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March 19, 2018:

Some of the X-Men go to the Hospital to pick up Scott, their fearless leader, who was beat up by Brotherhood people! :O

NYC Hospital


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Scott for the past 48 hours has been in a medical wing at the revamped East Village wing of the City U of NY Hospital. It's newest incarnation funded by the NMRF (National Metahuman Reseearch Foundation) and several other philanthropic endevours.
Scott is upright in the bed at this point, he wasn't unconscious for more than the first half of the initial day here, the resetting of his shoulder, a busted collarbone, burns and a concussion the biggest of the concerns.
Arm in a sling, it had been requested that a set of his glasses be brought to him by one of his earlier visits as the DEO didn't want to outprocess him yet, their men and women littering the halls watching over Scott Summers even upon insistence he has capable medical professionals and facilities that would help him much faster, visitation has been monitored, brief and limited, one would think hes currenty under arrest, though they say hes not…. A suit at the door thats been present in rotations is currently ready for yet another staring contest with any X-'er who wants to show.


Rogue had naturally come to the hospital swiftly after hearing the news that the X-Men's team leader had been put into it. She was concerned, and it was evident to anyone who'd seen her in the past couple of days. She's been HOPING to spend as much time with him as she can, to give him support and let her know that things are all alright. She's been also pissed because this is the first time (that she knows of at least) that he's gone on some dangerous 'meeting' of some kind where she hadn't bee invited to help, so naturally… he's in the hospital now.

Rogue is pacing out in the hallway at the moment, she's on her cellphone talking to someone at the school… Storm, most likely.


Piotr has barely left the hospital since the accident. He may not have been able to actually get in to see Scott, but he can damn well park his large Russian frame in the waiting room and make sure no one comes to finish the job. He took breaks to rest briefly, thankful for his new studio in Mutant Town that gives him at least a couch to sleep on in the city without having to return all the way to Westchester.

Piotr's routine of checking in with the agents every few hours for status updates and to see if he is allowed in yet has long since grown tiresome to all involved. As angry as Pete is that Scott has been injured and that the X-Men are not allowed to take him back where he belongs to recover, he is at heart a big ol' rule follower. He is not about to push back against the DEO so long as everything remains at least reasonable. Once visits are allowed, Pete brings Scott in coffee and has a brief chat or two, careful to abide by the rules of the DEO and to not discuss anything of importance with Scott, much as he would like to.

Which brings Pete to his latest visit, now on a first name basis with the agents, at least they call him Piotr, he never gets anything more than 'Agent' for a name. He nods to the agent at the door and makes his way into the hospital room. He comes once again bearing a fresh non-hospital cup of coffee for Scott.

"Good evening Scott. You are looking better. I would say good, but that would be a stretch."


Much like Piotr and Rogue, Dani is likewise here.

Her expression is thunderous as she plays the staring game with the Agent at the door. Perhaps it's because she's part of SHIELD and there's a friendly rivalry with the DEO, but really it's because they're acting like Scott is something of a criminal; or so it feels to Danielle Moonstar.

And that is one thing Scott Summers isn't. It's only as Piotr moves that Dani relents just a tinge with her non-blinking stare routine with the agent at the door. Her attention shifts from the big guy now and to the conversation at hand.


One of the nurses in the room looks up with a surprised look on their eyes as Piotr and the others enter the room, and the tall man breathes a sigh of relief into his nurses mask. The aqua colored smock and pants crinkle as he sits down in a chair next to the patient, while his red iris eyes linger on Piotr and flash a bright knowing smile as Rogue follows in behind.


Reaching up to tug the mask off, Remy smiles, "Sorry, Ah didn't get a chance t'grab any flowah's for dhe dearly depa'ted." He says with a wink to the fellow X-men in the room.


"Thanks for noticing." Scott says, one eye bandaged but overlapping that is his glasses, the other one just fine. A twist and hes throwing his legs out of the bed to stand upright, hes got no hospital gown on at this point, just an old Offspring tee shirt and workout pants, red stripes on the sides.

"They're going to let me out today at least." They being the DEO not the hospital, hes taken up this room already an extra day more than necessary. Fully aware of the presence of joint defense in regards to Rogue and Colossus, hes had a handful of visitation, including

Moonstar and Emma Frost. At one point even saying its their way of sussing them out. Not that it matters. The DEO has a rather extensive codex of acquired data.
"The flowers can wait"


Rogue had her back to the others when they started to enter the room, so when she turned around she saw them all going inside, she lowers the cell phone and hangs up while the person the other end was saying something, then she proceeds on into the room with a quickness in her step.

Initially Rogue's eyes go to Scott as Piotr is speaking to him and when she's about to say something to, she stops herself and then looks over to see Remy in a nurses outfit? He'd said he was going to sneak into the room… she just, hadn't, thought, like that!

A quick blink of her eyelids several times before she moves to stand beside Scott's bed.

"I want to punch you." She says to him quietly.


Setting down the coffee on a side table, Piotr looks at Scott cautiously as he swings to get out of bed. Of course he forgets most of his concern when Scott announces that they can finally get him out of this place and back home. "That is great news! There is much we need to discuss." Here he pointedly looks around at the fact that they have no privacy and are swarmed with agents. "And of course it will be good to have you home. Both for your safety and recovery."

As a suspicious nurse entered, Pete straightened up and took a step towards him, only to relax with a soft 'heh' at the sight of Remy's eyes. He gives the cajun a half-hearted scowl, though there is a faint smile on his lips. If Piotr thought for one second he could get away with sneaking in as a nurse earlier when visitors were banned, he would have done it.

"Should I ask Illyana to take us the quick way, or would you prefer a less demon infested route home?"


With one last look at the DEO agent, Dani pulls her attention off of the suit, and back to the room at large. Just in time to see Remy, in fact. That draws a prompt eyebrow raise from Dani, but when he reveals just who he is, the black-haired woman relaxes slightly.

Then it's to Rogue and with a snort, the Cheyenne woman says, "Pretty sure you need to save that punching for other people." She muses darkly, even as Piotr speaks up to Scott's remark about being let loose soon. "I vote for demon infested." She chimes in, "Sure they'd be more friendly than some of the faces here." And while she could grouse a bit more, Dani instead switches mental gears, "But Piotr is right, there's much to discuss. Next steps to plan." And while Dani doesn't often hedge, she does right now. There's just too many ears listening for her comfort.


"Jus' a few scowls? Ah t'ought Ah was super impressive wit' dhe nurse costume to get inside when Ah wasn't allowed in." Remy says as he leans back in the first of the two spare chairs in the room and pulls out a playing card from beneath his smock and starts to use the corner of the card to clean out some of the dirt beneath his thumb nail.

"Piotr, Ah do t'ink a simple car ride home might be fo' dhe best, non? Let dhe agent's here hear what dhey wan', we ain' gon' be talkin' the dirty details till we get 'ome anyways." The dark haired thief says with a shit eating grin on his lips.


Scott's level of exhaustion, general irritation are present but he's happy to see the X-Men that are present, the DEO Agents that are observing them all haven't overlooked Dani, the presence of SHIELD around the X-Men afterall predates them but in recent times, with the fall apart of Stormwatch, the redoubled effort for an American based metahuman fueled task force and directive, the DEO by all appearances has tried very hard to get on well with the mutant population, the X-Men is one of their pet projects and where it rubs against SHIELD, they're more than happy to exert.

"I'd rather a couple days before you punch me." Scott grins a lopsided one at Rogue, "At least let me get out of here before and no shortcuts, just, we'll drive, Remy is right. I hope one of you at least drove… " There is no way he is traversing demonic limbo while injured, though, it would allow them some privacy to converse and they'll disappear on the DEO.
A sigh escapes him and he gives Piotr a helpless glare, "Lets just do that. We'll pop through if you can get a line to her."


Rogue looks over to Piotr, who she's happy to have here since he was… tough, reliable and just generally helped ease tensions by having him around for support in tough times. She gives him a faint smile before her eyes go to Dani and she huffs out a little laugh. "I know… yeah, its just." She looks back to Scott. "Why the hell wasn't I with you on this? You take me t'go meet with the -Hulk- but not some street thugs?" She shakes her head side to side. Sure, the southern gal was glad that the guy in the glasses was 'okay' but still. "I'm supposed t'be there for that kinda thing, its my whole 'thing' here."

Rogue steps aside then over to Remy. "Yeah, I don't wanna deal with demons too much right now. I'm liable t'take my frustrations out on their faces."


Piotr frowns at Rogue and nudges her arm gently with his elbow giving her a half scowl, though again a friendly smile plays on his lips. He says not unkindly "You are stealing my line. But perhaps we can grill Scott once he is not half made of bandages?"

He nods at Scott's suggestion and all but ignores what anyone else has to say about how they should get back home. He pushes outside of the room for a minute, smiling as he brushes past the DEO agent. He makes a call on the comms to try and raise Illyana, but sadly she is not answering. He tries a few times, even resorting to some mild Russian swearing but all to no avail. Defeated, he comes back in.

"No luck Scott. It looks like we will be taking more basic transportation."


Remy stands up sharply and with a flick of his wrist, the man produces a key and nods to Scott. "Grab dhe boss Rogue, o' anyone else but me, Ah'm busy as our wheel man." The man says with a smirking wink before he steps out as Colossus is stepping back into the room. His hand lifts up to pat the Russian on the shoulder as he steps past and out of the room. "Catch up. Ah'll be waitin' for y'all in dhe ride." The cajun says as he slips out, smock and pants still worn as he heads out of the overly steril hospital room. Gross.


"This is all superficial." The concern over his bandages responded to Scott will insist though some of them are quite serious enough, there is a baggy of his belongings already in hand, shuffled in to his free arm across the one in a sling.

"Lets go." He says, motioning them to take the lead, the DEO outside want to stop him, look at one another then the wall of X-Men with him but end up just turning to put in phone calls.

"It wasn't planned, Rogue. I was approached by them. I may have escalated it but we'll talk about that here shortly."


Rogue looks to Piotr and shows him a slight grin. "Team Tank's gotta do our thing, Petey." She replies to him, since they share that part of the roster's needs. She paces over to the window in the room to look out at the city beyond, generally just getting a look at whats out there from this angle before she turns around to see Remy standing up to go get the 'Van'. "Good."

When Scott gets up out of the bed, she walks past him and takes that bag of belongings from him, because he's hurt he's not going to carry his own bag too! "I'll spare the lecturin' … for now at least. But I really hope ya stop wanderin' around Mutant town. That place is like New York's version of Detroit."

And with that said, the southern belle is out of the room and off into the hallway… But she reappears with a wheelchair aimed for Scott. "Get in." She tells him bluntly, expecting him to fight her on this one.


Piotr gives Rogue a nod of appreciation at Team Tank, they know their role well and happily play it. He also grins as Rogue forces Scott to take the wheelchair in full compliance with hospital policy. He takes great pleasure in saying goodbye to the DEO agents, but of course is polite about it because it's Pete.

Upon seeing the obviously stolen car that Remy has procured for them, he sighs and pulls out his phone. He orders an Uber and gives Remy his best furrowed brow look of disapproval.

"We are not stealing someone's car to take Scott home. Put it back."


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