Highball Hal Plays Welcome Wagon

March 23, 2018:

Alice Walker shows up at the Hall of Justice looking to talk to someone in charge. And she gets Hal Jordan. She proceeds to make his head explode with a flood of information.

Hall of Justic

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek
aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the
inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


NPCs: Autumn Walker

Mentions: Batman, Zoom


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Log Commenced: 23-Mar-18 02:54PM EST


Rebuilding efforts have continued in Metropolis, no doubt, after the horrors Zoom had visited on the city. The Hall of Justice a busy place of people coming for help, or work, or whatever. So one more woman entering dressed for business is note of big note.

Alice is in a crisp dark purple suit with her blond hair pulled up into a tight French twist. The word cool and professional would come to mind for anyone who saw the petite woman. As she stopped at the security desk she didn't even hesitate to remove her ID, passing it over to the person behind the desk. "I called ahead about coming in. Dr. Alice Walker, here to see someone in charge," As her fingers brush his there is the slightest shift to the security officers brain chemistry. A flood of oxytocin encouraging a favorable feeling towards her even as she flashes a winning smile.


Volunteers at the Hall of Justice carry on some of the old work the location had temporary as an outreach and crisis center, work ongoing through Metropolis with Zoom's attacks on the city has it bustling again.

The Green Lantern often present and doing what he does, looking incredibly busy while not actually being all that busy. Hal is nursing a hangover, he could use the meager use of will to curb it, but some part of him feels he deserves this, from trying to keep up with She-Hulk's insane alchol tolerancee to playing bar hopping tourist with Witchdoctor he's had a run at it lately, which, is good, that means hes able to take the downtime. Rare lately.

"What?" Hal pops his head up, walking away from the set up kiosk area with telephones set up around it, towards the security guy, this is the Avenue of Tomorrow, one of the most advanced locations in the known world, use of powers, metahuman, mutant or otherwise often gets picked up by some form of security, likely an alarm is going off somewhere but there are times that gets overlooked.

"Walker?" The green and black uniformed hero is striding over.
"I remember you."


Alice's head turns from smiling at the guard to Hal. The smile stays the same and she straightens up. "Well, I would say I was a sight hard to forget the first time we met. And the last time tends to leave an impression too," She says and crosses to the green-clad Lanter.

The walk has all the confidence one might expect from a woman who has been around a couple of centuries. She tends to know what she wants. Those eyes are focused on Hal right now and though she might not intend too, he is the subject of her rather abstract want right now. "I see recooperations continues to go well."


"It goes as expected. This city is rather used to the unsual, when it requires Superman to protect it you know it's weathered the storm and then some."

"Hell, last year was what… Apokolips invasion, before that Atlanteans?" A flash of a smile and the man is shaking his head, "What brings you on by?" Stopping once hes in front of her. "You're recooperating well yourself."


Alice gives a snort of amusement and nods her head. "I suppose you are right there," She admits with a smirk. Her eyes going about the hall and the various temporary changes it is under. "I came because as much as I hate to admit it…well, can we talk somewhere more private perhaps?" And this time when she looks around it is a more obvious look, taking in all the people.


A look at her then a motion towards the back room past the museuem run down, those statues of the original Justice Leaguers and many of the Golden Age heroes now forgotten bypassed to lead to a darkened conference room. Simple, a table in the center, charis lined up around it a screen to one end and the opposite a water dispensor next to a table with coffee maker on it and styrofoam cups.

Entering Hal turns on the dim light above, "This should be private enough, I hope. Plus, you know… coffee."
Hal's helping himself to some already. "Make yourself cozy, you want one?" The cup in his hand being hefted up and waved her way. The door will of course close behind her. Separating them from the rest of the Hall and it's continuous noise right now.


There is a reverence on Alice's face as she passes down the hall, taking in those statues. Names she had heard in their hay days passing by before they ae in the coference room. A kind of place that has become as familiar as her laboratories these days. "Coffee sounds delightful, thank you," She says in her proper British accent. "Just black is fine." Then she grins a little mischeviously. "Ever have -really- good coffee? Did you know it all comes down to chemistry? Want the -best- cup of coffee you've ever had?" The woman offers as she moves to join him at the coffee machine.

"I came today because I can no longer pretend that I am not needed. That my skills would not benefit the region. Not to mention…I can't keep protecting Autumn on my own," Alice takes her cup and dips the tip of her finger in it. It goes from black to creamy and milky and she lifts it to blow across the top. "She's been having horrible nightmares and screaming about burning things in the sky…" Alice is clearly concerned by this. "I've resources, but not what it is going to take to keep my family safe. Not with Zoom, and now Nuke back."


"Woman after my own heart." That cup he was holding for himself he hands on over, Hal turns to rest against the table, the mask hiding the bags under his eyes and that blurry-eyed look hes hosting.

"Autumn?" He questions before his mouth is covered with the rim of his cup, he doesn't notice the change of her coffee, its dim in here and hes not being particulary perceptive at the moment.
"Nuke? May have to slow down for me. I wasn't aware you had skills that could help us, I mean, I guess I should have done some research but thats usually left up to others."


Alice is a doctor and has been for a very long time. She sees the eyes under the mask and asks, "Cream and how much sugar usually?" She asks as she reaches out to dip her finger in. And as she does it changes to his request, becoming probably the most perfect cup he has ever had in his life. With maybe a B and C vitamin boost for that hangover and a bit of a painkiller. The doctor is in.

"Right, let's sit," Alice says and moves to do just that, her own cup in hand. "Being the one who usually does the research, I am bad at assuming everyone else does as well. So…" She takes a sip from her coffee and lets out a sigh of contentment. Hal doesn't need to know she changed it to tea. Let me be brief with basics, because I was hopped up on some shit and don't recall everything I've told you. I was born in the late 1700s in England. I am actually old blue blood nobility, all that lovely shite." She offers a small smile. "At the start of the 20th century I was recruited by the British government for my abilities. Saved the Prime Minister from dying of poison, fun stuff like that. I was trained as a spy and agent and spent from about 19…09 through till about ten years ago serving my country of birth. Until they had to feed me to the dogs because Nuke was nowhere to be found and they only had my word. And the public wanted blood for the destruction and the lone survivor is a sure good scape goat." A pause. "So…Nuke was one of my former team mates in The Guard. Ten years ago there was a miniscule nuclear blast in the English countryside, you probably remember?"


"Uh, what?" Hal manages following along but apparently not or it is going over his head. Not that he looks like he doesn't believe her, as a matter of fact he actually slams down some of his coffee and pours some more.

"Okay, then, so, let me try to brain this a bit, you're super old, maybe a temporal anoma… ana… anomaly? This could be a reason Zoom went after you. Just a wild guess. Also sorry about calling you super old, if anything you look great for a 300 year old lady. Just sayin'." Mouth covered by more drinking.

"No, ten years ago… this time, I can't say I recall that. I mean, who knows what I was doing and in 2008? Hell, I mighta been on the far side of the Vega System."


"Fair enough," Alice says with a bob of her head, leaning over to tap his coffee again as he refills. "Thanks. You have it right and I -am- old, but not a temporal anomaly. I have an active X gene, as do my daughters Kendra and Autumn. Ten years ago Nuke made a deal with a mystical entity. We didn't know this till we went to confront this creature. It had creatures devouring children. Not pretty," The woman grows a bit quiet for a minute.

Alice takes a deep breath and frowns slightly at Hal. But his reputation and that of the JLA makes it easier for what she is about to tell him. "My daughter, Autumn, has the ability to see snippets of the future. And I think she has from birth. It has made her a very unusual child. She spoke in a full sentence, clearly, at one year of age. Of course it was a whole bunch of words randomly strewn together. But…she warned me in her toddler way about Nuke. 'When the bad man smiles, you have to go undergrounds mum,' Is what she said. I had no idea what she was talking about until the moment I saw Nuke grin at use and start spouting off at the mouth about never being left out or put down again. He always had a small…you know problem." And she sips her coffee turned tea, leaving Hal an opening for questions.


"That makes some sense. OH a mutant!" Hal says, "I suppose that also makes sense. Sorry, thats not an offensive word right?"

"Hrm, gruesome. Sounds like the kinda thing we like deal with." Children, thats a serious line to cross.

"Where is your kiddo now?" Hal frowns another sip of coffee and he stares at Alice, theres at least some concern in his voice. He comes off brash, cocky and arrogant often but when it comes to it the man's as hero as it gets. He would die for an innocent without a second thought especially children.

"And… if you're a gifted, you have a place here with the League. We have to clear you first, I cant alone let you on in through the gates and there is a sponsorship period to make sure youre not a villain in hiding but… I mean… "


Alice rocks back in her chair a bit and nods slowly. "Autumn is safe for the moment. One thing about having her visions is they -do- come with plenty of warning to keep her several steps ahead of most things…so far anyway," She says and offers an attempted cheerful smile.

"Kenda, however…" Alice's feigned cheer fades quickly and her eyes go to the cup. "Kendra…we thought she was kidnapped. Which she may have been. I do not have all the details. But last I saw her she was…sharing a space and defending Nuke from capture." The woman is obviously concerned and she lips thin slightly before refocusing on Hal. "Sounds pretty standard. I have been thinking it over for awhile now and decided I needed to stop thinking and do. Plus Autumn having these night terrors about the fire coming from the dark sky has me kind of freaked. I'll be honest…"


"Sharing space?" Hal's brow inches above the green mask on his face. Hard to read his eyes as they're pure white.

"Like they're dating or sh… if you need help. Say the word."

"If they need secure hosing we also have lines to the X-Men who are known to defend and relocate metas, especially mutants, the National Metahuman Research Foundation is assisting, Wonder Woman takes the occasional in to the Themyscira House also, some of the safest places this side of the world for gifted types."

"Any clue what this fire might be?"


"I have heard that Xavier's school for gifted youth is also an excellent and very safe place," Alice says after a pause. "But yes, I am happy to take the help. Sharing space, room mates. No evidence of dating or Batman would -not- have been able to keep me on the roof." And she snorts in annoyance as much as amusement. "I think…I hope that somehow he has corrupted her mind or something. Or it is some sort of Stockholm syndrome." It is subtle, but Alice's hand around her cup tightens as she lifts it to her lips. The slightest tremble could be seen.


"Yeah, it's in the top ten for sure." Hal says, hes guessing really, going off mostly word of mouth from other League member. "Dating what?"
Jordan coughs a little at his coffee, "Joking yeah? Funnny."

"Uh, sounds like we need to have an intervention on your gal, we'll talk to the better prepared about that once you're introduced around. Thats usually the best step is just getting to know the rest, work out how we go about things then we can teach you the secret handshake that gets you to the fun places and toys."


Alice chuckles dryly and with little humor as she nods. "Yeah," She says, "I was most definitely joking. What do you need from me besides my being at a place at a time to meet everyone?" There is a sound then. The sound of something vibrating against another. Definitely the sound of a silenced phone. Alice just gets a look on her face and pulls out the sleek purple thing and presses a button. "Yes love?" She says and a young and female voice, probably young teens, comes across.

"I saw it again. Only it looked like a bird this time. The flame. It's coming…" The voice is hushed and scared and Alice frowns. Her eyes go from the phone to Hal.

"Tell us everything my babe," The woman says gently.

"Hello Lantern man," Hal hadn't said anything. But she knew he was there. "It was dark. So dark and so cold and I couldn't breathe. There was no air no nothing but darkness. Then I realized I had my eyes closed because there is something very bright. And I opened them and the flame was looking at me. At me with eyes. Golden eyes. Black eyes. They changed with the flame. And it had a beak and wings. It wasn't cold anymore, instead it burned. Then I woke up."


"We'll make sure to call everyone together, busy people, heavies with lots of things happening, hard to just plan a date and time on the fly." Jordan is sure she gets it.

"Hello…. " Hal offers, he assumes ths is Autumn but opts to just listen to the recounting.

"I have no idea what that is or what it could mean." Hal says quietly after the dream is recounted. "I'll look in to it though."


"I don't either. But it hurt my head. Mum, what is a Highball? And Mister Lantern, why is that your nickname?" The voice of Autumn comes over the line, perky suddenly and relaxed. Alice blinks a few times and the corner of her mouth curls up.

"Oh…that is an excellent question and probably has to do with drugs and friends being funny," The woman tries to cover for Hal, looking him straight in the eye. But somehow there isn't a lot of feeling in her words.

"MuuuUUUUUUuuuuuuum, you're lyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiing," The girl on the other side of the phone says. It just makes Alice smirk and shake her head. A hand gestures towards Hal to answer. "If she keeps thinking about it and you she will learn even more things you and I don't want her too. I suggest simple and straight forward."


A cough from Hal at that again, he covers his mouth with his forearm and wipes it, "Okay, thats a whole other identity thing. Can you change the channels on that prophecy secrets dowsing thing? "
The question goes unanswered while he busies himself wiping the table off with a paper napkin.

"No, not drugs the rest sure."

"Simple and straight forward is my usual, just not when I'm being put under a telescope of… whatever shes doing."
"I suppose this just adds to the reality that could be going on with this flying birds flames and beaks stuff."


Alice shakes her head in the negative when Hal asks about changing channels. "Autumn, honey, go watch Bill Nye," Alice interjects as the sound of the girl about to say something else comes across.

"MuuuUUUUuuuuum," The teenager whines in her almost gone English accent. "OH! Yep. Bill Nye. Bye now." That is the sound of someone seeing something they didn't want too and the line goes dead.

Alice leans back in her chair and finishes off her tea. "Autumn is also psychic in ways we are not sure of. Telepathy for sure, but with the precognition there could be other things latent," She says with a wave of a hand. "Unfortunately for her she has been that way since she was a baby I think. She has learned some control, but the stimulus is always so overwhelming to her. Things leap out, recede, leap out, recede. Schoolwork helps her focus and ignore it all, but she isn't good with people. Focusing on them brings up all their dirty laundry."


"Sounds like you're going to have your hands full with her." Hal tries to grin, its just slow coming and kind of awkward, "Really, you probably should see about getting her in to something like the Xavier' set up. Get her around other kids like that. I dunno, I cant talk on parenting or any of that. Just know what I'd consider."


Alice gives a snort of amusement, "Going to?! My good man, I have had my hands full since the day she was born. Her and her sister…" She shakes her head but it is fond. "We are actually driving up to Westchester after I'm done here. I totally agree with you and she was excited by their science program." Who wouldn't want Hank as their science teacher if you're a super-nerd?


"Uh I have no clue who 'Hank' is." Jordan says, "So I guess me? Plus science… boring." A hand waves a circle in the air then he grins, "I feel for you, I am going to do this whole fly off and superheroic stuff though, sounds like there is a fire going on in California thats not going out. See if I can't be of aid. I'll talk to the rest of the crew about you, get you hooked up to the right channels."

"Just uh for now, keep in touch, I can sling my number your way and let us look in to Nuke and the scary flame pigeon."


Alice stands in a smoothe motion and easily tosses the cup into the basket. "Sounds good. Thanks for taking time out to talk to me. Go and be heroic, sir. And you have my number -and- address. Feel free to stop by anytime. I may not be home, but feel free," She gives an amused smile and turns to head out the door.


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