Thar's a Storm'a Brewin'!

March 29, 2018:

Storm returns to the X-Men to find Scott and Rogue playin' foozeball in the Rec Roiom.

X-Men Base


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It is easy to return without fanfare when you give no notice, let alone a mental relay or readout to Xavier, of theInstitute for Higher learning.

Arms spread and the balcony doors splay open, untouched white curtains of cover flutter outward shedding dust against the setting sun-light.

Storm's room is untouched -
as promised.

But her Family of X-Men, on te other hand, have not, norhave her people after the Terragenocide and the Genosha—-

A flare of dark nostrils and she breathes in the dust, stepping through the sparkling welcoming committee of…

But she gave no word and did not have expectations, save the wave of dust like a sandstorm in her arrival.


Walking through the room the whisps of white fabric meld with her attire of Kenyan Goddess, wrapped over that of black 'leather' attire beneath, her belt gripped off a hang-man's noose upon the back of her door. Lashing it aroud her waist it seems as if that heated Kenyan wind rises on her heels, bare but shedding the tatters of cloth that bare Southern Sands until boots drop before her feet.

Where are they? Storm inquires, opening her mind to that within the Manse, gaining her directive.

Stepping into her boots she leaves them open, a herald of cadence as she exits the elevator into the Sub-Basement, stepping free of the whispering opening of doors to lower into a crouch and tie the white laces against black leather.

Though through whisps of platinum mohawk (Outgrown for months!), those cerulean eyes bear a Maelstrom. "Show me limb and body. How many more of mine are injured due to this…" Folly. Strife? Foolishness?

Even as the elevator door closes a wind rushes in behind Storm, Hot and Cold at once.
Scott releases a grunt and his hand slaps off the peg of a little man. The pole he is attached to spinning as the plastic ball bounces past him and goes in to the net beyond. A point for Rogue. It appears she is on her game tonight and even though the on limbed Cyclops challenged her to a match of 'Foosball' or table football hes not putting his money where his mouth is.

The below levels subbasement rec quarter is sparse for the most part, its meant for between team lounging and resting when they're unable to or unwilling to go above not as outfitted as the rec room of the mansion its at least more private, less noisy and allows for X-Men only conversations that don't have to be warded against for the youths or civilians that frequent the school.

"Best two out of three." The brunette says, his ruby glasses seated on his nose dark hair shaven short recently on the sides still longer on the top, a stylish cut, clean, his hoodie an X on it, jeans, casual riding boots and that sling thats holding his left arm in it.

Storm's presence is more felt before the systems below ground announce her presence, that gust of wind a telltale herald.

Rogue scores the goal and she leans back and then stretches her hands up nice and tall above her head with her head turning to the left to press her cheek agains ther own sweater-covered shoulders. She's all smiles, that one, with gloved hands up high. "Oh yes… beating cripples at Foozeball aint' neve'ah gonna get old."

Her hands come down then and she slaps them against her jeans covered hips, her eyes going to Scott as she starts to pull her right arm into her sweater sleeve like she was about to take her top off, but no, she's just then taking the sleeve and putting it around her shoulder…

"Want me to do a makeshift cast like yours so we're somewhat on even playfield here, Glorious Leader?" She asks him in that teasing way and tone specific to her!

She's COMPLETELY oblivious to Storm's arrival, because thats also kind of Rogue's style. Doesn't know the truck is coming till it hits her.

Finishing the final lacking, the tongue of leather /pulled tight / to fasten over lacework, Storm rises and shifts the gauzey fabric of snow to cast behind her like a wedding trail, but with every step each and every 'petal' of fabric falls away to land into the crevice of the sub-basement's crannies.


The sound of Foosball is followed until she comes upon the Sub Rec-Room for the X-Men. "Feet, don't fail me now." A ow whisper as a palm splays across a pad upon the nearby wall and the reading whisks a door aside and allows her entry into that Recreational area where Scott and Rogue lay out new challenged and 'Disabilities'. A light /"Tsk"/, clicks her tongue behind her teeth that flash their way in a smile. "Now-now, Bellah, how unfair do ya'h want to be to the old man. We Elders need respect… And ease…"

But her final two words to their 'slings' (faux or not) gain the focus of Ororo's eyes.

Even if she is tempered, there is a mirth there for the sight of her friends..

Scott lets out a 'humpf' noise, "Don't patronize me, trouble." A look down at the table and hes getting ready to drop white ball in the center. "You'll only end up humiliated and…"

Storm's voice has the man's grin growing sudden and wide, hes not one for hugs but Ororo gets a quick step to an a one armed clasp around her shoulders, the game for the moment forgotten.

"You're back! When did this happen?" Now obviously, the ball then flicked over his shoulder to land on the center pont where it rolls more towaards Rogue's side than his own.

At least his pegged players are all legs down and angled towards so its a harder shot if she wants to go cheap.

"Elders, huh, hardly." The table is leaned on with his good limb.

Rogue is in the process of trying to get her sleeve tied to her sweater neckhole somehow… (its not going well) when she hears Storm's voice and Scott's reaction to it which makes her look up quickly and forget about what she was doing!

She's quick to start moving around the foozeball table and releasing a 'squeal' of a noise in happiness at seeing Storm! … and whe flips one of the handles on the table causing the ball Scott tosses back onto it go rocketing down the playfield and into his goal.

"Ororoooo!" Rogue says with glee thick on her voice as she goes right up to the woman and unabashedly moves to hug her! She may be the last person who you'd want to hug you if she were light on clothing, but she's currently very well clothed!

"Its so good t'see ya!" She adds in her happy voice!

Ororo accepts the embrace, as a matter of fact…

Scott is lowered to clutch into an embrace within the fold of one arm (care to keep his injured limb outside of the tight affection!), while the other is remaining open, and such displayed by the pivot of her step towards where Rogue is positioned to be incoming!
There is no hestance due to the powers of the woman…

This is faily, this is what she came for, asked for..

A clap to shoulder is suffocated, a Rogue is no longer alone in the warm embrace of the Nubian Amazonian statured woman when they embrace and teethflash white with the narrow of eyes pinched into her own joy.

"Please, tell me you broke his arm for good reason, Bell'ah?" A mutter into Rogue's nest of platinum and Auburn that mingles with her own pale hair, giving neither of them breathing room for the awe/kward moment until Storm leans back and looks from Cyke to Rogue and tilts her head just as the ball scores between forgotten pivot-people.

"Suck it up, Buttercup. Rogue won this round, you should learn not to be distracted by now."

A wink Rogue's way and Scott is also leveled with in that jest.

"Seventeen minutes, nevermind the matters that made it over 24 hours before I landed on my balcony. Not now."

A deep breath and the smile lingers but is fading. "How are you both, truly? I heard.."

The ball clatters in to his side of the net again at Rogue's flip, Scott's hand smacks each peg player in turn so they end up rolling in a fast pinwheel but the ball makes it in to the net. "Fah." An exclaim.

"I'm not distracted… " That is a lie to an extent. "I am handicapped."

"We're fine. Obviously and taking some down time, you just got here. You understand what that means, down time, give it a rest until tomorrow." Scott remarks, trying to smile with his words realizing hes coming off clipped though its not intended.

Rogue gives the best hugs, ironically considering her mutation, but her strength means she hugs like a bear when she wants too! But when she pulls back she listens to Storm's words and a big grin crosses her lips as she glances over to Scott. "Caught him tryin' t'get at the cookiee jar while I warned him dinner was almost ready. Guess I learned'im good this time…" She then shakes her head side to side. "Nah, nah… hell, I didn't do it. It was some'a those a-holes with the Brotherhood. The ONE time." Rogue then looks to Scott and holds up her right hand with her pointer finger UP. "ONE TIME!" She says -loudly- at him. "That he doesn't ask me to come with him for backup."

Rogue sighs, heavily and turns around then to go toward the foozeball table where she parks her butt on the corner of it, hands on her lap now and green eyes on Storm.

"You've missed…" She shrugs her shoulders. "Basically you've just missed this place being the central hub location'a absolutely NOTHING. Everyone's been wrapped up in turning Genosha into Detroit Two Point Oh." She slowly nods her head then. "Oh! Gambit's back, and he's bein' a completely middle-schooler… Classic stuff, for him." She shows a faint smile then. Her shoulders shrug then. "I don't know where the hell the others are. Pete's around, Dani too… But not 'around much'."

Storm knows how to 'Play Foos-Ball', well on her own, as her word play has them both spilling both aggro and j'adore, or.. nothing.. Storm swivels to prop leather clad derriere to the left side of Rogue and stare to her left along them both.

From that periphery there are veins of electric shoch from cerulean gaze, lightning birthed from a friction welled deep within- there and gone.

"I only came for the cookies, Oh, Captain, My… Captain.." A glance Scott's way in that lingering remains of amusement, rebirthed to fruition when Rogue adds in…

…"…Knew it. You and them cookies, Scott. Have patience…" A slow grin forms and Rogue is offeted then a perked brow.

"Brothers from Other Mothers, and A Le'Gambe returns. I will prefer the latter… over morning coffee?" A wink to Rogue as they ae both looked way from as the goal sinks behind the line of the trio's asse(t)s!

"Oh just accept the loss, don't argue it. Home always wins." With a pivot of position Storm has produced the Foos-Ball and drops it onto the middle of the table to let it roll idly and wander…

"Try again, Scott, no focusing on the frosting, this time and you might keep your other arm." A slow smile. "I'll man his left field, Rogue so you can just be you." Lesson, anyone?

"This wasn't anything more than me checking up on a mutant kid. Not a game. Not going out for pool or darts or anything up your alley, Rogue. I explained this." Scott exhales while reclining himself in to the foosball table, one leg hiking up on it to get comfortable.

"Just keep the grab assing between you and Remy to a minimum in front of the students." Scott says with a noise, maybe a little more irritation in there than he intends to come out. "Ladies, come on. Be professional here."

"My arm will be fine and keep with the jokes, when it is your turn the both of you, remember this moment right here."

"You two want to head upstairs? Get some breakfast and I can update you Ororo. Full detail not just a gloss over, there is a lot you have missed out on and we're going to need everyone up to speed on this. DEO and SHIELD are both heavy involved which puts us in a situation where we have to play our cards very carefully." This is their fault, theyre the ones bringing these things up now and putting him out of casual-friendly mode and in to serious.

"You want to sub in my arm?" Scott asks Ororo, "Do we think Rogue needs the ego boost if she wins to claim she beat us both at once? Consider that… "
sub in for my arm*)

Rogue has to grin back at Storm. "Morning coffee would be delightful, Lady Munroe." The southern girl responds as she walks over to the table in the rec room to pick up her jacket that has her phone in it. "We should probably let Scott take a rest on the table soccer… Go upstairs and try watching him make food for himself with one arm. Its completely… adorable."

She slips her leather jacket on over her thin sweater and then puts her hands into the pockets of it. She smiles again to Storm. "Its good t'see you back." She says in truthfully honestness. "This place has been weird lately…"

And then she glares at Scott again. "I'm not grab assin' nobody… That leads to unwanted touches, which leads t'me havin' memories I sure as hell don't want."

"She'd have /earned it/, by right, then." Storm states towards Scott as she readies with her right hand upon the edge of the table and left already over the posts.

Rogue speaks up though and with a loft of that palm and a flick of her fingers the row of men go spinning and she seems lightly exhasperated while bemused. An inward thing that only she can fathom, it seems.

"Now, now!" Sugar Smack's! and Wheaties upstairs, it appears as if I need to teach you all teamwork again…" A p[ause as Storm moves between Scott and Rogue back towards the elevator.

"At least so us Seniors survive 'til breakfast of the best." A grin to Rogue nd her promise of personal joy, while Scott's own personal conflict is (not)ignored, but instead given pause.

No unwanted touches, and yet they are so… touchy? "I just wanted a game, but I will gladly watch the game of one armed break…" New game name? Seems fitting enough.

"Don't make me have to separate you two." A sigh and fingertips smear over her profile as the elevator *Dings!*

"You, teach me?" Scott stares. Always staring really. "The puns are painful. I know Rogue, that is not what I meant." A headshake out of the tall X-Man, "The stud… prof… you know what, we need coffee. Plenty of it.

"Can't separate us, apparently when that happens I end up hospitalized." He manages a smile, "Seriously though, it is good to have you back, Storm. You'll find things different from before but it is still home." For now, wait until they see what Illyana may well be working on in Limbo.


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