Have You Tried Shutting Down

March 25, 2018:

Dani is having problems with her SHIELD issued laptop and Rin helps.


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Danielle Moonstar has been busy. Busy in the sense of trying to do her best to follow Phil Coulson around as unobtrusively as she can.

After all, it's not every day that someone Dani is familiar with walks around with the shadow of death so near.

The extra guard duty, if you will, doesn't stop Dani from tackling her other responsibilities and duties however. It just means she has a backlog of them, which brings us today. A report, that she's been laboriously trying to work on, hangs once again during the saving cycle. "What is going on with you laptop." Growls the black-haired Cheyenne woman, "Save faster." And with that muttered curse at the laptop it suddenly blinks offline and goes to a familiar screen of blue death. "Oh no you *didn't*."

But it did and with that blue throwing shade upon her face, Dani angrily stabs at the power button. Even as she shuts down and restarts, her other hand goes for the phone - it's going to be a 9-1-1 to the IT department.

Clearly something is going on with the network and Dani is going to dutifully report it.

Rin's skills could have easily had her put into the IT department, however Coulson knew that someone like her would easily get into a lot of trouble if she was given free reign like that, and not given something else to forcus her energies on. So she became a Field Agent, however that doesn't mean she doesn't do computer support and she's been keeping an eye on the network slowness that SHIELD is experiencing lately.

Her phone dings at the same time Danielle's PC starts acting up, and she starts tracking the signals through her device. So Danielle is dialing IT, Rin is already at her office door and pushing her way through.

"What did you do before your computer started acting up." She skips the pleasantries and looks directly at her computer and not the person behind it. She's dressed in black pants, with a bland black blazer and a grey v-neck shirt underneath. There is a screen over her left eye that she's half paying attention to.

While Danielle isn't necessarily a jumpy sort she wasn't quite expecting someone to walk through her office door, especially asking about her computer. Not when Danielle just literally dialed the phone that's still held against her ear. As such, her head comes up sharply at the arrival of Rin.

It takes Moonstar a minute, but eventually she drops the phone back in its cradle before she says dryly, "Well, that was quick." And while some might take that brusque tone badly, Dani doesn't. Instead the woman eases her swivel chair back and stands up, allowing Rin to get at the computer if she wants to get a closer look.

"And I was saving a report, that's all." She adds, even as she gives the woman a quizzical look. "It seemed like it was about to save and then it gave me the blue screen of death." Her head tilts now as she considers her next words, "The system seems a little sluggish lately."

"What was fast?" Rin says with a touch of confusion, not realizing that Dani was calling the IT department. She slips into the room and gestures toward the computer, as if to non verbally say, let me look at your computer. "Someone has been trying to get into our systems, and I am trying to catch them red handed. Sadly I haven't been quick enough. Yet."

When she sees the BSOD she frowns. "What pile of shit do they have you working on? Honestly." She holds up her phone and taps on the screen several times as she runs a few diagnostics on her phone.

"I'm Agent Nakano by the way, not some weirdo off of the street." It's almost as if Rin had the visage of Coulson in her head, giving her the dad look for forgetting her manners. "It's likely that you've lost your document, so I hope you saved previously. What data were you saving? Did you have any other applications open?"

"Whatever they give the lower agents to use." Remarks the woman sardonically, before she steps away from behind her desk and now over to the other side. She'll sit in one of the guest seats that are there, and wait to see what Agent Nakano does.

"Agent Moonstar." She offers in return when the other woman introduces herself. "And I did save previously, so I'll just need to write that last paragraph again. Not a big deal." She says, "And I had e-mail open, the internet and a music player."

Of course the mention of someone trying to break into SHIELD systems causes a frown to flicker across Dani's visage, "Who's stupid enough to try and break into our systems? I'm not saying we're the end all or be all, but come on. We're not your average Jim-Joe-Bob leaving our computers on with only a first grade firewall protecting everything."

"Honestly, do they not realize that the lower level agents are the ones doing all the work anyway? No they only think about their bottom line. You should see the ancient relics they give the new recruits." Rin starts typing into the computer, staring with the easiest thing, which is rebooting the machine. She sits in the chair to keep herself from pacing, but it's easy to see that she is filled with impatient energy.

"Well it seems you at least have functioning brain cells. I hear most of the complains from the IT departments get is someone not saving their data and expecting them to magically summon it back up out of thin air. I feel bad for them sometimes." Again her focus is on the screen and not on the woman sitting on the otherside of the desk. She frowns as it finally comes back up, and she starts digging through the system logs.

"See that's the thing. You would have to be very stupid to be on the outside trying to get into our systems. Which has me thinking that it's someone who either knows someone with access to the system, or is someone who works here. Which I try not to mention outloud because you know how witch hunts go." Not well usually, but she continues. "The problem is what they might be after, and all my guesses are nothing but nightmare fuel for anyone of higher rank than us."

A faint snort of amusement might be heard from Dani at the mention of ancient relics and new recruits. "Pretty sure I still remember those." Murmurs the woman, though she isn't interjecting too hard, not when Rin starts to type away. Moonstar may not be so computer-tech-savvy as Rin, but she knows not to interrupt people when they're working.

The mention of having functioning brain cells earns another noise of amusement from Dani, as she says, "Thanks. And hearing that you should tell them to try actual magic, it might work better for them." And while that could be considered a joke, Dani is partially serious with what she says. Magic could possibly work better in recalling data lost to the ether. Magic, after all, isn't constrained by logic.

It's only as Rin reveals that she thinks it's possibly someone on the inside that Dani's attention sharpens. It causes her to straighten upward from that casual pose she had adopted, "I won't say anything -" The Cheyenne woman says immediately, "But how much of this is a real possibility? That someone from the inside is really trying to steal information. That seems awfully risky." Mutters the woman, a nod added for emphasis when Rin mentions nightmares for upper management. "Does Agent Coulson know what's going on?"

"My number pad was sticky, and I spent the first two days on the job prying off all of the keys and cleaning them by hand. I kept that bastard running as long as I could but I was very happy when I upgraded to something from this century." Rin says dryly as she continues her work. Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, she pops in a flash drive, encrypts it, and starts pulling data off of her computer. She's trying to see where the attacks are coming from, and every bit of data helps.

"The problem is, when you start using magic, and becoming a computer wizard? These people find ways of getting your personal phone number and bother you at all hours to fix their devices. I've heard IT does enough to stay useful, but not enough that they are prompted to do more than they need to." She's glad she doesn't have to do phone tech support.

When Dani gets all serious, Rin raises a brow and finally looks over the top of the laptop at her. "I hope you wouldn't say anything, that's usually what gets people fired around here." Her tone remains dry as she takes out the flash drive. "Of course he knows, who do you think has me on this damned goose chase? It is risky, but with what this guy is actually trying to pull off, hacking is just the least of our worries. With the information I've been gathering, I think they're trying to get into personel files, especially information about our covert operatives."

The mention of magic and computer wizardy brings a brief grin to Moonstar's face. "I've known a few people who intermingle tech and actual magic." States the woman in a wry tone of voice, before the conversation switches gears slightly.

Of course Coulson knows.

That brings a faint furrow between Moonstar's eyebrows. It's not surprise that causes that expression, but something else. Something she doesn't immediately touch upon, as the other woman's tone now turns dry and stays that way. "I assume they haven't been able to get into any files just yet?" She asks, her gaze focused upon Rin, "Or identities for that matter?"

"But they keep on trying. Which is dangerous if you think about it. Every breach leads us -" Well Rin, "- closer to potentially smoking them out. They must either not be worried about when they're caught, or just don't care."

"I do something simliar to that. I don't know if it's magic, but it's something." Though that's all Rin seems to want to say about it. Coulson might have approved her as someone she can share information with, but she doesn't feel like swapping origin stories just yet. When she asks about their success rate she nods her head. "As far as I know they've been unsuccessful. My thought is that they wouldn't keep attacking if they had want they want. Than again, they could have gotten some information, but not the information on a specific person so they're continuing the attacks?" It appears someone is over-thinking the whole problem a little too much.

"My hope is that their too arrogant to realize they can be caught. Inside person or not, like you said this isn't some level one fire wall we're working with here, and we employ people to keep our data safe so some of this has to be working right?" If not, someone will probably be fired.

"Well I got all I need from your computer. I'd say it isn't going to happen again, but that would be a lie. Just let me know if they start again." She quickly jots her number down on a sticky note, and leaves it on the desk.

Surprise briefly flashes over Dani's face at the mention of Rin doing something similar with tech and magic. It brings a thoughtful look to the Cheyenne's face, but then she snorts, "Seems like they're the arrogant type, yup. Like you said hopefully they make a mistake and when they do -"

Well, they'll find hell hath no fury like a properly scorned SHIELD agent.

When Rin finishes with her computer, Dani automatically rises to her feet. "Thanks for helping out. If it does happen again I'll definitely give you a call." States the black-haired woman, only adding after a thought, "And if you ever need any help with magic - or whatever - give me a ring. I can't say I can cast actual spells, but I've a dash of it in my blood too."

Rin looks awkward for a moment and even rubs the back of her neck. "Like I said, I'm not sure if it's actual magic or not, but if I ever find free time maybe I'll ask questions." It's not that she isn't curious about her own powers, there's just so little time she affords herself to persue them. "I'm going to set a trap or two, see if I can lure them in with some false information and get a better idea where they are. When they do, they're going to have a very angry Coulson to deal with. And other people I'm sure but he seemd grumpier than normal."

With that she gives a wave and gestures out of the room. "I'll be going now, I think I hear the sound of someone yelling at their computer."

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