Phone Calls from Vorozheika

March 21, 2018:

Alex calls Lorna to pick him up from.. where ever he is.

Genosha, Vorozheykina, aircraft


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Mentions: Scott Summers, Magneto, Nate, The Brotherhood, The X-men


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Slamming the phone receiver back in its cradle, Alex Summers raspy shout of "Damnit!" nearly drowns out the complaining jingle of the cold war era rotary phone on the hospital wall. A passing nurse glares, and Alex holds up a bandaged hand, "Prosti, prosti…" Giving a heavy sigh, Alex leans against the wall and looks at his smartphone.

With most of his face bandaged, the grimace is hard to read… He selects a contact, turns back to the phone, and dials up one Lorna Dane.


Lorna had well, been having her own crappy week. Called out on her actions in working with the Brotherhood for supplies, Darcy getting arrested, having to deal with her father and the Council.. Being nearly five months pregnant and unable to fit into her wedding dress.. Her life was a spiral of action and oddly domestic scenes and it was difficult for her to manage some days.

Of course, the benefit of living in an technologically advanced society with her father, one of the world's strongest Magnokinetics, meant that she could have smartphones that didn't explode under her unreliable powers.

Small things.

So when the phone rang and she was trying on yet another variant of the wedding dresses she'd been trying on all day.. she blinked. No one ever called her. They either showed up or didn't.

So with a wave of her hand, the phone came racing to her grip and she didn't even have to hit the button to answer the call. "Hello?" A blink at the caller ID showed it was Alex.

Oh boy.



"Lorna, thank God." Alex's voice is recognizable, though deeper and a bit raspy, as though he'd spent the past few months chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes. Perhaps the terrible connection is to blame.

"I've been trying to reach Scott. I… something's happened. I'm in Vorozheika." He shoulders the handset of the ancient phone, taking a moment to tug at the bandages that keep trying to obstruct his mouth. Hospital workers and patients pass by, indifferent.


Lorna blinked again, and started to peel away the layer of silk and satin that clung to her frame, waving away the Acolyte that offered to help her out of the gown. "Where? What the hell, Alex? Is that where you've been? We had to take down Zealot and…" She broke off, trailing away as she realized that Alex didn't know. Didn't know that she wasn't part of the X-men anymore. That Scott had freaked before going to Mutant Town and getting his ass beat up by… well, by her siblings if the news report was any indication.

"I know." Her voice soft, and carefully measured. "I read the report. Nate mentioned it briefly.." She considered, frowning at her reflection in the mirror.

"Do you need help getting back?"


"Well, I was in Costa Verde, but… It's a long, long story." Frowning abruptly, Alex cocks his head to the other side… and drops the phone from his shoulder. It clatters loudly against the wall, with Alex issuing muffled profanity in the background before recollecting it.

"There was a report? What report?"

Not allowing time for a response, he presses on abruptly, "Nevermind, I was hoping you'd have the resources. I have to get out of here. I'm in the world's least competent hospital, I think."


Lorna's frown deepened and she shook her head as she finally freed herself from the dress of sugary fabric and floated freely in the air above it, irritation painting her features into a twisted look. As the phone dropped she pulled it from her ear, wincing as she stared and pressed the button to put Alex on speaker phone as she made to get dressed in her usual clothes.

"It was in the news. All over. Scott went into Mutant Town alone and got beat up." She didn't add that she suspected it was the twins. The lack of evidence or witnesses to the whole ordeal spoke volumes.

"Resources or just because I'm on the right side of the world to come get you, without bugging Illyana to open up portals to a hell dimension?" She snarked back, arching a brow as if he could see her. Still, she pulled on her pants, boots and shirt without arguing.

"I can be there in an hour. Do you want me to bring an actual flying thing, or do you want to be superman'ed to the states?"


Wincing, Alex continues tugging at bandages, then tentatively probes at relatively fresh radiation burn scar tissue. The motion prompts a quick hissing intake of breath. "Um…"

"Trust me, if I could avoid you having to see me right now, I'd be going with another option. Yeah. I don't think open air flying is a good option, right now."

Alex closes his eye and leans back against the cold hospital wall again, "I really appreciate it. I didn't know about Scott…"


Lorna recognized the hiss of pain, the sharp intake of breath over the phone and suddenly, it clicked why Alex was at some backwoods hospital in the middle of nowhere. "Alex Summers, what the hell did you do to yourself?" She snapped, her temper flaring as she shoved her feet into her steel toed boots. Metal jewelry flying to close around her wrists, neck, and ears. She was loading herself up with more nickel and steel based accessories than a Hot Topic in the early 2000s.

"I'll be there, we've got a few aircrafts that I could take from Genosha. Do I need to bring a proper medic with me?"


Alex blinks a few times, casting a side eye glance down the hospital hall as he immediately recognizes the Tone of Voice. "You'll have ample opportunity to berate me later. I … uh, found out what happens when I suck up too much energy." He gives a snort, "Think the news is reporting it as a possible meteor strike or something…" Pausing to clear his throat, he adds, "No, nothing emergent a medic can do anything with, I don't think. Think we're looking at more of a specialist sort of situation. Hank, maybe?"


Lorna frowned, scowling at the phone as if it would be enough to prove that her ex-boyfriend was being a moron. "I'll have the tech specialist load up the jet. Genosha actually knows how to treat mutants and power overloads, Alex. It's sort of a thing when you've got a large population of mutants and mutates and advanced technology. Plus you know, people who have powers to heal shit." She snarked. Hank, the X-men? Oh no, she was not stopping at Westchester with a Genoshan jet with her Acolyte bodyguards. Not that Alex need know of that yet.

One thing at a time.

Rolly, the little drone Tony Stark had given her, buzzed to life, whirling and dispatching orders as she lifted her head from the phone and barked out orders to get the flying vehicle ready.

"Is there anything else I should know about before I leave, Alex?"


Giving a snort, Alex quips, "Don't eat lunch, first?"

He rolls his eyes at his own knee-jerk need to be a self-pitying smartass at this particular moment, then shakes his head a few times before remembering to actually talk into the phone, "No. No, I don't think so. Thanks."


Lorna huffed, knowing her father would give her hell for taking resources to go out and help 'an X-man' but it wasn't like Alex was a steadfast member of the team either. But helping a mutant that needed medical attention? Eh.. she might be able to swing it. Besides, wasn't that what Genosha was supposed to be all about?

"I'll be there in an hour, text me the coordinates you're at so I don't have to look up the hospital myself, yeah?" A roll of her eyes followed as she left her opulent suite of rooms behind to 'suit' up more or less.

Maybe she could figure out a way to pick up some more local mutants in need too, where ever it was that Alex was at. It would at least sell the story better to the Council.. She mused, "I'll take that under advisement."




Turns out that sneaking away from a hospital where the staff has effectively given up on knowing what to do with you isn't as difficult as one might think, Vorozheika hospital security notwithstanding. The open field isn't an ideal landing spot, but to be fair it isn't easy to find an abandoned air strip on such short notice.

Alex's ride drives off, the driver happily poking at an old MP3 player gained in trade for his services.

Standing in a loose-fitting tracksuit, Alex readjusts his bandages. He's elected to keep the majority of his face under wraps, more for Lorna's sake than his own.

Scowling at the sparse wilderness, Havok waits.


The tiny jet that Lorna had taken over for the use of picking up her Ex-boyfriend had been liberated from the Magistrates a few days ago. It was stripped of most everything already, but it still flew. And that was good enough for her. An Acolyte bodyguard flew, while another mutate had been brought along from the medical facility. Stolen SHIELD supplies notwithstanding, Genosha had technology far more advanced and far more concentrated on Mutants and their powers than anywhere else in the world.

The jet landed without much turbulence, it landed more firmly like a hovercraft, not needing a landing strip as it touched down in a manner more befitting a helicopter. The door on the side swung open, and there stood Lorna Dane, Polaris.. In all her scowling glory. The woman wore a leather jacket studded through with metal bits and bobs, a plated chest piece of green beneath which her stomach swelled faintly, and a pair of ripped up jeans and steel encased boots.

"C'mon board Alex. Lets get you checked out. You're lucky the flight wasn't that far, all things considered." She knew they had an energy cell problem.. But if worse came to worst, she could magnetic fly the thing home..


Alex manages to hurry and limp pretty effectively with a skipping gait, shouldering a duffel bag with a few belongings hastily grabbed from his hotel room before grasping the doorway to pull himself into the little jet.

"Thanks, again, Lor." It wasn't just the connection, it's possible Alex took up chain smoking and hard drinking during his Vorokheikan vacation. He finds the nearest empty seat to slump into, letting his bag fall to the floor. "I'll say one thing for local healthcare… They're -generous- with the pain meds."


Lorna bent to offer a hand to help Alex up, despite the side eye the Acolyte gave the blonde, the pilot didn't say anything further against it. Though a report would be sento Magneto ASAP. That was for certain. Lorna was well aware that the Acolytes were her father's people, and that they spied on her just as much as they 'protected' her. Whatever.

She still was concerned about Alex. Even as he strapped into his chair and the mutate healer she brought started to look him over. Pinching here and there, poking and prodding bandages and frowning as a scan with some device beeped and whirled in their hands.

Rolly, the drone that Stark had given Lorna did a barrel roll over her shoulder and clicked and beeped in Alex's general direction. Lorna sighed, closing the door behind her with a wave of her hand. "So, why the hell did you think it was a great idea to come running out here by yourself, Alex?" Her voice wasn't angry, mostly a bland, tired, irritation. She herself plopped down beside him, and the hovercraft took off into the air without much hassle.


Giving his head a shake, Alex instinctively slaps at a hand that pinches a particularly sensitive bit. "Again. Long story, short flight. And it was originally a … well, seemed like an attempted murder, but more of a planned abduction in retrospect."

"Dammit, we're doing this NOW?" Giving the healer a firm glare, Alex reaches a hand up and starts unceremoniously ripping bandages free from his head while continuing.

"Nasty mutant. Someone I now hate more than Zealot. No follow-up to worry about, though." His ruined face free of bandages, he fixes one bright blue and one cloudy eye on Lorna and adds, "He's dead."


Lorna leaned back in the seat as the craft flew free of the country below and took to the skies. The trip would be fast, not so long a flight really. The hour Lorna had needed to get there was just as much to do with the set up and getting a craft together as much as it was air time. She grumbled, crossing her arms over her stomach. Which, when Alex looked, was showing now.

"Yes, we're doing this now. So stop being a Summers about it. Let the woman do her job." She muttered, even as the Mutate reached out a hand and touched the areas that looked the most sensitive. The pain stopped almost immediately, and the woman tsk'ed under her breath as she continued to scan and take notes on her tablet. "She can't heal you, but she can mute the pain while we get you to Genosha to get properly taken care of." She shot back.

Of course, as Alex continued about having killed someone.. she gaped just a little, blinking repeatedly.

She caught herself though, and shook her head again. "Happy to see you're still alive."


For an extended moment, with jaw clenched and stiff upper lip, Alex looks more like Scott than he's managed to for as long as Lorna has known him, even despite his injuries. Glancing at the mutate, he gives a barely perceptible nod. "Fine."

Glancing back to Lorna, he considers. Where to start? The vacation? The abduction? An unexpected romance ending in tragedy? Probably not the latter, though it is what has him hesitant to enthuse agreed optimism regarding his survival. Instead of going into it, his eyes track to a nearby window to watch the sky. "I am still alive." It sounds almost as if he's trying the phrase on for size.


Lorna rolled her eyes at the obviously Summer's expression on Alex's features, and she shook her head against his firm 'fine'. The mutate woman didn't poke or prod anymore, though she made several more notes as she walked around the seat where Alex was and inspected the wounds as best she could. A few more taps on the tablet and she stepped back to sit down.

It would seem Lorna had already filled in the woman in regards to Alex, his powers, and general state. Little need to pester Havok over such things.

Lorna's snark left though at the emptiness of the reply in the younger Summers brother. She reached out her hand to settle against his on the arm of his chair. A gentle touch. Light and barely there.

"You won't get any judge-yness from me on what you did or didn't do, Alex. I'm not one to judge if what you did was right or wrong."


"He was a lot like me." Alex half-murmurs, adding… "Power-wise, I mean. That's why I was targeted. Absorbing my energy to power his own, and… I don't know." Casting a quick glance back to Lorna, Alex smirks or scowls. Reading his expressions could take a bit of adjustment.

Looking back out the window, he snorts, "To take over the world, or whatever megalomaniacs think they're going to do with too much power. That's why he needed me good and angry. Out of control. That's why he… Well. Why he did it."


Lorna kept her hand on Alex's, even if he just seemed to ignore it as he started his tale. An awkward start, when she couldn't be sure what his expression was exactly. But she listened, and slowly nodded. Still, hesitant to poke him too much when he was clearly out of sorts. He had to be, if he called her and not the X-men. And that was okay. (Even if he had tried to call Scott before).

"Does this guy have a name? Not that it really matters. If he's dead. He's dead. And I can't say, given your state, that I'm all that torn up about it."


Leaning back into his seat, Alex closes his eyes and is simply quiet for a few moments before responding. "Meltdown. That's all I ever heard…" He ruminates another moment before venturing, "I … had made a friend after, well, when I first was taken?

Alex opens his eyes and glances back to Lorna, "Um. Anyway, she was helping me, you know, find out what had happened. And she was there when we ran into Meltdown. He…" He cuts himself off with a hitch, the window becoming fascinating again. "I… Just need to talk about something else."


It's funny, how in concept Lorna wanted to hear that Alex would find someone. And hearing about a 'friend', well they were two different things. It made her feel at once as if she wanted to tease Alex, and grumble about it. But neither one would be helpful at this given point. Even as Alex offered her a glance once more, her expression pinched with curiosity and no small amount of concern.

Even when he broke off, she only patted his hand and held on to him with a minutely firmer grip when he asked to talk about something else.

She would give him that much. The green haired mutant sighed, but nodded. "Okay. Alright. Sure. We can talk about something else. We got Zealot? Nate, Illyana, Monet, Scott, and Tony Stark and I got him. We gave him over to SHIELD.." She snorted and rolled her eyes, letting go of his hand.

"But he's taken care of."


"SHIELD?" Alex inquires, glancing back to offer a faint half-smirk. "Somebody that crazy, starting to think just about anything they'll do is a temporary solution to a permanent problem." He'd started out on the bloodthirsty side regarding all things Zealot, but at the moment he sounds fully prepared to launch into a philosophical rumination that would make Magneto proud.

Havok is probably long overdue for a Scott Summers lecture.

"Tony Stark, huh? One of these things is not like the other."


Lorna shrugged, "I would have preferred a more permanent solution but I got out voted. We needed him handled in a public way that would help Genosha politically, SHIELD was our best bet. So I went with it. Though I disliked it immediately.." She muttered and crossed her arms over her chest.

"And we've been having issues with public image, obviously, with Magneto being who he is." She continued, considering as she shifted in her seat. "But Tony Stark got involved because someone told him the old regime had his weapons. So he came to collect. It's been an ongoing struggle with him, it seems. So he and the Avengers got involved. There was … some mess."


Summers gives his head a shake, fixing a toothy grin upon his features. "Lor… I think at this point we can both just safely assume 'There is some mess' as a given for any particular point in time." There's always some mess. Happy isolated ranch life is simply a fairy tale.

Changing topics, Alex inadvertently begins to stomp about near a conversational landmine. "How's Scott? I mean… what actually happened?"


Lorna chuckled faintly as he waved away the topic of 'mess' as a given. That was entirely fair a point for either of them to make. "Yeah, well, typically my messes don't involve politics and developing a country, Alex." She drawled lightly, some teasing to her tone as she glanced back at him. "I mean, how many times in your life did you try to make a mutant Utopian country?" She shot back.

As he asked about Scott, however, her features clouded. "I only know what I read on the news paper article online. I… I'm not part of the X-men anymore, Alex. So I dunno how he is. I assume people over in New York are taking care of it."


"Hey, I just absorb entire unstable nuclear reactors to save countries with crappy healthcare systems, I don't get into the politics of the matter." Alex smirks a bit, considering for a moment before shaking his head, "No. Definitely no politics for me. You've got the competency edge by far."

"You'd think at this point it'd be easy, right? I mean… just look at what's worked, what's been terrible. The entire political and government history of the world one stupid google search away, yet still…" A snort, "Still somebody has to be yelling at somebody over something." Can't-We-All-Just-Get-Along Havok's appearance is brief. "Just have to be the one yelling louder and more effectively. So - Guess I need to get to New York."


Lorna nodded once, and sighed. She wasn't going to be the one to fill in Alex. Plus being in a small craft … not a good place if Alex was going to get as pissed as his brother and start throwing things. Nope. Still, she shrugged as the blonde boy continued in regards to politics. "My arguments for why or why to do things are sometimes listened to on the Council at least. Which more than I can say for other governments. At least on Genosha there's representation of about everyone on the island. It's a decent split of ideologies and beliefs. Makes things more balanced." She shrugged once more. Of course that didn't count for how much Magneto was pretty much running things regardless. Oh well.

"I'll make sure you're patched up before we send you home, okay?"


Nodding, Alex offers, "Deal."

For a few beats, he watches the sky. "Bright side? Maxing out and completely overloading really gave me a pretty precise feel for energy levels." Looking back to Lorna with a wry half-grin that looks to be intended as a full smile, he offers, "I'm confident I could stand in as an in-flight hot plate without even worrying about taking the plane down."

"Want to test it?" He holds out a hand, palm up. And probably joking.


Lorna offered her own dry smile as Alex promised to make it a deal and shook her head as she leaned back in her seat. "Mmm, let's not and say we did." She joked, and closed her eyes as she flicked a hand toward Alex, a light rattle of his seatbelt following.

She grinned faintly, even as she stifled a yawn.

"My powers are unstable these days thanks to little Aurora. So, we're definitely not testing theories out. She takes everything so seriously… which I mean, good thing? I know she's going to be just like me."


Normally, the comment about potentially unstable magnetic powers might give Alex pause. After the past few months, however, he's developed some pretty thick skin. Figuratively and literally. Bring it on, potential for chaos. He's unsure if Scott would be proud, disappointed, or disturbed … and finds himself mildly surprised to realize he's not particularly concerned about it.

Tempting fate via an attempt to startle Lorna, he quips a question, "So. When can I meet your dad?"


A snort of a laugh escaped Lorna as the craft banked and turned in direction toward a firmer path toward Genosha, and rolled her eyes briefly at Alex's comment about actually wanting to meet Magneto. To calling him her father, no dad. Awkward much? Still, at least with Alex around that was one more person to keep away from Fabian Cortez. She definitely didn't want to see that asshole try to uptick Alex's powers.

"You can meet my father whenever he has time. And he barely has time for me these days. He's always running around in Genosha. It actually keeps him pretty busy. The UN wasn't wrong per say that Genosha would keep him occupied. It certainly has." She murmured. It wouldn't for long, but for now? Definitely an occupied Magneto.


Confident Alex is a bit of a new look: "If he'd pass up a chance to meet with me, I'm thinking Magneto's lost a bit of his strategic genius." Considering his power set, one could argue that he isn't wrong. What potential Dictator would skip the chance to recruit walking weapons of mass destruction?

Still, it's an out of character thing for Alex to mention an awareness of, himself.

"Magneto have problems learning to delegate?" Giving a bit of a chuckle, Alex notes, "That's… not surprising."


Lorna arched a brow upwards as she considered her ex again. His confidence and dry humor suspect to her ears even now. But still, she shrugged lightly and waved it away. "Less about passing up a chance and more whether or not he's around when we land. He's never been one to sit still I guess, and well.. Now that he runs a country more or less, he's absolutely everywhere all the time. He escorts boats of refugees into safe harbor. He's part of the rebuilding efforts. He manages a lot when I think about it. And he's the kind of paranoid guy that doesn't delegate things he thinks are important." She grinned at that, how similar it was that her and her father were when she said things like that.

"Anyways, we can try."


"Probably a smart move, that." Alex concedes a bit of the obvious. He absently waves a hand, "And it's not an actual serious thing. I'm just…" After momentary consideration of phrasing, Alex offers, "I'm getting ahead of myself. Thinking I'm not entirely convinced heading back to the Institute and resuming Life as Usual is my best route, anymore."

"If you see Scott before I do, don't say anything." Unlikely, but worth a mention.


Lorna grinned at Alex, and nodded. Her expression warm and without judgement. "Hey, don't worry about it. And if you're concerned about having a place…? Don't be. Genosha welcomes all mutants. Even former or current X-men. Magneto made that clear from the start. Don't feel like you have to make any big choices right away. There's plenty to do there if you want something to keep you occupied. And there are a lot of mutants and mutates that just want to start life fresh there." She murmured soothingly.

"I promise not to tell Scott. We're not exactly on talking terms."

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