Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor

March 28, 2018:

Diana meets with a new member to the Justice League who's looking to show off what she can do. Suddenly it turns into a Doctor convention!


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Diana Prince has come to the training center today to help get the rundown on a newly aligned member to the team. She'd done her research on Alice May Walker and had learned that the woman had had a… troubled past, to say the least.

Now, today, Diana stands in her gear and armor, though her armor is partially concealed beneath a red sash that is draped over her shoulders and lays down across her chest and toward her stomach. Diana has no weapons on her, as they're resting on a rack not far away.

The princess awaits Alice's arrival while she walks through the training center and inspects the machines here-in, they were often broken by other members and always needing repairs or replacements… but such is the way of the super powered being, testing their limits on machines made by others.

Alice is early. When you have all the time in the world and don't technically need to sleep it becomes easy. At least when the world at large doesn't mess up your commute. But todays is fine, just fine, and she shows up ten minutes till. When she arrives she is carrying a very large duffle that is somewhat bulky. Otherwise she is wearing a simple black jumpsuit and a small smile.

"Diana Price, I presume?" Alice says as she sets her bag down near the door upon entering. Her voice has a very refined English accent, as her background would fully support. "I am glad to finally meet you."

Diana, tall in her boots making her over six feet, turns when she hears the voice and she approaches the woman with the large duffle bag. A smile is shown, a single nod is given and quick look over the woman is had before Diana's blue eyes settle upon Alice's own. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well." She responds, offering her right hand with armored wrist. Diana's voice is littered with her own accent native to her lands, a mixture of Greek and others making it quite unique in its own right.

"I have heard that you are ready to join the team and I am eager to know exactly what it is that you believe you can bring to our group?" She asks the other woman, motioning to a table near by. "We can sit and chat or we can walk and chat while you look about the training facility here?" She asks then. "The choice is yours." Another small smile is shown again.

Alice looks up at the woman who is a full foot taller than her with a smile. "Well…ues. At least I hope too. Besides being one of the leading biochemical scientists on the planet, I can do what no chemists or biologist can. I can, simply put, change a things chemical composition by touching it," She says and turns to walk over to the duffel.

She bends down and unzips it, pulling out a smaller box and taking it to a table. Opening it there are several different bars of metal inside. As well as various liquid in vials. She asks as she begins to set out her little display. "Sometimes the easiest way to present a thing is to show it," She says as she plucks what looks like a bar of pewter. "This is pewter. Just a small brick. And now it is not," And the color ripples to the shiney hue of gold.

Diana moves along with Alice to listen and observe this display of skill. Though she's seen many magical things in her days she hasn't ever seen someone create gold out of an otherwise worthless material. It makes her show a grin. "Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on you." The Princess then says to Alice before she nods her head once toward the shorter woman.

"It is a very impressive talent you have there, and I assume it is a flawless conversion? There are many people out there who'd crave to have the ability that you have just demonstrated, young Miss Walker."

After a second, Diana looks from the shining bar of gold, back to Alice. "How do you feel that these skills can benefit those of us here within the Justice League?" Diana asks then, almost like a job interview kind of question.

Alice nods her head and then sets the bar back in the box and picks up a vial. "Well, beyond flooding the gold market which is really useless, and yes it is flawless and perfect, I am able to render gasses inert around me, speed a persons own natural healing, and so far I've yet to find something that will kill me. I've survived being exposed to the radiation of a small nuclear explosion. I'm not sure if anything beyond dismembermant would, and even then I've grown back limbs over a year," She wrinkles her nose as she pulls the cap from the vial. "Also I can cure addiction, create instant pain relief, and have my own soldier serum concoction that I can create in anyones body. It lasts an hour and increases strength, reflexes, senses…"

Vivienne arrives from Avenue of Tomorrow.
Vivienne has arrived.

The rundown of powers and abilities, at least those that Alice has learned of herself, are heard and a light nod is given to the woman when Diana dips her pointed chin once. "I see." She quietly replies. "Well then, that is quite a lot of variety within you, Miss Walker." And then her red hued lip corners upturn in a pleasant smile, she seems amused for whatever reason. "Now I am quite curious what skills or powers you possess that you have not yet discovered! Perhaps we shall find more some day." The gold bar is glanced at once more before she gently nods her head again and releases a light exhale.

With her eyes returning to Alice's she asks further. "So what made you seek out the Justice League, to offer these talents of yours? Are you seeking a life of heroic deeds done unto others or are you seeking… something else? Notoriety? Fame? Clearly not fortune…" She says the last part and then grins, referencing the gold bar created out of mere pewter.

Alice chuckles lightly and says, "I have lived over two hundred years, Miss Price. I don't know if there is more to my abilities. Perhaps, but I am happy to know I have mastery of chemistry, it has always been my greatest passion besides my family. And that…is what brings me to you."

The woman leans back against the table fondling the vial in her hand of vaguely green liquid. "I have two daughters. And not the resources to see them properly protected as a single mother. Sure, I'm rich, but Professor Zoom doesn't care about that…" The smile fades as she wrinkles her nose. "I realize that may be selfish, but knowing I have people at my back who I trust and work with if something goes wrong…I am not about fame. I am not about money. I am about protecting my family, and to do that I have to protect this world. I can't hide from that. Or the fact that this world will keep dragging me in, because I am different and always will be."

Diana's hands interlace fingers together in front of her lap while she gives her full attention to Alice. A pleasant expression rests on her face after hearing the response and she nods just once softly to it. "A noble cause then. You will have to bring your children by the Hall some time, give them a grand tour and let us meet them." She smiles once more before she glances toward the duffle bag.

"These are your things?" Diana asks then. "We can have space setup for you in a lab and private quarters here in the Hall as well. So that you have everything you need on-site and do not have to worry about being without something important, when a threat inevitably shows its ugly face."

Diana looks again to Alice then and she once more offers her right hand to the woman. "It is a pleasure to have you aboard, Miss Walker. I know the others are eager to meet you as well… and, well, there's much to see here. Wait until you go up into space to see the Watchtower, now -that- is an impressive facility." And she smiles again, proud of how far the Justice League has come to be sure.

Walking out of her own office, the woman known as Vivienne approaches the pair with a smile, "Oh hello, Wonder Woman." She nods her head as she approaches and looks to Alice with a warm smile. She nods her head to the woman and states, "And you must be another who works here?" She hmms before offering out her hand with a soft grip if taken, "I am Dr. Vivienne Tulloch." She nods her head and then looks back over at Diana, "I had hoped to run into you again."

She chuckles softly, "Our introduction was not so great an introduction given the rather…interesting nature of it." She smiles, "And as I said, I'm Dr. Tulloch. Very nice to properly meet you."
"I've heard about the watchtower," Alice says as she smiles again and takes Diana's arm in a firm clasp, wrist to wrist as opposed to hands. She's done some reasearch herself perhaps. "Space here would be appreciated, though I don't need much just for me. I tend to keep my suit with me at all times. That's the old extra I brought…just in case there was need. It's a decade and some old, but it does the job."

As Vivienne comes in she turns and offers the woman a nods. There is a slight frown as she tries to place the woman's accent but fails. "Hmmm, nice to meet you Dr. Tulloch. Doctor Alice Walker," She says and pushes off the table to offer her hand to the other woman. "As to a tour, yes. But I have to -find- my other daughter first. Kendra was…taken. And is still missing, though Batman and I have some leads we are following up on."

Diana is in her armor, but she's got a red sash draped over her shoulders that conceals much of her upper body. When Vivienne arrives, she turns to her and shows a soft smile to her as well. "Hello, Doctor. Its good to see you in a better situation than the last."

The Amazonian looks back to Vivienne then when she accepts the handshake, or wrist shake, and Diana's is clutched in one of her infamous metal bracers that are yet still a sight to behold, but also scarred with old battle damages.

"A missing child?" Diana asks then, hearing the rest she nods softly once. "Batman is the greatest detective the world has to offer… He will find her. But if there is anything I can do to assist then please do not hesitate to call on me."

Witchdoctor arrives from Watchtower Station : JLA.
Witchdoctor has arrived.

A look over at Diana and she nods, "Much better." She chuckles and nods her head before she hesitates with Alice a moment. She seems to look at her carefully as she takes her hand and nods to her, "It is good to meet you, Dr. Walker." She nods her head as she then looks over at Diana, "I wouldn't mind a tour at some point."

She chuckles and looks back to Alice, "If there is a missing daughter, I'm sure she'll be found. I could attempt to help as well. I do have a certain gift with nature." She nods her head as she then takes a soft breath in and then out and sighs, "Well, it seems I truly am getting more involved than I had intended."

Alice nods her head, "Thank you. Seems Queen Mab may be involved somehow. And that Nuke is alive and well," She says, giving the Amazon some of background. "I also happened to have Jessica Jones on retainer and she made that connection. So I finally have some hope. As long as she didn't make a deal with the faerie queen, Kendra should be all right."

Vivienne's last comment gets her attention and she frowns. "Getting involved?" She asks curiously. "What do you mean?"

Usually, Alyse's arrival to anywhere was announced by the magic butterfly-lights that so often accompanlied her magic, so when she simply steps from the direction of the Hall's teleportation technology it is…unusual! Still wrapped in her 'Sorceress' or 'Witch' gown, the woman even has her parasol lightly held in one hand as her steps bring her into the room. "Those things are weird," she says rather flattly, not having realised there was a preexisting conversation at first and giving a quiet 'oh' of suprise before her hand comes to her mouth.

"Apologies, I did not mean to interupt."

Diana gives another soft nod to Vivienne. "Well, if I can help, I certainly shall." She tells the other. "I will go and make the arrangements for your personal spaces here in the Hall and I look forward to working with you in the days to come." Diana would then point to the gold bar. "I would suggest placing that some where that no one walks off with it too." She gives Viv a grin before she looks to the others. "I am sorry, I have to get to an appointment back in Manhattan. I need to head back to the Jet."

A look over to Alice, and she chuckles, "I am a Doctor." She nods her head, "I heal and help. I'm here mainly to try to do that for people's bodies and already I am looking to help in more ways." She smiles and shrugs, "It's simply not normally something I try to do. However, I have a special place in my heart for children." She shrugs and looks then to Diana, "Well, then a good day to you. Be sure to remain safe. Despite your strength and tough body, it doesn't hurt to remain careful." She nods.

Finally, it is Witchdoctor who gets a look and she hmms as she watches her. She tilts her head to the side and smiles, "I honestly doubt you are interrupting. An open conversation in an open area cannot truly be interrupted." She laughs a little, "Either way, I am Dr. Tulloch. I assume by your use of the teleportation pad that you are among those that work with the Justice League."

Alice bows her head politely to Dianna and turns to pick up the small brick of gold. "Have a pleasant trip," She says to the woman before her eyes slide back onto Vivienne. Something seems to draw Alice's attention to the woman and her lips have that vaguely pursed look. The chemist is in deep thought and as she thinks the bar of metal in her hands slides back to a dull pewter silver.

"Dr. Tulloch, have we met before?" Alice asks as she turns to place the bar back in her little sample case.

Closing it up and putting it back into the duffel she dragged in. "Alyse! It is good to see you. We'll officially be working together now," This seems to cheer the woman greatly. And she moves to embrace her gently. "Will you be around to help with the Mab thing?"

"Good evening, ladies and gentleman," speaking of doctors. A Strange one has just arrived. Dressed in a charcoal colored suit, with a red scarf around his neck, Doctor Strange is an uncommon sight in the Hall of Justice, but he is a member of the League and he presents his reports with regularity. Today's would be long and a rather unpleasant one.

"I see a few new faces," he adds, nodding pleasantly. "Doctor Stephen Strange, pleasure to meet you. Princess Diana, if you have a few minutes later, we have a problem of ah, deity level I suppose. I… might need an audience with King Zeus."

The Witch looks Vivienne up and down, a face she'd not really seen before but one swiftly enough put to memory as the woman begins to slip away. "I am Alyse, the Witchdoctor, I am a…recent hire." Her gaze slips back towards Alice as the woman shares her excited statement towards her and the Witch steps forwards to reach out and squeeze the other woman's shoulder. "That is marvelous. Now I don't have to feel quite so worried about getting injured knowing that there is likely to be someone who can actually treat me among our ranks. Who heals the healers after all?"

She'd say more, but the sudden arrival of Doctor Strange has her blinking for a moment. She'd met the man before, certainly one like her couldn't exactly come to a world without encountering the sorcerer supreme, but she hadn't expected to see the man here. "Doctor," she greets lightly. Perhaps he'd remember her, or perhaps not.

Being around for a few hundred years means that phrases like that which Stephen Strange spoke only make Alice blink. "Well, that sounds unpleasant. Doctor Alice Walker," She says in her crisp British accent, offering her hand to Strange. "A pleasure to meet you, sir."

Alyse's reaction to the man draws her attention. Though she has been thrust into the mystic it is not a world into which Alice has often tread. In fact as a scientist it is one she has mostly avoided. "You two know each other?"

Then someone comes for Alice. "Already? Excuse me," She says to the people and moves to pick up her duffel. "I will be back…probably unless I drown in paperwork." And she heads out the door after the assistant.

Strange shakes the offered hand, and smiles at Alyse, someone he indeed remembers to have talked with a few times. What he has to say to Diana, however, won't be addressed until she vouches for Alice and Vivienne. "Indeed, Witchdoctor has been in the area for a few years," 'temporal area' in her case, but space-time is all square and round at the same time. "I suppose we are all doctors, aren't we?" He adds dryly.
A look to Alice as she is leaving and simply put, Vivienne shrugs at her before turning her gaze to Alyse, "You needn't worry about that dear, I'm quite the healer and incredibly capable." She nods her head, "Either I or Dr. Walker will be around to help you as need be." She chuckles, "Seems many here are healers, and here I thought I was offering a service that they did not have." She offers a hand in a lady like fashion to Strange and states, "Pleasure to meet you, Dr. Strange. I am Dr. Vivienne Tulloch." And if anyone follows such a thing, she'd at least come up in a few written papers as quite the MD and biologist.

She then clears her throat and tilts her head, "Deity level? Zeus? My, you must be quite the busy man, Dr. Strange." She chuckles and nods her head before turning her gaze to Alyse, "And you are a healer? I assume by the name, Witchdoctor, that it isn't simply a stethescope that you wield?"

"I do not doubt it," Alyse offers with a light bow towards Vivienne and a smile. "I merely was sharing in jest with the Alchemist. She has had to treat my injuries in the past after I had a rather unpleasent exprience with a speedster, something my 'oddity' complicated." The question of her qualifications has her chuckling a little with a sidelong glance towards Steven. "It is perhaps redundant to say in current company, but I am medical doctor, a surgeon myself, and a Witch both…" A pause, her lips curl into a slight smirk. "Or 'Sorceress' if you prefer. The Green Lantern has told me the word 'Witch' brings a rather negative image in this world."

"So does sorcerer," comments Strange to Alyse's point about witches. "It is slowly changing, however. Magic-users are not vastly outnumbered by super-humans of all kinds." And humankind is directing the hatred in other directions. Some things never change.
Doctor Strange says, "I do bring some bad news, too," he adds for Vivienne. "The Mother of Demons, Lilith, is loose upon Earth again.""
A blink and she chuckles at Alyse, "I am a druid." She nods her head, "I do not hold any ill will to a witch. Frankly, it wasn't always necessarily a bad thing." She shrugs and is about to speak when Strange speaks up and her eyes whip to him, "Lilith?" She blinks several times, "That is not good for Gaea." Her accent is most certainly Irish, her gaze going down as she considers, "This has truly been an interesting time. I wonder if the arrival of Amora has something to do with this." She nods and then rubs her chin.

"So that was what that creature was…" the Blonde witch in the gown speaks, frowning and lowering her parasol to her side. "I fear you are correct Strange, I encountered several creatures I detected in the city. They refered to a 'mother' and the Lilin. I, along with others, was able to destroy them but the creature that spawned them escaped." That frown remains on her lips as she turns her gaze towards Vivienne. "These creatures were ravenous and savage, they killed any they could overcome. More of them arriving will be a bloodbath."
Strange shakes his head. "I saw her in person, I have no doubt she was Lilith herself which crossed over during the eclipse," explains the sorcerer. "She brought a few minions, but they were cultists, not her true children. Many of those will flock to her now. A few will hide, attempting to avoid serving her. But most will come to her call."

That Amora has been around again makes him curious. Last time they talked he mentioned Ragnarok coming as part of the current mystical troubles. There is a chance and now "…the sun as fallen. It was one of the signs," he muses out loud. "Yes, the Asgardian sorceress is also part of this. But maybe not as an enemy."
A shake of her head and she sighs softly, "Aye, this is becomin' most vexin'." She nods her head, "I'm not sure even where to begin with all of this. Well, for now I continue to offer my help as a druid and a healer." SHe nods her head. She then turns her gaze over to the woman, "It is pleasent to meet you, either way." She then looks to Strange, "You as well, even if under such circumstances."

"Asgardian?" the Witch repeats before tilting her head. "Perhaps it would be prudent to speak with Thor, he may have more information to offer us?" That frown remains on her lips, but the fae woman turns her gaze back to the Druid and bows her head once more. "Likewise."

To Strange? She nods. "Her children could be destroyed, but it sounded as if the one I destroyed was praying for ressurection. They may not -stay- dead."
They might not stay dead? Strange sighs. "No, of course not. Demons are notoriously difficult to destroy. Some of the Lilin are very powerful, indeed." And their mother can, no doubt, bring some of them back to life if they have not been killed with some specific methods.

"This is more a problem for the supernatural champions of Earth," admits Strange, "but most definitely the League is going to have to step in. The monsters that could been unreleased are as powerful physically as mystically."
A look over at the Witch and she considers and nods before looking back over to Strange, "Well, I have a talent with druidry and with water." She nods her head, "I will help as I can." She considers, "But I am best in the area of applying enhancements and healing rather than being in the front line." At least when she is wearing her ring. The more she is here, the more she realizes that removing it may end up being required.

She lets out a soft sigh before saying, "Either way, you have my talent at your behest if you shoudl need it. I have other talents as well. Not much, however, beyond what I have spoken of."

"I will speak with you both later," the Witch nods, offering the pair a smile. "For I fear that we will all be quite busy soon. I have things to attend to, but I am easy enough to find around here." An exhaled breath, in truth the woman wasn't really looking forward to the 'family affair' ahead, but she had offered her aid none the less. There was always some great threat looming! Another bow of her head, the woman finally continues on her path she'd been walking. "Be well!"


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