His Noodly Appendage

March 21, 2018:

Rocket and Dani Moonstar come upon an alien ruckus in a city park.

A Small City Park


NPCs: Mehr the Alien (aka Valkyrie's player is having too much fun making up weird aliens)

Mentions: Groot

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Fade In…

Compared to the last few alien encounters that started quiet and got noisy, this one's starting off with a bang.

Or rather, a body flying to the air and banging quite loudly against the corrugated metal of a small landscaping hut. The metal buckles inwards and a figure stands up and shakes it off, before charging deeper into the small city park with a loud war cry.

Seconds later, the figure goes flying again and hits nearly the exact same spot before bouncing off again. Something off in the darkness makes a sound that almost sounds like a snicker.

The park itself is mostly dipped in darkness with a few pools of light that take the inkiness off the edges. The gate around it is locked, but the six foot wrought iron fence with spikes doesn't really keep much of anyone out in this city.


Fences like that defintely don't keep out figures that aren't human and built to squeeze into places. The park otherwise isn't a place that usually gets any attention from Rocket as he passes by the area often. Tonight it was to grab a snack. Babysitting tiny trees is tiring.

The disposable cup misses the trash receptacle that it had been flung at completely, making a hollow sound as it bounces off the pavement and rolls in a half circle, dragging its straw along with it. The raccoonoid doesn't bother to try picking it up as he's distracted by the unusual noises coming from within the fenced off area. To be fair, he might not have bothered to pick it up anyway under different circumstances.

"Hmmm…" Ears perked, he turns and then makes short work of slipping between the bars and into the park itself. Sounds like someone's having a private party out here. Eyes narrowed, Rocket makes way towards the noise.


"All right, you're making me impatient, Mehr," says a female voice from a dark corner of the park. "Come along now. Your special quarters are waiting for you, with all the soil you can eat." Valkyrie tugs off her cloak and drapes it over a nearby bench. She rolls her shoulders back and twists the blade in her hand. The unusual blue blade glints strangely in the touch of street light.

Something gargles from the shadows. There's the sound of something large moving. It's a strange sound, like taut elastic bands being snipped in a purposeful manner.

Valkyrie moves forward more slowly this time instead of charging forward. She disappears into the darkness. Sounds of fighting kick up. A spray of frozen earth smacks in a quick stacatto against the bent metal shack.


Most people in their right minds might go in the opposite direction of such a spectacle and such uncertain sounds. …well all right, that probably isn't true as people tend to be too curious for their own good and so they get themselves into trouble. Rocket however is someone who goes looking for trouble and more often than not comes prepared for it. Case in point, the collapsible rifle over his shoulder.

He makes short work of the distance spanning between him and the dented structure, and now he can see the familiar form of the woman he'd struck a deal with. Already she's moving however, and so Rocket continues until he's not blocked by the metal makeshift structure. Out of habit he's slung his rifle around and has it gripped in both hands, extended into fire-ready mode with a satisfying hss-chk.


There's another person in the park - though not necessarily by choice - more like necessity as she's cutting quickly across it. A short-cut. A short-cut that's eventually going become something far more lengthy, as the sounds of violence reach her ears.

"What in the world." Mutters the Cheyenne woman and while she has a date waiting to happen, those familiar sounds of someone (something?) being beaten up (or at least pushed around) causes Moonstar to switch course.

She's coming from the other side, an accidental pincer like movement as she ghosts forward. Automatically her hand drops for the SHIELD issued weapon she has; though unlike Rocket it's nothing fancy. Just an ICER, but still she has it and she will use it if need be.


When the other two move deeper into the park, they're treated to a very…curious sight. It's fairly dark in the centre of the park, but not too dark to miss the creature that's best described as a big ball of black and purple rubber bands with five tendrils. It's sort of…hanging off a decorative statue of cherubs over a dry fountain. It's got a chunk of frozen earth in one of its tendrils that it drops into a mouth that just sort of…appears as it moves the chunk towards its centre mass.

Seconds later, Valkyrie surges forward and slashes out at the creature's side. Several of the bands snap in a strange sproinging sound. The wound (such as it is) stays only for a few seconds before it knits up. It snaps out its tendril arm towards the Asgardian, who deftly dodges, then lands a few feet back with a skid.


"…." Never fails, you think you see something weird and there's bound to be something weirder that comes along. But it's a broad galaxy out there, loaded with plenty of uglies. Rocket's seen enough on Knowhere as it is.

"So what's this guy convicted for?" the raccoonoid asks casually as though he were invited to some latenight cookout and Valkyrie was just beating around a pinata. He leans against his rifle, brow arching as for the moment he just seems inclined to stay out of range as the Asgardian goes at it with the rubberband ball.


Well. Moonstar is definitely taken aback momentarily at the sight of the creature. It's enough to cause the woman to give a slow blink as she tries to figure out just what she's looking at.

The movement of both Valkyrie and Rocket drags her attention /off/ of the floating ball of something and to the other two humanoids. Eyebrows rise upward, but she doesn't necessarily call out to them. Not yet.

Instead she brings her ICER up and aims it at the creature, "I'd say put your hands up, but -" Does it have hands? She's not going to even touch the thought of saying put your tentacles up - not that they're tentacles really, but well it is what it is.


We'll go with tentacles.

Speaking of, one of said not-a-tentacle snaps out towards Dani as she speaks. The thing cracks, whip-like towards her ICER. Mehr makes a noise that is something sort of approaching language and actually sounds…mildly lecture-y in cadence.

"They can't understand you, Mehr!" says Valkyrie, exhasperated. "Your translator was fried in the crash." She glances towards Rocket and gives the small sentient a nod. "I'd say we have to stop meeting like this but that would sound like flirting." She coils back and leaps forward for another attack, only to be got with a mid-air gut check that sends her sproinging backwards with a mass of kinetic energy. She manages to correct midair, and land mostly upright, but not before crashing through some evergreen bushes.


"Oh, I don't mind a little flirting," the raccoonoid replies coyly with a smirk to match. He remains where he is, at least until Valkyrie goes flying.

"Well, I guess we gotta do this the hard way. Heya Dani," he greets as he swings his rifle up again, adjusting power levels and settings with a clawed hand. Then he looks towards Mehr.

"Okay, so if you don't want trouble and wanna be able to feel your…arm thingies in the morning, I'd advise you stand down. To note, I am being extremely generous because usually I would have been shooting you by now."


The ICER is snapped out of her hands and the woman hisses and while others might be weaponless at this point, not Dani.

Energy coalesces around her hands and when the energy fades, Dani holds a magenta-hued bow and a similarly colored arrow. Though the question now is - will the alien physiology be susceptible to her particular powers.

Only one way to eventually find that out, but she doesn't yet shoot. Instead her gaze flicks to Val and Rocket. "Hey guys - fancy meeting you both here." And then Val attacks and Dani tightens her grip upon her psionic-based weaponry.

"He really is, you know. I've seen him in action. Normally he's shooting by now. I personally would prefer we settle this without any shooting, but hey if we gotta shoot -" They're going to shoot is the implied threat there.


Valkyrie emerges from the bush, looking irritated. There's bits of foliage stuck in her hair and to her clothing. She brushes the leaves off her and spits out some needles. She eyes Rocket's big gun, then looks back to Mehr. She points at the small sentient, "I don't think his weapon is going to tickle, Mehr! You can heal from a lot, but if your core gets blown to bits, even you might not be able to re-form!" She upnods towards Dani. "Unless that glowing arrow of yours can deliver kinetic force, it likely won't do much good. You're welcome to try, though."

If a Flying Elastic Monster could look indignant, Mehr would in this moment. He borbles something else that sounds like it's trying to be language and flails his various appendages. Then the tentacles snap out quickly, trying to grab for Rocket's gun.


Well, that doesn't go like they'd hoped. Rocket growls as he jerks to the side, throwing himself into a roll away from the grabby tentacles. "No ya don't! I just tuned this baby!" He tries to whack away the tendrils with his rifle while seeking for a clear shot. "See, this is exactly why I hate tryin' to chat 'em up. Language barriers! Guns make things so much simpler, a universal language, really!"

He'd given his warning, and granted no one else has any objections- aah who's he kidding, he'll shoot anyway. At least he set it to stun? Not that it's a pleasant sensation. Just ask Quill.


When Valkyrie appears and offers her sage advise about the possibility of her arrows failing, Moonstar looks briefly disgusted, before she shrugs. "Let's see." And much like Rocket, Moonstar goes with the age old language of SHOOT FIRST talk later.

The psionic arrow is pulled back and released and it flies silently towards the rolling mass that's Mehr.

And while she doesn't expect that to work, that doesn't stop Moonstar from moving, already anticipating retaliation from the thing.

And even as she moves somewhere high above the group flies a winged horse and as soon as Brightwind senses the trouble from his rider, he begins to descend rapidly. Moonstar might not have kinetic force but a pegasus surely will.


They're shooting first, and Valkyrie decides to take advantage of the situation, regardless of whether their respective weapons will do any good. Once she's realized that both of them are letting fly, she charges forward and goes low, inside the fountain itself. She thrusts her softly glow blade upwards right around when both of the shots will hit.

This is a good strategy because it neatly distracts Mehr and allows her to jam her sword centre mass and flick her wrist back to cut down at the mat of strands. This seems to sever control of a few of the tentacles plus whatever is letting Mehr hover.

This is a bad strategy because then a mass of noodly alien drops down on Valkyrie, and she gets a hit of the stun blast by proxy. She ends up slumped in the fountain, surrounded by twitching bits of Mehr, dazed, but conscious.


Oh. Oops.

Rocket lowers his rifle after the shot goes off, seeing who gets struck instead. Well, he can't take the blame for that, now can he? People should know better than to run into the line of fire! He gives Dani a look as though looking for an alibi on this as he gestures with a hand at the Asgardian in the fountain.

"At least that was the stun setting?" he shrugs before starting closer towards the pile of Mehr and Valkyrie, his rifle kept trained on the former.


There's a thud as Brightwind arrives and with a soft neigh the horse turns a blue-eye upon the gathering.

He's late it seems, but that doesn't bother him. Not when Dani is okay, though Val - that brings concern from the winged-horse, which Dani feels.

For Dani, a second arrow has formed within that energy bow and while she doesn't fire it, she keeps the weapon pointed at the now down Mehr and Valkyrie. Rocket's look is met with a roll of Moonstar's shoulders, something that's almost apologetic. "Wasn't your fault." She confirms, then she's stepping over, "Cover me?" She asks, dispelling the psionic energy within her hands.

While Mehr is given a look, it's Val that Dani goes to help out of the fountain first. "Ups-a-daisy."


Mehr is kind of…shedding. Bit by bit, layers of noodly elastic sort of flake off, until it reveals a kind of wrinkly creature about the size of a medicine ball with short flickering appendages that sort of floats out of the mass of tendrils. It makes a sound of angered protest that is more high pitched than it was a moment ago. It flies off to a bit of disturbed earth and starts to shovel frozen sod into its mouth.

Valkyrie tries to stand, slips on a bit of appendage and then rolls over to try and get herself upright again. She manages to stand up a moment later, but she's clearly buzzing a little from the combined stun-shots. It's pride that makes her not take the help from Dani. "Mehr! Get back…" she tugs a still twitching bit of tendril out of her shirt. "…get back here!" She sees Brightwind, but she's pretending not to be too fussed by the flying horse's presence.


"Just so long as we got that clear," Rocket says, nodding at Dani then as she asks for him to cover her. Brightwind is given a look and a shrug.

With Valkyrie being helped by Dani, the Guardian looks over at Mehr, who… has turned considerably smaller in the meantime. Huh. Still hanging onto his rifle, the raccoonoid follows after him. "…I'd say it was gross but Groot eats plenty weird things when he thinks I'm not lookin'."


"Just so long as we got that clear," Rocket says, nodding at Dani then as she asks for him to cover her. Brightwind is given a look and a shrug.

With Valkyrie being helped by Dani, the Guardian looks over at Mehr, who… has turned considerably smaller in the meantime. Huh. Still hanging onto his rifle, the raccoonoid follows after him. "…I'd say it was gross but Groot eats plenty weird things when he thinks I'm not lookin'."


Dani's grip is firm as she helps the other Valkyrie up to her feet. It's only after Val is up and as steady as she can be that Dani let's go and steps away from the other woman.

A nod of thanks is given to Rocket, for the cover, and then the woman turns a look at Mehr. That creature is given a long silent look, especially as it flies up again and moves toward the dirt. When it shovels the sod into its mouth, the woman can't help but mutter, "Why is it eating that?"

Brightwind just stays where he's at, though his intelligent gaze flicks between his rider, Valkyrie, Rocket and then the critter.

It's only when Rocket mentions the odd things Groot eats that Dani switches her attention to him a moment. "I .. don't even want to know, do I?"


"Mehr converts soil into appendages. The more soil he eats, the larger he gets and the more tendrils he can create." Valkyrie flicks off another bit of noodle. "He's grown fast. He was naked…" she points the blade at Mehr, "…when we first crashed. All of this is new growth." The sword is flicked and re-sheathed. "He can continue to grow as long as he has soil to consume. His kind have consumed all the soil on entire planets before. Some systems have moons that are actually the husks of his bretheren." She steps over to retrieve the cloak she tossed on the ground, which she fastens over her shoulder.

Mehr swivels when Rocket approaches. He chucks a frozen bit of sod at him with a short little noodly appendage.


Rocket strokes his chin thoughtfully as he eyes the thing called Mehr. "Is that right? Huh," he muses. Glancing over his shoulder at Dani, he smiles crookedly. "You really don't," he replies.

And then he's hit in the face by a clod of dirt, squinting as he lifts a hand to dust it off. Baring teeth, he points his rifle menacingly. "Just try that again dirtface…"


The sword isn't missed by Dani and while she can get a sense of the power, or importance it holds, it's not something Dani brings up right this moment.

"New growth, great." States the SHIELD agent, "I love when they can grow their own suits of armor. That's the best." Comes the sardonic words from the Cheyenne woman, and then like Rocket she's moving toward the creature.

"Oh for the love of -" Begins Dani when that block of sod hits Rocket in the face, "Listen, stop it and if you don't I'm hauling your -" Ass? Not he right word there, "- to SHIELD HQ. We've containment that can hold him." Or so she hopes. A look is flicked to Val, "I get the feeling this thing is something of your responsiblity? What's your call?"


Valkyrie reaches under a fold of her cloak. She pulls a small weapon seemingly from nowhere and fires it without hesitation. A small projectile pops into a net and encases Mehr. The creature rages and pulls at the net, but then small electro-shock pockets buzz to life and the creature subdues. "That's my call," she says to Dani.

She steps around Rocket, gives him a look, then extends a grapple from the weapon she fired. She flicks it, and it grabs onto the net. She then hauls the net and Mehr up onto her shoulder, like a weird Santa sack. "I've got a containment pod rigged up for him. He won't get anywhere near soil, so he won't grow." And then with another look to Brightwing, then back to the other two, she says, "Don't follow me." Then she's off, walking through the park, pausing only briefly to leap the six-foot wrought iron twisted fence like it's six inches high.


With Valkyrie stepping in to deal with Mehr, Rocket puts up his rifle, frowning. He might also be wishing he'd had a spare tracker handy to try planting on the evasive woman. Eh well, it's not like it's a difficult thing to find her, especially since he's technically been brought aboard to help her locate these alien runaways.

So he turns to look at Dani and the winged horse, shrugging as he compacts his rifle and slings it back over a shoulder.

"SHIELD's already got one'a these guys, I think. Big guy, face that looks like someone stepped on it a couple hundred times with fire hydrant." He's not sure how much Dani's in on the whole matter but it seemed that she was at least familiar with Valkyrie.

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