Phoenix Up to Date

March 26, 2018:

Nate and Lorna do an attempt to tell Jean about the coming of the Phoenix. Unfortunately Genosha stands on the way.

The kitchen at Xavier's School


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Fade In…

So it looks like the Phoenix is coming. (Again!).

And Jean has been recalled back to the mansion from her around the world recruiting tour. After all she is the world foremost expert in the space firebird. Or maybe its main victim. Whatever it is, Jean knows more about the Phoenix than anyone else currently in the X-teams. Although Nate can't avoid thinking maybe Rachel's absence is due to the incoming trouble.

It have been a couple bad days for Nate. Now he is sure the current batch of nightmares are precognitive visions. Unfortunately they are not clear. Or maybe it is 'fortunately they are not clear'. Precognition is bad for the mental health.

But he has a pot of just steaming coffee and mugs for everyone. So they should be alright.

"Thanks for staying a bit longer, Lorna. I know you want to get back to Genosha as soon as possible. But Jean has been off the grid for a while. And there are things about Genosha she should know and maybe Scott shouldn't. And Illy is not picking up the phone today."

(That is probably his fault).

Lorna grumbled, cup of tea in hand. Marcos had convinced her, to stay. Hell, he'd convinced her to ask after Scott's general health since he'd gotten beaten. Marcos was a miracle worker given all of those 'convincing's. That or maybe Lorna was just too damn tired to argue over the point. Pregnancy was exhausting, who knew?

Not the green haired magnokinetic, that was for certain. She sighed, and sipped at the steaming liquid. "What things should Jean know? Because honestly, I'm at a loss. Wait, did you mean the part where my wedding is in a week or so and Scott is no longer invited? Because yeah, that will count then."

Walking into the room, Monet is in a pair of shorts and a crop top as she heads for the fridge. She blinks at the sight of the two being there and then says, "Hi." She idly flips her hair back and somehow proceeds to make a croptop and a pair of shorts look stylish. She retrieves a water out of the fridge and walks over to just kinda hear about the Scott not being invited part and grins, "Poor Scott." She shakes her head. "He's gonna miss out." She nods again.
She then proceeds to look over at Nate and then over at Lorna before saying, "What's up? I heard about some real crazy stuff happening and no one called me, which I'm still miffed about."

Jean crossed her legs as she leaned back in the chair, sipping the cup of Earl Grey she favored instead of the coffee that was more popular in the room, "Probably, everything." Jean's reply came back to Lorna as she quirked a brow, "Especially the part about Scott not being invited, means I'll need to start thinking of a new plus one." The telepaths in the room would catch a quick unguarded thought of Logan; but not the old man that was here with them now.

@emit Monet’s arrival distracts Nate for a second or three. In his defense, she probably has that effect in most people. Nate is getting smart enough to be slightly annoyed at his own reaction. “Sit down if you want to hear about the crazy,” he offers the young woman.
He leans back, sips from his mug and considers. “Well, the good news is Zealot is in jail and Genosha is mostly pacified. The bad news is Magneto is pretty much in control. The UN has not lifted the embargo, but I guess they will do soon. And Lorna’s wedding is going to be a pretty big thing. Some kind of national party. And Scott is not invited… eh, hopefully we will fix the whole mess before the wedding. You better explain Jean that part, Lorna.”

Lorna huffed a breath over her tea, green eyes flickering to Jean, then Monet and Nate in turn. There was no small amount of stubborn refusal in her mind. It read loud and clear, and with her body language alone, seemed to being screaming it. Her shoulders hunched, her lips pursed and she glanced back at her tea cup. "Scott threw a mug at me, told me I betrayed everyone and I quit the X-men. Handed in my comm. I'm done." She said smoothly, or at least tried. It was all false bravado.

"And as much as Scott and everyone here is my family, Pietro and Wanda are invited to my wedding. To cap off Magneto being there, and the Acolytes, it sounds like a very bad idea to invite Scott. Considering how at odds the Brotherhood is and all. I'm not letting anyone get arrested at my wedding." A wince pulled at her expression as she said 'arrested'. Guilt slamming hard into her mind and she colored faintly.

"Listen, I don't have jack all to add. I need to head back."

Sitting down, Monet was indeed fully aware how much effect she had on people when she walked by, especially men like Nate. She settles quietly for the moment as people speak up and then she takes a sip of water before saying, "And you invited me?" She looks at Lorna, "I'm a fight getting ready to start wherever I go." She grins and nods her head before shrugging and turning her gaze over to Jean. She hmms at him before she shrugs and takes a sip of her water and looks to Lorna and says, "Don't worry though, I'll try to be on my best behavior." She nods her head, "Ya know, until I'm not." She shrugs again.

"That's.. a lot to take in." Jean replied before taking a nervous sip of her drink, considering just that single bomb that had been dropped, "I don't think I can go in good conscience either. I'll always cherish your friendship, but, that's too much. I can't knowingly sit in the same room as terrorists and do nothing." There was a noticeable lump in Jean's throat and turmoil in her mind, but she was doing her best to hold on to her composure. Scott may have been an ass at times, but she was going to stand with him in some way.

"It is complicated," offers Nate. Does Monet know? He glances at the dark-skinned girl and figures she does. "See, Genosha needed medicines. Darcy knew where SHIELD kept some in storage and told Lorna. Lorna told Pietro and Wanda, and they got the meds, lives were saved."

So far good, right. "Of course SHIELD sees this as 'terrorists stole from our warehouses’. Which is exactly what happened. Technically. Darcy is in jail and Scott was furious. We need to get Darcy out. Maybe compensate to SHIELD somehow."

Lorna had expected Jean to not come, she'd told Marcos as much. Though he had tried to soothe her ruffled, agitated state by saying that she might still come.. Somehow it still hurt. And that hurt was sharp and bitter in her mind's eye, even if outwardly all Lorna showed was a tightening of her jaw. She set the tea mug down, pushing away from the table as she made to rise.

"I figured as much." Her voice was strained, and there was the hint to her ache. Caught between two extremes, Lorna was having a hard time finding a balance.. and failing. Of course, then Nate went into full details about why Scott had reacted out of anger. Her cheeks heated again with a flush of red and Lorna swallowed hard.

She didn't wait to get yelled at again, nope, as soon as that settled, she was up and out of her seat. And heading to leave. Guilt, misery, self-loathing and anger the primary emotions flitting through her psyche. Along with hurt. A lot. And she was trying to cover it up.

A frown as she hears Jean and then she lets out a long breath through her nose. She looks to Lorna and to Nate before shrugging with a frown, "Diplomacy." She nods her head, "My whole life was diplomacy. Why I hate it." She looks to Jean, "Main reason I am going. I plan to make sure he knows I am there and make sure he is aware I'm not happy he is." She chuckles and shrugs, "My whole thing. I will be civil for Lorna but then I don't know that she even really wants this to happen." She shrugs and then stands up herself, "Well, good talk."

"I'm sorry. I'm not sure what else I can do in this situation, we're all making difficult choices. I can't tell you which family to choose Lorna, but the X-Men, all of us, we've always been there for you." Jean sighed, "The family you know, versus the family you always dreamed of. It's a difficult choice, and it's not one I envy you of having to make. Let's just hope this has a happier ending for the houses of Xavier and Magneto then Shakespeare wrote for the Capulets and Montagues."

Jean Grey pages: Nate can sense that Jean is pretty troubled by the things she has heard, but she has set her resolve firmly to support Scott in this; and not show any support for terrorists like the Pietro/Wanda and Magneto.

"You are an action girl, Monet," points out Nate with a lopsided grin.

He stands up, glancing back at Jean. "How about we don't make her pick one?" The young man hurries up, trying to grab Lorna's wrist before she leaves the kitchen. "Stop. You can escape from this, Lorna. We need to find solutions. I know… knew your siblings. I don't think they are unredeemable."

Not like, y'know, Magneto.

Lorna was set on leaving. Set on not waiting around to get yelled at again by Jean, because she was certain Jean would. That or have to face Jean's disapointment and that was a hundred times worse. (Woe be the one that got the 'I'm not mad, I'm just disapointed' lecture).

The green haired woman was so very set on fleeing, that Nate caught her entirely by surprise.

So much so that it worked and she stilled and slowly turned around. Green eyes settling back on Monet, then Jean, and then back to Nate. She grimaced.

"I was trying to keep them occupied. To keep them helping people rather than attacking Galas or protests. They didn't kill anyone. They promised and they kept their word. I thought, if I got them involved in Genosha, it would draw their attention away from events here. It worked with asking them to help Mutant Town through the Winter." Her brows furrowed. "And I swore that I would do whatever I could to keep them out of trouble.. Darcy.. Darcy loved Pietro before. She told me. And I just.. I didn't want her to see him how he is now." She exhaled a breath.

"I'm not going to yell at you." Jean reminded Lorna, catching the surface thoughts and fears, "I'm not even dissapointed. I just, have to stick to my beliefs. You're still my best friend, and I still want the best for you. I don't know what's best for you though, only you do."

She wished she had more to say, she looked to the departing Monet and then to Nate, "You're being unusually reasonable. I have to say I'm surprised." It was meant as a compliment, a faint smile tugging at the corner of her lips despite the situation.

Nate looks at Lorna. Those plans feel like one of his old (bad) plans. Then again Lorna is younger than him. "Yeah… they worked. Sorta. The problem is you two got caught and had no backup plan for that."

He turns to Jean and rolls his eyes. "I am not. You all are acting crazy and unreasonable. This would have been much simpler if we just had gone to kick Mags out of Genosha back in November."

Except nature abhors vacuum… and they would have Emperor Zealot ruling over Genosha by now. Bad plan. Again.

As Lorna returned with a slow pace, her gaze returned to Jean and she shook her head. "Well, I plan to stick to my beliefs too. And I still think I did the right thing to save those people. I don't have time for red tape when people are dying. And.. I'm only sorry that Darcy got caught and is suffering for it." She murmured softly.

Her arms crossed and she picked up her mug of tea to finish it off.

Nate's words had Lorna's lips twisting and there was a mental disagreement there. She knew Nate hated Magneto, but for all of his many faults.. Magneto was winning Lorna over through his careful hands off. That he was there, and yet didn't seem to actively be using her.. it made it hard for Lorna to keep up her distrust, her mental wall and distance between them.

It was dangerous and she knew it. And she hated it. That she was slipping. That with each day she spent in Genosha, she was beginning to see that, while maybe her father wasn't entirely right, he wasn't entirely wrong either. Much the same as how she saw Xavier's dream. Some of her thoughts, some of her beliefs.. were what Magneto held. And finding it within her to accept that was a challenge all on its own.

She sighed.

"Alright, well, thanks Jean for the cheering talk. Sorry it's all shit news." She had an extra bridesmaid dress now. Joy.

"But I really have to take a break. By the way, being pregnant sucks." She drawled, and made to leave in the opposite direction this time. Further into the mansion.

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