Crystal Cavin'

April 16, 2015:

Lunair has heard of a cool cave made up of crystals. She brings some of her Outsiders friends along. Something isn't as it seems.

A cave made up of crystals in California

A caaaaaaaave filled with immense crystals, some larger than several people. The crystals seem largely composed of gypsum and quartz.


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Lunair likes to explore. Since she spends more time with Skaar and the Outsiders, she's been going out and finding new places a lot more. Probably more healthy for her than a burgeoning MMO addiction, really. One find stands out. A cave, filled with giant crystals in California, and unusual geologic formations that is rumored to be haunted or full of 'the earth's people'. What in the world? Lunair was curious about the rumors, but people are superstitious.

Mostly, as an unusual, unique feature on Earth, Lunair felt it was worth seeing with the others. She also enjoys spending time with them that doesn't involve HYDRA, mercenaries, ominous German accents or whatever. "It's near the sequoias. The trees are almost as big around as houses… We shouldn't need any special gear, but those of us who're squisher will probably want a helmet and sturdy shoes."

Skaar has been exploring the world with Lunair, abusing Kori's spaceship teleporting system. Going to a cave full of crystals? Sounds good to him. Inviting all the Outsiders… well, okay. He can be social once in a while, too. Really. "And something that produces light," he adds to Luna's suggestions. (re-emit for log)

Jericho is looking a bit rough when he portals in not far from Skaar and Lunair. More than a bit rough really. The confrontation with Zyklon really took it's toll and he's got feedback burns on his chest, arms and neck (most of which are covered by his clothing). He also looks a bit tired. "Hey you two. What's all this now? Haven't been back in California in… long time." Not since he ran.

This, will officially be Reese's first outing with the Outsiders. One where she doesn't have to double back and go inside because things are about to go south. Nope. She was here. No regalia to wear, only a pair of jeans and regular ballet flats and a white t-shirt with a jacket to keep her steady. And then there was Max. He could be considered her trusty sidekick, if the poor dog wasn't huffing and puffing about the large sweater that was draped along his body. She wasn't aware of the temperatures, but she didn't feel like treating a doggy cold after a huge meal.

"I'm not too squishy." Reese admits. She could probably suffer a fall or get smashed by a building and come out whole. But, it's all whatever, all she had to do was stand behind the big dogs and allow them to do the work while she picks up the pieces. Easy. Peasy. Greasy.

"Who is that?" Reese manages to pipe up, hearing Jericho. She wasn't all that familiar with him, having met him twice, and not actually seeing the way his life-lines flow to commit to memory. Oh yeah, Reese portaled down in there somewhere too. Cause. Portals.

"Hey, Loonie," Roy replies, as he follows along, having carried along a fair supply of spelunking material. Glowsticks, ropes, flashlight, boots, knives, and the trucker hat, which doubled as a bat repellant. "Tell me again about -those- rumors-… what have you heard?"

The temperatures are decent. A little on the chilly side, but that's not unusual. Lunair pauses, looking at Jericho. She furrows her brows. "Are you okay?" She pauses. Fishing a small bottle out of her purse. "Here, this is aloe." Dude could use some aloe vera. he's more scorched than a political youtube comment debate. Yeow. Lunair looks to Reese and smiles a little. She nods. "That is our friend Jericho," She explains. "Hi Roy!" Wow. Bat repellant hat.

Lunair will gather herself an electric lantern and a flashlight, her own gear and such while waiting for Miss Starfire. "Good idea," She offers to Skaar. "As for the rumors, they seem to be tan or grey colored people with little or no hair and big bug kind of eyes. Not many people know much if that," She explains. "The locals just call them 'the earth people'. They don't seem to come into contact much, so it's not really a war situation although one person stated he had his entire garden raided."

Skaar will carry his sword just in the case the bug-eyed people isn't friendly. Although if garden-raiding is all they do, they don't seem too dangerous. Also, a sturdy flashlight. And some food, just in case. "This place is well-know, right? Humans go there all the time?" He asks.

Jericho carries his sword all the time. Granted, it usually doesn't look like a sword. he doesn't bother with the flashlight, though. "I'll live." The hacker murmurs low. He will. But oh hell this hurts. That's the usual result of going toe to toe with something outside his weight class.

"Hello there…" Did he get her name before? He's not sure. The odd woman who seems to be… maybe blind by the way she's reacting to things? "Like they say, I'm Jericho. Nice to meet you. Hey Roy." Nice kit. Aren't bat repellant hats usually purple and green?

"Oh. Jericho. Is he family?" Reese asks. But apparently, she didn't need to, Max's tail begins to wag so badly that it slaps against her leg, causing hidden welts beneath the denim that she wears. She could hear it all, the slight strain within his voice, the way Lunair asks if he's alright and offers aloe, her lips pursing with enough thought for her to drag her legs forward. Forward towards Jericho.

"I'm Reese." She says towards Jericho, nodding her head slightly as she lifts a hand, her finger pointing into his direction as it begins to E.T glow. She was no alien, but she had connections that she couldn't describe to the magic of the world. And that magic built and begin to form a streamline of energy and healing into Jericho..

..That's if he doesn't dodge.

Nodding at the others, Roy wrinkles his nose. Sounds familiar… didn't a group of men like that attack the UN a while ago? Bunch of little people with goggles to protect their eyes from the sun?

No, probably not. The location was a long -way- away from where they were.

Glancing up at Reese, Roy whistles. "Hey, I want a shot of that too." Not being serious, however, he quickly motions deeper down the cave. "Well then, Loonie, lead on. I'm sure Kori can sniff us out… I'll just mark our trail." Yep, armed with CHALK, just to make sure they could find their way to and back.

Lunair is in awe of Skaar's sword. Seriously, it's like a Final Fantasy thing. She looks quietly concerned for Jericho. "Okay, well. I owe you big time." For his help and really, it was pretty impressive he stood toe to toe. Freaking speedsters. She nods at Reese, then remembers. "I don't know how accurate the descriptions are. They moved quickly together," She admits. "And no, due to it being a cave, people really aren't going in much. This time of year it's a little chilly still," She explains. So they should be fine for space and privacy.

She blinks at Roy and nods. "Okay, that sounds good. I didn't want to leave her behind, but if she's busy…" Headshake. Nevertheless, Lunair makes sure she has her little bag packed and starts on in.

The crystal cave has a cool, soft breeze flowing through it now and then, and the air is damp. The crystals themselves are easily the size of grown adults, though many are smaller. The largest crystals easily push 40 feet, likely selenite crystals - moon white, and cool to the touch. Happily, they seem to be reasonably easy to navigate and Lunair will make sure Reese is helped on through while they explore. Their lights will have to do a few rooms in, and the whole place has an unearthly aura. So many crystals line the ceiling, walls and floor. Some could even be benches or furniture of sorts by virtue of flat surfaces and sheer size.

Shadows spike and bend due to the structures that create them. It's so quiet within.

Skaar nods and makes a signal to K'tten, and with a flash of light (possibly noticeable even to Reese) they are no longer in a starship but inside a cave. Flashlights out. "Directly underground?" He glances at Lunair, this was her plan. "Although we are still close to the surface," he adds after concentrating a few seconds.

"Don't mention it Lunair." Jericho's still keeping his voice low unaware Reese can read him so well.

"Maybe similar, Roy, though those creatures were organized by a- ACK!" He hadn't noticed the steam of magic headed toward him until it was almost on him. Then it hits him and his HUD starts scrolling in old kanji. Very old. He blinks as his traces start to eat the magic. Healing him is a bit more effort than it should be since some of that magic simply disappears into him without a trace. But the burns do shrink down and finally vanish.

"Whew. Thanks, I-" Cut off again by the teleport and sudden darkness Jericho sighs and flips his eyes to low light vision. They start to glow red. "Wow… pretty in here."

Yes, the healing worked through whatever teleport that happened, it was just a brief cut off, but Reese kept an eye upon the direction the magic was flowing enough for her to keep it up until there was nothing left to 'save'. She hangs onto Lunair's arm, Max still nearby and able to lead the way, thankful for not needing a flash of light but able to use those around her to proverbially light the way.

Trailing along as Lunair leads the way in, Roy marks the trail, pausing to whistle at the sight, shining flashlight every which way to illuminate the path more. "Wow… how old do you think these are…?" he asks, breaking the silence, as he shines the light into the darker crevices to try and catch everything.

The formation is unique. There is a room of the crystals, with circular formation that resembles a cave of swords, if swords were made of crystals. Lunair keeps her electric lantern up in her free hand. She looks surprised but smiles at Reese. "Isn't it? There's some quartz, some selinite… it formed over thousands upon thousands of years due to the moisture in the cave, since the air is cool and the water is hot." It's a bit simplistic, but Lunair is new to this.

She smiles at Skaar and nods. "It can go pretty deep, but some of the rooms are really hard to get into without knocking over crystals." Lunair isn't sure they want to take that route. The breeze in the caverns feels like a cool breath of air, though it is apparent between the moisture and breeze, one could get very cool very quickly. Few animals, if any, seem to live in here. It is almost like out of a sci fi novel, just crystals, cave formations and earth. "The queen's eye is supposed to be shaped like a flower," And there is sort of a rose shaped set of crystals. If one has a bit of an imagination. "Supposedly, the earth people tend to prefer to come out at night. But it's all rumors and hearsay." Although… some of the crystals look deliberately broken, when one looks really close.

"About half a million Earth years," replies Skaar. Well, he understands a couple things about rocks. "Also…" he peers down on of the crevices. "It goes down for miles." He frowns. It is much, much deeper he expected and he remains there, looking into the darkness and listening. Perhaps there are underground people, after all.

Jericho glances about with a lambant gaze. This place is really pretty. And while it could be natural he's encountered enough odd things in enough odd places that he's not prepared to relax just yet. Paranoia. It's a gift. And a curse.

"How far do we want to go looking. And, comes to that, what are we looking for? Or was this just a scenery trip?"

Reese leans against Lunair, using the woman for support. She still gets a little tired after healing, so she was glad to have her there. "If we are here for the scenery then I may as well go home." Reese jokes, she actually joked! "I would like to break a piece of crystal or whatever I could get my hands on to take it home with me. I bet it would make a good necklace…" She had no idea what was happening around her, but everyone seemed and sounded safe. So that was alright to her. Even Max was eager to see what lies beyond.

Huh. He'd never expected Skaar to be a good connisseur of Earth rocks. Skaar must have had some interesting time to decipher these things.

The deliberately broken rocks weren't something Roy could figure out, quite that obviously. "Not like they can tell it's night down here, not without coming close to the entrance." Checking for signs of other people being on this path, Roy calls out to Jericho, "Hey Jeri… do you have some sort of heat-tracking? Can you see any heat sources other than us?"

Lunair's probably helped Skaar with some textbooks. Besides, she thinks geology is interesting, too. She nods at Skaar. "Really? Longer than I thought," She considers. Lunair looks thoughtful. Miles, huh? Lunair considers it. "That makes sense." Lunair smiles as Reese leans against her, moving carefully. She giggles a little at the joke. "I think there's a small one here," Lunair comments a Reese mentions wanting a little crystal. "They often do. It'd look prety on you."

Lunair goes quiet as Roy talks. Is that a foot print beneath the light cast by Luna's lantern? There's a few little crystal shards there, too. Signs of tool use, perhaps. And a soft sigh amongst the breezes.

You should expect some knowledge on rocks from a wielder of the Old Power, even if they come from outer space. Besides, Lunair gave Skaar a laptop and a cell with satellite uplink. "Scenery trip… if you mean we are here to see and learn," he replies to Jericho. "Luna thought you would like to see this."

"Beats getting shot at." Jericho confirms, now relaxing a bit. "Or having cage matches with nazi speedsters." He takes a deep breath and glances back to Roy and Reese to make sure they're doing okay. That confirmed he looks about at the crystals, more closely, flipping to thermals after a moment to look for unusual heat signatures as Roy asked. "Hang on a sec, I'll check."

"Or stabbed."

Reese's own little words bear memory to her own trials and tribulations, but that didn't matter really. Right now? This was exploration, and it was a little bit fun. Something that she doesn't do on a daily basis. "Would you be able to grab a crystal for me?" She asks Lunair, heck.. all of them. And if she gets more than she asked? She'd be all the more happier.

It's the little things that count.

Glancing quickly, Roy whistles. "Hold up, Loonie… stay there."

Closing ground, Roy kneels to inspect the footprint, followed by the shards. "Hey Jeri, see anything around this area…?"

A frown at Jericho and Reese. "As long as we don't get assaulted by dwarfs with big fists that only know how to do the nutcracker… anyway, that's not any of ours, is it?"

Lunair smiles and nods. "It's unique, and there's only a few other places even close to like it," She explains. "Besides, the rumors of the earth people… I wondered if there was more to them. The world is a big, big place - it is entirely possible. Our Earth has a lot of deep ground that someone could potentially live if they don't mind losing the sun. Seems kind of sad to me in a way." Lunair is sort of overeager to enjoy life not in a hospital room.

Lunair looks a bit worried, as Reese mentions being stabbed. She nods. "Yeah… I was really worried," She admits about Jericho. "Sure. I bet there's some cute ones." Lunair will look for a few that seem suitable for using in a necklace. That little one is cute… and - Lunair pauses. "You're awfully worried about your nuts," Lunair considers Roy a moment. "What's -" There is indeed a footprint. It's - a bit odd to be human, perhaps. And those crystal shards look to be remnants of someone chipping it into a tool or weapon. So far, there's - no real heat signature, although there may be hints of a second footprint. Whomever or whatever was here isn't now.

Actually, Lunair stops to ask Skaar: "What do these crystals tell you?"

Skaar peers over Roy's shoulder to see the footprint and frowns. "That one is fresh, and strange for a human foot," he points out. Roy would know better about it being human or not, of course. He glances at the others, "do you want to look for those Earth People creatures? I have time."

An amused glance is directed to Luna. "Crystals don't talk. Or at least these aren't talking."

Jericho quriks an eyebrow at Scaar. The man seems to have a lot to say when it comes to rocks. Though… just as well really. He certainly doesn't. Well, nothing that's not on google at any rate (though that can be a lot…)

"Nothing in the thermals." Jerichoi reports. They seem to be at no immediate risk of anything particularly dangeorus. "Footprint's interesting though… Roy, what do you make of that?" He glances back at Reese and wonders, can she just… sense life?

"He's a guy, Lunair. He's always going to be worried about his nuts." She smiles a little, the image playing over her mind of Roy and others being pummelled by dwarf men, and.. for some reason it actually made her laugh. It was a quiet one though, not to alert anyone to their position. "I don't think we should go looking for trouble.." Reese warns Skaar, but that was in her nature. Leave well enough alone if they're not bothering people.. they possibly just want to be left alone.

Reese could sense life, but not by normal means. They were so close to the source of life itself (deep within the earth), and it was all around them. She had a small bad feeling, but to announce it would bring it forward. "I think we should turn around now.."

"Unless it's one of those small nutcracker people, I think we've got company," Roy replies. Fresh, from the looks of it…

A look back up towards Reese, Roy frowns. "… right. Guard up, people, back the way we came…"

Lunair blinks and frowns. She moves to look. Then she shakes her head. "I don't know. We don't know how many there are or if they are friendly. But if we want to look for them, let's wait for Starfire and when everyone is feeling a bit better. And really? Bummer." Lunair gently taps a crystal. She nods at Jericho. "I see."

Lunair isn't sure what to make of it. She giggles at Reese. "If she thinks we should turn around, it might be best for now." Lunair feels a little uncertain now. A nod at Roy. "Let's go for now and think it over." She'll keep the crystals she picked up for Reese, and walk with her back up and out.

Skaar shrugs. Going deeper or going upwards, either way is fine for him. Although going up to the surface is going to be interesting if there are humans around. No one saw them going down in the first place. And they are a rather strange group. "Fine, I'll watch we are not being followed. Go ahead."

Jericho nods slowly and reaches behind him for his blade. It unfolds, bringing those odd silvery bracers to his arms with it. He's on guard now, but not… as tense as he might be. "Up it is." Skaar can have the rear guard if he wants it. He might intimidate them just to look at. The guy's imposing and no mistake.

"Right, I've got point, then…" Roy replies, as he moves to the front. Time to backtrack, and follow the markings he'd left behind… at least, a good thing they had these, it might make it easier to come back where they were. "And if these are the same as the little men who hit the UN we've seen before, I think I'm much more concerned with their big, big buddies…"

Lunair nods, and will help Reese up and out. Fortunately, the entrance is little traveled - most humans either don't know about the caves, thankfully. Lunair will walk with them. She smiles at Skaar. "Thank you." He is intimidating looking, but she seems quietly fond of him in her own right. Fortunately, their trek up and out is quiet and peaceful. They will be able to get home nice and safely.

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