Team Arrow

April 21, 2015:

'Team Arrow' takes down some Ninjas and goes for drinks.

A warehouse & Verdant

Arrows arrows everywhere and not a gun to spare.


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Occasionally, fate or chance brought various people together randomly; even if they were there for different reasons. Tonight was one of those nights.

The sound of gunfire filled the warehouse as members of the Triad Mafia engaged a group of vigilantes who had taken it upon themselves to shut down a human trafficking operation.

A large man who looks like a sumo wrestler continues to charge Arsenal even after having multiple arrows sticking out of him, clearly the man was wearing body armor. He looked angry as hell.

Hawkeye had found herself pinned down in a corner of the warehouse as a group of five men fired compact submachine guns at her, one of the men yelling in broken english, "Haha you tink you so smawt! You not, gun beat bow dummy!"

Green Arrow was presently facing down a pair of ninja-like women wielding Katana's who had managed to close in on him and Red Arrow, the pair being given no quarter as the women try to kill them!!!!

Most people believe that archers prefer to keep their distance, and there is that kind of archery. But Oliver Queen never subscribed to that theory. His style is more akin to Legolas, the fictional elf who wove in and out of combat, firing off arrows between punches, kicks, and acrobatic stunts.

And that's just what he finds himself doing against a katana wielding woman. He uses his bow to try and catch the blade, hoping to disarm her, though she's quick too, and she reacts perfectly, keeping her weapon. He knees her in the gut, and yet still she fights.

And when fighting fairly doesn't work, Oliver Queen fights dirty. In combat, winning is everything. There are no second chances, no penalties, or do-overs. You go in with your life on the line and if you walk out, it's because you won, or were a coward. And Oliver is no coward.

Though it is a rare treat to fight alongside one's own son. Truth be told, it's a bit of a distraction, but Red Arrow can handle himself, no matter how much Oliver may want to watch and be ready to step in to ensure it.

Roy had no clue why there were even a whole -mess- of people suddenly showing up, but he was busy dealing with the body-armor-wearing giant. "Dammit, why do I get stuck with the ballerinas built like stacks of tires?" Roy mutters as he tries to line up a shot that -should- take him down this time. Because there was no way he was going to try and bowl him over with a shoulder charge.

Ice arrow, then, to the ground. And hopefully he'd fall down and stay down.

"Yeah, but guns can't do this," Kate smirks as she pops over her cover long enough to fire a taser arrow into one of the shooters. That's going to have a detrimental effect on his aim. Hopefully he won't shoot too many of his compatriots in the process.

She follows it up with a smoke-bomb to the space between herself and the shooters, giving herself enough cover to dive out from behind the barrels that were keeping her from getting shot full of holes, finding a new spot to pepper the shooters. Arrow to the knee! Whoops, can't have an arrow and a gun in your hand at the same time, that must hurt!

Three down, two to go.

It was one thing to face the Red Arrow with a bow.. it was not his strongest suit; but when you ambush him in close quarters.. well, that's where he shines. The bow is returned to it's position on his back, along with the multiple arrows he keeps unsheathed. In his main hand, he had retrieved the large, red tanto blade that had been sheathed on his hip. Despite his young age, he had been trained extensively in the ways of the Bushido blade in Japan.

The two dance back and forth in an impressive display of traditional Japanese sword fighting, despite the Red Arrow having a significantly shorter blade. He manages to keep an upper-hand more or less, also using his feet to land blows when their blades were not connected.

The ice arrow does the intended trick (Whatever that trick was) and the big bouncing sumo wrestler is downed by the vigilante known as Arsenal. Not far from him, he could see Hawkeye still pinned down for the moment.

The taser arrow causes the man Kate had shot to fall to the ground, vibrating as the electric shocks coursed through his body, his gun hand going wild and shooting one of the men closest to him.

The smoke bomb causes them some confusion and when Kate relocates she's taking them down like fish in a barrel. Roy notices the tell-tale sign of a laser sight aimed at Kate's forehead from a shooter hidden behind some crates.

While Red Arrow seems to be in his element fighting the ninja woman, Green Arrow seemed to be having a little trouble.

Not wanting to miss out on the arrow party, Black Canary fired a crossbow bolt from the handheld weapon Oliver had been training her to use into the leg of the female ninja, "Stop flirting with her and finish her off!"

A car engine was heard starting as the triad leader tried to make an escape in a porsche straight through the warehouse! Vroom vroom!

Calling out to Roy, the Green Arrow offers a less than helpful, "it's the cologne, Arsenal. I keep telling you to switch, but you stopped listening to me a long time ago." The words may sound harsh, but they're said in a jovial manner, and was intended to be some casual banter. It's often good to lighten the mood in these situations. And it seems in Ollie's ever advancing years, his hearing is as sharp as ever. Ollie even comments, "good choice," when he sees the ice arrow hit the ground.

Audrey, which is the pet nickname Ollie gave Hawkeye a while ago, is a pretty good shot too, he thought to himself as he nearly lost some of his beard to a katana. Got to watch his own fight, and not everyone else's he reminds himself.

And as if to put emphasis on it, Black Canary helped him out. He does as she suggests, hitting the kunoichi with a mean right cross that seems to knock her out, and Ollie takes her katana. It looks real enough. This could be fun. "I guess I'm just a sucker for a woman in a Kitana outfit," he calls out to the Canary, and is obviously referring to the Mortal Kombat video game.

Connor knew he was at a slight-disadvantage with his shorter than average blade. The moment he is able to get the upper hand, his right hand retrieves an arrow pre-dipped in a non-lethal nerve-toxin. In a skillful parry, he shoots to the side, and jabs the arrow towards the woman shoulder-blade. Should it hit it's mark, she will soon lose control of her arm. zHe won't kill, but he will stab someone in the back!

Glancing over to the Green Arrow, he calls out, "You ok over there?"

With the friendly fire from the tasered fellow, that takes Kate's targets down to one more criminal. She doesn't even hesitate, pulling out a blunt-tipped arrow and firing it right between his eyes. "Sleep tight," she grins, before hopping down to get a look at where everyone else is. "You guys did get the memo about arrows being ranged weapons, right?" she calls down to the arrow crew.

Well keeping the giant down for the count involved freezing him to the ground with another arrow. "Oi, Hawkeye…!" he calls out to Kate, even as he draws an explosive arrow on the crates. No worries, they weren't major. Just let them go boom. "You've got a bindi on your head…!"

Probably didn't need the warning, but when the shooter was down, Roy has to smirk back up. "Yeah, well, sometimes guys just like getting up close and personal."

Green Arrow's ninja hits the ground like a sack of potatoes, the woman not even getting a chance to cry out in pain or anything. The woman Red Arrow is fighting drops her katana as her arm goes limp and she's vulnerable to the young man now, who would forever be known as a backstabber.

Black Canary drops down beside the pair of men, glaring at Connor just a little bit, clearly she didn't approve of the kid being brought out to fight like this. "Stop playing with your food." Connor might have recognized that tone from dinner a few nights ago, which was very much OUT of costume.

Canary doesn't even turn towards at the limp-armed Katana woman who is still trying to attack. Before Red Arrow can attack her, Canary is roundhouse kicking the Ninja into a wall and speaking into her earpiece, "«Nitro, Triad leader is heading out of the warehouse in a black Porsche. He's all yours Kid.»"

Between Roy and Kate, the rest of the Triad members are dealt with; the Porsche heading towards the exit of the warehouse now where it was likely to be stopped by Nitro or a hail of arrows..

"I'm all right Red," Oliver said to his son. He even gave his newfound katana a little flick, testing it out, checking to see how it's balanced. It seems to be perfect. He'll even smile at Kate as he sheathes it in his quiver. Apparently it has a built in sheath. Impressive that it fits the sword so perfectly. Maybe it was designed to fit any bladed weapon.

"Yeah, but where's the fun in that?" He says to Hawkeye about the fact that arrows are ranged ammunition. When Black Canary lands near him and the other archer, he asks, "has everyone met?" He'll point to each, announcing their name, beginning with "Red Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkeye, Arsenal," and finally himself, "Green Arrow."

«Copy, Canary» he calls into her ear piece as a blue and silver lightning streak moves through the streets, seeing teh black porche, Nitro streaks off towards the porche grinning as the perosn in the car is hit hard, the car stops and the sound of lighting can be heard as Nitro skids to a stop throwing the Triad leader down to the ground. "Here." he says as he stretches out, still in his blue jeans and blue hoodie from earlier. Nitro looks to all the cool people in awesome costumes, "Sup." he says as he reaches into his pocket and grabs a Snickers and eats it in one bite. He looks around at all the downed ninjas, "Now I used to like ninjas, but these guys are making them look very bad." he says as he looks around before looking at those who are here and waving to them.

"Nope… you look familiar… yep… and… hnh." Shaking his head, Roy glances at the clock. "Babysitter's going to be furious. I don't think she can take much more of my kid. Catch you all later…? And if you -do- think about getting together, call Hawkeye. She knows the best food places."

"Met you, met you, met you," Kate points out the male archers in the room until she reaches Black Canary, smile flashing as she offers over a hand. "Also, Kate," she introduces herself. "Nice to meet you, good to see these guys don't just try to do things on their own. I do totally know the best food places," she adds as Roy leaves, looking over the downed bodies before turning back to the father-son pair. "Glad to see you two made it together."

Connor Hawke can't help but gasp when Black Canary appears with a disapproving look. He furrows his brow, as he didn't even get to finish off his opponent. When the others are gathered, he offers a brief nod towards everyone, "Hello.. I met some of you.. uh.. not all. And more than others." Black Canary receives a look from underneath his hood before he retrieves his arrow out of the ninja's back. With a quick flick, the blood is launched from the tip, and it's returned to his sheath.

It's probably weird that the thought briefly flashes through Ollie's mind that if he killed everyone here, he'd drastically cut down on the number of people that know his secret. But that's the way he thinks. These people are heroes, family, and friends, but they're also a liability. But fortunately, he keeps that brief thought to himself.

"You're doing pretty well with the crossbow, pretty bird. I'll make an archer out of you yet." He moves towards her, deciding to show his affection openly, even if he can't exactly explain the relationship. Nitro he doesn't know, so he'll soon move away from Canary to extend a hand, "Green Arrow, pleased to meet you?" He's pretty sure he heard Canary talking to someone named Nitro, but he wanted to confirm that this was the guy.

When Canary notices that Hawkeye seems to be familiar with everyone and goes as far as giving a name she gives her own, "Laurel." When Nitro arrives she smiles at the young man, "Good work." Too bad Connor didn't get that kind of praise but on the other hand, Nitro was someone she was training. Connor was the 'long lost' son of the guy she was dating, so she tended to look at him almost like a mother would and that meant; disapproving of him being out here.

"So, I'm not sure about all of you but if there's no need for secrecy, there's nothing on the scanners and I wouldn't mind a drink." She winks at Ollie before looking to the others, "Ever been to this club called Verdant? We should all go, out of costume, of course."

Nitro wasn't worried about what hte others thought, he was out helping when and where he could. Looking at the archer group, he raises a brow and smiles a bit. When Green Arrow walks over to him and offers his hand, Nitro shakes his hand in a slick way, "Nice ta meet'cha." he says. "The name is Nitro. Granted I don't have anything as fly as you guys, but you only see me when I stop." he says knowing how to mask himself if need be. Black Canary knows this group so it's cool for him to be around, he stretches out a bit. "I could use some caffine, starting to run low." he says to her. Black Canary has been running him hard and he's just not starting to feel it.

"Hey," Kate flashes a grin toward Nitro as well when he comes over, quirking a brow at what he says to put two and two together. "You're a speedster? Nice. I keep thinking we need some speed in the league. I mean. Not that Superman and Kara aren't fast, but it's a totally different mindset. Also, science. We could really use more brains. Sorry," she shakes her head, stepping forward to offer a hand. "Nice to meet you, Nitro. Nice work with the porsche." At the talk of a club, she glances back toward where she left her ride. "I think I've got something I could get into a club with."

The Green Arrow is far from the life of the party. That's Oliver Queen's job, and it's been some time since he showed up for work. But if everyone already knows who he is, it probably wouldn't hurt to spend some time with fellow heroes. After all, he's dating one and is the father of a second. "If you insist, pretty bird." He's probably the only one of them who can actually get changed there. He keeps a set of clothes in the Arrowcave he had built under it, and there's a secret entrance.

"Sure, Canary, I'll be there," and before anyone can really ask him where it is, he's already heading off towards the arrowcycle, so he can get there, arrange for security, and change into his civilian attire. And funnily, this is him trying to be sociable.

"Well.. I don't drink.. not that I'm legally able to anyway. But I may be able to get in. I know some people." Connor coughs slightly and takes off in opposite directions of the Green Arrow, headed to his Arrow-Mazda! He would be at Verdant!

Nitro shakes Green Arrows hand and let it go, he turns and looks at Kate and takes her hand, "Hey." he says to her. "Yes I'm a speedster, granted I've not met Superman or this Kara, but hey I'm the best at speed when it comes to it." he grins. Though in his plan clothes, Nitro seems and feels like the odd man out. "Anyways, where is this club at?" he ask.

30 minutes later

Everyone had arrived at Verdant in one way, shape or form (hopefully not in costume) and thanks to the owner being Green Arrow possibly everyone found themselves on the guest list.

Of course, it was hard for Nitro to produce ID proving his name was Nitro but it got dealt with eventually.

Loud music is playing and people are dancing and drinking despite it being a Monday night. A booth in the upper floor with some privacy has been reserved for the group and there are several bottles of booze that Laurel had appropriated.

Instead of her costume she's wearing a little black dress, fishnets and heels. If Kate called her trashy, war would be on.

Connor was here, dressed in his every-day street-attire, which had drastically increased in quality since becoming a trust-fund kid. Despite all the booze, and how easy it'd be for him to sneak some, he simply has no desire to drink anything. Not even soda. "I'll have a water and lemon please." The blonde-haired teenager asks the bartender politely.

Apparently, the purple is a thing. Kate shows up in a short, 50's-inspired purple dress, that goes in the most interesting way with the purple chucks on her feet. But hey, Kate's from money. She knows the cardinal rule: wear it like you mean it and that makes it cool. With her hair in a bun and a pair of oversized shades on her head, she could almost pass for the nickname Ollie gave her.

Before the night can get too wild, some jerk pulls a fire alarm in the club and everyone is forced to rush outside. The fire department arrives and confirms there is no issues and the mood seems to have been mostly killed for everyone especially since last call was in thirty minutes.

A group of college kids outside verdant are watching a video on a phone that had been posted on HeroWatch recently, "Whoaa guys check it out, those ninjas got taken down by Team Arrow!"

Another kid smacks him on the back of the head, "Don't ever call it that again."

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