On the Go with Tomago

April 21, 2015:

GoGo Tomago and Scarlet Spider stop a bank robbery in Metropolis, and then go out for a pancake breakfast.

Downtown Metropolis

Welcome to the Big Apricot, The City of Tomorrow, and the proclaimed home to some of the greatest Superheroes coming to be known.

History of this city began as early as 1644, when the residing Algonquin tribe sold the land to settlers, opening it up to the razing and rising of buildings known current day, though the current inspiring appearance of buildings and bustling did not begin to breathe until after Waldo Glenmorgan claimed Hunter City as home and made it the base for his scientific prowess and birthed the name Metropolis.

Science, industry, advancement. This city is paving the way for the future in not only its resident businesses but in the way it even appears. Skyscrapers reach for the heavens as if trying to garner the attention of anyone who should pass, and who would not notice the by the architectural flawlessness, the placement and the beaconing gleam of light off the windows when the sun is up.

When the sun sets a whole new light is shed across the cities strees, cast by a neon glow that runs artistically along the buildings eaves, both ominous and awe inspiring with the skyward stretch that still pulses 'life' through the giant metal monoliths.

This is home to some of the cities biggest corporations. The Daily Planet, formerly known as Our Planet, stands a beacon with its rotating globe, having its first editorial written by George Washington. LexCorp and S.T.A.R. Laboratories being the main employers for the city and harbor the technological and scientific advancements that keep the city's pulse flowing in more ways then one, and not just through the veins that cut through underground from Union Station.


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Fade In…

"So then he tells me he won't even speak to me unless I go back to Customer Service and get a sticker. And I'd already set out my laptop, the peripheral devices, my little tent cards, everything! I couldn't believe it. I'd just spent ten minutes setting up. So I packed everything back up, got in line, signed in, got the sticker, came back, set everything up again, and gave my five minute presentation. And the worst part of it was, he kept digging at me, trying to gloat that he got me to go get the sticker. See, this is why I like you Bruce. You let me vent all of life's little frustrations."

High up above the city streets, a man in a red suit can be seen talking to an inanimate Gargoyle, at least it looks like it's an inanimate Gargoyle. Who knows, it might just be very slow to move. It could be the Grey Gargoyle for all you know, or one of the characters from the Disney cartoon. Can Disney Gargoyles hear what's said when they're in their stone form? That's a story for another day. Because today, there's a bank robbery going off.

Scarlet Spider's ears begin to ring as he hears the klaxon call of an alarm being rung, and he leaps off the building, swinging down towards the bank. It takes two more weblines, but on the end of the third, he lets go, jumping off, doing a somersault, and landing with a roll. He's right in front of the bank, and he calmly walks in through the rotating door to see five guys in blue masks, "oh, did I mess up again? I knew I shouldn't have gone with the scarlet suit today, but I had a hat in the wash and the colours ran." Even as he's speaking, the robbers begin shooting at him. It must be a Tuesday.

GoGo Tomago, former child genius and current adult genius happens to be in Metropolis today. How do you know? That yellow streak that just zoomed through traffic like it was standing still might be a clue. Why is she in the City of Tomorrow… today? Well, it might have something to do with picking up an order from a warehouse instead of waiting the whole two looong days to have it shipped and delivered.

But then the alarm goes off and there's a bank robbery in progress. And since the Truth and the American Way clan seems to be busy doing other things? GoGo responds. A quick course correction and she's zooming through the door of the bank and up the wall. While the bad guys are shooting at the Spectacular other-Spider-Man, GoGo's doing a nice flip off the wall while spinning. Two wheels fly off her wrists and slam into the heads of two individual bad guys. Down they go.

GoGo lands just as the wheels zoom back and reattach to the electromagnetic locks on her wrists.

"What… the…" and the last built is censored by the sound of gunfire, but it's probably not a very nice word. We'll say it's fudge, because the skinny robber probably could use to gain a few pounds, but he's a little dumbfounded at the appearance of a woman riding some kind of wheeled locomotion up a wall. He fires at her, but his aim isn't as quick as she is.

The friendly neighbourhood Scarlet Spider, nope, that just doesn't sound right. He'll have to work on it. But at least he's got the agility down pat, as he leaps up to the ceiling, the wall, a different one than Go-Go drove on, he seems to be avoiding the gunfire, and shooting some impact webbing along the way. With her getting two of them with those wheelie discus thingamabobs, the Scarlet Spider gets another two with impact webbing, and the final guy is brought down thanks to a nifty bit of acrobatics.

When he lands after doing the somersaulted overhead kick, which would have looked amazing had he been hitting a soccer ball, he lands in this weird awkward crouching position that no man should ever find themselves in, but he seems perfectly all right with it. "Awe, is that it? I barely got a workout from you guys. All right, if you break out of jail, let's all try this again tomorrow and see if we can improve on it. On second thought, stay in jail. I'll find some new sparing partners. And woah, hello Wheels."

And just like that, it is over. Five guys up. Five guys down. Bank robbers no longer robbing banks. Sirens indicate the cops are on their way. Once more the day is saved and so forth and so on.

"GoGo." the woman in yellow says, pointing a thumb at herself. She skates over and nudges one of the bad guys, just to make sure he's in concusion land.


The guy groans with the nudge. He's unconscious, but he can still emit audible anguish when he'd prodding like that by her foot, wheel, or whatever was at the end of her extremity. Scarlet Spider quickly webs the rest of them up, "all right folks, nothing to see here, show's over, there will be a short autograph session, and time for photos with the bad guys."

Moving over to the bank teller, who only now seems to rise from behind the desk. "These guys are unconscious and restrained. The webbing's going to hold until long after the cops get here. Sorry if this inconvenienced you. Oh, and can I open a chequing account? You know what, I should probably come back when I'm not wearing the mask. Though I gotta admit, it would be neat to see 'Scarlet Spider' on my card."

Moving back towards Go-Go, he offers a gloved hand, "pleased to meet you. You're pretty handy with those wheelie discs. Can I have some? Unless of course you think they'd clash with my costume? I don't know, do you think I could pull off that look?" He doesn't introduce himself to her specifically, but he did refer to himself as the Scarlet Spider to the teller, and he just assumes everybody knows who he is.

GoGo watches the Spider web and zip and quip. "You must be blonde under that mask." She mutters as she shakes his hand. "Explains the mouth." She, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be too interested in saying large amounts of speaking word type things. She spins around and calls out. "Anyone hurt?" When no one shouts out with a crippling need to go to the hospital she grunts. GoGo tilts her head as if listening to something. "Cops are thirty seconds out."

"Blond? That's the colour that matches your costume, right? Yeah, I have hair under the mask, but I can't remember what colour it is. But it's not like yours. I love the purple. It's a great colour. Is it natural?" Of course it's not, but he still asks. Hey, she could be a mutant or something, it's possible.

"Clairvoyant too?" He asks when she mentions the cops estimated time of arrival. "Or are you hooked into a police band with that suit? I should really get a suit of armour for myself. I could be the Iron Spider, Steel Spider, or how about the Composite Titanium Alloy Spider. You know what, I think I'll just stick with the plain old Scarlet Spider."

GoGo stares at Scarlet Spider, waiting for him to finish his stream of consciousness. She blows a small bubble under the faceplate then pops it with her teeth. When he finishes talking she explains.

"Radio. Built into the helmet." She says, tapping it. with one wheel. She glances to the door.

"Three. Two…." And the cops swarm in, their Metropolis issued sidearms ready and able to fire.

Scarlet Spider and Go-Go Tomago are standing there, minding their own business, while there are five criminals on the floor, each one webbed up and unconscious. Scarlet Spider speaks up for a nice change of pace, "robbers are on the floor, tells are behind the counter, oh, and they've got a nice mortgage rate going on if you're interested. You should ask them about the free toaster offer too."

The police look a little taken about by Scarlet Spider's attitude, but they start to collect the robbers, or at least try. It's hard to cut through that webbing. And eventually the Scarlet Spider goes over and rips it up for them, "there you go," and he'll repeat it with the rest. Then he'll wander back towards the Asian chick, "isn't it nice when the cops don't immediately attack you because there's a city-wide editorial campaign against you? Or is that just me?"

"Wouldn't know." GoGo says. While the spider was helping the cops with the webbing, GoGo was giving her statement to the lead officer. It isn't a hard one and she makes sure to email video feed from her onboard systems to the Metropolis PD. That combined with witness statements and bank security footage will be enough to convict the would-be robbers and ensure neither GoGo nor the Scarlet Spider are suspected of wrong doing. She walks over and picks up a bit of the webbing, then shakes her hand when it sticks.

"You're a woman of few words. I like that." Scarlet Spider seems to hang near Go-Go, keeping quiet, unusually quiet, which to him is funny, and just gets funnier when she walks over and picks up some of his webbing, only to have it stick to her. "Oh, here, let me get that for you." And he'll remove the webbing from her hands, well, gloves.

For some reason, it doesn't seem to stick to him, but then he knows how to handle it, and he's probably coated his suit with something to assist. "So, Go-Go, what brings you to the Big Apricot, besides a hankering for apricots. Are you hungry, because I am."

"Business." GoGo says. She glances down at her glove, pleased there's enough residue for her to give Honey Lemon to analyze. This sort of thing is right up her alley. She checks with the cops. "We done?" When she's told they are, she leaves contact information in case the cops need a further statement or something. "See you, Webs."

Walking out of the bank, Scarlet Spider yawns and stretches his arms. He even does a bit of a gorilla thing by pounding on his chest, "I always like to fight crime first thing in the morning, it wakes me right up. So, you sure I can't interest you in breakfast, brunch, an early lunch? It's got to be dinner time somewhere, and there's a great pancake house around the corner. You might have to take off the helmet though, unless of course you've got some nifty way to teleport food from one side of the glass to the other? That sounds pretty messy."

GoGo's crouched and ready to skate away at high speed when the Spider suggests breakfast. Pancakes are good. She hasn't had any yet. She considers things for a moment, then shrugs. Honey Lemon would be telling her to make connections and friends anyway. At least this way she gets some food out of it. "Meet you there."

And then she's moving. She doesn't break more than two hundred miles per hour since it is just around the corner. By the time Scarlet Spidey arrives, she's got the wheels off her ankles and wrists and locked into a resting position on her back. And, yes. The helmet comes off. She doesn't seem concerned about her identity being known.

It takes him a bit longer to get there since he's limited to walking, running, or webswinging, but Scarlet Spider does catch up to her. He walks in, clear as day, "hello Beth," he doesn't know the woman, but he read the nametag, "oh, I'm joining a… there she is." And he'll head over to join Go-Go, taking a seat opposite her in the booth.

It's a bit weird to have two superheroes, or people dressed as them, but the staff don't make too much of a scene. Menus are handed out and orders are taken. Scarlet Spider says, "I'll have the Lumberjack breakfast, sunny side up, rye, and a big glass of orange, extra pulp if possible."

"Big stack." GoGo says to the waitress. "Strawberry syrup. Coffee. Black." She hands the menu back to the waitress with a quick, efficient motion. She doesn't say anything until the coffee arrives. Any attempt by Ben to make conversation gets the hand. Then she takes a big gulp of it. "Okay. You can talk."

"Oh, I can talk now?" Scarlet Spider says with a smile, though it's not obvious because of the mask. He peels it up to reveal Caucasian skin. He revealed his lower half, but kept his nose and everything upwards concealed. The orange juice is nice and cool in his mouth, and tasty. "I love the pulp, it's the best part."

"So, a coffee drinker, huh? I used to work as a barista, but I'm not a coffee drinker, go figure. So, do you want to trade origin stories, talk about the Mammoths," referring to the hockey team, "or hey, what about those chocolate covered potato chips? Have you tried them, I just can't stop eating them." Patting his stomach, he says, "I must have put five pounds on because of them already."

"You're probably not stupid." GoGo notes. She takes her time sipping her coffee. For someone whose entire power set is built around speed she seems almost laconic. "Brain's working too fast. Mouth runs to keep up. I've seen it a lot." She sips more coffee. "Guy stole some tech. Tried to do bad things. Friends and I used our tech to stop him. End of origin story."

"Thanks, I think," he says in response to the comment about him not being stupid. "I think I can beat you. Mine's even shorter. I got bitten by a spider, a radioactive one, genetically modified, I'm not sure, but it bite me, I got sick, almost died, but after a while, I had powers. The mouth is all mine though, and the wit, and the nifty costume, oh, and I made the webbing and shooters."

GoGo listens. Interesting. Genetics isn't her thing, of course, but she can imagine a few ways genes can mutate. "Sounds like a virus transfer. Rewriting your DNA with spider DNA." She nods to the waitress in thanks as the stack of pancakes is bought. She cuts into it with knife and fork and eats heartily before going on. "Webbing's advanced tech."

As he digs into his breakfast, which includes sausage, ham, bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, toast, and eggs, he'll say between mouthfuls, and only after he's fully chewed his food, "I thought about calling myself the Scarlet Cat and developing claws, or the Scarlet Kangeroo and working on some bouncy boots, but since it was a spider that bit me, I thought I'd go with that motif. And I even considered colours other than Scarlet, like Indigo, or maybe an Arbutus Brown. Thankfully, it was a brief thought."

GoGo actually feels like she should point this out. "You just used a lot of words to say absolutely nothing at all." She points at him with her fork. "Waste of time to do that." She goes back to cutting up her pancakes and then eating it. "There are other spider people. Spider-Man. The chick in the white hoodie."

"And a guy in black, and another girl in red and yellow. We're popping up like flies." He hadn't actually heard about the chick with the hoodie, but he makes a mental note of it. "I happen to be the President of Local 302." There cannot be a Spider union, can there?

"And for the record, it's a defence mechanism. I'm uncomfortable with awkward silences, so I try and fill them with my witty repertoire." He seems to be dipping his bacon, ham, or even his pancakes in the egg yolk before munching on them.

GoGo grunts. There's more pancake eating. More coffee drinking. She isn't an actual speedster so she doesn't need the calories. Luckily. she works out quite often. The skating is more intensive than one might think. "Do math in your head." She suggests. "Less annoying. More useful." She finishes, then unzips a small pocket in her suit and pulls out a ten dollar bill.

"You do that to?" He says that like he already does. "I like to spend my time doing Taniyama-Shimura Conjecture's, but I do that while I'm talking. I used to do the Diophantine quintuples, but you've got to vary it up." Because he's been speaking, he has more food than her. So he's not ready to leave yet. Sadly, she seems to be leaving, so he offers up, "it was nice to meet you GoGo."

GoGo stands up, grabbing her helmet as she does so. "I work on ulam's packing conjecture. More relevant to my work." She pops the helmet on. The ten's left on the table to cover her meal and tip. "You're not too annoying." She says and offers a half-smile before she's gone, zipping along the pancake house floor and out the door. She's still got a package to pick up and a new bike to build back in NYC.

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