon
"Then stop acting like it." Batman grates back.

It doesn't take long for Batman to close in on the group surrounding them. Batman is /not/ impressed with what he's seen so far… and it shows as the intimidating Dark Knight doesn't hesitate as he proceeds to lay into the Lilin around them. Almost like a dance, Batman starts to take down the Lilin surrounding them one, two at a time at breakneck speed. The conversation is noted… but not remarked on. Yet.

'Mystic' events are a pain in the ass. At least these demons he can toss around like ragdolls. Which he does. Slamming two against each other on occasion even as he works.
"I am afraid my mother, Lilith wish you had made another demand. If we let simple mortal live in the beginning just think of how embolden they will become latter. Pilgrim shakes his head. "Tsk..Tsk. Tsk. I am afraid if your survive my brethen's attack it will be me that will be sending your head back to your Queen, but at a latter day.

Pilgrim opens a teleportation portal and calls over his shoulder as he exits in to the other Lilin. "Kill the Fae. Make it messy!" The three flanks that were covering Pilgrims flank descend on Darkedge to cover Pilgrim's escape through the portal. The first one rips one of the horses for the carousel and throws it at Darkedge, while the other two descend upon him.
The acid pellet were doing a good job on the creatures, but the holy water?

The Lilin bits the barrel of Alchemist's gun, "We are not those type of demons, mortal" The demons might not match up physically to Batman and Alchemists, but they do still out number them 10 to 2. They decide to just rush them, biting any clawing at anything that they may come in contact with.

Kill the Fae.

Had he still been blinded, that might have been easier to accomplish. Now, with the child's borrowed sight, a second diamond blade appears in his hand. There's a faint pause from the elf.

His mind, feeling the child's against his own and the way she can feel and hear so much of the fear and worry around her, takes a moment to hide her mind within his own. He knows that his soul's name can act as a barrier for himself, preventing all but the strongest from reaching him and altering his thoughts. It is with that, then, that Darkedge cloaks the child, hides her from outside influence. Her settled within his mind, Darkedge returns his attention to the fight where she can feel the efficient and remorseless killer that he is.

The horse smashes into the place where he was, for now without the child he can move freely from shadow to shadow. It is utterly frustrating that Lilith's Daughter is gone, and it is an annoyance that the elf takes out on the two sent for him before he spills that aggressive annoyance and need to protect Autumn (and she can now clearly tell that he fully believes she is fae as he is) out onto those few that remain around Batman and Alice. Including the ones Batman dropped to the ground but left alive.

The Dark Knight may have qualms against killing, but the Dark Elf does not.

Flitting from shadow to shadow, Darkedge kills with those diamond knives, refraiing from shaping himself throwing daggers to fling at the sound of enemies about him. He may have Autumn's sight at the moment, but he isn't baout to risk hitting her mother on accident.

Speaking of her mother, should any of these demons get close enough to possibly be a threat to her, Darkedge works to ensure those demons meet as messy an end as Pilgrim demanded they give to him.
Alice is not even going to deign to respond to that Batman. Instead she proves her worth with her ability to aim and shoot with unbelievable accuracy. When you've been shooting guns and other things for well over a century your aim is as perfect as human can get. Then add in her own soldier serum and enhanced relfexes she makes shots that are nigh-impossible.

A bullet hits one, two, three craniums and does nothing. "FUCK!" She shouts as the gun is ripped from her hand. Instead she comes up with a vial from her hip and throws it at the creatures feet. Her armor is teflon coated, but she doubt the Liln is as the acid once more is let lose to eat away flesh

Then she uses a pole to swing herself away and around to kick the creature hard in the head. Another blast of now-acid bullets fires from her other gun into the open maw of another Liln. "Autumn?" The speakers of her helmet ask after her daughter as she eyes the stranger in black leather.

** I'm fine! ** And oddly cheerful from where she hides beneath one of the carousels decorative benches. Alchemist begins to weave among the horses away from her daughter, drawing the Liln after her.

"Over here fugly," Alchemist says to one Liln which leaps at her. She scoots between the legs of the tiger and around its pole, coming up underneath the creature. As she does she unloads three bullets into its stomach before turning to try and sight the next one.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHH!" The scream of Autumn has her mother's head snapping towards her. One mangy red Liln had crept from behind and now had a clawed hand around Autumn's bare calf, pulling her from beneath the bench and against it. Blood from its claws was bright red on the teen's pale flesh.

Then suddenly it is limp as it's head explodes from the acid bullets that hit. Though Alice's face cannot be seen there is a cold fury as she moves and stands over her daughter. One hand reached out to the girl who is crying in pan at her clawed leg. But she sniffles and reaches up to take her mothers hand. Alice takes out one more Liln, but Darkedge and Batman get the rest.

The Dark Knight has qualms against killing people… but against things with no souls, and are mindless automations, or simply go back to their home realm? Those usually don't have any sort of life worth saving to begin with. Still, Batman doesn't know which these are offhand, so he was erring on the side of caution as he puts down Lilin after Lilin in a dance of martial artistry. Eventually, the sound of a boot crunching down onto a face to knock one out marks the end of Batman dance…

Only to have Darkedge flits about in Shadows… and kill those he in incapacitated anyway.

Red eye lenses track where the elf goes. Batman remains silent on the matter for now, taking in the situation… and Autumns situation, "These are… demons, then?" Batman asks aloud.

Somewhere else..

Pilgrim returns to Lilith and bows, "I am afraid that the Fae are not going to just allow you to ascend to your rightful place as ruler of this realm. Lilith clasps her hands together and lets out a slightly annoyed sigh, "You are my most loyalist of servants. If you could not convince the Fae the error of this fight, I am not sure if they would have listened to me. He will go back to his Queen. I am sure his Queen can detect that Atum is not in his home. Perhaps this will cause her to change her mind, if not I have regained the remains of Skinner and Meatmarket." Lilith waves her nonchalantly, "Skinner is so much better at hunting his prey when they don't know he is coming, and besides he has never had the chance to wear the skin of Fae before. This Is a long game, and in the end this realm will be mine before the heroes will realize the true threat.

Somewhere else..

Pilgrim returns to Lilith and bows, "I am afraid that the Fae are not going to just allow you to ascend to your rightful place as ruler of this realm. Lilith clasps her hands together and lets out a slightly annoyed sigh, "You are my most loyalist of servants. If you could not convince the Fae the error of this fight, I am not sure if they would have listened to me. He will go back to his Queen. I am sure his Queen can detect that Atum is not in his home. Perhaps this will cause her to change her mind, if not I have regained the remains of Skinner and Meatmarket." Lilith waves her nonchalantly, "Skinner is so much better at hunting his prey when they don't know he is coming, and besides he has never had the chance to wear the skin of Fae before. This Is a long game, and in the end this realm will be mine before the heroes will realize the true threat.

As Lilith scries her children being murdered and watches Alchemist with her child. "How could another mother due such a thing to another mother? It is truly heartless." Lilith flashes angrily her yellowish-green eyes. "When you kill that one makes sure she sees her daughter die first. It would please your mother so much to hear her cries of mercy."

Lilith rises from her seat and points to Batman, "He is another one of the Sorcerer's allies. Everyone one of them needs to be destroyed. It seems I will need to create an army of Lilin that this world has not seen since times of old to defeat them!"

Batman's dance and Darkedge's end at about the same time, but where the Dark Knight's is graceful, Darkedge's turns into a stuble and a sudden pained croak that sounds pulled from his throat. He heard the question from the human, but the elf could not spare a moment to reply. Not with the feeling of the child's pain lancing through him, the sound of her scream ringing in his ears. He seems to charge Batman, only to vanish the moment he makes contact with the Caped Crusaider's shadow.

The elf appears from Alice's shadow less then a heartbeat later.

Show me, the elf demands, send open once more though the feel that it is directed at Autumn can easliy be sensed. He steps from behind Alice, diamond blades sliding back up his sleeves and disappearing even though they are far too long to fit sheathed along his forearms. He waits then, to have Autumn's sight again so he can try to tend to the wound, even though he is not a healer. The silken scarf that he normally keeps about his throat to cover his face when the light is too dim for a full face mask but too bright for him to go without some protection is brought forward and used as a bandage unless he's stopped.

"Your child is brave and level headed," he remarks up to Alice as he works, knelt down on one knee before her and Autumn. If Alice wanted, she could kick him…

At her mother's touch the pain in Autumn's leg vanishes. The tears stop and she starts to breath normally. As the last creature is killed Alice turns and kneels at her daughter's side, examining the wound. Her other hand slides the pistol into it's holster before gently touching the scratches.

Autumn's eyes turn up towards Lilith as she scries and frowns fiercely at the demon queen. "I don't LIKE you," She tells her and in a blink Autumn brings a psychic shield down around her and her mother. Alice looks up and the blacked out visor fades so her face can be seen.

"What?" The woman asks her daughter. And Autumn turns to look back at her mother with a cheerful smile.

"Oh, just the demon lady being mean," Autumn tells her mother before leaning to look at the scratches on her leg. They were not horribly deep, a few stitches at most, but Alice's hand and powers were already scabbing over the wound. It would be healed in hours.

Then there was Darkedge popping out of her shadow. Alice had her pistol in hand again and aimed at his chest. Maternal instincts war with the gentle touch of her daughter's mind, soothing the worry away. "Thank you," She chooses to say instead of kick the black-clad strange.

Darkedge charging at Batman has him prepared for a throw, using his momentum against him… but then, he disappears into Shadow. A frown graces his expression as he goes back to idling… and begins to walk over to Autumn and Alice, black cape flitting in the wind, "Psionics, I assume." Batman muses as he goes to one knee to examine Autumn. Normally, he'd have his dermal patch out at this point… but seeing Alice has things well in hand, Batman grunts. "I have a biotech kit in my belt, if there are complications." Batman offers to Alice, before he stands… and turns to regard Darkedge. Keen eyes behind the VR lenses take in the newcomer, his expression carefully neutral, "I don't recognize you." Batman gives in more of a statement, not a question.

Gun at his chest and wounds healing, Darkedge regards Alice through her daughter's eyes. His kneeling was taking up by the Batman, and so the elf leaves off. Autumn can no doubt feel the relief at her being healed some how mixing with the discomfort of having humans pointing weapons at him.

"Nor should you, Human," Darkedge grumbles at Batman, voice muffled by the mask.

Are you alright now, Child? his mind asks of Autumn as he stands still under Alice's threat of attack. There are no shadows for him to hide in, and so no easy way to escape…. unless he pushed a thought into the amulet around his neck, but that would summon him directly to Morgana's side. Not that that's a bad thing. He has a message to deliver, even if he can guess the response.

"There is no debt between us," Darkedge tells Alice, even as he is sending his thoughts to Autumn. He moves to step backwards, mind uncurling from its protective shield about the girl's mind.

WHen the shield is withdrawn, Darkedge steps back enough to give Alice a slight bow, a deeper one to Autumn, and a curt nod to Btatman before he brushes that thought against his amulet… and vanishes.

** I am gonna be just fine, mister elf, ** Autumn replied cheerfully as she lifted a hand to wave at him. ** Bring her strawberries, that will make her scream less. But only if she is eating them when you tell her. ** She suggests to Darkedge with all the innocence of a child.

Alice leans in and scoops Autumn up into her arms easily, despite being only a foot taller. "Good bye…weird," She says and turns to look at Batman. The visor of her helmet is clear so he can see her frowning at him. "Demons, yes. Liln are what they are called. So much for a fun Easter in the park. I'm going back to the hotel with my daughter…" She says and sighs dramatically as she moves to push past Batman and head for her car.

As they walk Autumn reaches up and presses a button and the suit begins to fold back on itself. Reforming into a backpack that Autumn pulls off her mother's chest and holds. "Can we get ice cream?" The girl asks. "I want a banana split with tons of fudge."

"Yeah. Ice cream sounds good," Alice says with a chuckles as they go, casting a glance over her shoulder towards the Carousel. And like usual, Batman is probably nowhere to be seen. "Hmph. Just you and me though."

"Awwww, but the bat guy probably likes ice cream. Everyone likes ice cream!" And so it goes as they leave the park.

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