Spider Webs

April 20, 2015:

Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen run into each other not long after Peter and Gwen had coffee.

New York

An Alley!


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Fade In…

High over New York, darting here and there among the tops of the skyscrapers, the rare red-and-blue clad Spider-Man can be found. The afternoon is cool and cloudy, threatening to turn to light rain — but the weather hasn't gotten that bad just yet. Spidey rather wishes it would improve, though. He is swinging away from NYU, but travelling without any particular goal in mind. It's just a regular late afternoon patrol for the wall-crawler.

Gwen Stacy had been in the mood for spring cleaning, unfortunately her mom kept the house fairly clean which left her little to do. Even her room was OCD like neat and for once, she was caught up on all of her school studies.

Heading to Campus she found little to do, everyone else was busy or non-existent. Slipping into a bathroom an hour ago, she had changed into her costume which she hadn't used in in what seemed like forever and took her cleaning urge to the streets.

As Spidey is heading away from campus on his patrol, he's finding the usual assortment of muggers, thieves and purse-snatchers already gift-wrapped for the police with webbing. A few of them even have bow-ties made of webbing on their heads, someone was already patrolling ahead of him.

A few blocks away he hears a male scream, "Ah get away from me you costumed freak!"

The bow-ties of webbing are only making Spidey, whose mood wasn't the greatest in the first place, sink into a deeper level of frustration. Nonetheless, he follows the trail of losers toward the scream, already knowing what he's going to find when he arrives. And if Spider-Woman (god, if she starts calling herself 'Amazing' or 'Friendly Neighborhood', he tells himself internally, I am just going to hang up the costume and let her do all the things) should need help, well, a little extra webbing never failed to shut up a thug in need of shutting-up.

When Spidey arrives there are already two thugs that look like typical drug dealers hanging from the side of a building while another one has a trash can in his hand that he's using defensive as he's pointing at Spider-Gwen with his other hand, shouting, "Don't test me! Don't test me yo! We were just selling some Mary Jane! Shouldn't you be bustin' up some heroine dealers? Ahh man come on this shit's legal in like 4 states!"

Spider-Gwen was rolling her eyes beneath her costume, her dad was a cop and she couldn't care less, drugs were drugs, "Are you done crying? You're not the only scumbag that needs to be taken care of today.."

Trash can lid*

Nope. No help needed here, Spidey thinks. But he descends into the alley on a strand of web all the same. Mostly because he's curious. "Sorry to interrupt," he says. "But what exactly were you planning to do with the trash can lid? 'Cause, I mean…" He waves at Gwen. "Spider powers." Waves at dealer. "Trash can lid. The level of power disparity here is just ridiculous."

"Thank god, just protectin' myself dawg like Captain America would! Spider-man, seriously this girl is crazy yo! She followed us off campus and starts beating the crap out of us, get your homegirl under control bro, can we just go or something? It's /just/ weed!" Spidey might even recognize the guy now as Jerome Peters, a student in one of his classes; straight As and very friendly usually and much better spoken when he was in school.

Spider-Gwen shot a bit of webbing towards the trash can and yanked it away. It was obvious she had been toying with these guys for a bit, "Hey Spider-Man, care to do the honors with this one? He just will not shutup, he keeps going on how he loves the avengers and blah blah blah."

"I dunno about you, but I don't play with my food," says Spidey disapprovingly. "Come on, Spider-Woman. Yeah, what they're doing is illegal… but no reason to screw with them that much." And that voice… oh hell. "Just get the job done and get the cops over here." Jerome and his friends will be out of prison in a couple of hours. This is probably no more than a slap on the hand, all things considered.

A loud audible sigh escaped Spider-Gwen's lips and she fired a shot of webbing to stick Jerome to the building wall and stared at Spider-Man, "Are you /happy/ now Spider-Man?" She taps her ear and she was listening in on the police scanners, wasn't hard to steal stuff like that when Daddy was a cop, "Police are on their way and it's not like they don't deserve to be screwed with. Weed is illegal. It's a drug. I've got some good friends who may have been messed up by it, so excuse me if it's a bit personal."

"I think you and I need to talk, Spider-Woman," replies Spider-Man, frowning beneath his mask. And he shakes his head as he says this. Because it feels like he's always saying something along these lines. When did he turn into Batman? He whips another strand of web skywards and hauls himself up toward the top of the building. Always best policy not to get caught by the cops.

Spider-Gwen follows Spider-Man up to the top of the building leaping between both sides of the alley back and forth instead of using her webbing, maybe just to distinguish herself from the other wall-crawler, "This isn't going to turn into one of those cheesy movies where we lift up our masks and kiss is it? Those always seem so fake, unless you're into that sort of thing…"

"For god's sake, Gwen. That kid is an A student and I am NOT on weed!" exclaims Spider-Man. "You don't play with the criminals — even if you're on some personal vendetta against a drug that's less dangerous than Red Bull!" There. There's that honesty Gwen was seeking. Even if it's a day late and a dollar short.

Gwen was not sure how to react at first, her brain processed the information but her tongue was twisted because the pieces all fell into place. The lateness, the taking pictures of Spider-Man, the lying, "I feel really stupid now. Thank god I'm wearing a mask. I'm so so so sorry." She pauses, shoulders lumping a little, "How did you figure out who I was? Bobby Drake did to.."

"You don't exactly disguise your voice," Spidey points out, glancing around briefly and then drawing up his mask so she can see his face. "I still don't know why your dad didn't want you dating me, for the record. But I couldn't tell you about this. I don't tell anybody about this if I can help it. Even Aunt May doesn't know."

Gwen began to hug her chest, feeling extremely sick to her stomach before she sits down on the edge of the building still looking at Spider-Man, "I don't tell people either but people keep figuring out who I am, so I apparently suck at this and you're so amazing at it I thought you were on drugs. That's why you're the Amazing Spider-Man.." She laughed a little and not knowing what to say so she tries to break up her own tension with very lame humor, "In case you're wondering.. I didn't like catch this from you or anything. It only happened a little while ago."

"You told me you got bitten by a spider, too. We decided it had to be a different spider," Peter replies, moving to sit on the edge as well, his mask in his hands. He's careful to make sure nobody's going to see his face, but otherwise it seems fine to stay here with Gwen. "Anyway, I'm not exactly all that and a bag of chips, you know? This gig drives me nuts half the time. I don't have time to focus on my research. I keep missing work when I try to hold down a real job, so all I can do is sell pictures of myself to Jonah Jameson. Who, I might point out, hates me. I do what I have to do, 'cause otherwise I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

Gwen slowly removes her mask as well, since it didn't seem like anyone would see her up here and she smiles at Peter, "Right, I was just making a stupid joke." Looking into his eyes, she shakes her head, "Don't put yourself down. You inspire people and do good on a daily basis, even if it might cost you the odd girlfriend. I'm a really crappy parody of you in every single way Peter because I don't care about being a hero the way you obviously do. You put it first, before everything else." She looks away, "I put my life first, I'm selfish, you're selfless."

Peter grimaces. He doesn't want to give his actual response to that: when he tried being selfish, his uncle died. And Gwen knows how deeply that hurt him. "That you put on your costume at all is enough to say you're not really selfish. I've had it drummed into my head that great power implies great responsibility, but there are plenty of people who don't feel the same. You aren't under an obligation to be a hero. It's just nice that you are."

"With great power, comes great responsibility." Gwen mouthed the lines aloud, "That's a really wise saying Peter. You're not that philosophical, who told you that?" She peered, having no way of knowing those were the infamous words of Uncle Ben.

"Uncle Ben," replies Peter, looking away. "Before he died. Not long before he died." Sometimes he wishes he'd never been bitten by the spider, though. Things would be so much better for him and for Aunt May.

Kara looked towards Clark sadly and nodded her head, "I do" She hugged her chest tightly and frowned, "I feel like, I thought I was doing the right thing but then I didn't feel like I did the right thing after? I'm not sure how to explain it Kal, it makes me sick to my stomach. I hate Hydra but, I don't even think, they deserved that.."

Gwen reaches over to put an arm around Peter's shoulder and draw him close, "I'm so sorry Peter, I know how hard it was for you when he passed. He would be proud though of the man you became. I'm proud, even if I thought you were on weed.." Or possibly cheating on her with Mary Jane before.

Peter is many things, but never a cheat. Though he may have avoided mentioning the occasional sneaky kiss from Black Cat - TOTALLY UNINVITED and always accompanied by the statement 'Hey, I have a girlfriend!' Even if she never listened. He flashes Gwen a brief smile, even as he moves to put his mask back on. "I should get back out on patrol," he says apologetically. "And then I have a ton of work to do. Graduating in a few weeks, you know?"

Gwen slipped her mask back on as well, "I could handle the patrol for you if you want, give you a chance to get back to your schoolwork." Her chest still hurt from all of this, "I'm really sorry again, I wish I had known, maybe things would have worked out better for the both of us." A chill went down her spine though, like someone just walked over her grave in an alternate reality, "Then again, you never know… Talk to you soon..P—-Spidey."

"Talk to you soon, Spider-Woman," says Spidey, his voice back to the jovial baritone he puts on for the masses. And with a *thwip* he's off, swinging away into the darkening evening sky. But not toward campus or home. He'll make his rounds quickly, but yeah, Gwen can do the bulk of it tonight.

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