Vivienne Joins JL

March 26, 2018:

Vivienne joins the Justice League

Hall of Justice


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The message would have been sent out that there is a woman who is here to see a member of the Justice League about potential help and work. Dr. Vivienne Tulloch. Anyone looking into it would know the woman is Irish who was working in Europe to help the heroes over there. She's apparently a bit of a metahuman or, perhaps Homo-Magi, who has a talent for healing but also has several PhDs that also make her quite the talent.

She has shown up here to speak to a member of the Justice League. She already spoke to someone at the front, and after showing her credentials made her way over to a waiting area. A tablet on her lap, she casually reads something on the page even as she casuallly flips through whatever article or program she is in. Someone would have been sent a message that she had arrived after they had realized she wasn't just some nut case.


Vivienne is the only individually currently waiting area. Nearby, the young male receptionist leans far back in his hair and snickers to himself as he taps out a message upon his phone.

“Afternoon, Gary,” a friendly voice speaks in a level baritone, “I thought you were going to Florida for Spring Break?”

The receptionist starts. Rocking forward he places his phone screen down upon the desk, “Leaving tomorrow,” he explains casually, “Was just telling Cindy what to pick-up from Lex-Mart.”

Superman smiles at that, “Well, have fun.” Finger tips rap the desk then and he turns his attention from the receptionist and to the waiting area.

Walking towards Vivienne Superman carries himself with a laid-back confidence that is betrayed by shoulders which seem naturally square, “Dr. Tulloch,” he says when he gets close, “Sorry to keep you waiting. Sunday in the middle of school breaks is a hectic time to staff,” he reaches outward then offering his hand when she stands, “Superman,” he says with introduction.

Following the introduction he nods to a nearby walled enclave, “Let’s slip in here so we can talk in private.” He moves to stand next to the open door and with a gentlemanly movement of his hand requests that she enter first before following and then closing the door, “If you’d be more comfortable, please have a seat.” He’ll mirror whatever she does – sitting or standing.

“Now, what’s on your mind?”


When he arrives, she seems to casually finish whatever was on her tablet and slide it into a satchel. Even as he speaks to the receptionist, she slowly stands up and then looks the man over. There's a lack of the often awe, surprise, or otherwise on her face. Instead, what Superman might see is the look of a grandmother looking over a grand child who has grown into a man. Her young face provides an odd contrast to the look she gives him as she smiles and then idly places her hand into his.

Instead of a firm handshake that is often marking most today, she instead places her hand in the classic fashion of a woman from centuries past allowing a man to grip her hand in greeting as a gentleman should. She then nods to him as he gestures to the private area, "You needn't worry, Superman. I do not mind a wait. Patience is, afterall, a virtue, as they say." She then follows him in. Her accent speaks to Ireland, classical in its lilt but filled with the country brogue that denotes the people.

Once inside, she settles into a seat and lets out a slow breath before saying, "Well, I believe the Earth calls upon me to cross the great channel that divides the old and new and here I am." She grins softly, "And I hardly can be here without offering to help where I can." She idly pulls a bottle of water out of her satchel and looks up at the man, "I'm here to offer my services to you and your hero types."


In truth, Superman has a difficult time determining whether someone’s handshake is firm. As Kent he purposefully relaxes the muscles and connective tissues in his hand in so that everyone’s hand seems dominant because of how malleable his hand seems but, as Superman, he cannot easily determine individual human strength without seeming less, well, Super.

What he can notice is the classic movement of her hand and so he adjusts with a warm hand that folds over her own.

Taking the chair opposite to hers his back is too the door as he lifts and then sits with a movement of his elbow that sweeps his cape somewhat to the side.

He listens with an attentive gaze leaning forward subtly in his chair and nodding encouragingly at the slow preparatory breath, “The Justice League is open to anyone who wants to assist mankind,” he informs her, “to that end they’re not my heroes; they’re everyone’s. We try to bridge the gap between traditional emergency services and relief efforts assisting where we can but understanding that it’s not our place to be where such help is unwanted.”

“We have an application that allows our members to see where help is needed based upon requests that come into the Hall of Justice. Also, online if that’s your preference.”

“So you can find volunteer opportunities that you find personally rewarding and as best first your schedule.”

A pause, “Now,” his tone shifts slightly, “I do understand that you have some metahuman abilities. From time to time there are needs that are better suited for people of exceptional talent. If you’d like we can register your power set and you can opt in to send notices that we feel may align with your capabilities.”


A chuckle and she looks almost, amused, as she looks to the side at the bottle of water, "Ah, ya misunderstand." She looks up at Superman with a smile, "I'm not here to simply help people on the streets." She nods her head, "There's plenty of folk out there helpin' them." She looks at the water and idly opens it up again and with a small flick of her wrist the water raises out and idly flows into her hand, "I'm here to help you." She nods her head and looks up at Superman, "I'm here to help the heroes."

She looks at the water in her hand idly and then looks to Superman, "I've made a career of workin' with heroes." She nods her head, "It's often that they have particularly special physiologies and needs." SHe looks to him, "I'm a talented doctor and a talented druid." She looks up at him, "Not to mention a bit of a counselor." She chuckles, "I'm here to offer you and yours my services. There will always be a time when a hero is harmed or hurt. Imagine if someone like you were severely damaged. Normal doctors could not get past your invulnerable skin." She smiles softly, "I don't have to in order to heal."


The Man of Steel’s head tilts about two degrees to the left when she signals his mis-understanding and he listens intently as she re-states her objective, “I disagree.” Superman replies his casual demeanor withdrawing without becoming altogether unfriendly, “There’s never enough help for those who really need it. I believe that true heroism is giving all that you have to ensure the needs of others are met.”

“To be perfectly honest, I’ve always felt that my calling is to make sure that anyone who needs a helping hand has a hand. The rest of it, terrorists and alien invaders – that’s because I possess the special qualities I was discussing a moment ago. There are jobs that I can do no one else can but that doesn’t mean I neglect what really matters; assuring that all people can live comfortable meaningful lives.”

He knits his hands together then and places his forearms upon the table, “Mankind needs your help for exactly the reason you stated,” the Man of Steel says, “There are times when your skills will provide succor to a member who would otherwise be untreatable by the best technologies of man but until then there are thousands of people suffering from disease and infirmity who cannot afford medical care.”

“Volunteering, even a few hours a week, in one of the clinics we support will positively impact so many lives.”

Superman nods there, “I think that’s what I’d like to see from someone of your talents. When there’s not exigent world ending circumstances afoot.”


A chuckle and she nods her head as she looks up at him, "Well, I'd be glad to help in that way, too, but I'm just sayin', you lot put yourselves through so much." She nods her head, "Don't be afraid to ask for help." Vivienne smiles at him, "I will be glad to help whenever possible." She then looks at him, "Of course, ya barely know what I do and you already seem eager for me to help. What an interestin' man ya are." She nods her head, "Either way, I just don't want you and yours to be forgotten when in your pain. Both physically and otherwise."


Superman gives her a warm smile, “And we’d be happy to have that help,” he says to her, “I’m eager,” he admits, “because I think that we all have something unique to us and a willingness to share that with others is the mark of a great person.”

He sits up straight then and begins to stand, “It was really good to meet you today, Doctor Tulloch. I believe you’ve filled out the requisite paperwork?” For a one-on-one with Superman there had to be some vetting, “Let’s go talk with Gary he can provide you with a welcome packet and get your identification.”

He offers her hand then, palm up, “It’s good to have you on the team.”

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