Phoenix Five: Mysterious Nightmares

March 23, 2018:

Logan, Nate, Lorna, Marcos and the Stepford Cuckoos gather to discuss the repeating nightmares of the psychics.

Xavier Institute.


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Mentions: Jean Grey, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Hope Summers


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Log Commenced: 23-Mar-18 06:03PM EST


Many of psychics, and those attuned to the psionic energies of the world, had been collectively experiencing nightmares. Or rather the same nightmare, repeatedly. The more powerful of these experienced vivid images, others only mental impressions. Some even awoke of a headache.

The only part of the night that would vary was the depiction of a planet. The planet would only be briefly seen, before being consumed a fiery inferno. Then when the inferno ended all that was left a burned heap of rock. Nothing could survive such an all-consuming inferno. Afterwards, an image of Earth was seen in the great distance. A speck amongst the many stars of it's galaxy. Then image would get bigger, as the Earth drew nearer. Slowly at first but gaining speed. Eventually, the Earth was large in front of the viewer. Then it too would begin to burn.

After that the nightmare ends.

Around Xavier's Institute rumour of the nightmares had taken fruition. After all it is hard to keep something quiet, when crying, screaming, and shouting was heard during the middle of the night. Whispers would follow those who had the nightmares, along with awkward glances. Eventually enough was enough, and a meeting was decided upon by the X-Men in order to bring these nightmares out into the open. Though they wanted to keep the exact details of these terrifying nightmares are secret to themselves.

So, Logan found himself sitting in the War Room deep beneath the institute waiting impatiently for others show.


The door slides open and three young blonde women, each five foot six, step inside. The Cuckoo sisters are each wearing a smart blue jacket over a white blue with a matching pleated skirt and designer shoes with two inch heels. They've carefully teased their hair into perfect ringlets, letting it for once be long enough to hang past the shoulder. Co balt blue eyes exchange brief looks and then the girls nod. There is, however, a difference.

The usual confidence displayed by the Cuckoos is replaced by tension, perhaps a hint of anxiety. A lack of sleep is evident in the girls' features. They each give Logan a nod before stepping into place. It seems the other two sisters have yet to arrive.

"Mr. Logan, have you experienced these nightmares…?"

"I wouldn't expect it, but…"

Now three sets of vividly blue eyes are on Logan.


Lorna has sworn she was done with the X-men. The last time she'd been in Westchester.. had not gone well. So she had said she was done and gone and that was that.. Or at least as much as she had believed it at the time. She wasn't a telepath, but she knew bad dreams. When she'd heard of the dreams, from well not only the Cuckoos, but others, Genoshans. Mutates and mutant refugees..

There was one place that she knew there were telepaths of advance skill and well, wisdom-y things.

Which meant the X-men. Meant Westchester. She grumbled, but went. Following after the Cuckoos.

The green haired mutant wore a loose fitting sweat-shirt, studded with metal rivets, and a pair of battered jeans. Her hair a tangled mess of green. "Please tell me someone has answers?"


Thankfully, Marcos was a good factor in convincing Lorna to come with him to Westchester when he had heard of others having awful dreams. the kind of awful that's too real to be a dream kind of awful. That said, Marcos put on his plad T-shirt and a leather jacket over that, blue jeans, combat boots. After Polaris enters the room, Eclipse is not far behind at all, reaching for Lorna's hand as they both looked at Logan.

"…really hoping we have some. Otherwise..this is gonna get really bad really fast." yes, this was one of his 'bad feeling about this' moments that he always had, but hey, at least this time he's justified.

He looks to the Cuckoos…whom he's never met before. They are dressed exactly the same and seem to be a liiitttlleee bit on the creepy side for Marcos, but he doesn't comment on it. "Hey." he greets the sisters.


"Hello," the three identical girls reply in perfect unison. "You must be Marcos."


Nightmares. Nate has those half the times he sleeps. Maybe more, but sometimes he wakes up without remembering dreams. Those are good days.

Nothing new here. He has learned to ignore them. Sleep as little as coffee allows. Spend days busy, then crash hard in some secluded location where he feels more or less safe. Ignore the bad dreams, since most are just the PTSD giving him hell. Sometimes he sees the future, but he usually he only notices afterwards the vision comes to be.

Only when he dreamed repeatedly he would burn and die in Genosha back in the summer he truly realized he was experienced a precognitive warning. Which he ignored. And then he died. And Illyana yelled to him.

But in dying he saved millions, so it was a fair trade.

He got better, anyway.

This time, though, it is not just himself. Misery shared, etc. No, it still sucks. But he has coffee.


"No, not this time girls", Logan replied to the Cuckoos. "I have had my share of nightmares before, but those were mostly bad memories. This seems to be something else." He rolls up shirt sleeves, "Where are your sisters?" He asked of the girls. Logan was never entirely sure telepathic hive mind worked, yet could tell them apart for their unique little individual traits.

"Unfortunately, concrete Lorna. Though have my ideas." He paused to smile warmly at the younger mutant. "I had heard you swore us off, but I am glad you are here now".

He places his hands on the table and sits right up. "Like I said I have my little theories, it sounds similar to what I have encountered before, far too many times. But why don't the girls and Nate explain in full what these nightmares are."


Scott Summers arrives from X-Men Base - Sub-Basement 2.


"They're upstairs, I think, talking to some of the other students," one of the girls informs Logan politely. The other two take a deep breath and then they all return to standing at proper attention, hands at their sides. Each looks every inch the business woman at least one of them probably is. …Or, perhaps, a modeling student with that as the day's persona. Their attire and, in particular, resemblance to one another is a little too perfect.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you," one of the young women is saying to Marcos. "Lorna's told us quite a bit but we haven't had the chance to properly introduce ourselves." Another smile is flashed at the him but then the third utrns toward the group and they quiet down.

"It's… the end of a world. A planet consumed in fire and burned turned into molten slag in space." The young woman licks her lips as she steps foward, taking a deep breath. "And then the thing that destroyed that world focuses on earth. Like it's coming here to…." She closes her eyes for a second.

All of three of them join in. "Coming here to destroy us as well. All of us…. Everything."


Lorna's arms remained crossed, only loosening as Marcos came up to take hold of her hand. She huffed, shifting her weight upon her booted heels. The metal clicking as she moved. A green eyed glance swung wide around the room, frowning faintly as she rolled her shoulders back. "I only came because a few of the telepathic mutates were freaking out. So I heard about it. Combined with Nate and the sisters, well.." She gestured to whichever Cuckoo was speaking, she typically just assumed that whichever one she was talking to would get the point.

"Here I am.." She muttered, Marcos had been the real deciding factor to put her butt into gear. She had enough to worry about, but 'world ending fire thing' was pretty high interest. A glance was spared as one of the sisters introduced herself to Marcos and she grinned faintly, amusement coloring her expression.

"Marcos, meet a few of the Cuckoos." She drawled.


Marcos nods a bit to Logan then as he starts sayin' that he has his own theories. Marcos has his theories too, but they are prooobably not nearly as good. Then the Cuckoos all chime in with their unison speaking. Totally not horror movie stuff goin' on up in here. But as the Cuckoos greet Marcos, he gives a little smile to them, possibly somewhat nervously. "Nice to meet you….yeah, I'm Marcos.." he says then with a friendly smile before he squeezes Lorna's hands juuuust a little tighter.

Alas, his nerves only actually show up when they all chime in unison to describe the end of the world. "Oh…worse than I thought it'd be." he says pretty calmly, but he takes a small breath then, looking around the room.

"Okay….so what are our options?"


"Pass," replies Nate, flopping down in an empty chair and sipping from his coffee. "My nightmares are not for talking, or showing." He glances at the Cuckoos over the mug, though, frowning deeply.

The young man had confirmed Lorna something is going on, though. But if there is something the usually open Nate never talks about is about his dreams. "But yeah… what Lorna said."


Logan rises an eyebrow as Esme replies. They have a hive mind, yet are not sure where each of them is? Well, it's not the time to address that right now. He nods at the description of the dreams, "That's more or less what I had heard." He spares a glance to Nate, understanding that to him the dream is personal. Or that his reaction was personal. Even if the dream wasn't. He was surprised that the dreams were as far reaching as Genosha though. He had hoped, that the instances were local.

"OK, since no one else seems to venture forward any suggestions. Instead of waiting to see if any one else turns up. I shall present my thoughts to you six. Firstly, I may seem like I'm jumping to conclusions, the dreams might just be dreams. But we're never that lucky. I thik these dreams can be treated like a warning.

Now, there are many entities that could bring about the end of world. Not that would come as a surprise to you. Many of which must also be the same from back world, in some perhaps exactly the same. Like there are many different versions of me that we have all met, versus just one of me in all universe.

There are probably an number of entities that could cause mass nightmares, even if it only affects psychics. So what do we know from Celeste's description?

I see it as being three facts. One, it brings fire. Two, it travels through space. Three, it must have psionic powers. I can only thing of one thing. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?"


"No idea," the first speaker replies seriously. She tilts her head slightly before adding, "Sophie and Phoebe haven't heard anything either. Actually-" The doors open and two more identically dressed girls enter raising the count to quintuplets.

"I'll speak for myself for now. I don't think it's a warning. I know. This is a psionic disturbance on a massive scale. It's not something I've ever felt before either and we've scanned all over the earth in the past. Some of us might be able to do this but- that easily? With the dreams of space?"

"So I am thinking it's something from way beyond here. We… Probably saw where. Maybe we can chart it if we think back to those dreams?"

he second of the new entries adds, "We're going to have to be prepared. But I noticed —- Mr. Logan, you know what this is? Because we're completely lost. It's new." A finger is tapped against a plush crimson lip. "I wish I knew what fire and massive psionic disturbance had in common but that's not a riddle we can solve."

All five Cuckoos stand together now and they are watching Logan. "Does it have a name? Because we've never been scared of a psionic presence before. Not like that. And now we can't forget it."


A blink, and Lorna glanced down at her hand as Marcos tightened his grip, a dry sort of smirk toyed over her lips. She glanced toward the blonde telepaths, amusement dancing in her eyes. Oh yes, she was amused at her fiance's discomfort. She'd find humor where she could these days. But her attention shifted back to Logan as Nate passed sharing time, and tilted her head to the side.

"See, the way you phrase it makes me think you know and you just want one of us to say that it's the stupid fire bird from space come to fuck us up?" She frowned, and glanced at Nate. He had more experience with this crap, right? She'd seen it in his world after all.

A heavy sigh dragged from her lips and she reached up with her free hand to massage her forehead. "I don't have the powers paygrade to deal with this."


Marcos looks to the Cuckoos. THERE'S MORE OF THEM?! Keep it cool, Marcos…keep it cool. You've seen weirder things…you've seen weirder things….Oh, firebirds now? Fuuuuuun. Alas, he turns his head to see Lorna smirking her wide smirk, his own smile appearing on his face.

"Okay….so…fire birds, now? You make it sound like you've seen what it is we're up against here, Logan." he says then, his offhand in his pant pocket as he mostly remains quiet since he has no idea what the hell the Phoenix even is.

Well, time to get educated, Marcos. Class is in session.


Yes. Of course. Nate knows way too well. Just it is Lorna who says it first.

"It is a family affair," he mutters, finishing the coffee. "I'll handle it. Well, maybe Jean and me will, you all stay a million miles away." He pushes the coffee mug away. "Chances are it will be looking for Jean or Rachel. Or maybe for Hope if she is still out there. But I have not seen her since 2015."

And a glance around makes him suspect no one else knows Hope Summers, anyway. "I bet there are some info in the computers you can read. If you don't get clearance, ask Scott for it. You are better off knowing, I guess."


Logan takes it all in, nodding along in agreement. Most of what the others say is true, "I apologise Sophie. I misspoke, or I wasn't very clear. I don't think this a warning message that has been sent, but we can use it as a warning. Not something we often get." He pauses, "But you're wrong. It's not new, it's ancient."

He frowns and leans back in his chair. He runs a hand through his hair, causing half of it to stick up like he used to wear it in his younger days, though now it's shorter. "Lorna, is right it's the Phoenix. Unless Galactus has a new herald, but I'm not betting on that. And I have dealt with Phoenix before, I know how it goes, and I've killed its host, more than once. That's why no is no way in hell's chance am I sitting on the side-lines."

He picks up Nate's coffee and places it firmly in front of the other mutant. "It may be looking for Jean, Rachel, or even Hope. Though it might be after someone else this time." He sits back down in his chair, "Besides there was this one time that…" He didn't dare finish that sentence. "So as to your earlier questions Marcos, I don't know what options are available to us right now."


Sophie nods slowly and then takes a deep breath. She takes her usual place at the center of the quintet, azure gaze affixed firmly to Logan's features as he relates his stories. All five of the girls are uncharacteristically quiet for a moment. Then they nod faintly, as one. "The Phoenix," they echo back in a dark, low voice before all taking a sharp inward breath.

"So, Jean. Rachel, Hope. …" There's a pause before the girls add. "We saw it vaporizing the earth. Is that something it tried before after finding a host with suitable telepathic ability?" Then there's a pause. "Do we have suitable telepathic ability? It would appear that we might. Does it only target females? Would Quire be a target as well?"

Their voices are becoming a bit heightened. The women exchange glances. There's obviously a second, more frantic conversation going on.

Phoebe is the one who steps forward this time. "You've killed it and defeated its hosts. How did you prepare? Or fight?" The frenetic energy between the Cuckoos is almost palpable. When they start to become agitated or worried it's a visible thing. But they're not so scared at this point.

The dominant emotion appears to be anger.


Lorna's grip on Marcos' hand tightened this time as tempers flared and discussion continued. Her other hand dropped to her stomach, and she frowned. "I saw it once Marcos in Nate's world.. And that was when it wasn't set on destroying everything. It's not something our powers are prepared for .. at all." Her voice was soft and low, and she pressed closer to his side.

"Nate's right, we should leave it to him or those with the telepathic juice for it. It's not our fight. We should go back to Genosha and warn people.." She wasn't entirely sure what the hell you could do to prepare for it. Other than to hope that shit didn't go down how everyone's dreams were going. She wished she knew where Jean was.

She flexed her hand, swallowing thickly, as green glowed at the tips of her fingers and flickered out as she tried to control her breathing.


Marcos squeezed Lorna's hand in return as apparently tensions seemed to rise in terms of nervousness and anxiety about this…Phoenix. Marcos knows jack shit about it, but apparently it's an incredibly big deal. That said, he nods a few times, taking a breath. Though he turns his head as Lorna speaks to him, and he nods a few times. "Right….hmm.." he says then, little nervous, but when he's told that he should sit on the sidelines, he shakes his head.

"Yeah….I'm gonna turn that one down. Even if we're the last line of defense and you psychic types are the first, no way in hell am I gonna sit back and watch you all handle this alone." he looks to Lorna apologetically then. "If it affects mutants, it is our fight." he says then as he has a moment of bravery, even if he had no idea what he ewas really dealing with here.


"It is not telepathy," comments Nate. Hope is not a telepath. Actually, he has no idea what it is. He just remembers what has happened a few times. Blurred memories in some cases. Enough to know even the most powerful superhumans in Earth are likely to be fighting well over their weight class. Himself included.

He stands up. "Whatever is happening is not going to happen tomorrow and I have things to do," so yes, he is heading out. "Talk to Jean if you find her," is the last bit of advice he has.


[Nate Grey returns to OOC Land.]


Logan rises out of his with a burst of anger and shouts after Nate, "This meeting is not over yet! Come back here!" He pauses and waits to see if Nate come back. After a moment, he decides Nate is not coming back. So, he sits back down. "Sorry." Logan states. He pinches the bridge of his nose. "I did not fight the Phoenix, or it's hosts, quite the way you might imagine." He says to no one in particular. "I mean we throw everything we have against it, but you can't over power it. You can't reason with. You can barely fight it." He pauses, "The reason why I was able to stop it, is because it's host was able to regain control and allow it to happen. I've gutted Jean…. Others have killed her too."


"That's…" All five of the Cuckoos freeze in place. They don't say anything for a moment and finally nod at Marcos briefly. "We need to fight. But if thhat's the only option- killing the Host…" A sharp breath is taken and then held for several beat.s "Maybe we can find a way to drw it to aspecific Host… Control the damage bieng done…" Tere's a pause while the speaker considers her words carefully. "It sounds like we have a lot to be prepared for But at least it won't just land and start incinerating the world?"


Lorna shook her head, fear slicing its way down her back as Nate up and left, Logan spoke about killing the host.. and Jean in another world. She shook her head, her teeth grinding together. "No, no. No, I'm not killing Jean, or Nate or Rachel. No. There's gotta be another way. This is bull." She seethed, glancing at the Cuckoos in turn as they speak of directing the thing to a specific host and she shook her head again.

"It's a death sentence either way and assumes that we can make this thing do something. I'm not—" She broke off, her voice thick with emotion and she swallowed hard a lump that formed in the back of her throat. She exhaled a shaky breath, her hand pressing against her stomach.

"This is the possible end of the world Marcos, and there's no way in hell I have the power to back against this thing. The Phoenix is what dragged us to Nate's home world. It pulled a mass of X-men out of the Danger Room and brought us to a dying world it had kept around …cause it wanted to. We can't fight against that Marcos."


Marcos looks like he's about to open his mouth before he looks first to Lorna. "So then what do you suggest? Hide, run? Clearly we can't if it's -that- powerful." he fights back, looking then to Logan. "But I -highly- refuse to kill whoever has the host of this thing. Whether it's Jean, or Nate, or whoever. that's not what we should do." aaand his stance on things is now pretty clear.

He looks to Logan and the Cuckoos, but he does look a little agitated as Nate just dismisses all of them and walks off. "Man, he can be a prick sometimes…" he looks back to Logan and Cuckoos then. "We'd just delay the inevitable if we drew it to another host, wouldn't we?"


Logan shakes his head unable to make eye contact. "I don't know." He pauses. "What I do know is that Lorna is pregnant, so I will not allow her or Marcos risking their lives, unnecessarily." Logan stands up and places his hands on the table, he stares Marcos in the eyes, point blankly. "I'm sorry, but I will kick your ass if you try anything stupid like that." He sighs, "I also know we have time. That's not something we usually have. So, I guess we better make use of it. We should find Hope, and her, Jean, Rachel and any other psychic, especially those of blood ties to Jean at the mansion. I'll talk to Scott, if he doesn't refuse, the mansion is about to get a whole lot more crowded."


"If we can control who the Host is then we might be able to arrange for them to be healed after or prepare a trap- or something," the Cuckoos reply agitatedly to the questions about Esme's suggestion. then they are shaking their heads. They are now moving out-of-sync. It seems their next course of action is beign hotly debated. One girl moves to speak, then stops. Another lifts a finger. "They're right. You shouldn't risk the baby. We can help find people. If it gets too difficult to find everyone we can ask Scott for permission to use Cerebro." There's a brief pause. "Five of us. We've gotten pretty good at finding people."


Normally Lorna would've argued and railed against being left behind the front lines. Would've charged on recklessly, as she had in Genosha, fighting Sentinels and Magistrates pregnant or not. Much to Magneto's irritation and constant annoyance. But this wasn't Magistrates or Sentinels. Those she knew how to fight, she was pretty confident that she could handle handle that sort of fight. Wonky powers or not.

But the Phoenix wasn't something from this planet, much less on the same power scale as she was.

There were no dellusions of being useful in this fight. So, oddly out of her usual mein, Lorna nodded. Her arm moving to link through with Marcos'. "I'll see if I can't find Jean on Genosha. Maybe someone has seen her. I can.. see if there's anything that can be done with Genosha's tech?"


Marcos looks directly at Logan then, arms crossed before he just surrenders, his hand going back with Lorna's and letting her snake an arm around his own, nodding a few times. "Fine, we won't get involved." despite how much he hates this. He looks to Lorna then, smiling to her softly. "Alright….sounds like we have a plan. We can at least prepare, if anything else."

He looks though to the Cuckoos. "…you can use Cerebro? I thought…" nah, nevermind. Either way, he looks back to Logan. "Alright."

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