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April 02, 2018:

Kara and Diana meet one another in Central Park. Diana invites Kara to come train at the Justice League Hall where it will be far safer than training with her powers in a public park.


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Today Kara was dressed athleticly, because damn, those clothes are comfy. A simple getup of black capri leggings with a pink stripes along the side, and a matching running top, she's been doing a bit of exercise about the park. But now comes the real exercise, trying to use those fancy powers she very erroneously discovered on a few occasions. Starter, laser eyes, because it's a bit rude to randomly blast people with heat vision just because they called her attention. So Kara is standing infront of a big rock, along the trail, squinting at it. From afar, she might look like a crazy girl with ridiculous rock fascination, that is until she manages a heat ray to singe the rock, even if for a moment. At least she meant to do that! Progress! "I did it!" She cheers, not expecting anyone else might be around.

As it just so happens, Diana Prince is out doing almost the very same thing… exercising on a fine Spring afternoon. Jogging, to be more precise. Does she really NEED to do it? Not really, but she likes to do it anyway because its healthy living and that is something she promotes. So its good to be seen doing it! Diana is wearing black and white exercising clothing with a light jacket half-zipped over a black top and a white ballcap on her head, her ponytail is sticking out the back of the hat and its bouncing around as she jogs along. But its that sudden 'light' coming from the heat vision ray that catches her attention… She knows the sound of that particular ray-beam as she's seen it used many times before by an associate.

Within moments after Kara's happy announcement, Diana is coming to a halt a few steps away. "I am impressed." She tells the girl, peering out at her from beneath the brim of her blank-white ballcap. Diana flashes Kara a smile, looks to the rock, and then back to Kara. "Surprised too." She adds.

Kara was quite pleased with herself, finally managing to shoot these eye lasers on command! It felt awesome! And someone nearby was impressed with her! Wait! She wasn't supposed to let anyone see her! Kal might be upset with her.

Nervous, Kara turns to look at Diana, immediately exclaiming, "it wasn't me!" Which wasn't work too well, as her nervousness and distress to prove it wasn't her, is precisely what causes her to shoot a this time unintended heat vision ray directly at Diana. Uh oh!

Diana is raising her chin up when the girl says she didn't do it… about to give her a slow nod, but the danger of another laser-beam-blast is seen incoming, and if Diana were any other person she might be in for a harsh burn! But her ability to see incoming dangers in a way that her reflexes can react far greater than the common person lets her quickly bend her body to the right and pivot her position so that the laser beam sizzles past her and down into the grass/dirt of the park grounds.

"Heeeey." Diana says then, raising her right hand up to aim it toward the girl. "Calm yourself. I am not here to give you any trouble, I assure you." Diana's greek-accented voice is attempting to ber soothing and reinforce her words.

"I am Diana Prince, of the Justice League." Identifying one's self generally helps, right? "I am friends with a little knonw man called 'Superman' who is capable of that same feat. Though I have seen others perform it also." She doesn't instantly leap to believe that Kara is a Kryptonian, because, well… how many of those would there really be here? Plus, there are Mutants with eye lasers too. "Are you okay?" Diana asks then.

"Ack! It wasn't me! I swear! I didn't mean to! It just…happened!" Kara squeals in alarm, her hands jump to cover her mouth in concern, she thinks she might have just severly injured Diana, she has no clue who the woman happens to be.

But realizing she didn't hit Diana, because the woman somehow managed to dodge, Kara stares, for a moment her eyes glow deep red again, but she soon squints and manages to finally get it under control. "I'm so happy I didn't hit you! Thank you for dodging that!" She's certain she'd be in a world of trouble if she'd hit her, "I'm Kara Danvers," she gives the name Kal told her to give people, one that better fits with Earth's conventions. "What's a Justice League?" She asks curious at the rather bombastic name. "Oooo! You know Kal-El!?" So much for being secretive, she's overcome with excitment to meet a friend of Kal's and someone who is apparently special herself! «Hey! Are you from Krypton too?» Kara tries to talk to Diana in Kryptonian, figuring she must also be like her and her cousin.

Diana takes a tentative step toward the nervous girl when she sees her reaction to almost blasting her… it seemed honest and true, so the Amazon had no reason not to believe what she said. And if there was no hints that this girl really was Kryptonian, it was only a few words further into Kara's response before Diana is gently tilting her head at the young one.

«I am not from Krypton. I am from a remote island here on Earth.» Diana replies before she reaches her right hand out to offer a simple handshake, figuring the girl must know the gesture, right?

"The Justice League is a… group of like minded individuals who have gifts of which can be used to help others. Such as… Kal-el's many differenta abilities, like laser eyes." Diana shows a faint grin, glancing back toward the smoking spot on the grass. "Or my ability to dodge things that may otherwise hurt." And her blue eyes go back to the girl's own. "I was not aware of other Kryptonians on Earth…" She tells her then.

Turns out that Kara knows at least that much, as she shakes hands with Diana, no doubt having picked it up since arriving. The very fact she has Earthern exercise attire is enough to suggest she's been here more than just a few days. «You're not!? Wow! You're Kryptonian is super amazing, where did you learn!? Or how!? Did Kal teach you?»

She looks up at Diana, taken by her stature, now that she's nearer. "Hey, Kal is on your group? Can I be in your group too? I can do stuff! Like…laser eyes, yes!" She grins stupidly, rather eager to tag along with Kal it seems, but at the same time, it was far too obvious she was green. Accidentally shooting Diana with heat vision is one thing, doing it to someone less capable, might be fatal. "I am new! My actual name is Kara Zor-El, I'm Kal's cousin! It's a long complicated story, but I'm here, and I met him, and Green Lantern, and Carol Danvers, who is awesome!"

Kara's youthful exuberance is rather endearing to behold and it places a large smile on Diana's face as she softly nods her head to the other girl's words. «It does not take me very long to pick up another Language, it is one of my other gifts aside from laser dodging.» She shows a sly grin then and lets her eyes roam about around them.

"Kal has a cousin and she's… out in the park blasting at rocks to practice her abilities?" Diana asks then before returning her gaze to the young blonde and shaking her head. "That will not do at all… You must come to the League's facility and train your powers there, with us, amongst hopeful friends who will help guide you and learn how to…"

Another glance was given to the rock and then the burn spot on the ground. "Not harm the landscape. And Diana is then grinning at Kara. "Of course, if that sounds good to you. We can talk about joining the group, some time in the near future."

«Wow! I'm pretty good with languages too, I already can talk English! But I didn't expect to meet a non Kryptonian who would pick up the language, most don't even know we exist! Or, our planet, which by the way, totally doesn't exist. Very sad story.»

Her eyes light up, bright blue this time, she's simply over-excited, «wow! A special facliity and everything!? Do you think I can train to be like Kal? I already thought it up, I can be Supergirl! So people know we're related, since we're family.»

She nods her head just a little bit too enthusiastically, displaying her superspeed unintentionally, "yes! I want that!"

Diana is amused by the young Kryptonian, but internally she has all manner of questions… Mostly for Superman more than for Kara, at least right now. If she's so disconnected from being able to practice the gifts granted to her by the yellow sun of the Sol System, then she has a lot more to worry about than answering Wonder Woman's investigative questions right now.

"I like that name." Diana says in response to the Supergirl moniker, though she's speaking in English again as she's capable with Kryptonian, but… when in Rome.

"I am very pleased to meet you, Kara… and yes, I know some of what befell your world and my deepest condolences are with you on all of it. But you have come to Earth, a world of a great many wonderful things and a great many terrible things. The Justice League is here to help deal with keeping the terrible ones… under control." She shows the young girl a little grin before nodding once toward her.

"You seem to have garnered yourself some form of living here? You do not appear to be homeless, have you gotten yourself a phone by chance?" Diana reached into her pocket to pull her own out and hold it up for a visual reference in case the Kryptonian wasn't that familiar with earthen things.

"I'm very pleased to meet you too, Diana! I can't wait to tell Kal about it!" Kara is besides herself with joy at the prospect, looking forward to brag to her cousin. She does lose that smile momentarily, considered in a much more solemn mood what befell her planet, "yes, a tragedy, more to some than others," but she doesn't explain that quip.

"Carol got it for me!" Kara nods excitedly, "she got me clothes and everything! She's the best. But I don't have it on me now," she points at her sportswear outfit, "no pockets, so…yeah!"


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