March 23, 2018:

Piotr seeks out the Brotherhood, Frenzy finds him.


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Piotr had impulsively decided to setup a studio for himself in District X a few weeks ago. Originally his intention was to be spending more time among the mutants in the neighborhood to get inspiration for his work and to be a part of the community. However, with Scott's attack and Piotr's growing awareness of the sympathies in the community for the Brotherhood his focus has changed. Now he is actively seeking out people, wanting to talk to them, not trying to change anyone's mind but just seeking to understand. He wants to know why these people would support what he views as terrorism. He is not shy about talking about who he is, so word is easily getting around. He knows that makes him a target, and that's just fine by Pete.

Tonight he's getting a beer at a local bar. There is an open mic and currently some folksy singer is doing their best acoustic version of 'Landslide', it's not great. But Piotr is making it a point to spend more time out in the community, getting a feel for people and trying to make connections. He's not sure how the Brotherhood is manipulating these people, but he's sure that they are. It doesn't even cross his mind that disenfranchised people might support violence of their own accord.

There seems to be several types of people that Piotr speaks with -

The enthused and the not so enthused. The enthused have an almost fanatical light to their eyes, to their voices. The not so enthused run the gambit of approval for the Brotherhood, neutrality, naysaying, or even those who don't wish to comment.

Perhaps surprisingly it's a few of the tight-lipped individuals who get word back that a large man is asking questions. Okay, a very large man. The word trickles back to the Brotherhood Cell that lives within M-Town, which then trickles back to Frenzy. It causes her to perk up and take notice, and then runners are sent out.

They watch Piotr from a distance and when he enters the bar, several burner phones open up with inaudible clicks and messages are sent out.

That's what brings Frenzy, Joanna Cargill, here tonight. To see just who this man might be, the man who asks all the interesting questions.

A shadow darkens the doorway for a minute, then that shadow resolves itself into JoJo's form. Once inside the tall woman strides with purpose to the bar. "Whatever's on tap." She states to the bartender, conveniently near Piotr Rasputin.

Piotr has had a chance to catch up with Scott. He's been filled in on the attack, and some of the details. Piotr is also familiar enough with Cargill from her time guarding Lorna in Genosha. And truth be told, of the three assailants that might choose to follow up on Piotr's following up, he was secretly hoping it would be her.

Piotr isn't a spy. He's not properly positioned to make sure no one can enter without him noticing. He doesn't tend to worry about things like that. So he doesn't notice Joanna until she is seated next to him. He takes a sip of his beer before saying, "Please do not take too long to finish your drink. I am anxious to skip ahead to where I drop you off in SHIELD custody."

Technically he promised Illyana that he would contact her and let her help with rounding up any of the brotherhood. But Piotr would much rather handle this himself. He is not normally one to be itching for a fight, but after the situation with Lorna and then the attack on Scott, his knuckles feel awfully itchy.

A handful of dollars slides across the bartop and then, just as the bottle of beer hits her hand, Piotr speaks up.

For a split second Frenzy's expression turns surprised, then that surprise moves right on into a ferocious sort of amusement. "A man who gets right to the point - I'm down with that."

Then the beer is lifted up in a sort-of-salute to the man, before Frenzy takes a long drink. Then with half the bottle finished the woman sets it down with a solid sounding thud. Now Frenzy rises from her seat and as she does so, a small wad of cash appears upon the bartop and the bartender. "For your troubles."

With the money out of her hand, Frenzy turns to Piotr, a glint to her eyes. "Let's take this outside." Is what she ends with, before she lashes out to try and grab Piotr. If she gets a hold of him she really is going to try and toss him through the door and outside.

As she drinks her beer, Piotr finishes his off. There is no point in wasting a good beer, or in this case an okay one. He smiles at Frenzy, though it doesn't touch his eyes, a cold formal smile in answer to her statement about liking a man like that.

"I do not care what sort of man you like."

Again, this is not some snide commentary meant to rattle his opponent. This is just Piotr calmly stating facts in his thick Russian accent. He does take note that she is careful with the tipping and polite to the bartender. It's not like she is acting like she owns the place, which is expecting of the brotherhood.

She takes him off guard with the grab. He realizes as he is flung, upside down, his back crashing through the door that he probably should have seen that coming. Most villains don't let you calmly walk out the door and choose when to start a fight. His self-flagellation though is interrupted by smashing through the door and skidding to a painful stop out on the sidewalk. For most, that would be both the start and end of the fight. He is cut and bleeding, his clothes already torn, normal people would stay down. Instead Piotr transforms into a hulk of steel… still upside down and twisted. Once he has righted himself, oddly spry for a nearly 8 foot metal behemoth, he bellows.

"You should have hit me harder. That was your only opportunity."

If he wasn't looking for a fight before, he certainly is now.

He smashes through the door and Frenzy smiles.

Leisurely, now, the woman follows after him and when she steps through the remnants of the door she arrives just in time to see that change. It causes her to cock her head to the side, a curious gesture on her part, before her expression transforms again. A grin. "A challenge."

His bellow only causes that grin of hers to grow, versus dim, as the woman answers, "Oh don't worry, I will." And just like that Frenzy steps fully outside. It only takes her a second to launch herself at Piotr -

And by launch, it's literally that. She springs in the air and cannonballs downward at Piotr, intending to smash him with a double-handed punch. "Try this on for size, Big Boy!"

While she knows in a general sense of who this man is (thanks to his time on Genosha with Lorna) it's fairly obvious she doesn't necessarily understand just how STRONG he is. Though really, that likely wouldn't have stopped her from attacking.

If the world only realized how many Danger Room drills Scott Summers has inflicted on the X-Men they would be rightly concerned. Every enemy they've faced has been made into a program. Many possible enemies that they might face have been made into a program. And since Piotr was a teenager, he has been dutifully running through these programs with nary a word of complaint. Because of tonight. Because he is ready and prepared for situations like these that find a inhumanly strong woman leaping at hopefully smash him.

"If we must banter I prefer Colossus."

Big Boy? What is he a burger chain?

Piotr takes a half step back with one foot to brace properly and swings his left arm down in a swat while his right comes round as a hay-maker. The intent is to knock down the attack and direct her momentum away from him and then send her flying with the punch. He's not holding back either, this is a punch to break through walls or take down a sentinel.

Strength meets strength and for Frenzy she finds herself lacking.

Not in zeal, or fervor, or commitment to her attack, but in honest-to-god strength.

He knocks her attack aside and even as she gears up for a rebound, that punch of his comes right on around and slams into Frenzy.

The amount of force behind that punch sends her flying. If she were a normal person she'd be dead. Bones and organs pulverized, but she's not normal - she's a mutant, and that's what saves her life.

Flung aside like a rag doll, Frenzy's impromptu flight sends her crashing into a parked car. The shriek of steel and plastic being violently compressed can be heard, the sound of protesting tires is likewise heard, as both woman and car continue to move thanks to the force Colossus punched with. Both eventually stop moving, with the car now being 'parked' upon the sidewalk.

It's only a matter of seconds until movement can be seen, as Frenzy pulls herself out of the Frenzy-sized dent (okay really it's a big old hole) that's warped the poor car.

There's a slight stagger to her steps and the grin that was upon her features seconds before is gone. Now Frenzy looks serious. She wasn't anticipating the level of strength from the man. Now she knows, however.

"Colossus." Comes her rusty sounding response. "Then call me Frenzy."

And like her name, Jo picks that totaled car and flings it at the man in a one-two-quick movement.

And with that car being flung, the woman spats out a bit of 'banter'. "I find it funny /you/ and /your/ lot come here, asking your questions, acting like you care, when we all know it's not the truth."

For a brief second Piotr worries that he's over done the force, that he just killed someone in the street like a murderer. But thankfully the woman rouses. Piotr is doubly glad. First that she is not dead, but second because it means he gets to punch her again.

Of course the smile on his face drops at the car being launched at him. He braces himself and actually catches the flung car. It knocks him back sure, but doesn't seem to do much in terms of harm to the man. He gently sets the wreck of a car down. He doesn't need any other weapons to pummel his enemies than the two fists at the end of his arms.

"The X-Men have fought to protect mutants for years. Do not erase history because it does not fit the twisted story you wish to tell."

And now it's his turn to leap. He runs and bounds for her, looking to tackle her around the waist, driving his shoulder into her mid-section if possible.

"/Years/." Snarls the woman, "/Years/ you say and what do we see? Registration against our people. More violence against our people. Oppression against /our/ people. History will /always/ speak the truth and it'll show in our favor."

Our being the Brotherhood.

"It'll show how the /Brotherhood/ were the true saviors of our race. The people who truly helped mutant kind." And while Frenzy could go on, in length even, she can't quite manage it. Not when Colossus' is rushing at her like some silver bull.

And like a Matador, Frenzy stands her ground up until the very last instant. That last instant she steps aside and away, intending to let him run right on past her. Only, she doesn't allow him to pass without offering a return attack.

Hands reach out (much like in they did in the bar) attempting to snag Piotr and if successful, she's going to try and use his momentum against him, by swinging him around and then up, to fling him away.

Much like the Olympic athletes do in the shot put event.

Colossus in his fervor to attack is leaving himself open to these things. Why did he leave his feet? Foolish. His tattered shirt however is not enough to throw him by though, and there is little else for her to grab. Instead, he ends up rolling onto the sidewalk and she ends up with two handfuls of what was his shirt. Piotr gets back to his feet to face her.

"And how do you solve violence? Blowing up charity galas? How noble. Please spare me the nonsense about how you are helping. You are criminals and bullies who wish to murder all humans for the acts of a few."

This time his approach is more careful, a slow, meaningful stride with his hands raising as he gets closer to his opponent. No more rushing in like a mad dog. His stance and posture are close to American boxing style, but in truth his fighting style is closer to a militaristic Krav Maga. Three fast punches are thrown, the first two meant to get her to move into position for the third which has the most strength behind it. He wants her to try and block it, he wants to prove he can break through her block.

"For our people, yes." She says, "Better than what you do. Hiding. Only coming out when you come down here to take the 'strongest' back with you. Ignoring the rest; those that don't measure up to your standards." And the irony of her words of the X-Men taking the strong isn't lost on Frenzy.

And with his much more careful approach, Frenzy's movements become much more controlled, much more wary. Her eyes narrow and the woman can't help but see and note the way Piotr now holds himself.

Those first two punches cause her to move just where he wants, to line her up for that third punch of his, and by this time Frenzy brings her own fists upward. She intends to block and while she now knows he's stronger than her, that doesn't seem to curtail her want or need to stand strong against that third punch. To prove she can take it.

Which is a fallacy within herself, because when that punch connects with her guard it smashes through it quite spectacularly.

It's hard to say who's fist hits Frenzy's face, either her own or Piotr's, or perhaps both, but when the punch connects all of that stored energy suddenly finds itself transferring straight to Frenzy. It once again flings her away and when she lands upon the ground there's a second grunt accompanying the first when she was initially struck.

She doesn't move for a handful of seconds, but finally the stars within her vision abate and she lurches back upright. Fingertips go to her nose, where blood trickles downward, and when she sees her own blood upon her fingertips the woman sees 'red'.

"You're dead."

And with those words said, Frenzy moves. Now it's her turn to become less disciplined, less logical, more berserker. It's what has her running at him, intending to check him, or clothesline him with a straight arm to his throat and/or chest.

"We let mutants live their lives unless they are in danger. We do what we can to help, and work to make mutants and humans lives better. As other groups are fond of saying. We are more alike than different."

Piotr gets a bit chatty after landing that solid punch. It helped him realize more clearly where she lies in terms of power levels. When she gets back up to taunt him, his lips curl into a smile at the edges. Good. Too pissed to think straight is where Pete likes to have people. It makes them dangerous, to others, to Piotr it just makes them less effective.

Grabbing her arm and spinning with her, Piotr attempts to flip Frenzy over his shoulder and slam her into the pavement. To further add injury to insult he holds onto the arm and pushes to purposefully remove it from the socket. Piotr's not angry enough to break the arm on purpose, and not even sure if he could, but dislocating it might just be possible and help bring this to a close before any bystanders get hurt.

Frenzy slams into the ground. The impact hard enough to leave an imprint in the pavement, though unseen for the woman as the woman lays there.

With his hold on her arm so effective, Frenzy likewise finds pain flaring outward from that joint. It's not broken, that's for certain, but there is that feeling of the shoulder popping from the socket. It's enough to bring a strangle shout from Frenzy and a baring of her teeth, but it's not enough for her to yield.

Never has Frenzy yielded and today won't be the start of that, but that doesn't mean she doesn't understand she's at a disadvantage here.

That doesn't mean she won't make a strategic retreat either.

"You think a little pain will cow me." Hisses the woman, "Life is full of pain - and if you can't see mutants are in danger /all/ of the time then you're blind. Willfully blind and that's unacceptable." And while her next moves cause that agony to flare brighter, Frenzy contorts herself so that she can lash out at his nearest ankle. She wants to grab it and yank hard, trying to knock him off his feet.

A distraction really, so she can withdraw from this fight.

Piotr had expected his shoulder maneuver to take some of the fight out of Frenzy. But seriously, her name is Frenzy. You would think he might realize that it's going to take a more severe beating to stop her. He holds the arm and replies angrily, "And if you can't see that attacking humans only puts more mutants in danger then you are an idiot, in a band of whiny children who do not want to follow the rules."

He doesn't see the ankle grab coming and is still not used to the fact that she has the strength to maneuver him. He loses his grip and falls hard on his back, grunting and leaving a big imprint in the sidewalk. It takes a second for his head to clear and him to roll back up to his feet. If she has used her time wisely, it is likely enough for her to make her escape.

Pulling a X communicator out of the pocket of his shredded pants, Pete presses it and says belatedly. "I have made contact with the Brotherhood member named 'Frenzy'. But she has gotten away."

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