Thormysciran Embassy

March 25, 2018:

Thor stops by the Amazon embassy in Manhattan to speak with Diana.


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Its mid afternoon in New York and Diana Prince is at her Embassy on this Sunday afternoon. She'd had a large gathering of visitors this morning who stayed for lunch served by the Embassy's world class Chef (a very eccentric man who's become a staple of the Staff here). But now the groups had filtered out and Diana was in the central courtyard of the Embassy. A grassy space with benches and a fountain in its middle. She's seated on one of the benches wearing a white slim-fit sweater with a black vest overtop of it, some black slacks and black heeled shoes. She's looking down at her phone and responding to texts.

When Thor arrives, in all of his glory, he's met at the front lobby by two other Amazonian women who're also wearing Amazonian regalia… they'd been all dressed up for the Lunch-in today and were quite popular as they always are for those public meetings like that.

These two women escort Thor to where Diana is now, with the natural sunlight shining down into the courtyard of the rather large embassy on New York's upper east side… quite close to the Avengers Mansion in fact.

There was no doubt a photo-op with the armored Thor at the front with the amazons, due to all of the regalia between them, which Thor was relatively good natured about, but not really interested in. And has never really understood. Thor pulls his helmet off upon entering, raking a hand loosely back through his hair. Of what he's wearing his smile is the brightest, though: warm and pleasant, as he's brought before Diana.

"Princess Diana Hippoly'dottir!" Thor says in his loud way, approaching, covering ground quickly with his long and efficient stride. "I seem to have interrupted a gathering: if so, I apologize!"

Diana is sending a text off when she hears the familiar voice which instantly draws a smile to her red painted lips. She lowers the device to her lap and then rises up to her full height of just over 6 feet. She turns to look at him, pleased look on her sculpted face. "You interrupted nothing, Thor." She says as she starts to walk toward him and offers her right hand out toward him. "And please, 'Diana' is enough of a name for me. You needn't have to throw in all those syllables upon it." A grin is clearly shown then.

"How are you?" Diana asks of him then. "Would you like to sit?" She motions to one of the benches here in the Embassy courtyard.

"As you like," Thor agrees. He might remember to shorten the titles. But she'll probably hear them again next time. It isn't an intentional thing, though, really. Just a very very long-time habit. He accepts her hand and arm with a relaxed warrior's clasp.

"I am quite well, thank you for asking!" Thor says, upbeat. "I trust you are also well?" He asks, hopefully, and moves easily to seat himself as she suggests it, with an automatic sweep backwards of arm to angle cloak off the back of the bench instead of sitting on it directly. He settles the helmet against his left knee, broad hand cupping it absently.

Diana walks over to seat herself beside on his right side, the bench has a metal framing on the back so its one that you can lean back against and she does so that she can turn herself to face him better. "To what do I owe the pleasantries of a visit from the mighty Thor?" She asks him then still smiling happily.

The two Amazonian women who escorted him to the courtyard are now walking side by side around its perimeter with their clothing and armor making gentle soft noises as they move.

"A casual visit or one of dire business?" Diana asks further of him then.

Thor takes in Diana, as well as the amazonians on what he takes to be a guard patrol. "I had not yet visited your embassy. I should do so more often, there is a light taste of Asgard in it," Thor grants, in a way that entirely is a compliment from his perspective.

Thor angles on the bench as well, though more to put one of his elbows and thick forearms on the back of the metal framing. "I do not think this fits into either category," Thor concludes. "I thought to follow up on potential training between the martial members of the League. While I see many members are more of a magical bend, those of us who are fighters should have improved rapport and response together as a team," Thor clarifies.

Diana's hands fold ontop of one another on her upper knee after her legs cross at the knee. She stares at Thor while he speaks, her black hair is tied back into a ponytail off the crown of her head and its gently swaying in the rather nice temperature breezes that make their way in from above. She smiles again at him. "I would very much enjoy seeing your home someday. I imagine that I would find a lot of enjoyment out of it, and yes…" She glances around again. "This Embassy is built to resemble our island and its… stylings." Her blue eyes go back to Thor then. "You are welcome here any time, if it helps you feel at-ease."

Diana would then nod her head one time toward him. "Many in the League use powers beyond that of our training, but not everyone does… This is one of the primary reasons that other members of my people are a constant presence at the combat training sessions. Even if you do 'wield magics' you need to know the basics of close quarters combat so that when it does inevitably come your way you can have a better chance to survive it."

Thor considers the visit question. "Hm. I should say that your visit would be far more probable than others. Asgard is not a tourist destination," Thor asserts with an amused pride. Perhaps much the way she would say about her island: there's a regal way he speaks of it. No casual visits. "As diplomatic reasons oft cause visits." Thor finishes being serious about it, he flashes a quick smile, readily.

"I would say I feel more at-ease, as you say, here than the odd space technical stations. Or at a STARK base. So many little beeping things." A squint, but Thor continues onward.

"I always seek to broaden my fighting skill styles!" Thor agrees, with a sudden energy and passion. The man loves to fight. "Other skills can augment training for anyone!" Thor declares.

"Yes, I would believe so." Diana responds of Asgard. "There is a kinship that our people have without ever having met, or so I should at least hope." A tiny grin is shown before she continues. "Perhaps I will offer your name up to my mother for consideration to visit our Island. She is… hesitant of men, but I am rather certain your name is much more appealing than most others." Which should be some serious ego stroking for the God of Thunder!

"If you are up for it though, I would love to be able to have every member of the League know that your role with us includes combat training. Some will rush to you for sessions, others… may not be quite so eager." Batman comes to mind, oh… Batman.

Diana shakes those thoughts away with a side to side motion of her chin and then smiles faintly again to the man before her. "Nevertheless, getting to see you fight in-person was an experience I won't forget. Even if you nearly took my head off with that hammer of yours." And then she's grinning at him again.

Thor looks indignant. "Well, I would not consider myself a 'man' of Midgard by any definition," Thor agrees. He is a god, of course. It isn't offended, just that he likes to correct about that point, and beams agreeably into her ego stroking. Compliments work when they are aimed well, obviously, into things he is proud of. Like his hair. Which he did briefly push backwards while mentioning he's not one of the 'men' of this world.

"I am pleased to hear the name of Odin and Odinson maintain high standing in those that know history," Thor says. "Indeed, I would be willing to grant combat training, though I do not /prefer/ to do beginner sessions." Bleh. "Your head did indeed nearly leave your body, and that would have been quite terrible," Thor sighs. "But with working together, we may learn how to instead remove many enemy heads in a faster time!"

"That is a very good argument to get around my mother's slant toward the men of Earth." Diana says back at him with a continued grin showing. "I shall have to use it when I speak to her about it sometime soon. I was back on the island during this past Christmas and New Years Eve, I had decided to take a woman there who was in dire need of some time away from the city and all the stresses that come down onto her for that. She is a… interesting person, that one. Loves nature more than anything else." There was a lot to be said about Poison Ivy, but one thing had been clear with her at Themysicra… she'd certainly seemed to not be hell bent on death and the destruction of mankind amongst the Amazons.

"And yes, I prefer my head to stay precisely where it is." Her smile was warm and soft then, she dips her chin in a nod at him. "And I have no doubt that more enemies will indeed rise and we will yet again be called to action." A light exhale, Diana's right hand comes up to stroke a stray strand of black hair away from her face that was tickling her skin there.

"Indeed? The truth is always the best argument!" Thor declares. "Should your people be uncertain about a god of thunder, that would sadden me, but it is best to be up front," Thor says, his earnest and direct opinion. No diplomat, but certainly straightforward! He doesn't show much interest in the Poison Ivy description, but smiles in a friendly manner anyway.

"Indeed! And I am ready for that action, when it does show its face," Thor assures, clasping both hands against his armored knees, and shaking one fist in a manner usually reserved for professional wrestlers.

Diana shows a light grin to the man as she moves to rise up from the bench and the motion with a hand out toward the courtyard. "I have every bit of faith in your ability to send evil back into the shadows where it belongs, Thor." She says to him then. "Would you like a tour of the Embassy? I suppose it is not the most interesting of tours that exist in Manhattan… but… we have an invisible jet parked on the roof." She grins at him then. "You have to trust me that its there though." And that last part is said at nearly whisper-level in tone.


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