Wedding Woes

March 20, 2018:

The Cuckoos, and Monet try to help Lorna prepare for her wedding.



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Mentions: Darcy, Scott, Illyana, Nate


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Genosha in the evenings was still hot, a tropical island, with all that it entailed. The only true relief is being in the AC'ed suite of rooms that Lorna occupied in The Spire.. Along with any of the other rebuilt skyscrapers that were fast being rebuilt once more in Hammer Bay. The city had come alive with the news of Zealot's capture, and the mopping up of the Magistrates. With the news and announcement that Lorna's wedding would be within the next few weeks?

There were more mutates out and about than ever before. No more sniper attacks, or Sentinels openly destroying Hammer Bay and terrorizing the residents. There were celebrations that popped up and faded away as news spread amongst the population.

Lorna had spent her day out and about, meeting Mutates that wanted to see her and thank her for her part in the capture of Zealot. Magneto had been right, they saw her as their savior.. and it was a bit unnerving.

So the green haired mutant retreated to her rooms. The vast and sumptous suite was decorated in soft creams and blues. Almost all the furniture dark stained wood of the highest quality. Crystal chandliers and balconies with french doors. It wasn't Lorna's taste, that much was obvious by the fact the decore matched the rest of Magneto's strong hold. No one had ever accused Magneto of having a lack of taste for the finer things in life.

In one of the many rooms that Lorna had, was one dedicated to the wedding. Darcy had planned out most of it, including weddings dresses plenty of sizes larger than Lorna ever wanted to consider. After all, Lorna had planned to be married months ago… Not at four, nearly five months pregnant.

A huff of breath escaped the green haired magnokinetic's lips as she dragged her hands through her hair as she eyed one of the dress options hanging up in front of her.


Slipping into the room quietly, Monet peers at the dresses lined up and smiles. She had flown out this way soon after hearing that Lorna was going to be picking out dresses. She had broken the sound barrier to get here in just a few hours. She smiles as she walks toward the woman and says, "Hey!" She tries to get a small startle out of the woman and chuckles, "You have some nice choices."


"Knock knock," one of the Cuckoos calls before pressing her way into the room not too far behind Monet. She smiles briskly and looks aroun the room, blue eyes bright as she studiess the people present. "We knew you were having trouble making a decision on the dress, so we- I- thought I'd come down here and see if I could help while the others aare rounding up a few, ah… Malcontents?" Monet gets a smile next. Nothing is out of place on this young woman, from the preppy white jacket and blue pleated skirt to her blonde tresses with the slight curl to them. "And you have company already. Evening, M. How are you?"


Lorna practically jumped as Monet came behind her, and a sound escaped her from a smothered hand pressed against her lips. "Monet! Gah, don't scare me like that. Marcos is out and I thought it would be a good time to finally… well, make a choice. I just.. I had hoped Darcy would be here with me. It's been.. hard." She grimaced, and dragged her hands through her hair.

"And well, with.. not being part of the X-men now.. I can't just slip through the portal and ask people to come help me pick something." She made a face, turning to look at the array of ordered dresses. Of course, further consideration broke when there was a knock and one of the Cuckoos, Lorna wasn't sure which, entered.

Still, having the two classiest women Lorna knew off hand present was… a bit of a relief honestly, even if she didn't openly admit it. Her shoulders relaxed, and Lorna grinned. "Just in time.. I wasn't sure how I was going to get in and out of any of these without extra hands."


The girl grins and shrugs, "Well, you needn't worry. I'm here…" She looks back at one of the…uh five sisters. She nods to her, "Hi." SHe nods he rhead, "We're here." SHe nods her head again before shrugging and saying, "And of course I'd be happy to help." She idly stretches and looks at the choices, "I believe you should try them all and we'll tell you for sure which is best."


"That sounds perfect. You can model them for us. And then Monet can model for the bridesmaid's dresses if you need her too," The Cuckoo adds, aa sly smile on her lips. She nods once and glances between the two women.. "Don''t worry, Lorna.. We'll make sure you're taken care of. Just leave it to us- all of us." A glance includes Monet in that statement as well. "Start with the one you like best?"


Lorna lifted her hands up into the air, and hangers of every variety came swimming out into the air and twirled even in one or two directions. "I have the veil picked out. I figured something long and crazy, since I really can't do much with my hair.." She grinned, her green hair barely grazed her shoulders these days and on a good day, spiraled in curls that floated around her in magnetic currents. Bad days, everything went flat as a sheet of paper.

"I also like roses, red ones.." She murmured, considering one dress that she'd ordered that had even made Darcy roll her eyes. It was a bit over the top.

"No solid white.. since.. well, I'm pregnant obviously.." She drawled, "I'm not fooling anyone. Not going on five months. So I figured nothing fitted." Those dresses had long ago been sent back to where ever they'd been ordered. Which left the big, poofy, Princess Style. All of which swished around the room. Lorna flicked her wrist and one trailed forward on the hanger toward her waiting grasp.

It was .. interesting to say the least. Off-white. A sweet heart neckline, strap less, with waves of sheer tulle, an enmorous train, where it split down the back to reveal red silk beneath.


A smile comes to her lips and she nods her head, "Just pick out what you like best and then we'll tell you what is best." She nods her head and then settles into a seat and looks over at the Cuckoo and nods to her before tilting her head, "Me?" She hmms, "I was considering going after a tux." SHe nods and chuckles.


"…Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing you in a tux. Maybe I'll even get a dance?" Monet's statement is greeted wit ha smile and then the Cuckoo purses her red lips before turning her gaze back to Lorna. "I like the general design," she begins thoughtfully. "Might take in a few things…?" She tilts her head for a second, apparently thinking on the question for a moment. "You really like the Princess gowns, hm? I wouldn't have picked you for the type." There's no disparagement, either. Just careful thought. No doubt more than one mind is on the case.


Lorna colored faintly as she made to slip into the dress, no shame in undressing before either woman. After all, she'd already been to the spa with Monet. And telepaths. Eh. They saw everything anyways.

She shimmied into the gown, holding it up to her chest as she twisted around. "I don't. But I'm not a fan of walking down the aisle with a giant bump with a form fitting dress. I wanted to get married before I knew I was pregnant." She pursed her lips, looking utterly miserable with the idea of it all.

"I'd wanted a form fitted thing.. lace and low-neckline and back." She sighed, "But yeah.." She shifted around to look at herself in the mirror.


A grin and she looks over at the girl, "Oh, yeah?" She chuckles and then grins and looks over at Lorna again, "You will just have to work with what you got. I'm surprised you aren't walking around all proud of your bump." She chuckles and nods her head before saying, "Now, lets make sure you are well set." She gets up and walks over to help with the dress.


Whichever Cuckoo this is, they choose to watch for now. Blue eyes study both women intently and the young woman nods a few times as things are being straightened. "You should be proud. It's nothing to be ashamed of. If someone tries to shame you for it you should leave them to me." The blonde tilts her head slightly, her shoulder length tresses falling across her face briefly as she moves. "Form-fitted might not work for you but I bet we can find a way around it… With a little design magic. Mindee has a couple ideas."


Lorna glanced back as Monet helped lace her up into the dress, letting her hands fall away from the grip around the heart-shaped neckline. The top was covered in little embroidered designs, which sparkled when she moved. It was by far more 'girly' or 'Princess' than Lorna had originally imagined for her wedding. She was a tall, thin woman, and well.. in a dress and out of her more loose fitting tunic cut shirts, it was very obvious she was pregnant.

Her hands fell to her stomach as Monet and .. whichever Cuckoo, encouraged her to be proud of the growing child under her hands. Lorna could feel Aurora's powers, a live wire, in her mother's magnetic senses. One of the world's first third generation mutants.. and one that was already demonstrating power.

"It's not that I don't feel… proud of her. It's… I'm just self conscious I guess. My father is going to use the wedding for political captail, I promised him he could. It's good for Genosha.. I just.. I'm not used to having eyes on me. At all.. least of all suddenly having everyone know who I am and what I look like. I hate to say it, but I'm used to hiding."


A smile, she nods her head as she listens before saying, "And yet you are beautiful and should be proud of it." She nods her head, "Not as beautiful as me of course." She looks in the mirror and smiles at herself, "But who is?" She asks and shrugs before looking over at her, "It's half the reason that I'm suggesting I wear a tux. I'd hate to outshine you." She chuckles and nods her head before she considers, "If you wish, I can call someone to make a custom dress just for you. I'm sure it'll be fantastic."


"Well, that's the problem. It's always been the problem. Someone iwth your gifts doesn't need to hide. And now that you're geetting married and youre a hero to the people here- you don't need to hide, Lorna. It sounds like you get that."" Monet's posturing gets a bemuse glance but the blonde seems more appreciative than annoyed. Instead she offers a wry smile and shrugs. "You're right. You're almost as fabulous as we are." She's poking the bear a little, no doubt. "Okay!" A beat "I think we know what we're doing. That's a good start."


Lorna glanced dubiously between the two as she shifted toward the mirror, her hands settling on her hips admist the poof of skirts around her waist. She grimaced faintly at her reflection, shifting to tug the trail up behind her. Her green eyed gaze swung back toward the other two. "I look like a watermelon. Green hair on top, and red on the bottom. What was I thinking.." She grumbled, and huffed unhappily.

She shifted back toward Monet, arching a brow. "Wear a tux or a dress. It's cool either way. But bridesmaid dresses are going to be blue. It's the most neutral color for people and it won't clash with my hair." She'd almost agreed to yellow at one point and that had blown up.

It was all well beyond Lorna's depth of understanding and she was floundering. She wanted it all over and done with. (Really she'd rather elope, but that wasn't going to happen now).

A glance was spared toward the Cuckoo and her confidence. "At least someone here knows? Because I have three weeks."


A huff and she looks at the girl behind them, "Almost?" She rolls her eyes before looking back at Lorna, "You are right, this dress isn't for you but that doesn't mean there isn't one." She nods her head, "We'll just have to find it or have it made." SHe nods her head before looking down at herself and up, "Hmm, a blue tux?" She chuckles, "A lovely idea, definitely nothing I have done before but what kind of blue? Dark Blue? Light Blue? Sky Blue? Cerulean?"


"Cerulean would be interesting," the blonde notes with a soft laugh. She nods as well and steps forward while she considers this for a moment. "Actually, that would match your skin tone." There's a grin from the Cuckoo to foflow that pronouncement and then a finger is lifted to tap her carefully manicured nail against her red lips. "Mindee will send over a few suggestions for dresses? Don't worry, we still have plenty of itme to get everything done. Promise. It's going to be perfect." Then she adds to Monet, "Honestly, I couldn't see you giving up the chance to wear a tuxxedo to a wedding anyway."


Lorna shrugged helplessly, "I dunno, blue is as far as I got? I don't even have a definite list of bridesmaids that will show up anymore. After ..everything that happened with Scott.. I doubt Jean will still show up. Or Rogue.." She mumbled, her lips pursed together. Her list of bridesmaids and groomsmen had shortened dramatically since that incident.

Illyana and Nate were likely to still come, as were the two women in the room. But beyond that, Piotr? Logan? ..Scott himself? She doubted the man would be willing to not go after her family at her wedding. Pietro and Wanda were going to be there.. and that was just asking for trouble.

"Maybe jewel toned blue.. like sapphire?" Another shrug and a furrow of her eyebrow as she started to get out of the dress. But she seemed to listen to .. whichever Cuckoo's encouraging words. That it would be taken care of. That there would be a dress that fit and that she was well and truly happy with. Darcy had tried so very hard, it wasn't her fault that Lorna had little desire to actually plan her own wedding.


Looking at Lorna, she sighs and shrugs, "It'll be ok." She nods her head as she stands up, "I'm going to go see what I can figure out, I'll be back." She nods her head and starts toward the exit, "Just keep trying things on but I'll see what I can do to find you something nice and for me, too." She nods her head and grins.

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