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March 13, 2018:

Following the skirmish with the Wrecking Crew.


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Fade In…

Following the battle with the Wrecking Crew and Doctor Strange…. ( http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:7081 )

Future Spider's black and red costume, it is stylish as all arachnid types. With the case gone, the Crew dispersed to collected this leaves She-Hulk and him to get acquainted, no that he intended to stick around too long but he is standing there after the mage has faded from sight.

"Which one is the angry ex?" Not at all sounding like Peter Parker if she had ever heard the original. He sounds older thats the biggest difference.


She-Hulk stands there, staring at the back of her knuckles where webbing is plucked off, the stringy white substance peeled from her hand and flicked to the side to */slop/* against a brick wall. 2099 had to stop her so 'Dozer and company could make it (with faces) to the hands of the DEO.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, She-Hulk is picking up remainders and with loud clatters of wall, pipework, and shards of glass fall within the metal framework of the dumpster.


The espresso cusp is lifted, the plastic handle hanging the weight lamely from her grip as she snaps it to-and-fro at 2099, pausing as… No… That is definitely not…

"Me." She-Hulk states in response to his question, chucking that cusp and broken bit into the dumpster before turning to step back through the hole in the wall (literally!) to the Cafe.

Yep, Jen is claiming the 'Angry Ex' title, picking up her now button-free blouse from the ground to shake it off of the dust and debris.

"Iced Mocha Latte, 2 shots added on top." Jen orders as the barista remaining is just NOW peering over the counter top and across the chaos. A glance to 2099.

"Make that two."

Casually she drapes the blouse (buttonless) over the back of her chair, flicks shards of concrete from her messenger bag and lifts her seat back upright to claim it… Oh so casually!


"Wait, you dated one of those goons? Please tell me you are joking." Miguel quips past his mask at She-Hulk, "I assumed much better taste out of someone thats… you know…" A hand wave, both of them forming over her in the air at her figure. "Green."

"I was about to ask. What am I over here? I just saved you from the weirdest pro wrestling REPO group ever." A hesitant chuckle from Spider-Man 2099 and hes rubbing his fingers over his scalp, across that outfit and back again, masks, always so stuffy.

"I… " A look at Jen while she sits then around, "This safe with this registration thing happening?" When in Nuevo-York, right?" A chair is drug out and he sits down in it, one costumed leg resting over the other his hand atop his knee. Those 'Spidey' expressive eyes looking across the round tabletop at She-Hulk, "You uhm, dropped your blouse."


She-Hulk rocks back in a lean in the chair, crossing one leg over the other while 2099 is deciphering exactly what she said. The small smirk never leaves her everGreen lips, two shades darker than the hue of her skin.

A tilt of her head and that hair she had loosed in nearly black, but in the shuddering lighting of the wrecked cafe the seaweed green can be seen in the depths of black. Finally while his hand sweeps over his 'masked' scalp, she laughs and shakes her head and glances to a nearby fallen chair in a -final- hint. Okay.. blatant innuendo. "No. Never."

Simply stated by She-Hulk in regards to the Crew, a snort passing her nostrils as her posture straightens in a 'mote' of pride, but then again the barista arrives and shakily delivers the two Mocha Lattes with 2 more shots of espresso.

A pat down of her sides, the one piece of silver on purple fabric is more Baywatch, than Swiss Army Pockets, reaching back she dips into the breast pocket of her blouse and hands the shaken teen a folded $20. "Keep the change sweetie." A large smile and she reaches forward to straighten 'Albert's' name tag on his own white button up.

His step back is fumbled and then he is gone… the direction of the restroom… They should be having Shwarma at this rate, but it is only a Starbuck's, not a city… For now.

2099 is slowly blinked at. "Yes, who. are. You?" A pause and She-Hulk rises, the blouse she fully shed a while ago still a rag on the back of the chair when she leans over the table to lower a bit to the altered height and stare the Spider in his Many eyes. Her hand extends. "Jennifer Walters. Attorney for Civil, Corporate… Justice. Do you want to see my certificates?" The smile grows, and when he takes her hand she hold him firmly in the greeting, nearly poising them in a triangle of meet over the table top. "We have Rights, and my 'Hero' needs to enjoy the coffee his 'Damsel' bought him." A slow wilt of her smile but it only seems a bit more mischievous as she releases his hand and takes her seat.

"Get used to this." The dropped blouse? The casual tension? The Crew levels of damage and chaos?

Yeah. Pretty much. The tiny wrapper is tugged off her straw tip and flicked aside while she sips.


Albert's approach is watched as is his departure by Spider-Man 2099, "You just made that poor kid's day. He will never wash that nametag. Do not eat here in four days unless you want bacillary dysentery, you can thank She-Hulk."

"Me? They call me Spider-Man where I am from but here, I suppose it is Black Spider, S-Man, the Future or /OTHER/ guy. I'm not the dude you may know, I am his contingency plan. Not even sure he knows I exist, but yeah."

"A lawyer? A green lawyer? That is just the best." Miguel praises, "A super strong crime fighting lawyer. What won't I see in this ti… town thatsobviouslynotatown but a city."

A scritch-scratch at his mask again and he pulls it up over his jaw showing off stubble, white teeth and if one looks REAL close even sharp 'fangs' his coffee being sipped at slow at first, the 'cino then being chugged at, "IT has been so long, such a different taste from here to there."

"Thank you, thank you, maybe God does exist after all." He holds the cup away from his mouth and his voice gets lower, tinier, "And he lives in here!"


"Uhh…" Jen leans back again and the chair groans beneath the height and weight it is not made to handle while she takes a 'candid' view of S-Man. Parted lips drop the straw from them while the final sound of disbelief exits her lips. "…Huh…"

The plastic cup is set down while she pivots in the rick-and-rocking seat to hunt her lap top down, shedding pieces of table and wall from it to shove within her bag.

"I know you are not 'This' Spider-Man, your tactics are different, your voice, your end game." The flap is tossed over, a lock clicked at the clasp as the bend is lifted from to heft the strap over a shoulder. "That and the costume," A gesture to S-Man with a rise and fall of palm-lifted hand. "As well as it's fit." Note: That smile is not leaving her lips!

Jen does not miss much, visual or words and that is what drew out her 'Uh-Huh' of disbelief, so now he is being assessed. "Even your jawline is different, down to…" A reach of finger extended to even bend that straw in twixt in her path as she its the middle of his chin, dimpling it… Where there is not one. Nevermind cutting off the coffee supply!

"You are definitely not from Here.." Once each and every word he says is gleaned and laid out Jen tips back to stand and look the direction Albert went.

"Touch the register and the relay from the camera will be delivered to my office… And I will let Albert watch what happens."

People arriving turn and leave through the broken door that no longer chimes entry or exit. Her blouse is hooked into her finger and pitched over her shoulder, that radioactive green gaze S-Man's way.

"May want to hold off on that assumption, S-Man, you haven't even begun." A tip of her head and the light tip is a gesture for him to join her just as her hip presses that door open and out of her way, fingers flicking the store's sign from Open to Closed.

"Let me know when you want to go to sleep." No, not wake up.. He is not dreaming, but she'll oblige!


"My end game… You know what that is already?"

//Note to Self: Ask Lyla if She-Hulk is documented with telepathic abilities. Now think loudly of a song, any song… //

"I am, just not this side of town." Mike lies. "It is a bit tight in some places." The man admits while the grin carries through his voice! People hear smiles supposedly.

"Eyes like a hawk, lady." The Spider says though when she reaches for him and pokes his chin he tenses, "Careful, we just met. You could be one of those badguys ! Never trust everything you see on the internet." Or hear, or are rapidly updated on via a hyper advanced sentient future entity that lives in your wristwatch.

"Wait, what?" Nah she doesn't at all mean what he thinks.

"You're a wily one, Lady Green. Be seeing you around… " A sweep upwards, a flourishing bow and Future Spider thwips on out in to the New York skyline.

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