From Hospital to Shore

March 22, 2018:

Alex and Lorna have some time to catch up. Scene starts in the hospital of Genosha and moves to the beach.



NPCs: Genoshans, mutate healers/doctors

Mentions: Scott, Magneto, Meltdown


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Fade In…

It sounds almost like a mining operation is in process, thunderous cracks followed by the sound of falling debris.

A little bit of investigation reveals a sight few have seen in some years: Havok not in a containment suit. Standing in the beach sand, Alex is shaking his hands and loosening up following what looks to have been the plasma destruction of a formerly impressive section of driftwood.

His shirt and shoes resting on a rock, Alex is clad only in the Genoshan loaner slacks Lorna's people offered up the previous day. The facial scarring looks to have covered the entirety of his left shoulder, as well as tracked down the length of that arm. His torso is largely undamaged, though seems to start getting bad again toward the left side of his lower abdomen.

Picking out another section of driftwood, he digs his toes into the sand and begins to power up… The air around him seems to waver with the heat buildup, blue-white circles of plasma begin to arc around his core.


It was warm out, as always, in Genosha. As a result, Lorna was once more in her more tropical clothes. This time the jeans had been abandoned for a loose fitting sundress of green. It hid the majority of her stomach, though a hint still could be seen, and she wore little more than flip flops as she made her way down the beach from the Spire.

It had been hard to miss the explosions that Alex had been making, much less so when an Acolyte had gently informed her that the Summers was out on the beach. Likely disturbing the locals. Not that many went to the beach outside the Spire. There was miles of island now, safe from Sentinels and Magistrate bombs and snipers. People were busy, but some of the children still ran around by the water further down the beach. (School was hard back in session)

Which left this section devoid of people, the cove was silent save the hot plasmic build up in the air. "You know when people said there was some shirtless man blowing up the beach, I figured I'd find you. Can't you take five for once and try swimming like a normal person?"


Instead of discharging white hot exploding plasma sure to terrorize future generations of driftwood, upon hearing Lorna's voice, he demonstrates an entirely new trick and powers down, instead. Plasma rings fade to wisps and disappear as he relaxes and looks back over his shoulder to her.

"Heard something about cleaning up the beaches for the Genoshan tourism push. Just doing my part." He squints his eyes against the sun and looks out to the ocean, "Swim? Hell. Was hoping eventually one of these logs would blast into a serviceable board so I could get try out the local surf."

The waves at the moment are sadly unimpressive.


Lorna shot Alex a dry look, her arms crossing as she kicked off her sandals with a flick of her wrist undoing clasps and buckles. Having the ability to control magnetic metals was so convinent sometimes. An Acolyte stood not too far off, visible but far enough away to give the two some measure of privacy. Or at least the illusion of it. A basket floated out from behind the Acolyte though, lifted by little metal rivets here and there and followed after Lorna.

The green haired mutant grinned though, sand settling between her toes as she made her way over to Alex. "See, I don't think many people are going to be lining up to visit our lovely beaches here anytime soon. Something about a UN embargo not being lifted yet. Also Magneto. I think a lot of would be tourists are going to avoid this as the vacation hotspot of the Summer because of him." She drawled, stepping up to him and lofting a brow upwards.

"So I think you should cut it for a bit and maybe take a break?" She tilted her head to the side. "I brought some snacks."


Alex executes a bow and offers his best Farm Boy Westley: "As you wish."

Pivoting in the sand, he moves toward his waiting shirt and sandals, shaking the former free of sand before pulling it on. "Snacks work. Not Chinese food again? Exotic tropical fruits?" Alex can be difficult to shake out of the meat and potatoes comfort zone.

"I think you underestimate tourists, Lor. Magnetos aren't going to slow anybody down. You'll just get more adventurous and impulsively spendy types. It'll be great, you'll see." He's put his dumb jock hat on, it seems. Whether through force of habit or some other reason is unknown.


Lorna shook her head, but was still smiling as she set the basket down and pulled out a towel to spread out on the sand for them to sit on. She settled then, flexing a hand with a mote of green as a magnetic shield bloomed to life around them. "Magnetic fields reflect solar damage, UV rays, radiation, and that nasty thing called a sun burn." She offered with a wink and a poke at his side.

"Sun screen need not apply." No wonder Lorna was always pale as if she never stepped outside.

A bag of chips, a few sliced apples and PB+J sandwhiches were on offer in the basket. Along with a few cans of soda. "No Chinese food. There's no resturants up and running yet. And tropical fruits? We've got some coconut trees some where, I've seen them. Maybe. But there are orchards for apples, oranges, and a few others that survived nearer to the mountains. Now that the Magistrates are being cleared out we've got more ariable land again."

The mention of tourists being dumb had her eyes rolling. "And unless they're mutants, Magneto won't let them in Hammer Bay."


More astute Alex tries to make an appearance, "Fighting racism with racism's never struck me a good long-term tactic."

Quickly willing any side of himself wanting to engage in thought to just shut the hell up, he grabs a slice of apple and gives it a crunch before continuing as if actively going out of his way to talk with his mouth full, "Mm… I don't sunburn. Or regular burn, really, come to think of it." He pauses mid-chew, then smirks and nods, "Well, there was this one time. Nuclear reactor. Definitely has to qualify as an exceptional circumstance."

Reaching down to grab a beverage, Alex cracks it open and abruptly moves from inane blather to inquiry: "So what's the road forward, Lor? UN Embargoes and … what, anti-human nationalism? It's a difficult starting place. Is pure isolationism the long-term?"


Lorna huffed a breath, cracking open a soda herself and sipping at it carefully as it nearly over flowed. The bag of chips followed. "Humans can appear anywhere else in the island. Hammer Bay is only for those that are allies that have been formally approved, or mutants and mutates. The humans have the whole world Alex. Why the hell do they need to be here? The rest of the island is open to visitors." She added, leaning back to glance out at the ocean.

"It's not isolationism to want one safe place where mutants and those that care can be free. Or would you have this place become like every other city out there? Where mutants have to hide who and what they are?" She arched a green eyebrow upwards, tilting her head to the side.

"And no, it's not anti-human. It's anti-genocidial, slavery-human. You can't tolerate intolerance Alex."


Breaking into a crooked grin, Alex offers, "I can't keep up with rhetoric while chilling on the beach." He takes a sip from his drink, then gives a shake of his head, "That's the kind of thing you say to a visiting Senator or something. If you think there's ANY chance whatsoever that -I- am holding some secret anti-mutant agenda, or that there's some sort of angle where I'm pro-intolerance?"

"Well, then there's no friendly discussion to be had." He waves a hand absently, "Anyway, I'll reload. Sorry if I'm throwing around loaded trigger words. Just trying to get an idea of the long-term goals in practical terms. No good-bad judgment involved whatsoever, simply curious."

He snorts and adds, "And I'm a bit conversationally lazy with my word selection. Figured you know me well enough not to think I'm going anti-mutant."


Lorna shot Alex a look over her soda, leaning back and popping a chip into her mouth. "Sorry, it's hard to turn it off. I've been getting slammed by people I thought I knew.." She murmured, Scott in particular. She'd become defensive automatically. She set the soda can aside and leaned back, stretching her arms out over her head and stifling a yawn.

"Magneto wants to leave Genosha a democratic Council with elections. Hammer Bay will be open to refugee mutants from other countries and the mutates here of course. Only those that fought for freedom from the human Genoshan population, are allowed here. Given what was done.. I can't say I'm surprised. Carrion Cove remains independent because they didn't use mutates as slaves." She shrugged.

"We're trying to work with outside companies, and governments to get the UN embargo lifted. It's hard because most of the world doesn't want to acknowledge Magento as leader of anything other than their worst nightmares. With the registration laws in the US…" She trailed off and shrugged.


"Sounds quite the convoluted mess." Alex offers, unhelpfully, already beginning to smirk and shake his head as Lorna's trailing thought sticks in his head, "Registration laws. There's some shit neither logic nor rhetoric can work out." He cuts off that line of thinking with a forced laugh and glib summary, "Wouldn't everyone be SO much better off if 'Do your own thing, mind your own business' were anywhere near an accepted standard?"

Havok stares at his soda can for a bit. Once upon a time, he'd have been overjoyed at the thought of just dropping off the grid and living the pure isolationist life. Ah, naive dreams of younger days.

"He killed her." Alex voices without context, continuing a conversation he'd backed out on the day previous. "Just… right in front of me. I told her to stay back, I could protect her." He looks up to Lorna, "Just…" He snaps his fingers. "Meltdown disintegrated her - Right. There. Then told me not to make promises I couldn't keep."


Lorna stretched out on the beach towel, content to let her thoughts drift briefly with the clouds. She too had tried to be 'normal' and been outted as mutant and chased from college by a bunch of Purifier wanna-be's after weeks of harassment.. the University hadn't done a single thing about it. That was the usual sob story mutants trying to get an education faced. She was lucky she could 'pass' for as long as she had.

The registration laws? She snorted, and shook her head. "I took a class on how genocides happen once. The first steps, after name calling, dubbing the person 'other'… comes registration recognized by the government. A legal 'othering'.. Makes it easier to round them up.. later.." She sighed, closing her eyes. She could still remember the lecture. Her professor going over the steps that most genocides followed, using the Holocaust and Bosnia as examples for reigstration..

It hurt doubly to think about, knowing her grandparents had died because of such laws before.. She remembered day dreaming about meeting them once.

Then Alex's voice cut through her trailing thoughts, her eyes widening as she twisted around to look at his figure. She reached out a hand, sitting up as she made to clasp his gently. A comforting gesture, rooted in concern. "I'm sorry." She whispered.


More subdued than seeming particularly emotional about describing the event, Alex just nods and gives Lorna's hand a tight squeeze. His expression is unchanged, though his hand can be felt trembling. "Thank you. I… haven't figured out what to do with it, yet."

He looks away, abruptly pulling a smirk, "Sounds dumb to say that, but… There's just pure monsters like that out there. So bloated with power. He didn't even care about her, no threat, just a tool in the service of pissing me off. And -that- was just another item on the to-do list."

"But it worked better than he expected it would." Alex takes a quick, deep breath and exhales forcefully, "Sorry. Surprise dark talk, but… I couldn't say it before, on the plane." Shake it off, Summers.


Lorna shifted on the towel and leaned her shoulder against Alex's a gentle attempt to remind him where he was, to try to root him closer to the present and not trapped within the memories of violence and pain. She knew nightmares that haunted her in the day, ones that wouldn't leave her alone. That feeling of powerlessness. She didn't pull away, merely offered what she could by being there as he held her hand back in a tight clasp.

"Monsters take a great many forms, and power certainly seems to create them." She murmured gently, "It's okay. Don't apologize. Talk when you want, what you want. Don't be ashamed of it, alright? Advice I know I could follow.. but.." Her own dry smile tugged at her lips.

"It's easier to give advice than to take it."


Alex barks a laugh, "That is absolutely true." He takes a few more breaths, considering… "Which reminds me. Scott." Ha ha. "I need to get more serious about getting back. Kind of … " He scrunches the more mobile side of his face in a guilty grimace, "Kind of putting it off for blatantly obvious reasons."

He leans back into Lorna's shoulder-lean briefly, then releases her hand and strolls toward the beach, "Little swim first." He calls back, "Any Genoshan death jellyfish I should know about?"

Sometimes, obliviousness suits Alex. Sure, he'll brood and mourn for a time. But it's a straightforward sort of tragedy in his mind, and likely one he can move past. Learning that the subject of his mourning orchestrated his abduction and deliberately led him to a psychopathic mutant in the first place? That might throw him a bit further off his center.

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