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March 23, 2018:

(CUTSCENE-NEWS) Trask Industries reveals it's next weapon against the mutant threat.


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Trask Industries teases a revolutionary new method of mutant "threat" deterrence in the form of the X-Gene Inhibitor Collar early this morning in a televised press conference.
The geniuses behind the improved MDD (Mutant Detection Device) have applied their collective expertise yet again in the face of incoming racial tensions by improving drastically upon the DEO Trask/Wayne collaborated 'neuro-electrical containment collar'.

Rumor claims the ground breaking advancements have been introduced by Genoshan defectors and refugees. A people whose understanding of the X-genome is years to possibly decades beyond what is available to the world outside of the isolated African nation, a nation recently thrown in to civil war after it's inhumane treatments against mutant-humans were exposed.

Trask Industries X-Gene Inhibitor Collar uses the same cellular and cerebral output scanning technology as their years ago designed MDDs to determine presence of mutation, it then isolates it by tagging it to genetically common associated frequencies and cross-references with the rather extensve 'Mutant Database' once collected by the now defunct Project Stormwatch.

Supposedly once identification of 'power-type' is established an admixture of prohibitive enzymes, electromagnetic and energy transmissions are then projected in to the criminal mutant. This will then harmlessly suppress a mutant's ability to manifest, activate or entertain abnormal powers, unlike previous prototypes the new X-Gene Inhibitor Collar also works on passive mutant abilities.

Trask Industries has become a household name in the "war against mutant terrorism and protection of humanity."
T.I. first made it's presence known when the US Government funded the Sentinel Mark I's in the 1990s during the mutant riots, since then they have continued to be a stalwart defender of the average 'flatscan' citizen and their families. They are considered #1 in anti-mutant technologies and safety procedures. Trask Industries also claims in partnership to have established one of the fastest growing private security firms 'Sentinel Services', a pro-human, pro-registration counter mutant specialized task force that came in to existence shortly after November of 2017.

There are further talks in the works with LexCorp to expanding this technology to other documented extranormals and a massive government funding proposal. The unfortunate drawbacks to the X-Gene Inhibitor Collar are prices of each individual device, legalities of their usage currently and the one shot 'imprint to gene-code' that has yet to be corrected. One very expensive collar per mutant is the current expected standard.

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