Warriors In Unity

March 27, 2018:

Faora-Ul delivers aide to Mutant Town, and there she meets Frenzy, the Powerhouse of the Brotherhood

Mutant Town, NYC


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Day by day the world grows restless, dividing lines drawn by politicians, the media, anyone who's anyone that might have an opinion on a crisis that is ratcheting towards a fever pitch. For them, it is 'The Mutant Problem'. For the people of Mutant Town, otherwise known in the boroughs as District X, the 'problem' has nothing to do with who they are, but how the world treats them. The poverty here is enforced by the harsh reality that few here can get a job outside of M-Town, and fewer still wish to open businesses here. If not for the Brotherhood, if not for Pietro and Wanda, it would have crushed them already.

Because of the Twins and those who follow them, life goes on. Children play in the late afternoon sun, a sun that grows dim as one green-skinned kid hits a baseball and loses it in the sudden shade, something massive blotting out the sun. It is eerie, to see the whole of M-Town slow to a stop to look up, to gaze at a single figure dressed in black and metal, with four shipping containers, stacked two high and a stack in each hand, held over her head.

There in an abandoned lot on the corner, Faora-Ul sets her cargo down, the rumbling of metal against the ground easing into place as she tilts them into gravel one by one. Soon she appears from behind the containers, up and over, a hand trailing down the front to dislodge the latch on each and leave them hanging open, showing bags of rice and other food, taken from who knows where. It's enough to feed a great many mouths, at least for a little while. To those gathered she speaks, her accent alone making it clear she is not from this place.

"To the Children of the New Dawn, a gift. Pass the word, and bring your companions to this place, and know hunger no more."

There's a presence within M-Town, a presence that is striving to help its people, an entity simply known as the Brotherhood. Their goal is to get the voice of the Mutants heard. To be seen as people. To have a place in this world. To be more than just fodder for hatred and violence of people who fear differences.

As such, all throughout the neighborhood, this would-be Shantytown, are people loyal to the Brotherhood. Their eyes and ears upon the streets, if you will, and when that long shadow falls upon M-Town those runners go … well running. They streak through the alleyways and between the dilapidated buildings and to those that can get in contact with those higher up on the food chain than they are.

While it doesn't go so high as the overall leadership of the Brotherhood, it does go high enough to one of their Lieutenants; Joanna Cargill. Frenzy.

She appears upon the sidewalk just as lines begin to form and while she doesn't disrupt those already in queue, there's still a subtle shift that allows her to step to the front of the line, towards the containers and the woman who brought them.

"Afternoon." Frenzy states, her greeting polite enough, though there's a watchful and focus about her.

It took Faora only a little time to learn the languages of this world, all but the most obscure now part of her vocabulary, but the shorthand for a greeting is not abundantly clear to her when Frenzy steps to the front of the line and draws her laser focus up and into the much taller woman's eyes. Even when Faora walks, the world seems to move for her instead of the other way around, her cape shifting with every step as if made of nothing at all and all too ready to catch on the wind.

The distance closed, she glances up, towards the sun, and when she looks back to Frenzy it is to smile, a most disturbing expression on a woman who does not often wear them in such blatant intensity. "Yes." This, offered in response to the misunderstood greeting, agreeing with Frenzy that it is indeed afternoon, but it's clear in the moments that pass some recognition parts Faora's lips, and her chin tilts up just a little.

"You are the one known as Frenzy. A formidable warrior among those who would deliver this world from the weakness that plagues it. A companion of Pietro and Wanda, revolutionaries on behalf of evolution itself."

Her head tilts again, ever so slightly, and if those gathered have stopped to watch the two women speak, some will likely seek to sneak by, to take what food they can, but Faora neither encourages or discourages. "I am Faora of House Ul, ally to your Brotherhood. Protector of these people, who will soon inherit the Earth. It is my honor to meet you."

When Faora approaches, Frenzy can't quite help but shift her stance ever so slightly forward.

It's a move another warrior likely recognizes, where one loosens themselves up to make sure they're ready for anything. Even if it's just a misunderstood greeting.

It's only when the woman speaks her name, her codename, that Jo's expression crimps slightly, as her eyebrows twitch toward the midline of her face. Along with that beetling of her brow is the frown that ever-so-slightly bends her mouth downward. That expression doesn't last long, however, not when Faora offers her own name and that of her House.

With her name recognition flares within Frenzy's brown eyes, and the mutant woman makes the connection of just who the armored woman is.

"The Twins mentioned we found a new ally." Comments Frenzy, "Glad to meet you as well." She allows, her words not so nearly polished, or formal, but still holding an echo of respect to them. It's also what has her extending a hand to the other woman.

And while she waits to see if the other woman shakes her hand, Frenzy allows a subtle nod to those that are in line. With permission seemingly given the people start to advance forward, even as it continues to grow.

A look is given to the containers, "Thanks for bringing the food - it'll help a lot around here. Did I hear right that you flew them down here?"

Oh, she's sizing her up in the breadth of nanometers, letting her vision pass through skin to muscle and bone beneath, to evaluate her in a way few can. All the while her expression remains just a step past neutral, the beginnings of a self-confident smile playing at the corners of her mouth as Jo offers that hand in greeting and mutual respect. With Frenzy being taller, it is easy to slip her own hand forward, almost carefully pressing the space between her thumb and index finger between Jo's own, and then curling her fingers up and over her thumb joint. Perhaps a Kryptonian handshake?

No no, it is a far simpler thing, a game on her world, between warriors. It might have been a cultural bridge to humanity, because they arm wrestle here too. Her motion is gentle, easing their grip upwards as she steps just a little closer. "Yes, this world's gravity has little hold on me, unless I allow it. But it is not my only gift. Is it true what they say about you, Frenzy, Guardian of the Dynasty? Is it true that you can rip through buildings, punch through metal? Is it true you are the strongest of them, in both body and spirit?"

The grip tightens, not in a way meant to be uncomfortable, but to secure her hand there, to make her intention well known. "Much rests on your shoulders. Wanda is the key that can turn the lock on the world. Without her, we may all be lost. Pietro has vision that is leaps and bounds beyond his speed. I do not know him well, but I know him already as the man who will lead your people to greatness. I wonder, do you have the strength for this burden?"

Muscle and bone look as normal as can be, but what can't be seen is the durability held within those bones, the muscle and tendons. Of the strength that's carried Frenzy through mental and physical hardships.

Perhaps some of that might be seen within her eyes or upon her face, but the actual physical strength isn't felt until Faora grips that offered hand. The oddity of the grasp isn't lost on Frenzy, but does it pull much of a reaction from her - no. Instead she shifts her own grip to match Faora's and it isn't until the woman steps closer and their clasped hands rise upwards slightly that some of Frenzy's strength can be felt.

Faora's words are listened to and consideration might be seen within Frenzy's brown eyes now. Then there's a flash of straight teeth as the Acolyte smiles at those questions. Her answer is simple, honest, straight-forward and full of confidence. "It's true."

And when the other woman's grip tightens, Frenzy likewise exerts pressure with her own hand. Her confident expression turns to something far more serious, as Faora continues to speak about the Twins, and the burden of their fate. Now Frenzy's grip tightens even more and to most it would be painful, but with Faora's own strength and durability possibly not. "I will not fail them." States the taller woman quite firmly, "So, yes, I have the strength. You here to test that?"

"This world has made me a God. On my world, Gods do not test those who call to them. They serve them. Reinforce them. Help them."

Under the squeeze of Frenzy's grip, a glance downward, shifting to where their hands meet. It immediately makes her wish she had left her armor in her sanctum, so that she could feel that pressure in all it's might and glory, the strength of a woman who will not break under the challenges ahead. Even now, before her arm begins to ratchet, she knows the truth of her.

It's reflected in crystal blue, rising to meet Frenzy's gaze as strength meets strength, solar powered muscle and bone churning against evolutionary perfection, a battle that will in short order crack the Earth and spread the crowd. In this, they will begin to deliver more than food to these people.

First, there are whispers. They have little to bet among one another, but someone offers to take runner duty for another if Frenzy is bested. Three others double down, because no one can best Frenzy. Then there is her name, cannonized in more than whispers, the familiar home town hero bathed in the echoes of exaltation, over and over again, as a kind of quiet power shakes in the space around their hands, simple physics barely able to contain such power at odds as Faora's hand wavers under the beginning of that assault.

But she is practiced, not just in strength, but at this game specifically. There is a slow arc of power, bringing them even again, practically daring Joanna to bring it, to give it her all.

"I will help you. First by teaching you the Horo-Kanu, so that if the Man of Steel survives his fate at my hands, another will have the technique to pick him apart bit by bit. And then? With anything you ask, Guardian. You are a beautiful Child of the New Dawn. For you, anything."

A god.

That earns another look from Frenzy, but that's all. Her expression shifts slightly again, as the whispers and words around them is heard. Others might allow their attention to be diverted, but not Joanna. She keeps quite focused upon the Kryptonian woman.

As the woman brings her arm to bear again, Jo can't quite stop the vague narrowing of her eyes at the show of strength.

And while Faora is an ally of the group, Frenzy can't quite stop herself from reacting to that silent dare. Muscles within the woman's arm jumps to attention as Joanna brings her full strength to bare upon the woman, as the Bruiser of the Brotherhood pushes back against Faora's hand and arm.

That push back, for Joanna's part at least, will last for several seconds. Seconds where she'll exert her might against Faora, until suddenly -

Frenzy laughs, her other hand comes up to slap their clasped hands. "You speak pretty words." She states, "It's nice to see you have the strength to back them up." And while their game could be pushed further Frenzy allows for both to 'win' this particular game. Even if her mind yells at her to crush the other woman's hand in her grip.

"I can't say what this Horo-Kanu is, but if it'll help take down those that would harm us, then I'll learn it. In return you can tell me what the Man of Steel has done to you and your own to warrant such action, and then I'll help you bring him down if you like."

Likely over drinks too, because war stories always deserve some sort of alcohol to be drunk.

In the brief moments before Frenzy stops this contest, she will get all the truth she needs: Kryptonians are strong. Impossibly so. Lifting trucks or tanks, or maybe even whole battlecruisers from the ocean surface? These are things the Man of Steel has no doubt done. But this contest was never about strength. It was about common ground, and it was about the people around them. The slap of her hand earns a blink, and her laugh earns that rare smile again.

But can these expressions of emotion really be so rare, if these, Earth's Superior Few, can draw them from her so easily? She holds her hand for as long as it takes for the cheers and jeers of the crowd to die down, but the mood is still upbeat, because tonight people will eat, and tonight no one will harm them. No one will miss the food Faora stole from a container ship for weeks, and when they do? What could they possibly do. How could they possibly know? If they did, they would face this, the might of two new companions aligned in a single cause.

Those who come to this place looking for scapegoats will find only destruction, solidified in good humor, and the question that Frenzy asks.

Her hand finally drops away, and she turns slightly to begin to walk with her, to make room for those who would stand in line, and no longer disrupt the general ongoings of M-Town. "I have already felled him low, this very day. It was the Horo-kanu that allowed me the opening salvo, a Kryptonian art of marshal prowess that no one on this world knows as I do. My purpose was not to kill him, but to show the people of the world that their Champion will not protect them from what must come to pass. He has become for them a symbol of hope, and I have stricken it from the sky with a single blow, one that will be deadly should fate ignore him. If he dies, then he dies. A message the world cannot ignore. If not, I will know his mettle, but the world will know this: A God can bleed."


Rarely is it ever about brute strength and Frenzy understands this; even if she doesn't like it.

Still, that elusive smile of Faora's is met in good faith from Frenzy, before the two drop their hands away. Automatically the crowd is given a quick assessment by Frenzy, then it's back to Faora as the two move away from the general population of M-Town.

There's a vague tilt of the woman's head as she listens to what Faora has to say, specifically about the Man of Steel, and when she reveals that she felled Superman, Frenzy shows something like ferocious approval. "While I like to start and end my battles in one get-go, I do understand the process behind showing that a person's 'hero' is fallible. It's a message hard to ignore. A point of telling those that he 'protects' that they're not safe against the reality of the situation. That soon they'll be in the same place he is. It's a strategy that we use too."

"Then it seems we have much in common. As much as I wish I could have destroyed him for all the potential he wastes, I know that his plight will distract the heroes of this world, where his death would only rally them. This is essential, and buys us a timeframe of unfettered power in which to move against this world."

At this, Faora stops, reaching up to curl her hand over Frenzy's shoulder. It reminds her of Nam-Ek, this, a person so very physically impressive. This, a woman who is so very devoted to her cause. It makes her miss him, in that moment. But she reminds herself that where loss could consume her, these new connections will sustain her. Turning to face Frenzy, she gives that shoulder a squeeze.

"Take word to Pietro and Wanda. I will work to uncover the power of this Trask organization, to identify targets for you. I will set a distraction the world cannot ignore, so that the Brotherhood can rain destruction on them for daring to use technology to threaten your people with bondage. But it will require the three of you to craft a plan of action. Pietro knows your forces better than any, and can inspire greatness like none I have met since the days of Zod. Wanda can see through fate itself, and make it dance at her fingertips. But only you can keep them safe, faithful warrior. I wish you good fortune in your task, and the war to come."

With this her hand floats away, because she floats backward. Her cape flutters and billows, as if the sky already calls for her, and as gravity releases it's hold on her, bits of dust and gravel swirl at her feet until she is once again fading into the sky. For the longest time, she looks at Frenzy as if she is the entire world, a respect she could give few others on this world, until she turns to the fading light of the sky and powers through the air with impossible, unnatural speed. Well above Mutant Town, the sound barrier breaks again and again, as Faora races towards her mission unending.

"No one needs a martyr." Agrees Frenzy, to what Faora says initially, and while more could be said that touch upon her shoulder causes her to pause.

Frenzy's gaze flicks to Faora's hand and a subtle tension can be felt from the taller woman, but she neither steps away, or brushes the touch off her shoulder. "I'll take word to them." Frenzy states, even as her expression flattens to something full of rage and hatred at the mention of Trask. "And whatever you do to Trask let me know. I'll gladly tag along and pound him to a pulp."

And while that rage and hatred still lingers within her expression, it lightens somewhat as once more Frenzy turns serious. She knows her duties to the Twins and it's something she'll never treat lightly. "I would trade my life to make certain they live." Promises the Bruiser in unfettered honesty, "Without them all would be lost."

And while there's questions about just who Zod might be, and more about Faora herself, those questions must wait as Faora lifts into the air. Frenzy, for her part, watches the woman rise upward and right before Faora turns and speeds on her way, Frenzy lifts a hand up in a gesture of farewell. And when that sonic boom is heard, Frenzy turns and moves back to the people who've lined up for food.

"Let me help." She states as she steps up to one of the crates intent on helping those nearby.

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