Danger Roomba

March 25, 2018:

Remy sneaks into the control room of the Danger Room and turns up the difficulty on an unsuspecting Rogue! Scott saunters in to stab at his arm cast with a pen, cause he's diseased!


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Rogue is in the Danger Room with her X-Men gear on, a black and green bodysuit with a hooded cape and metal boots. She's walking through a line of inactive 'simulated' robots of all kinds of shapes and sizes. She's running a gloved hand over the robots as she just casually inspects them one by one…

After she gets to the end of the line, she turns around and looks down at them all before suddenly they activate! Within a moment later they're all turning toward her and advancing on the mutant woman, with their weapons and metallic-hydraulic punching arms coming up to bear!

Rogue hovers up into the air about a foot, then DODGES a blaster shot from one of the robots before she flies off over head while two of the machines jump up to chase after her!


Remy wasn't invited, hell, the cajun wasn't even informed about Rogue's personal Matrix shindig in the Danger Room. Yeah, so he's stuck his way into the control room. And by sneaking, he walked into it with his access card and walked over to the control panel and started to twist a few dials and move up a few sliders like that on a professional mixing board.

Unaware that someone left the PA microphone on, Remy starts giggling to himself as he keeps it non-lethal, but cranks up the difficulty and the aggressiveness on the program she's running. "Girl wants'a workout, she gets'a workout."


Robot parts flying all over the place, a Southern Girl's voice spouting off quips about how crappy the robots are at their job and a big smile on her face as she hovers a few feet up in the air over all the busted up metal bits on the Danger Room floor.

"Buncha damn pushovers… I swear… This is the 'hard' level too. I ain't never even broke a swea—" She's suddenly cut off as a giant metal fist slams into her from behind and sends her soaring across the metal room and right into the wall where her invunlerable body just slaps against the hard metal and then rolls down the sloping metal wall until she's a heap of black cap and limbs sticking out.

"Ouch." Rogue says, while the 50 ft tall Sentinel starts pounding its feet toward her!


"Did she say ouch?" The cajun says to himself, still completely unaware that his voice is being projected into the danger room proper. "I thought she didn' feel pain based on dat Carol powah." Remy says outloud, thinking to himself and he crosses his arms and leans back in the chair for a brief moment where he sits back and watches the fight occur on the monitors.

This could be good. Curious to see her vent her anger at all this Genosha stuff that's been weighing heavy on the woman's mind. He's going to help her try and clear her head, even if it's just a little bit.


Rogue is pushing herself up off of the ground to her knees when she's suddenly grabbed by the metal monster and lifted up into the air! "I can hear you, ya Cajun nutter!" Rogue shouts while being lifted up in the metal fist thats now squeezing around her lower half. She looks at the eyes of the Sentinel and stares right back at them. "What are you lookin' at?!" Rogue shouts at him before she smashes her fist right through the armor on his wrist and then starts tearing at the wires and skeletal structure inside of it!

The Sentinel's other hand sweps over to slap against the side of the feisty Southern Belle but she just punches it away and then flies up into the air when she frees herself!

The Sentinel's hands reach up for her to try to catch her like she's a common house-fly!


The hand that held her is sparking, the machine's wrist isn't quite limp yet, but it's badly damaged from the blow. The sentinel's other shoulder is also malfunctioning from the mighty counter punch delivered by the skunk haired x-man.

"Ya can? Den Ah guess dat makes me a grade A asshole." The cajun reports with that slick slur of his coming through the PA system. "See how ya like it when Ah'm in control o'dhe Robots."


Rogue is flying around behind the Sentinel's big dumb head while he's turning around to intercept her with its damaged arm. "Wait till I get aholda you, messin' with my routine I setup!" Rogue shouts back at Remy who's hiding in the control booth messing with the difficulty levels.

The flying girl grabs hold of the Sentinel's head and starts to rip at it until the big metal thing thats as tall as she is suddenly pops off and the robot's body goes falling down to the ground.

She TOSSES the head across the room and then turns around to fly toward the Control Room! UH OH here she comes!

Behind her though, two more Sentinel's suddenly appear and start firing blaster lasers at the fleeing Belle! "Surrender, Mutant!" One of them shouts at her in his metalic voice.


"Surrender or die!" The machines bark in their horrifically non human tone, both lifting both of their arms to lower their fists and then a pair of laser turrets fold out of the back of their wrist/hands.

"Whoa, look out sugah." Remy says, obviously teasing the girl using her own 'word'. The cajun chuckles but he reaches out and flicks a switch on the control board, summoning forth a throttle bar and a joystick in the center. The theif cracks his knuckles before he grabs onto the controls and takes over one of the bots. "Good luck wit' t'is'n mon ami!"


Rogue's 'seventh sense' is often her own personal savior… sure its not as strong as that Spidey version, but its enough to help HER stay alive and thats enough for her to be happy to have it. So the incoming laser turret fire is swiftly dodged while she throws out her black cape and uses it sort've like Batman does to catch the wind and help her suddenly adjust course in a dramatic turn that has her coming around in a long sweep around the Danger Room's perimeter!

She has no idea that Remy is controlling one of the robots like he's playing his damn X-Box. "I'm gonna make you pay for this, ya damn jerk!" Rogue shouts while soaring around behind the Sentinels.

With a downward swoop she flies at their feet! One of them lifts up a foot to try to stomp on her but she's got her gloved hands up holding the foot high in the air now!


Scott's presence is not in the Danger Room itself, no he is in that control console outside. Having just under a minute ago decided to see who was running it right now. Not in the least surprised to find Rogue at the helm.

Lowering in to a chair he props one heel upon the opposing knee, his water bottle in hand being uncorked and emptied in to his mouth, watching the two engage Sentinels. Good prep considering Trask Industries recent update, an update that said the giant sythentic humanoids are a likely future scenario.


Remy's grunting and groaning against the controls, thankful Hank or someone decided to put force feedback in the joy stick, letting him know he's trying to crush the girl beneath his evil purple boot. "Ah plan on it." The cajun reports, the wink obvious in his voice over the PA.

"Now die li'l girl!" The man says, trying to sound like a villain as the robot starts to boosts, the bottom of the boot starts to heat up as he sends the foot into the afterburner mode.


Rogue hadn't even chosen to fight these things. She'd been fighting the spider robots and the flying robots that had been designed to keep up with the Flyers on the team… Remy had snuck into the control room and gone for these huge monstrocities instead. Hoping to help her get her tension out thorugh smashing huge things! The nerve!

Beneath the robot foot, it shoves her down to the floor of the Danger Room and makes her bend at the knees before she's suddenly shoving back upward with a furious growl, tossing the foot up into the air before SHOOTING FORWARD to slam into the Sentinel's other foot and smash right into it. With her arms burried into the thing, the girl starts tearing at its foot's insides! Ripping bits and pieces out before she's suddenly blasted by the lasers from the SECOND Sentinel!

With a grunt and a squeal, Rogue is shot across the Danger Room floor, her metal boots clanging on the ground as she rolls. She seems a bit out numbered, or off of her game.


Scott's wrapped up limb makes the left handed drinking an annoyance, with Remy's joystick jockeying of the projected session thats being waged against Rogue the senior X-Men has the privacy to set his water bottle down, find a pen and jam it in to the sling, scraping it over still sore arm, where the gauze still is and itches like hell.

"What level you set this to? Not used to seeing her get pounded quite like that. Not by Mark 3s or less."


"Ah put it on custom." Remy reports over his shoulder but with his attention still on the screens before him as Rogue dismantles the bot he was controlling up until that point.

That's when he's changed the system over to the free sentinel and is blasting at the woman with a barrage of laser blasts from the wrist mounted turrets. "Gruntin' won' get ya very far wit' dese bots mon ami!" Remy teases, his voice coming from the robot as he flicked a switch on accident when he turns to face Scott. "Ah hope ya t'row dat pen away."


The cannon blasts trace across the Danger Room floor toward where she's lying and moving up to her side. She sees them coming and quickly reaches out to grab two of the metal sharp-pointed spider-bot legs that were laying on the ground beside her. She's off into the air narrowly avoiding the laser blasts and flying at the Sentinel that Remy is speaking through!

She's flying like a spiral, quick looping turns to make it harder to get shot, she zips past the firing hand and goes beneath its arm pit!

As the big Sentinel is turning around to find her behind him, she suddenly appears straddling its its head and jamming the two metal spider-legs into either of the Sentinel's eyes! With a loud, triumphant shout, as she stuffs those spider-leg spears into the metal man's face and wiggles them around with livid arm motions!

"I'm not diseased. Just a feeb right now." Scott says quietly with some annoyance at himself, the pen though will find the garbage. Scott is a hygiene freak after all, its part of his particular OCD list.

"Random, that makes it harder, usual weak points Rogue, that one looks a lot like the model 2s, go for the hip joints and underneath the central chest plating." Though while saying this shes already skewering the two-legged one with the spider legs.

"Or that. Always that." A half-grin appears.


"Ah wouldn't tell her how t'do her job. Not t'day bossman." The cajun smirks as he leans back in his office chair, relenquishing control of the bots as she finishes off the final behemoth. "Dat's some good work d'ere sugah." Remy reports before he looks back to Scott and tsks slighty before he stands up. "Fightin' d'e Hulk… gotta be diseased some how t't'ink dat's a good ahdea."

The cajun stands up and walks over to Scott with a pat on his shoulder. "She all yo'rs… For now. Ah'll be back." The thief reports before walking towards the doors.


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