Revelations Over Bacon

March 30, 2018:

Alice lets Jason and her daughter know she's allied with the Justice League to protect their family.

Walker Estate Kitchen


NPCs: Autumn

Mentions: Wonder Woman


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Alice is in the kitchen making what smells like a full breakfast. The smell of bacon and sausage, pancakes and eggs, fills the house. Okay, fills a portion of the house. There is also the wonderful smell of coffee being brewed. And Alice stands making scrambled eggs at the stove, humming softly to herself.

Jason had woken up a few moments ago, he was just staring at the wall for a moment as he ran a hand through his hair. But the sounds of his beautiful fiance cooking breakfast and the smell finally reaching his nose, he starts to head downstairs, seeing Alice? HE approaches her from behind, his hands being wrapped around her waist as he held her softly against him, her back to his chest, a kiss for her cheek. "Hey baby."

Autumn was already devouring her breakfast. The hungry little monster liable to steal all the bacon if her mother wasn't keeping watch over the plate. "Hello love. I though I would let you sleep in and surprise you with breakfast. Sorry I have been gone for a few days," She turns to press a kiss to his cheek. "I was just making scrambled, but since you are awake. How do you want your eggs this morning?" The current pan of eggs is finished and she pulls away only to deliver it to the hungry monster at the kitchen's island.

Jason looks to Autumn then with a warm smile for the young lady, his head resting on Alice's shoulder as he accepts the kiss to his cheek, looking her right in the eyes. "Thank you for thinking of me." he grins at her softly. "Scrambled please." and when Autumn isn't paying attention, he gives Alice's ass a firm and playful squeeze in gratitude. Hey, she wasn't in bed this morning that he noticed, so there you go. He walks away then, sitting at the table with Autumn. "Hey there sunshine."

"Hiiiiiii," Autumn says and she leans over to shoulder bump Jason. Not looking at him before shoving an entire piece of bacon in her mouth, she puts a plate in front oh him from the stack. "I need the bacon plate!" She tells her mom with a grin.

Alice turns from making more scrambled eggs and gives her daughter a look. "Mmmmmmhmmmm. Jason is more than capable of getting his own bacon," She says and indeed her does and it makes her chuckle. "So I went up to Metropolis for a meeting. It went very well."

And Jason -is- way more capable of achieving his bacon on his own. Though he gives Autumn a playful shoulder bump, already considering her his own child. Either way, he ruffles the girl's hair just to mess with her a bit before he looks at Alice, giving her a tilt of his head.

"I know." he says simply. What? he's a detective. "Though I'm glad the meeting went good. Who'd you meet with?" he asks then curiously.

"Wonder Woman," Alice says it like she was meeting some businessman or a friend for lunch. She glances up at him as she says it. As much because she is bringing him his scrambled eggs as to see his reaction. "Recent events made me realize…I…we need the extra help of knowing a team is there. For Autumn and Kendra." As her name is mentioned, and her sister, Autumn glances at her mother before Jason distracts her.

The young teen grins and giggles at the hair ruffling. "You're gonna mess my mane up," She complains and reaches up to smooth the golden curls. It doesn't help. There is a thing to be said for being psychic. It makes stealing Jason's bacon so much easier. Because at his moment of being most distracted is when she slips it away and into her mouth.

Jason blinks a moment as she reveals that she met up with Wonder Woman. "Huh…" he says then, before he looks at Autumn as she steals one of his bacon slices. "Hey." he scowls at Autumn playfully and leans in to kiss her forehead! completely empty mind as he reaches to steal some food off her own plate! Two can play at that game!

Then his attention is back on Alice as she approaches with his scrambled eggs, greeting his woman with a gentle kiss to her lips. "Okay…so what happened?"

Alice mmmmms into the kiss a moment before pulling back. She has her own eggs to make after all. Autumn simply giggles and goes back to eating her plate. Which also apparently has fried potatoes and baked beans. Of course it is a traditional English breakfast, Alice is cooking. "I've offered to ally myself with them. Offer my abilities, help protect places if I can. In return…well, if something goes wrong the backup plan is pretty awesome."

Jason mms against the kiss as well, loving to show such affections to his soon-to-be, before he sits back down and narrows his eyes softly at her. "…you offered to ally yourself with the Justice League?" he asks then. Given, he does't have a problem with the League…he has a problem with Batman…who's apart of the League. That, and right now he's a serious criminal.

"Okay….what's the backup plan?" he asks then, wanting to hear what she has to say.

Alice nods her head slowly. "Yes," She says fully realizing why he would be worried. "They are there if things with Queen Mab go bad. Actually…Doctor Strange is a member so it may not go so badly, but" She pauses as she cracks two eggs into the hot pan.

Pepper and salt onto the eggs and she watches them sizzle there. "If needed Wonder Woman and Witchdoctor have both offered their help. Very likely going to need it. I also am hoping…" She turns now to look at Jason, nibbling her lower lip in thought, "I can use their resources to help get your situation fixed. If…you want that?"

Jason seems to go silent then for a moment as he sipped his coffee, watching lice like a Hawk for a moment. "Heh…" he seems to scoff lightly. "Alice…do you really think they'd even give that kind of option to a killer like me? In case you forgot, I've made about five attempts on Batman's life." he sounds dubious that the League would even bother to help a dead man.

Either way though, he looks right at her. "…you have a beautiful spirit, Alice. Never lose it. I beg you."

Alice returns with her own done eggs and dumps them on a plate. Fixing it up she continues to talk, "I don't know…you are probably right," She says glancing up at him thoughtfully. "But they took a murderer like me in." She dumps some baked beans on her plate and grabs several strips of bacon.

"Mum…" Autumn says as she takes the last bite of her food, looking between the adults uncertainly. "Kendra's back in Gotham." And Alice drops her fork and looks at Autumn with wide eyes, lips parted slightly in surprise.

Jason looks right at Alice then, sighing a moment as she returns to sit down and eat with him, but clearly her words make him reflect on himself a little bit. Alas, when Autumn speaks, his eyes fall on her then, looking to Alice as she dropped her fork, his hand reaching to hold her hand.

"Hey.." he looks her in the eyes. "We'll get her."

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